A Pickup in Four BJ's and Muff Dives

by Baron Rod

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Harem, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A Confederation pickup at a pizza parlor and a young man learns that Muff Diving can be hazardous...

My family had all gone in to be CAP tested at the same time since the new laws required everyone fourteen or over to do so. When Dad and I came out with sevens and Mom and sis had high enough sixes dad had already seen the hand writing on the wall. He warned us not to show our cards unless necessary. He saw the disorganized start of protest by religious nuts and other crackpots that had started up right after the president's speech telling us that most of us were going to be eaten by the Sa'arm. The last few months had seen the start of an organization calling itself Earth First. Dad had been right again.

That wasn't really surprising. The whole family tested into the top five percent of the IQ bell curve. The only reason I didn't get the usual Brain Trust hassling in school was that I helped the PE instructor teach martial arts, aikido mostly. I loved teaching aikido moves to the football running backs. It made them really slippery. So the jocks had a vested interest in not causing me grief.

I'm Matthew Patterson. Other than the high IQ and martial arts I'm pretty average. At sixteen I'm five foot eight weighing one-thirty with brown hair and eyes hiding behind glasses. I'm a sophomore taking as many AP classes as the school offers. Languages are my best subject. Besides English I speak Spanish, French and German fluently. I know enough Russian and Japanese to get understood by a native speaker. In about a half dozen languages I can stumble along and maybe get my point across. Don't know why, but if I'm around a native speaker for a couple weeks I can pick up what they're saying pretty fast.

It was Saturday night at the Villa Roma. No liquor licence there so it's mostly families and some of the high school crowd coming in for supper before the movies. Afterward it's mainly the high school set for a pizza or burger and fries. Just hanging out to see who's dating who and to be seen by their peers.

I was dating Holly O'Hara. She's a member of the sophomore class brain trust, like me. Pert, five foot three, a shade over a hundred pounds, freckled, elven faced, green eyed, flaming redhead who usually wore her hair in a braid down to her middle back. She was thin, but curvy with very suckable B-cup tits. That's as far as I'd gotten with her, so far.

You'd think in these times getting into a girl's pants would be easier than it was a year ago, before the President's speech. Well, it was really, if you were willing to flash your CAP card and had a chance to be picked up. It was getting harder and harder to follow my Dad's advise. I really wanted laid. Both Holly and I were working toward the point of canceling each other's virginity. It was going slow though.

We were eating burgers and fries for dinner before heading over to the cineplex for a movie when the light changed and these three BIG dudes stood up.

Somehow they took over the sound system and one of the said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is SGT Rori Frederics and this is a Confederacy Extraction, in other words, a pick-up! If you'll follow my instructions, we'll get this done with as little hassle as possible and allow most of you to get back to your meals. There's been enough on the news for all of you to have an idea of what is going to happen here. Our sensors show that we have eight volunteers here tonight who can pick up twenty-four companions."

There were a couple screams, a bunch of low babble and a few joyous shouts.

The SGT continued, "Anyone not at least fourteen years of age please go to the front of the restaurant near the entrance. The twelve and thirteens should look after the littler kids. Anyone who doesn't have their CAP card on them, those women who are past their childbearing years, and those who have no wish to be considered as possible companions should move all the way to the front of the restaurant, help the kids and maybe block the view to the back of the restaurant before the selection starts. Do this as quickly as possible"

There was a lot of 'But Mom' arguments and handing off of younger kids to older kids and to others heading for the front. This was the early crowd. More families and less teenagers than would be around later after the early evening movies.

Once those who weren't eligible were heading toward the front SGT Frederics said, "Now, the rest of you. If you are one of the eight come see me. All those who want to try to be their companions drift toward the back of the restaurant."

Holly hadn't move as yet and I asked her "What's your score?"

She looked at me and replied "It's 6.2. My dad says I should do whatever it takes to go. I'm going to the back. What's your score?"

I smiled and as I stood up said "I'm a 7.4 and I get four companions. You're going with me if you're naked by the time I get back from talking to the sergeant. Have your CAP card ready." As I turned to go I saw her striping off her tee-shirt.

