Daughters of Priapus

by Athalia

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, First, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An older sorority sister revives a forgotten initiation rite for a revitalized sorority. The story involves a secret code, a statue, and a bit of Lesbian sex -- something for everybody! Not the kind of story I usually write, or that you usually find here, but I think you'll like it.

My dear sisters:

I have been asked to give a history of my experience with Priapus, and my part in the revival of his ceremony. I trust that this account will not leave the walls of this sorority house. Here, as best I can recall and recount it, is the story.

When I was in college in the early seventies, it was a very different environment than it is today. We were all so much more innocent than girls are now.

I chose this college because it was, at the time, a very ordinary college in a very ordinary Eastern college town. There were six sororities then, each with a different reputation. There was the academically oriented one, for what would now be called "nerds." And there was the one that catered to female athletes. There was also one that was rumored to be the "Lesbian" house and another for freethinkers and hippie-types. The girls in the fifth one seemed to think of nothing but marrying well, to the most affluent and well-connected dates they could find. And lastly, there was ours.

Our sorority was the "artsy" house, as indeed it is today. All the art majors and drama majors aspired to join it. When I was tapped to pledge them, I was so happy. I'd heard that their initiation ceremonies were a bit unconventional, not to say weird, but when I asked the "senior sister" about it, she wouldn't give me details. She did say that while there might be some element of a sexual nature, there wouldn't be rape. I would have complete control when I did whatever I had to do. I had to be content with that.

The initiation was held in the large room in the basement, next to the furnace room. I was led into the room naked except for a blindfold. There were five of us similarly attired. I was a virgin ... not an uncommon thing for a college freshman back then, although almost unheard of today, I'm told. There was a short speech welcoming us, and then our blindfolds were removed.

I noticed that the other pledges were nude as well. We were very self-conscious of our nakedness, holding our arms in front of our breasts in an attempt to preserve some of our modesty. I was particularly self-conscious about my nipples, which were (and still are) extraordinarily long and get hard with the slightest stimulation.

The other members of the sorority were also naked, but displayed little of our modesty. Indeed, most of them were masturbating themselves, bringing themselves to sexual arousal, for reasons I couldn't yet guess. The senior sister, an arts major named Esther, had enormous breasts, which weren't remarkable to me except for the fact that she had a ring in her left nipple. Several of the other women had tattoos in areas that were concealed by everyday clothing. These things were quite rare back then, particularly among upper-middle-class white women. I wondered nervously if I was going to be tattooed or pierced as well, as part of the rite, but then I noticed that some women didn't seem to have any such adornments.

Somebody passed around a bottle and I took a swig from it. It was a strong sweet wine. The bottle was followed by a fat marijuana cigarette. When I hesitated, one of the older sisters said, "Go ahead. It'll be OK. It'll help you through the rite." Then she took a hit from it, inhaling deeply as she shook her long brunette hair. She handed it to me with a smile, and I sucked in the pungent smoke. Luckily, I'd smoked a few cigarettes by that age, and was able to retain the smoke without discomfort. I exhaled, and felt the effects of the drug seep over me.

We were led over to an area dominated by a large object, the size of a sofa, draped in a sheet. Joan, one of the junior sisters, grabbed the sheet by the hem while the Esther intoned the ritual of initiation. It was the usual stuff about swearing fealty and devotion to your fellow sisters, and promising never to reveal the secrets of the sorority, and so on. We all murmured our agreement to these terms. And then Joan whisked the sheet away.

This exposed a statue of a recumbent satyr, carved in gleaming white marble, polished to a high sheen. He lay on his back, propped up on his elbows, his head thrown back and his mouth open. But one part was not gleaming white, but a sort of rusty brown. It was his phallus. It was long and slender and very dark in color, and the brown stain extended down into his groin. It had a gentle curve, and an oversized head, about the size of a golf ball. The outside of the statue's hips was also dirtier then the rest of the statue, a sort of cream color, and it was polished to a smoothness even greater than the rest of the statue.

