A Practice Kiss

by Matchead

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Sex Story: A girl teaches her twin brother how to kiss; an opening for further experimentation.

We are fraternal twins. Jacques is, by three minutes, my younger brother. We're both thirteen. His namesake is that famous Frenchman; our parents being marine biologists and having met the man many years ago, naturally named my brother after him. I'm plain old Betty. Go figure. Our folks being scientists spend a lot of time at work so my brother and me are left alone together a lot. The two of us are very close and always share everything. We live in a two story house. Our folk's master suit is on the first floor at one end of what was once a ranch style house. When our mom got pregnant with us our dad added on a second story at the other end. Stairs lead up to a small landing where we each have our own room at either end of the second floor and share a connecting bathroom at the back of the house. Since we are so close, we help each other out whenever and however we can.

One day Jacques and I were just talking about things as we often do. He told me about a kiss he shared with Sharon, a friend of the sister of Jacques' best friend, Barry. Sharon and Jacques practically ran into each other as Jacques was arriving and Sharon was leaving Barry's house. They both rounded the corner in the mud-room between the kitchen and garage, where the most used side entrance to their house is, and almost collided. They both grabbed the other and to avoid an injury and ended up doing a little spin. Jacques told me how Sharon giggled and then just kissed him, "Right out of the blue." as he put it. As he told me about it I could tell something really bothered him.

"Did you like it when she kissed you?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did." he replied, somewhat morosely.

"So what's the problem?"

"It was how I kissed her back." he said, dejectedly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I don't think I was very good." he said.

A bit puzzled, I asked, "How can you not be good? It's so easy."

"Well," he said "I don't have any experience at kissing. She was the first girl I ever kissed. I just don't think I did it right." he ended in a mumble.

"Well then, we'll just have to fix it." I said without any thought of the consequences.

"Yeah Betty, how?"

"You can practice with me." I said matter-of-fact like.

"But you're my sister." he objected in horror. "It wouldn't be right."

"It's just practice, for cripe's sake." I said. "I've practiced kissing with my girlfriends; I think all girls do. That doesn't make me gay. Besides, it's not like you and me are going to get married. It's just practice." I reasoned. "There's nothing wrong with that; is there?" I finished.

"Well ... I guess not." he conceded.

"OK then; come here." I directed as I patted the bed I was sitting on.

Jacques got up from the chair and came over to the bed. I patted it once again and he hesitantly sat beside me. "So what do I do?" he asked.

In way of a reply I held his face in my hands and leaned in and planted a big wet one square on the lips. That seemed to take him by surprise as he seemed so stiff. "Relax." I encouraged. "Here, lets try it again, only this time try to loosen up."

Once again we kissed. This time he wasn't quite so tense but he still wasn't what I would call relaxed. "There, that was better." I said. "You just need a little practice." I went on as I leaned in for another. As we begun the kiss I continued to lean in. Jacques gave way and we ended with him on his back and me on top. He started to get into it this time, and I have to admit, so did I. I was wearing a short blouse which left my mid bare. As our kiss continued, Jacques put his hands on my bared low back. His fingers felt like fire on my skin. His fingers then slid up my back. I could feel them bump over my vertebra as his fingers climbed my spine. I was surprised at the effect this kiss was having in my pants. I was starting to get an itch in my puss and I could feel myself getting wet. This had never happened when I kissed my girlfriends and it was altogether unexpected. Our kiss ended when our mother called us to dinner.

"See, you're better already." I said, feeling flushed.

"Thanks." he beamed. "Maybe we could try it again some time?" he hopefully continued.

"Sure." I replied, as we headed off to eat.

Later that evening we were in our bathroom, brushing out teeth, standing in our underwear. "Betty," Jacques began, "you think we could practice some more?"

"Sure, why not?" I said. "Let's go into your room."

Like the first time, when we started to kiss I soon found myself on top. I noticed the same effect as before, once again exciting me in unimaginable ways. I wanted to touch my puss really bad but with my hands supporting me off the bed there was little I could do. Almost as if by accident, I felt the tip of his tongue touch my lips. I responded by doing the same. This kiss was now making my crotch itch and burn and all I could do was to rub it against my brother. I tried to be subtle about it but it wasn't long before I think I really began to rub it hard. My leg was sort of draped over his and I kind of rutted my crotch into his thigh. It wasn't until we broke the kiss that I realized what I was doing. It was also at that point that I felt Jacques hand rubbing low down on my back, just above my butt. Boy, did that feel great! Looking down at my brother I said, "See, you're getting better all the time."

"Yeah," he replied in a somewhat breathless voice, "with your help." he finished off more firmly.

I then climbed off the bed and bid him "Night." as I headed to my room.

The next night as we prepared for bed he asked me, "Do you want to practice some more?"

Little did he know, but I was sort of hoping he would again ask me to practice kissing with him. "Sure." I replied nonchalantly, trying to hide my excitement.

This evening I had on a nightgown, but I was without underwear, as I sometimes sleep that way. I went to Jacques' room and we right away started our kiss. Jacques soon leaned back and, as was now our usual pattern, I ended up on top. This time my legs straddled his hips, which caused my nightgown hem to ride up. As we smooched, his arms circled my waist. He soon began to rub my back as the intensity of our kisses rose. Little by little he started rubbing lower down my back. It wasn't long before Jacques was rubbing my butt over my nightgown. This somehow seemed to make the kisses feel better. We begun to add quite a bit of tongue and both started to moan into our kisses. Enjoying the way Jacques was rubbing my butt, I scooted my knees farther forward along his side. This made my bottom stick out more. His hands were roaming all over now and I soon felt them run down my legs and onto bare flesh below the hem of my nightgown. He immediately reversed direction and ran his hands up under my gown and onto my naked butt.

Oh, this felt so good to me! Jacques reached around extending his right hand farther behind me and then moved it toward the bed. This ran his fingertip right along my naked pussy lips. God, it was so thrilling! I immediately let out a loud moan and desperately shoved my tongue further in his mouth as a shiver ran up my spine. The sensuous touch continued right down my slit and onto my upper thighs, spreading my freely flowing juices. His fingers quickly reversed direction and retraced their path up my slit. When they reached the end they again moved forward, this time penetrating my slit and slightly dipping into my crack. I frantically shoved my tongue as far into his mouth as I could as his individual fingertips, one at a time, slid out of my crack and bumped across my hard clitoris; one ... two ... three. That's all it took. My body was suddenly wracked by an intense orgasm. Jacques held on to my ass, his middle finger on my nubbin and his index finger in my slit as an intense spasm claimed my body.

As my orgasm ran it's course, the kiss ended. "Wow." Jacques said in wonder.

"Yeah!" I exclaimed in agreement.

I really felt embarrassed at what had just happened. I could feel a blush wash over my face and chest. Jacques then said to me, "That was so neat!" With him saying that I suddenly felt at ease with what we just did.

"God, that was a good kiss! You sure are learning fast." I said.

"Thanks." he replied.

Pulling his right hand from under my nightgown, he brought it toward his face, rubbing his fingers together. "You sure are wet." he remarked.

"Oh, yuck." I replied, starting to feel embarrassed once again.

"No, I thinks it's so cool." he quickly reassured me. "Kinda smells good too." he added.

"Well go clean your hand." I said as I climbed off of him. "I'm going to bed. I really feel tired."

As I entered the bathroom on my way to my own room I wasn't sure if I heard Jacques smack his lips. I could have sworn it sounded as if he was sucking his fingers, but I was too wiped out to care and, on crawling into my bed, quickly fell asleep.

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