Four to California

by Baron Rod

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Desc: Historical Story: In 1848 a cad seduces 3 proper ladies and his conscience gets to him. He decides to start over in California. The ladies decide to go with him.

*February 9, 1848 - Thursday*

Here begins my journal. I arise today a new man. My past is that of a cad, my future, if I have one, will be that of an emigrant farmer. I am Christopher Hanlon, 23, born October 12, 1824. I am 5' 6", 150 pounds, moderately good looking with brown hair and a beard which I keep well trimmed. I grew up on a farm in up state New York and left home as soon as I could. I had found employment at a stock brokerage firm in New York City. In the last eight years I have come to know the ways of the City and of the markets. I had a portfolio that was worth several thousand dollars. But I can not continue. I was a cad, a scoundrel, a bounder, a roue, a hound ... I could go on but I think my point gets across. In the last three months I had degraded not one but three wonderful and beautiful ladies.

Marion Crawford is a tiny girl of twenty. She is 5' tall and weighs maybe a hundred pounds after a big meal. She has hair the color of clover honey, hazel eyes, and her breasts are tiny cones, a perfect mouthful. She works at a firm that is located on the same floor as my own. We had been flirting on and off for months. Then I began seeing her after work and one evening we found ourselves in bed together.

Katrina Mueller is also twenty, and is my height and weighs about fifteen pounds less. Her hair is spun gold, her eyes sky blue, and her breasts are large and heavy. She works at the central library. I often go there for research. She is a highly intelligent person and easy to talk to. She had been widowed a year and a half earlier. We began taking lunch together and then progressed to noontime dalliances.

Grace O'Riley is nineteen. Rich auburn hair, green eyes, and breasts that just fit my hand, she stands 5' 3" and weighs about what Katrina does. A sturdy girl. She was waiting for an omnibus trolley when she was accosted by a trio of street ruffians. I laid them out with fists and cane, but not before she had her dress torn. My apartment was near to hand. She had to remove her dress to repair it and one thing lead to another. Was I any better than the street trash? That evening led to others.

I have continued seeing these three ladies and having passionate sex with them for months, being careful that they never found out about each other.

I cannot continue.

I have made my plans. My portfolio has been converted to cash. The lease on my apartment will be up the end of the month. I have sent my parents and siblings various things that I loved, but would not be able to take with me. I arranged with a friend the removal and sale of anything I left in my apartment once I am gone. I have invited all three ladies to my apartment for an early Sunday dinner.

If I survive the encounter I will leave for California the next day.

*February 13, 1848 - Sunday*

I am in shock. One shock is that I am both alive and also not broken or bleeding. The other shock...

The ladies arrived within minutes of each other. The atmosphere in the room was much colder than the mid February chill outside. Dinner was deliberately in an hour. I sat with them in my parlor and introduced them to one another. Then I professed my sorrow that I had dishonored them all, taking the virginity of two of them and all of them for my lovers. I affirmed strongly my love for them all. Since there was no way for me to choose any one or them over the others I saw no other way than to leave them entirely. I would not demean them farther by offering money as a sop to my conscience. A clean break in which their righteous rage would heal their hearts faster and allow them to get on with their lives. I would leave the City never to return.

Yes, they screamed at me. Yes, they called me all the names I had called myself and more. Yes, they called on the heavens to destroy me and threatened to see what secular law could do.

It was during this last that Grace fell quiet and then declared that even with the proof of my unfaithfulness she still loved me and she would cleave unto me even as Ruth said 'for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge'. I was dumbfounded! So were Marion and Katrina.

They looked at Grace, then at each other, then at me. This cycle went on for minutes. Katrina broke the cycle saying that she could not believe that Grace would so demean herself. Marion blinked and sadly said that she was sorry that Grace laid her claim first. She too felt strongly about me and averred that she too would have gone with me. She then reached out and hugged Grace to her. Katrina broke down crying. Grace and Marion went to her and enfolded her. I felt I had no right so I stayed in my chair.