"Behold Priapus!" Esther said. "He will accept you into our company. Submit to him, as I do!" With that, she straddled the statue, situated her vulva directly over its crotch, and impaled herself on the phallus. Meanwhile the other girls were chanting:

"Priapus, accept our sister Esther.

She is your willing servant.

She consummates her devotion to you with her body.

Grant her beauty, grant her luck, grant her your protection."

Esther masturbated herself on the statue's phallus for the entire duration of the chant. Then she relinquished her position to the next most senior girl. The chant was repeated word for word, except for the substitution of each girl's name for Esther's. When it was done, it proceeded down the line until all the sisters had coupled with the statue. One of the girls was menstruating, and pulled out her bloody tampon before coupling with the god. I suddenly realized why the phallus was brown: it was stained by countless years of the blood of menstruating women. And, no doubt, the blood of countless maidenheads being torn.

One of which was to be mine. I was still a virgin. "So this is how I'm to lose my cherry," I thought. Well, better now than never. At least I would have something to show for it ... through initiation into a company of fellow artists whose respect I craved, instead of being fucked by some jerk who didn't know when to stop. And I realized that when I finally made love to a man, I need not fear the pain of having my hymen torn. So I submitted. The effects of the marijuana were becoming more pronounced, and by the time it was my turn, I silently thanked the brunette. I lowered myself onto the phallus and felt that huge cap pressing at my entrance. And then I forced it into me. There was a twinge of pain, but the marijuana and wine made it more tolerable. I felt the cap slide up my vagina, then down again, as I gingerly moved my body back and forth, feeling the blood trickle down the inside of my thighs. I heard the girls chant "Priapus, accept our sister Virginia..."

And then it was over. I was next to last; the girl behind me saw the new blood on the phallus and smiled, and then performed the rite with an easy grace that showed us that she was no stranger to sex. I heard Esther say something like "That concludes the ceremony." The lights went up, more wine and grass was passed around, and we initiates hugged our new sisters. The air was sexually charged, and some of the girls were pairing off with each other, while others went back to Priapus to fuck themselves to orgasm as the others hooted and clapped. I was feeling too uncomfortable to participate, but shared in the general good feeling.

Over the years, I participated in three more such ceremonies. There was no further discomfort, and I enjoyed the feeling of that phallus filling me as the girls chanted the litany. And, like many of the girls, I visited Priapus for private sessions of my own, independent of the initiation rites. This was usually when I came home from dates still sexually unsatisfied. I had finally been having sex with men, but found that once they came into me, their energy suddenly evaporated, leaving me still horny and eager for more. But Priapus would stay hard as long as I wanted, and never failed me.

I discovered that the phallus itself was not marble, but ivory, imbedded in the marble statue. That was why it didn't have the cool touch of the rest of the statue. Neither was it warm, of course, but it seemed so in contrast to the rest of the statue. I would let my breasts hang down and rake the satyr's chest, feeling the cold stone on my nipples. I would kiss that cold mouth, and clench and polish those cold hips with my thighs. Eventually, I found it easy to masturbate my way to orgasm on Priapus's cock, perhaps inflamed by the thought that countless other girls had done so over the years, and would again in years to come.

But that all ended with my graduation. I moved to New York, where I took my new degree in Dramatic Arts to Los Angeles and tried to make a living with it in the film and television industry. I succeeding in getting many minor roles in forgettable movies and soon-canceled series, but never hit the big time. I moved back to New York to try my luck in the theater, with similar results. After a few years, it became apparent to me that I would never be able to count on my talents as an actress to feed myself. Instead, I accepted an offer of marriage and had two children. I found, as many wives and mothers did, that the pressures of my new position sapped my libido. Our lovemaking became less and less frequent, and eventually died out altogether.

When I was in my fifties, my husband left me for a woman in her twenties. I couldn't really blame him. She was good for him in many ways, re-igniting his virility as I no longer could. Our divorce was as amicable as could be expected und the circumstance, and his alimony tided me through until I obtained a real-estate license. I made a good living at it, since it was at this time that real estate prices were skyrocketing, particularly around New York City.

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