Frank and Regina

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: A cheating wife story.

It started one Saturday morning during summer vacation when I woke up to noise in front of my house. I looked out my bedroom window and saw a moving van parked in front of the Martin's house although I guess that it wasn't really the Martin place any more. They had moved out months ago and there had been a For Sale sign in their yard for a long time.

I noticed that the For Sale sign was gone and men were carrying furniture into the house. Then I saw a girl about my age (10) watching the movers. She had the longest blond hair I had ever seen on a girl; it fell to below her waist and while I was looking out the window she looked toward our house and our eyes met and though I was too young to understand what happened something passed between us.

I quickly dressed and ran downstairs, out of the house and across the street. I walked up to her and said:

"Hi. My name is Frank and I live just across the street."

She looked at me, gave me a dazzling smile and said, "Hello Frank. I'm Regina and we are moving into our new house."

That was the start of it.

The rest of the summer she was at my house or I was at hers. We walked to school together on the first day of school and we walked home together. We were pretty much inseparable all through middle school and into junior high.

Even though we pretty much spent all of our time together she was still my first 'official date' when we went to our first high school dance together. The number of guys who asked her to dance that night should have prepared me for what was to come. Soon a lot of guys were asking Regina out and what killed me was that she said yes to a lot of them. That bothered the hell out of me because I'd always looked on Regina as mine.

Several times I asked her to go to the movies or the penny arcade with me only to be told that she had a date with someone else. Stupid of me and I knew it, but I started looking at her going out on dates with others as 'treason' and decided to turn my back on her. No more walking to and from school together and I started avoiding her. If I saw her heading my way I changed direction and walked away from her.

"To hell with her" I thought, there are other girls I can date and I didn't even have to look hard for them. For some reason Regina didn't get along with several of the girls in our class and two of them – Sally Maples and Marge Haight – started sitting with me at lunch period and from the way they talked and acted they wanted me to ask them out. I didn't realize it at the time (I was young and naïve) but Marge and Sally only wanted me because I was considered Regina's and me going with them would be the equivalent of them saying "Fuck you Regina."

After Regina's going out with other guys finally pissed me off I asked Sally out and she said yes. I took her to the amusement park and for me the best part of the evening was that Regina was there with Norm Miller and when she saw me with Sally she got a pissed off look on her face.

I took Sally out a couple of times and then one day Regina asked me why I hadn't asked her out lately and I bluntly told her that I was tired of being turned down.

"Don't be that way Frank. We're young and we need to date other people to see what things are like. You know you are my best boyfriend."

That made me feel good and Regina and I went out a half dozen times and then one night when I asked her to go to the movies with me she said sorry but she was going out with Phil that night. The next time I asked it was Rich and the time after that it was Tim. Fuck it I thought and I asked Marge out. I dated Marge for a while and then Sally and then I kind of fell into a rotation – Marge then Sally then Marge and on and on.

It was coming up on junior prom night and I was home working on homework when my mom called up the stairs and told me that Regina was there. I didn't say anything and a minute or so later Regina walked into my room, said "Hi" and sat down on my bed. I said "Hi" back to her and kept on working on my homework. She watched me for a bit and then she said:

"You haven't asked me to the prom."


"Aren't you going to ask me?"

"Why should I? Maybe I don't want to hear you say no because you are going with Tim or Phil or Harry or whoever."

"You know better than that Frank. You know that I'd never do the important stuff with anyone else."

"No I don't know that Regina and don't give me any of that "You are my best boyfriend" crap. If that was true you would have fit me in somewhere. A date with Tim, a couple with me and then maybe a date with some other guy and a couple with me, but that isn't the way the way it has been has it? "Your best boyfriend" has been turned down the last nine times he has asked you out so you shouldn't be shocked when he finally says "screw it" and stops asking."

"Does this mean that you aren't going to ask me to the prom?"

"I don't know Regina. I've seen a lot more of Sally and Marge lately than I have of you so one of them might be expecting me to ask them to the prom."

"They are only going out with you to spite me."

"Maybe Regina, but whatever the reason they are going out with me and you haven't. The question is do I risk them not going out with me any more because I didn't ask one of them to go to the prom? That would leave me with no one to go out with since I don't seem able to get on your list."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Think on it."

"Fine!" she snarled and got up and left my room. I smiled as she left and thought I'd let her stew for a day before I asked her.

The next day during lunch period Regina stopped by the table where I was sitting and said with a smirk:

"No need to overwork your brain cells thinking about whether or not to ask me to the prom. I'm going with Tim."

Without even looking up at her I said, "Have fun" and kept eating my lunch. Regina stood there for five seconds or so and then she stormed off. Two minutes later Marge and Sally sat down with me and Sally asked:

"What the hell did you just say to Regina? She was severally pissed as she stomped off."

"I told her I wasn't taking her to the prom. In fact, I might not even go."

"Why not?"

"I can't make a choice."

"A choice on what?"

"I've been dating both you and Marge and I just don't think I can pick one of you over the other."

They looked at each other and something seemed to pass between them and then Marge said:

"Then I guess you will just have to take us both."


"Yes" Sally said, "Both."

I had a great evening. I took turns dancing with Sally and Marge and on four really slow numbers the three of us danced in kind of a group hug. As an added benefit I got to watch Regina as she threw nasty glances my way most of the night. I had the additional satisfaction of watching her not be able to dance with her date. Tim had twisted his ankle during football practice and he could barely walk let alone dance.

Marge, Sally and I had so much fun together at the prom that for the rest of our junior year we dated as a threesome. I was in the unique position of being able to give back to Regina some of what she had been giving me. A couple of times she actually asked me if I would take her out and I was able to say sorry, but I already had something going with Marge and Sally on that night.

I knew it couldn't last and it didn't. Marge's dad got transferred and she had to move away. It was just Sally and me for a month or two and then one weekend she went to visit some relatives and when she came back she told me she couldn't see me any more.

"I met a guy when I was at Aunt Mildred's and as soon as our eyes met sparks flew. Sorry Frank. I had a great time with you and I hope you will always be my friend."

I remembered the connection the first time Regina and I had looked at each other and I assured her that I would and I wished her well and then she was gone."

It was summer vacation and I had taken a job working for a landscaper and I had no energy to go dating when I got home even if I would have had someone I could have asked. As the summer progressed and I got more used to the hard labor I was less and less tired and started thinking of dating again.

My parents had told me that if I kept my grades up they would help me buy a car and as soon as I had saved up a fairly large amount from my paychecks (not hard to do when all you do is go to work and then come home and die) we went looking and found a very nice 1993 Mustang convertible. It had the 5.0 engine and a five speed and at first my dad thought that it was too much car for me, but after a lot of begging and pleading he gave in.

I started cruising the spots where the kids I knew hung out and I was able to hook up with a girl or two. One evening, three weeks after I got the car, I came home from work and found Regina sitting on the front porch steps waiting for me. "Hi" she said as I walked up to her. "Hi back" I said and then waited.

"Can we stop all the stupid game playing Frank?"

"What game playing?"

"You know; me dating guys to piss you off and you dating girls to rub my nose in it. We belong together Frank and we both knew that on the day we met so no more games Frank, please?"

And there were no more games. We were exclusive from that evening on the rest of the way through high school and college and seven months after we graduated from college we were married.

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