Linda and Bill's Vacation Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, True Story, Wife Watching, FemaleDom, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple on vacation be-friends a black gentleman from Britain in a bar while on vacation in Boston. They soon find that they both enjoy his friendship and invite him back to their hotel room. Occasionally, the wife takes charge to insure she gets what she wants. It was written from both a male and female perspective and it’s meant to be shared with your spouse.

Linda and I have been married about 15 years, and we planned a weeklong trip to Boston to celebrate our anniversary. We still have a great sex life which is kept fresh by occasionally living out one of our fantasies. We are both in our late thirties and still in good shape. It's not hard for Linda to still turn a lot of heads with her long dark hair, long legs (she's nearly 5' 11), her firm 36C breasts, and well rounded butt. Being 6' 4" myself Linda's long legs came in handy sometimes. I still remember that figure from the time we first started dating. I loved to watch that nice butt move and shake in front of me as we ran around the track. Though, I could run faster than her, it was much more enjoyable to be in the rear watching.

We checked into the local Holiday Inn Express—we had a suite with a bedroom and living room. We went to see some of the local tourist spots; as well as, some of the spots that cater to the locals. One night we went to a local trendy bar. It was real noisy and there was little room to move around. Linda was wearing a see through top with a white bra under it and a short form-fitting skirt.

After ordering a few drink I excused myself to the restroom. When I returned I noticed that standing next to her was a good looking black gentleman about 45 years old—he had a slim and athletic appearance with a stately mannerism. When I got there Linda said I was her husband Bill and I said hello. He said his name was James and he was from Great Britain. He had traveled to Boston to visit some relatives. He stopped by to talk to Linda when he saw the Texas lapel pins on her collar. He was doing a book on Texas to be published in England and uses every opportunity he gets to interview anybody he meets from Texas. He stated he doesn't usually go to a bar this noisy but while he was in the states he had to check it out. He asked us if we wanted to go to a bar he knows down the street that caters to soft jazz that has a much more relaxed atmosphere. We both jumped at the chance, since it was starting to get a little out of control at this place.

Since it was just a few blocks down the street we decided to walk. We asked James a little bit about himself and he stated he used to be a high school teacher—his specialty was physical sciences. He has a passion for archeology and that both England and Europe were great locations for it. I talked a little about the places we visited in Greece he told us about his vacations there. Linda and James got started on a deep conversation about Egypt and the Holy Lands as we entered the door of the bar. It had a New Orleans feel to it and the music seemed to be a mix between blues and jazz. We immediately found an open table towards the back and ordered some drinks.

James got back on the subject of Texas again and we started discussing our experiences in detail. He was interested in virtually all details from the various ethnic groups, the urban stories, religions and history. It seemed like we talked forever. I got curious about how somebody from England would write a book about Texas. He told us that his late wife had died from cancer about five years ago and she always wanted to visit it. He decided to write the book in her memory and also use it as a distraction.

Linda asked if I would like to dance and I said I would after another beer or two. James chimed in that he would love to dance with Linda if we didn't mind. I said it would be fine with me and Linda just grinned and grabbed his hand. They both couldn't get enough of dancing. After about 40 minutes they both came back to the table and Linda asked if I was ready to dance. She gave me that "you better look" so I grabbed her hand as James sat down at the table. On our second dance Linda got real close and whispered in my ear. She said, "That during the third dance she leaned in a little too far against James' thigh and felt that he had a hard-on. James realized what happened and apologized by saying he hasn't had much intimacy since his wife died and the closeness with her had caused a reaction." She told me she just smiled at him and said she was flattered by his attention. To show that it didn't bother her she leaned in to him a few dances later and he just gave her a sheepish smile. She told me that she could tell he has a nice size penis and I just smiled back. She asked me what I thought about what happened and about James. I told her that James seemed like a great guy and I didn't have any problem with what happened on the dance floor. We went back to the table.

When I got back to the table I looked over at James who had a slightly worried look on his face. I told him that Linda had told me what happened and that I had no concerns about it and he looked relived. I further told him to relax and enjoy the evening. Later he and Linda danced a few more and she sat back down while James went to the restroom. She told she intentionally leaned into him again and noticed he was still hard. He seemed more relaxed this time. She told him she was glad the he was enjoying himself. She said that after what he's been through he could use a little of attention.

James returned to the table and we started to talk about our future plans. He said he'd be in town for a few more days and we should get together again. Linda got a big grin on her face and immediately said yes. He said he would give us his phone number at the Holiday Inn Express and we immediately broke out laughing. We told him that that's also where we're staying. So we decided to share a cab back. We continued our conversation about Texas on the return.

He asked us if we would like to come up to his room for a "night cap" from the hotel bar. We told him that we had a cooler with some drinks in our room and he was invited to come along. We went up to our room and started working on our drinks. Linda went over to the radio and turned it to one the easy listening channels. Linda asked James if he would like to dance. He looked over at me and I just smiled.

