Chuck's Unfortunate Weekend

by Samantha K.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, BiSexual, MaleDom, Rough, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, Transformation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chuck's friend Brad is shocked to see how much he has changed since their last meeting. He is even more shocked when Chuck tells him what happened to him.

"Well, hello there. Damn! Who ... er ... what are you? And what are you doing on my boat?"

"Brad, it's me - Chuck."

"Chuck? You can't be ... Shit, it is you! Last time I saw you was three months ago. You were a guy then. Now you're ... not. What the hell happened?"

"The Black Snake bikers happened to me. You remember Shaneequa?"

"That high school girl that worked at Starbucks? The one with the killer bod who always seemed about to pop out of her clothes? Oh, yeah! Black and jailbait is a dangerous combination, but I'd sure risk it if I thought I had a chance to get me a piece of that."

"That's how I felt. That's why I was dating her on the sly. My folks would freak if they knew, and hers would probably turn me in to the law. And you know how rough the Sheriff is on sex-offenders – especially White guys like me. So I was real careful not to dip my wick until she was legal. The first Friday after her eighteenth birthday, I picked her up after work and drove her up to my uncle's cabin on Bear Mountain Lake. We were gonna spend the weekend getting to know each other. By which I mean I intended to fuck the shit out of her. Who wouldn't? The girl is one amazing piece of ass. Perfect skin the color of dark chocolate, fantastic tits, wide hips, firm ass, and last year she spent her birthday money having the hair on her pubes removed, so she's completely smooth down there – just the way I like it. And dude, she's practically a virgin. She'd only screwed some pencil-dick back in middle school and he didn't get her off, so she's been dick-shy since then.

Now her hormones are up and she is seriously ripe for the picking. I'd been getting her primed for weeks beforehand, eating her pussy and telling her how much better my dick would make her feel. When I go to pick her up, she's so hot for it she strips as soon as she gets in the car. Just boom, out the window goes her uniform, and she's got nothing on underneath it. Ever try to get through rush-hour traffic with a horny, naked teenager trying to crawl onto your dick? I told she had to lie down so no one would see her, so she spends the drive up there with her head in my lap kissing on my dick and sucking it just enough to keep me hard while fucking herself with one finger because that's all she can fit into her snatch.

When we get there, she drags me inside and we end up on the rug in front of the fireplace instead of the bedroom. Brad, this girl has the tightest pussy I've ever fucked! It was like a velvet vise! I thought getting my dick into her would be tough, but she was so wet the only hard part was getting the head through. Once I had her plugged she goes nuts and starts screwing me like a minx in heat. I was balls-deep in record time. It was awesome! So we're going at it hot and heavy, see? After all the foreplay, I've got a monster load worked up and I'm just about to cream that sweet pussy with it - when the door flies open and these Black guys bust in. Next thing I know, this huge dude has his arm around my throat and he's hauling me up off of Shaneequa. He's so tall my feet are barely touching the floor and I have to hang onto his arm to keep from being strangled. My boner is sticking straight out and waving all over. I'm more than a little concerned about my White dick being so exposed like that in front of a room full of Black guys who seem to be very unhappy at catching me banging a Black girl.

A couple of them pick up Shaneequa and drag her into the bedroom. She's struggling and yelling for me to help her, but I got my own problems right then, because one of them whipped out this knife and points the thing right at my dick. And that's when I pop my wad. I can't help it, you know? I was just so close, I couldn't stop. My dick starts going off like a firehose. I'm cumming like crazy, all the time thinking shit like how I'm wasting it on the rug when I was so close to christening Shaneequa's pussy with it and how weird it is that there are these rough-looking Black guys watching my dick shoot these long ropes of cum into the air. The guy with the knife laughs and says, 'Looks like we got here just in time!' He put his knife away and I was very relieved about that.

Just then, I heard Shaneequa squeal like a stuck pig and then the bed starts to slam against the wall over and over. So, I realize these guys aren't her family out to defend her virtue or anything, they just happened to show up just at the worst possible moment for us and now they're gonna take advantage of the situation. It's obvious what they're doing to her. Heck, it's the same thing I was doing. I'm wondering if they're gonna hold it against me that I was doing it first.