There were five guys and two women near the sergeant when I got there. I was the youngest.

"OK. As I said, there have been enough of these pickups that you should know the drill." he said to us. "Just because you came here tonight with someone doesn't mean you have to leave with them. Instant divorces. While you don't have to take someone's kids it's heavily encouraged. You should try your selections out. Just because the CAP card sub-score shows a high libido doesn't mean that they'll react to you. Here are card readers. They're pretty easy to use. It's all touch screen and you can drill down several layers. Check with these first and then try them out. Remember that if the CAP sub-scores are what you are looking for the five foot tall, three hundred pound blob can be the image of your wet dreams after going through Darjee medical tech. Go get'em!"

I started to turn back and the sarge said, "Hey, boy. If your girl's a virgin and you want to wait until you're in your pod onboard, get her to blow you ... and make sure she swallows."

I nodded and completed my turn back to Holly. She was sitting at the edge of the booth gloriously nude, not even her socks, and holding her CAP card out to me. I popped it into the reader and checked a few things. From the titty feel last week I had gotten the idea that she was hot and her libido score showed it, even if it noted that it was unrealized potential. Smart and loyal with a low aggressiveness. Her smarts ran to math. I handed her card back and popped mine in for comparison. We matched pretty well except for the aggressiveness and tolerance sections. Neither one of us had a high nurturing score.

"The sarge recommends that I try you out." I said. She got a nervous look about her. "I really don't think that this is the time or place to lose either of our virginities." That backed off some of the nervousness. "So what I'm going to do is I want you to give me a blow job."

The nervousness was back, but she was reaching for my hips. She hooked her thumbs over my belt and pushed down. I'm thin enough that she dropped pants and shorts without having to undo anything. I had been hardening up seeing her beautiful body. Her freckles went right down to the tops of her tits which were topped with quarter sized aureoles and pencil eraser sized nipples that I knew grew to double the length when excited. She was sitting so I still hadn't seen much of her pussy, but I did see a light covering of fine red hair above the cleft.

"I haven't done anything like..." she started as she reached for my dick.

I interrupted, "You and I are at the exact same level. You know exactly how far I've gone with a girl because you're the girl I've gone farthest with. Seeing and feeling your tits last Saturday was my high point in life. We'll learn together."

Holly reached out and held my dick while she looked at this new thing in her life. I'm not a super stud, being only six inches, and I'm circumcised. She ran her hand up and down my rod a couple times, marveling at the hard softness of it and the way the skin allowed the movement. By the time she had given me only a couple strokes I could have hammered nails. Then she leaned in and kissed the head. I almost lost it then. Then her mouth opened wide and she took me in. OH! MY! GOD! She started bobbing her head and either she had done online research or was naturally talented ... or both. I reached down and was able to tweak her nipples. It wasn't long before I felt myself going over the edge, but I didn't have either the time or the brain power to warn her when I let loose. Suddenly I was pumping jet after jet of cum into her mouth. I saw her valiant attempts to swallow, but some jizz dribbled out of her mouth and onto her tits.

When I had stopped spurting she backed off of me, opened her mouth to show me my semen and then swallowed.

"Did I do good?" she asked.

"Oh, God, Holly, that was great!" I gasped. I stood her up and kissed her. A full french kiss with lots of tongue. Yeah, I tasted me, but the way I figure it if a girl is going to give you that much pleasure the least you can do is to show your appreciation. She returned the kiss with vigor.

We broke the kiss and I said "Lay down on the table, knees up, feet and butt on the edge. I'm going to return the favor."

Her eyes got wide, but she followed instruction quickly. I knelt down before this beautiful altar of femininity and got my first close up look at a girl's pussy. Yeah, I'd seen close ups online and I knew the general geography, but this was real. Holly's bush was a light coating of red, mostly above her slit. She must have been excited too because her labia were slightly open showing the pinkness inside and there was a juiciness to the area. I could see a small clitoris, maybe BB sized, peeking out from the clitoral hood.

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