Luvirini's Journey
Chapter 1

I was twelve summers old when it all started. I was asleep early one evening in late summer after a hard day helping my father, Allan, bring in the crops on our farm.

I wake up slowly to an argument coming from downstairs.

I hear an unfamiliar female voice say " ... you know the prophesy as well as I do Allan, you are the one with the bloodline and the events have started."

My fathers booms a reply "I am no-longer the young lad I was back in the day who can just drop everything and go galloping though the lands. The fact is I am soon 50 and have not trained properly with the ax for more than a decade"

The followup is in a lower voice, so I cannot hear it. My curiosity is raised, so I get up from the bed and start sneaking towards the stairs to get a look at the unknown woman and to hear the discussion.

At the top of the stairs I can see into the downstairs room.

I see my father, my mother and a truly beautiful woman who was clearly an elf, and not just any elf, she was clearly a true elf. I had seen a couple of wood elves and some half elves before and she was clearly more glamorous than they were.

She is about six foot and six inches tall, fairly slim, as all elves are, her skin is very light and seems to glow with an inner glow. Her hair is yellowish blond and is flowing free to almost her waist. The points of her ears stick out from the hair. Her face is like sculpted by the finest sculptor, not a single feature there clashing with her utter beauty. Her slightly slanted eyes are gray as she turns and looks up at me.

As she looks up at me both my father and mother turn to look at me too.

I guess I should introduce myself and tell a little about my family before going on with the story, so the following hopefully makes more sense.

I am Luvirini Dameira, oldest son of Allan Dameira and Loraine Dameira. At this time I am, as said earlier, 12 summers old, I am already five foot and four inches tall and weight a whooping 74 pounds. (In other words I am skinny as a stick). I have blond hair, blue eyes and slightly pointed ears of those who have elven blood.

My father Allan used to be an adventurer in his youth and has entertained me and many others many evenings of tales of adventure, heroism, success and failures. He adventured for slightly more than fifteen years from about 15 summers old to slightly over 30, until he found my mother and settled down. His magic ax still hangs in the downstairs room and his magic mail shirt still hangs in the closet, but he has been a farmer now for more than 15 years. He 47 summers old at this time and being human, no-longer young.

My mother Loraine is 22 years older than my father, but is effectively much younger, as she is an elf blood, her mother being a wood elf and her father a human ranger. She had worked as a traveling herbalist for 30 years when my father got her settled down. She now acts as the herbalist and healer in our small village of about 200 people. My mother was always the most beautiful woman I knew until now.

I also have two sisters Arisana, who is 8 summers old and Liliana who is 3 summers.

We live in a 30 foot by 20 foot two story house. The whole downstairs is one big room with the kitchen in one end and the living room in the other. Upstairs is divided into the master bedroom at the end and two smaller bedrooms near the stairs.

I guess I should also explain that I have the innate gift of magic, like my mother. For example I never saw my mother physically clean the house, she used cleaning spells instead. I have learned about a dozen spells, from the very useful weed removal spell to the mostly for fun spell that allows me to move light objects.

And then back to the situation with those three sets of eyes staring at me, my father's eyes slightly annoyed, my mother's unreadable and the unknown woman's eyes seemed amused for some reason.

She then says "Well, well, what do we have here. This must be your son Luvirini, Allan"

My father seems to be on verge of saying something harsh, but then he pulls himself together and after a short while simply says "Yes"

The woman then continues in a slightly amused tone "If you are too old to fulfill the prophesy, maybe your son will have to do it then"

That is when my father explodes and yells "You must be out of your mind Ameiliee, he is simply too young to shoulder such a burden"

Ameiliee continues, still in the amused voice "It is not like anything of the events will happen tomorrow, we have only seen the first signs, so it will be years before the actual events."

My father looks like he is going to yell some more, but my mother touches his arm and softly says "Just listen to her and let us make up our minds calmly, not in anger"

My father works few seconds to control his anger and then takes my mothers hand to his lips and kisses her fingers softly "Thank you my love"

Ameiliee then continues "I propose the following: I take him to the guild and have him enrolled in the adventurer guild basic training. That way he will at least have the basic training when the time comes"

My mother then says in a giggling tone to my father "It is not like our son will just stay here, as bad as we both had the wanderlust when younger"

My father looks thoughtful and sighs "I suppose so, I just find it hard to see my son as a man soon instead of the small boy he was only few years ago"

This then leads to a long discussion on details that I will not bore you with.

When I am asked what I want, there was no doubt in my mind that I want to see the world, instead of just staying in our boring small village.

So in the end it is decided that Ameiliee will go and get me a guild license and training slot for the class starting after new year. She will then come back in about four months to take me to the adventurer guild training facility.

As oldest child of a former member of good standing, my father, I would get the training slot automatically.

The next four months are both the most interesting and most boring of my life so far.

They are interesting because my mother takes on herself to train me more about the herbs, though I knew quite a lot already from having followed her, and my father trains me in fighting with a knife and a staff, as I was of too slender build still to properly use an ax or a sword.

It is also the most boring, because these four months seem to take forever, as I have never before actually had anything specific longer term thing to wait for in my life.

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