Though Linda is quite tall, James was a few inches taller, so Linda was able to rest her head on his shoulder as they danced. Once in awhile as they danced Linda would be facing me and I would notice a look of excitement on her face. It was obvious that she was really beginning to enjoy herself. About the fourth dance when Linda turned towards me I noticed that she was kissing him on the neck and moving her arm up and down his back. A few minutes later James excused himself to the restroom.

Linda came over to me and said she asked James to go to the restroom so she could talk privately with me. Linda asked how far I was willing to let her go with James and that she was starting to get really turned on by him. I had seen Linda do a guy orally a few times but nothing beyond that. I was curious how far she planned on going this time. I told her that she should be the one to control how far to let it proceed. Though, I also told her I liked how this was going and that she could go as far as she wanted; as long as, I get to participate. She said that she wouldn't have it any other way. I gave her one of the most passionate kisses I have given her in a longtime and she gave me back just as much. I heard James returning. He saw the end of our passionate kiss and asked if he should leave. Linda said, "Absolutely not and that the night was still young."

She asked me to get up and dance. As we started to dance she leaned into me and whispered in my ear, "Did I have any suggestions on how to start this off?" I just chuckled and said that she has a good imagination. She started to kiss my neck and move her hand around my back just like she did on James earlier. I started to feel my penis hardening and leaned down to give her another passionate kiss. After a few minutes of this I broke off to see what James was doing and he was staring at us with a look of excitement on his face. I smiled at him and gave him a wink. I said, "Sit back and enjoy it". I could see the excitement in his face grow more intense as he started to move his hand up and down his crotch.

I started to move my hand around the outside of her blouse. Her nipples were sticking straight out. I slowly moved my hands inside her blouse and put my fingers inside her bra to knead her nipples. A low moan came from Linda. I could tell she was starting to really get into this. I could feel her hand on the outside of my zipper slowly pulling it down. She reached inside to free my penis from inside my boxers. She started to slowly stroke up and down my shaft. I shifted my gaze to James and saw that his view was fixated on Linda's hand going up and down my shaft. As much as I wanted to continue, I thought that Linda would really enjoy the view of her first black cock. I whispered that I'm going to sit down and let her do some dancing with James for awhile. She looked at me with the sexiest smile I've ever saw from her and she said, "Thanks, I'm ready and I love you more than ever".

I started to sit down while she motioned to James to join her. They started the same as before with Linda kissing his neck and moving her hand up and down his back. After several minutes of this I saw James reach down and tilt Linda's face up to his. He said to her loud enough for both of us to hear, that he couldn't thank us enough for this evening. Linda looked him straight in the eye and said, "You haven't seen anything yet". He got a wide grin on his face and slowly moved his lips to her.

This is the first time I have seen Linda give a passionate kiss to somebody else. After seeing it from this angle I can see why I enjoy it so much. I thought she was going to swallow his whole face with her kisses. James took a break for a second and gave me one of those looks that said, "Wow!"

He started leaning into her and started kissing in a way that said I can give back as much as you can give me. I could tell that she was fully engulfed in passion for James. She moved her hand down to his zipper and slowly opened his pants. Unlike before with me she didn't take his penis out. She just started rubbing up and down the front of his pants. It's as if she was telling him that she was going to take it nice and slow to insure he gets the full benefit of her passion.

At this point my hard on was starting to feel a little uncomfortable and I could tell it needed a little attention. While keeping my eyes on her hands as she was stroking the front of James I started to take my clothes off. Just about the time I had them fully off Linda gave me one of those "shit eating grins" that said I'm glad you're enjoying this as much as I am. I sat back on the chair fully naked and started to slowly stroke my penis while watching every move she made and enjoying every second of it.

If Linda had any doubts how far she was going to take this it was answered when she slipped his penis through his shorts and slowly started stroking it. The look on her face made it clear that there was no turning back from here. I said, "Why don't we all take off our clothes and get comfortable". Linda said its fine with her but she wants James to slowly undress her and she would do the same to James. I could tell the mistress side of Linda was showing a little. Whenever she gets real excited she starts telling me exactly how she wants it. James reached out and started to unbutton her blouse one button at a time. He did it so slowly you could tell he was savoring ever second of it. After unbuttoning the front of her blouse he slowly moved to stand behind her. He slowly removed her blouse and put it on the couch. While still standing behind her he reached around to the front and traced around her nipples through the bra. I could hear her start to moan while she started to grind her butt back into James. James removed Linda's bra and massaged and kneaded both breasts for several minutes. Her moaning started to intensify. He moved around to the front of her and took her right nipple into his mouth while lowering his hand to the snap on her dress. After the snap was open he reached around and started to pull her dress down below her butt and let it fall to the ground. She reached down and pulled James' face up to her and they started another passionate kiss. All the while James was moving a finger up and down her clit. James slowly reached inside her panties and inserted a finger in her vagina. He slowly stroked her for a few minutes. Before I knew it Linda was having an orgasm. Usually it takes quite awhile for her first orgasm—this was a first for her. James pulled down Linda's panties and her panties fell quickly to the floor. James said that this is the first time he had seen a shaved vagina and that it was a real turn on. She smiled at James and said, "Now it's your turn".