Grace asked my plans. I had not made any reservations, but had thought out my trek into obscurity. I told the ladies that I planned to travel by railroad to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which should take four to six days. From there the plan was to go by riverboat to St. Louis, Missouri, which should take eighteen to twenty days, then take another riverboat to Independence, Missouri, another six to seven days. If I left here tomorrow I would be in Independence by mid March. This would give me time to purchase a wagon and supplies so as to leave the beginning of April. I had planned to join a wagon train to Sacramento, California. That should take six to seven months, arriving in September or October.

Katrina spoke and ordered me to go to a local store and procure a bottle of white wine. I almost pointed out that I already had white wine in the apartment, but realized that the ladies wanted to talk without my input. I left to get the wine.

When I returned it was to find three naked ladies.

Katrina declared that the three of them would accompany me. They had little in the way of possessions and could be ready to travel by mid week. I was informed that if this caused problems with my planning I could change my plans.

Then it was declared that I join them in their nudity and give pleasure to all three of them. I did what they asked. If they had not actively helped I would not have succeeded.

*February 15, 1848 - Wednesday*

We boarded a train today that will take us to Baltimore where we will transfer to a train bound for Pittsburgh. The news of the day is that the war with the Mexico is over with the peace treaty being signed on February 2. It seems that we will not be leaving our home county, as California is now the property of our fair country.

We cannot indulge our passions on the trains, but we discussed our arrangements for when we could be alone. It was decided that the ladies would alternate each night with a night's break between starting the cycle over again. The schedule will be adjusted for the times of their monthlies. We look forward to Pittsburgh.

*February 20, 1848 - Sunday*

We arrived in Pittsburgh in the early evening, found a hotel. We are starting to be able to ignore the looks of disapproval that our little group generates. I am not sure how the ladies arranged their rotation, but Katrina came to me this night.

*February 21, 1848 - Monday*

After looking at the newspaper shipping schedules I went down to the docks to look at the several riverboats that were leaving in the next few days. Finally decided on one, the Tioga, that was leaving on the morrow. She was a 170 ton sidewheel packet and had a cabin that could fit the four of us in two decent sized bunks. Its only drawback was that it was only going as far as Louisville, Kentucky. However, that would split the trip up into two more or less equal sized pieces. I secured the cabin. Marion had my attentions this night.

*February 22, 1848 - Tuesday*

Sailed from Pittsburgh today. Traveling down the Ohio River is pleasant. Grace can be loud and we were embarrassed by having had to assure all that everything was more than fine with us.

*March 2, 1848 - Thursday*

Arrived in Louisville this morning. Found lodging and began looking for our next riverboat. It was tiring walking along the riverfront and I am glad it is my day of rest.

*March 3, 1848 - Friday*

I was beginning to give up hope of finding transportation I would feel both safe and comfortable on. Then the Globe pulled into the dock. She was a sidewheel packet of some 240 tons. I waited until the first flurry of activity was over, then asked if I could come aboard. Captain Maxwell impressed me and when I asked his schedule I was informed that he would be leaving sharply at eight in the morning on Monday bound for St. Louis, Missouri. I asked to see his best cabin and when I saw it I booked it immediately before anyone else could grab it. Informed the ladies and spent the night with Katrina.

\March 6, 1848 - Monday*

We boarded at seven and the Globe pulled away from the dock on the tick of eight.

*March 12, 1848 - Sunday*

Today we came to the Mississippi River and turned north toward St. Louis.

*March 15, 1948 - Wednesday*

Arrived in St. Louis early in the morning and by evening I had our penultimate transportation arranged. We leave tomorrow morning on the Eliza Stewart, a 169 ton sidewheel packet. We can stay aboard her tonight, saving us the trouble of finding lodging.

*March 16, 1848 - Thursday*

We left St. Louis and traveled up the Mississippi a short distance to the mouth of the Missouri River and turned up it toward Independence.

*March 22, 1848 - Wednesday*

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