Once my dick has run dry, they haul me outside and tie me spread-eagle onto the picnic table down by the lake while they decide what to do to me. It isn't helping matters that with all the tension of the moment and whatnot my dick is still standing tall. Since I'm on my back, it's sticking straight up like a flagpole. I try shifting my hips to get it to lie down, but that only makes it call attention to itself, which I really don't need to be doing, since a lot of the gang are talking about 'carving some White meat'. Luckily for me, the big guy thinks he has a better idea and has a private word with another one of the gang, who rides off on some errand.

While he's gone, I try to talk them out of whatever they have planned. I mean, you'd think that a White guy getting some Black tail wouldn't be any worse than all the White girls who get nailed by Blacks. If they get knocked-up, it's brown kids either way, right? They didn't appreciate the logic of my argument. In fact, I pissed them off even worse by bringing it up. Apparently to them, a Black brother striking a blow for his race by impregnating a White girl or getting her hooked on Black cock is in no way similar to a White guy shagging a Black girl because she's a hot piece of ass. A couple of them wanted to pound on me for that, but eventually they calmed down and decided to stick to the boss's plan.

Brad, everybody knows those guys run drugs. Well, apparently they can get the prescription kind, too. The runner comes back with what they tell me is female hormones. I don't get it at first. I mean, it's not like they're gonna get me hooked on heroin or something, so what's to be scared of? Then they load up a couple of syringes full of this crap and they shoot it right into my balls. Lord, I thought I was gonna die! It felt like they'd set my balls on fire. They kept shooting this shit into me until they'd used it all and my nuts were the size of billiard balls and felt like they were about to explode. I hardly even felt it when they loaded up another big needle with these time-release capsules and shot a whole bunch of them into my ball-sack. Then they all went back into the cabin and left me there to think about what such a huge load of girl-stuff would do to me.

They were gone for a while. I had plenty of time to remember all the shemale porn I'd seen on the Internet and think about how all those freaks with tits and dicks had once been guys and the stuff that had made them like that was the same shit that they'd just filled my balls with. That was not a fun time for me.

It was almost sundown when they came back. They had Shaneequa with them. She was walking funny and she had both hands clamped between her legs like she was modest, you know? When she got close, I saw she had this dreamy expression on her face and I thought they might have doped her up. They helped her up onto the table and had her kneel straddling me. Man, she looked rough! She was covered in a sheen of sweat. Her mouth hung open and her eyes weren't focusing real well. Her big tits, which had been firm and high and round before with perky nipples that pointed straight out from her chest, now sagged a little, as though they'd been pulled and stretched out of shape. Her small nipples were now big and fat on puffy mounds and pointed at the ground instead of the horizon. She gave a little shudder and her boobs wobbled heavily on her chest. I guessed that they were swollen from all the manhandling. The big guy told her to take her hands away from her pussy put them behind her head. When she did, cum gushed out of her and onto my chest. One sniff and I rolled my face away from the smell. Shaneequa rolled her flat belly and that pushed even more of the vile stuff out. I lay there with her pussy inches from my face and watched all this jizz just pour out of her. When it finally slowed to a trickle, I could see that her tight little pussy had been stretched-out so much that she could have put her hand inside and not touched the sides. She was a real mess down there. Her tiny pink clit was big and red and her pussy-lips dangled beside a gaping hole that looked like she'd been fucked by a bull. I could see deep up inside and it showed no sign of closing. I've wrecked my share of pussy, but this one was totally trashed. It was for sure that she'd never be tight again. It would probably be months before she'd even be able to feel a dick the size of mine. She shuddered once more. Her eyes rolled and her belly tensed. She moaned and I realized that she hadn't been doped, she'd just been fucked so hard for so long that she was still cumming. They had thoroughly and completely used that great body and they'd made her love it. It was sad to see such a fresh piece ruined like that, but it was incredibly hot too. There is nothing sexier than a girl who is so totally turned-on that she's up for anything and everything. The shape Shaneequa was in, they could have shown her a hot branding-iron and she would have begged them to use it on her and probably even cum when it touched her.

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