She stood face to face with him and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She said that she'd never been with a black man before and was looking forward to seeing and feeling the rest of his body. She leaned forward and started kissing his chest and took one of his nipples into her mouth. She pulled his shirt off and gently laid it on the couch. She went to her knees and gently kissed the tip of his erect penis while slowly taking off his shoes and socks. As she was rising from the floor she kissed up his stomach to his chest and up to his lips. As she was kissing his lips she removed his pants and let them fall to the floor. Their kisses became more intense and I could see that Linda was getting fully aroused again. She reached down and gently lowered his boxers to the floor. She got down on her knees again and just looked at his penis for a few seconds. It looked to be a little over seven inches long—about an inch longer than mine. It also was a little thicker. Since mine was the largest Linda has previously had I knew she was going to enjoy herself with James. She had only slept with one man before we met and his penis was a little smaller than mine. She said that she liked the blackness of the shaft and she was looking forward to having it in her. I said, "Well, now that we're all undressed we might as well move to the bedroom".

As we moved to the bedroom I sat in the chair next to the bed. Linda said, "Aren't you going to join us". I said, "Of course, there are many things I'm hoping we'll do together tonight, but I'd rather see you two enjoy yourselves first".

They both got on the bed and looked like kids in a candy store. At first they just looked at each other. It appeared that they were both waiting for the other to make the first move. Knowing Linda I figured she'd make the first move and I wasn't disappointed. She started to kiss his chest and slowly move down to his stomach. It was clear she planned to start by doing him orally. When I first started dating Linda she had never done anyone orally. There's good and bad to be said about that. It's good in that you can teach her how you like it, but sometimes it can take quite awhile to get there. I found out quickly it wouldn't take long with Linda. Though she didn't have all the techniques down in the beginning she could deep throat right from the start. She had taken music lessons for many years and she said she knew how to open her throat for singing. Well it sure worked because she could swallow it all the first time. I knew what James was in for and knew he had a treat coming.

Linda started by circling the tip of her tongue around the tip of James' penis. Right away his penis started twitching. She gently moved her tongue down the shaft and moved it back up again--all the time watching James for his reaction. It was clear he was enjoying it. After she "tortured" him with her tongue long enough she started to take it into her mouth. I could tell Linda wanted to surprise him with the deep throat as she only took it part way in the beginning. Though she only took about half of it James was acting as if it was all the way in. The sheer look of joy on his face was something to see. I know from experience that Linda was now using the inside of her mouth and tongue to give him a better experience than he has ever had before. Though, I had some doubts if Linda could take a penis of this length and width completely. That doubt didn't last long. In one swift motion she took it down to the root and James' eyes almost popped out of his head. All I heard was, "This is GREAT!!!!". About ten seconds later it could tell James was coming. Linda stayed on until James was fully spent. He had a look of somebody that died and went to heaven. She walked over to me in the chair and said; "In this family we share everything." She started giving me a passionate kiss and transferred James' sperm into my mouth. Another first—this is the first time I ever tasted another man's sperm. It tasted a little salty and hot at the same time.

Linda looked over at James and said I hope you're not done yet. I plan on sucking you until you get hard and feeling your penis inside me. He smiled at Linda and said that with her skills he's sure he can go many more times tonight.

Linda gently took his penis fully into her mouth, and as advertised it didn't take long until it was rock hard again. Linda took a condom in her mouth and took James completely in her mouth one more time. James looked don't in amazement that Linda could put a condom on him in such a pleasurable way. At this point the excitement of this night and my stroking of my penis caught up with me. Before I knew it I was coming on my stomach. Linda saw it and said, "Don't waste that". She came over and sucked it into her mouth. She walked over to James and said, "What's good for Bill is good for you". Will you take my kiss with his sperm in it? He leaned over and gave her a kiss while she transferred my sperm to him. A couple of seconds later he had a grin on his face. He said, "For many years before I met my previous wife I was bisexual and this brought back some fond memories".

She lay back on the bed and James started circling her nipples with his tongue. Linda started thrusting her breasts forward while James moved his hand to her clit. Slowly the intensity increased. Linda started to grind her hips into his finger and he sucked harder on her breasts. She suddenly squeezed her legs around his hand and started to moan. The moaning got loaded and Linda started to come in waves. I told James to kiss around her neck while she was coming and Linda went wild.

After a few minutes of kissing on her neck he moved to her breasts and her stomach. He hit the right spot and another wave of orgasms hit her. I moved a little closer to the bed so I could get a clear view of a black man taking her for the first time. James slowly moved up between her legs and put the tip of his penis to her clit. He started to rub the tip up and down the outside of her clit. Linda started to grind her hip towards his penis in order to get it inside. I could tell that James knew how to increase a woman's excitement. Linda had a look on her face that said give it to me. James pushed his penis forward just allowing the tip of his penis to pass her clit. James said, are you ready for my black penis in your vagina?" Linda said, "I've never been more ready. Please give it to me." James moved his body up slightly only allowing his penis to go in another inch. He still had about another 5 to go. He started to move what he had in her vagina in and out slowly. I could see Linda's attempt to move forward for more. I guess James thought Linda was ready. He started to push it in about one inch at a time until it was fully inserted. I could see Linda's eyes go wide. She said, "This feels wonderful. I never felt anything this deep in me before." James started to move in and out slowly. Over several minutes he increased his speed. Linda was moving her body in all directions at once. I could tell it wouldn't be long until another orgasm. I told James that he needs to bend down a little and come up at an angle. It's a position the drives Linda crazy. I could see him adjust his angle and Linda's instant reaction. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and legs around his back. She started crying out like I've never heard her before. She was yelling "Harder, Harder, give it to me." James speeded up and Linda started coming in waves. She grabbed onto James so hard I thought she would hurt him. He just took it as a challenge and thrusted harder. She rolled her head back and tears started coming out of her eyes. I know from experience that that's a sign Linda is having an intense orgasm. They just kept going this way for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden James started convulsing in his own orgasm. After a few seconds they both lay on the bed exhausted.

After they got their breath and relaxed for awhile I asked them what they wanted to do next. Both Linda and James both chimed in, "All three of us". James also said, "Would you like for me to turn on my bisexual side?." I said, "With so many firsts tonight we might as well set another one. Let's go." Linda quickly chimed in, "If I'm going to take the two of you on at the same time, there has to be some ground rules." Linda and I have fooled around a little with her being the Mistress. It's was nothing real drastic, just her calling all of the shots. She said, "From this point forward I'm going to let my Mistress side get some enjoyment out of this. If at any time you think I'm pushing too hard just say" Linda, that's enough." and I'll back off. Otherwise, I expect you to obey. Is that clear?" I quickly said, "Yes." Linda said, What was that?" I replied, "Yes, Mistress." What about you James, do you agree?" He said, Yes, Mistress."

Linda looked us both over for awhile with a smile on her face. Eventually she said, "I think we need a little rest and food before we go on. Let's get some sleep and in the morning we'll get breakfast from room service before we proceed. Tonight you'll sleep on both sides of me and I'll fondle you each as I see fit during the night. It won't be anything to serious and you must keep your hand to yourselves. Is that clear?" We both chimed in with "Yes, Mistress" and lay close to her on each side.

Part II will detail our morning fun where we explore our bisexual side and Linda gets to "Rule the Roost."

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This is our first attempt at writing a story—it was a true collaboration between us. Linda and I like it very much; however, I'm sure we're quite biased in our opinions. We had read several other stories together and have enjoyed a few. However, she complained that very few were written for couples to share together. She said that woman like language like vagina instead of pussy and cunt. She also said that most women would prefer penis to cock, rod, man meat and etc. She explained that most women would prefer another man only after she was able to make a true connection to him based on his personality, background, experiences and etc. I told her I would try to write such a story if she gave me the basic outline and some assistance with it. That's what you see above. She said that if she met somebody like that above and made the same connection as in this story she would jump at the chance. Many of the aspects of the story above are true: her deep throat abilities, her oral techniques, the fact she has done a few guys orally while I watched and that she's open for more. Some parts of the story are fantasy but close enough to our wants and desires that they just might happen. See below about Part II.

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If you enjoy this story enough and dell that we should complete part II, please drop us an e-mail @ If we get enough positive replies I'm sure we'll finish Part II.

We would really like to hear some ways in which some couples used this story in their lovemaking. Please share this with your spouse. We hope he or she will enjoy it as much as us. I recommend you copy this story into Notepad or MS Word and replace the names Linda and Bill with your names. If you change a couple of the sentences in paragraph 1 to reflect you personal specific (length of relationship, height, hair color, breast size and etc.) the rest of the story will sound more personal to you. Maybe that way you'll have a Great! time together after reading it.

We would love to hear the details of your after experiences, the juicier the better. We would like to hear some suggested story lines from other couples that involve a foursome. Who knows, we just might write one that includes the four of us in it together that's based on your storyline.

We hope you enjoy!

Linda and Bill.

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