Jenna and Hank

by Matt Moreau

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Their love is challenged mightily!

I met Jenna Warren in High School, Central High. She was the prize female among all females on the campus. She was maybe five-three and not an ounce over ninety pounds. She had beautiful auburn hair, A-cup breasts, and a bubble butt. Her arms were so slim it was a wonder she was able to hold a fork to feed herself. In a word she was the prototype of the helpless damsel, and every boy on campus dreamed of receiving one of her smiles and being allowed to die for her. And, after having met her, you can believe me that I was no exception.

I was new at Central at the time I finally met Jenna, and initially it was not an auspicious meeting. It seems she had a boyfriend. Rodney Wilkes was a football star, a lineman actually. Physically, he was six-two and maybe two-sixty, and, he was good looking in a rough sort of way. Rod was a senior and he was also student body vice president. Mister all-everything if ever there was one. Me?

I was eighteen years-old at the time, five-eight and one-forty-six. I was okay looking, but I had a well flattened nose and one of my eyes was permanently part-way closed. I had most recently been a golden gloves fighter and runner-up in the regional finals. Before my two year golden gloves career came along, I had fought in the silver gloves division for some time. Most people are not aware of the silver gloves division: it's for fighters from 8-15 years old. At any rate I'd had my "golden" career shortened when my eye was damn near poked out in my title try. The headgear we wore was supposed to prevent the kind of injury that I had sustained, but equipment is not always as effective as it's supposed to be, and so I don't fight anymore.

The day I met Jenna we were passing in the quad and I'd damn near fell, stumbling over my own feet, while staring at her and trying to walk at the same time. She'd laughed at me, and I'd jokingly called back to her that I was no laughing matter.

I was confident with the girls even stunners like her. I was a fighter for cryin'-out-loud! I'd had girls like few others in my old home town. I'd vowed that this town was not going to be any different. She stopped.

"Oh really," she said. "You looked pretty funny to me stumbling all over yourself trying to get a good look at me." She was laughing, and I started to as well.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I allowed. This was going well, I thought. I was already making mental plans for Saturday night. This girl was a keeper.

"So, what's your name?" she said.

"Hank. Hank Wesley," I said. "Eighteen, senior, inordinately handsome, and willing to die for you."

Now she really was laughing, and she was pointing. I turned around. Standing in front of me was a brute. At least he looked like a brute to me. He was tall and big and not happy. "Hank Wesley, this is Rod Wilkes; he's my boyfriend," said Jenna.

"Get lost shrimp unless you really do want to die for her," said Kong.

"Well, now let's look at this thing calmly shall we," I said. I was a welterweight to his super-heavy, but just looking at the way he was standing and the noticeable paunch in his middle told me that this would be a good day for me.

The punch he threw was so slow, that if he'd snail-mailed it, it would have arrived sooner. I bobbed, weaved, stepped to my right and he missed. He turned to have another go at me, but he was more careful this time, not trying to unload a haymaker in the first minute of the round. I decided to have some fun.

I let my hands dangle at my sides. He threw blow after blow and absolutely devastated the air around us. He was breathing really hard after no more than two or three minutes of trying to nail me. It was time to put him down.

I faked into him and he went for it. As I stepped back, he fell flat on his face. He stared up at me as though I were some kind of ghost with supernatural powers. I had never raised my hand, and he was down.

Jenna was staring at me with her mouth hanging open. "I never touched him," I said. I wasn't even breathing hard, whereas her boyfriend was on the ground having a near heart attack. The football team was going to have to upgrade its training program, I thought.

"That was amazing," she said. "Where did you learn that? Is it karate or kung fu or something?"

"No, I'm just a good dodger, I guess. I couldn't just stand there and let him hit me. He'd have killed me!" I figured she didn't need to know about my almost boxing fame.

"Yes, I guess he would have if he'd have been able to catch you. Well, you win. Pick me up Saturday night. Six o'clock will be good. I wanna eat and go to a movie. Oh, and I don't kiss on the first date, so resign yourself to admiring me and maybe holding hands. Oh, and if you are very good, and if there is a second date, I may let you die for me." She walked off laughing.

"Sounds good to me," I said.

I'd only been at Central for a few weeks, but after my set-to with Rod, I was the toast of the school. That Jenna had taken up with me didn't hurt my reputation a whit either.

Jenna and I had many dates, and I never did tell her about my boxing career. There would be a time.

True to her word, she hadn't kissed me on our first date, but she sure as hell had on our second. God! she tasted good. By the fifth date I got into her pants. She'd planned it. I know this because she was the one who'd brought the condoms!

We were parked on the top of the Crease, a very narrow slice, or crease, of road on the mountain where only one car could go comfortably. It was a place where there were lots of these little turn outs where cars, having to drive the dangerous mountain road, could pull out instead of having to back all the way back down. Anyway, there had to be fifty of the little niches in the mountain's face. We found one that suited us.

She looked beautiful in her sleeveless white blouse and her gray wraparound skirt. She'd kicked off her high heels and her nylon clad legs looked oh so feminine. Right then I would have given my right nut just to be able to suck her toes.

She leaned back against her door and I leaned back against mine. We both knew that this was the night, but we were not in any kind of hurry.

"You okay," I said.

"Yes. You?"

"You betcha. God your beautiful, Jenna. You're almost too beautiful," I said.

She laughed. "Is that your best line?"

"I guess since you practically leave me speechless," I said.

"Well, since you can't talk, why don't you come over her and show me how beautiful you think I am," she said.

I moved toward her slowly making an effort to hold her eyes with mine. She moved toward me a little too. Our faces stopped inches apart and I leaned in and kissed her so gently that I'm not sure she even felt it. I kissed her again. My lips parted and hers did too. We kissed with no other body part touching for some minutes.

Finally, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, but gently. This was going to be the best moment of my life. There would never be another first time with Jenna. There would, I was certain, be more nights with her, but never another first night; it had to be perfect.

My hands slipped up and down her arms and the coolness of her skin delighted me. I took her face in my hands. I reached around and unlocked the car's back door on my side. I slid the front seat all the way forward, got out, and got into the back seat. She saw what I did and she mimicked my moves.

Both of us in the back, I locked the doors once again and pulled her to me. We hadn't spoken for minutes. I had nothing to say only to do. She was following my lead. I pulled her to me and she laid her head on my chest. I let my hand brush her breast, then stroke it, then feel its full fleshiness through the cotton of her blouse.

I began unbuttoning her and she leaned back a little and watched me do it. I spread her blouse open and unhooked her bra in front; her breasts spilled out of their cups small and pointed and naked; she looked like a little girl. The smell of her began to permeate the air around us. This was a female aroused and ready to be taken by her mate. She swallowed, and I could almost hear her do it; Jenna was nervous. I kissed her face, that heavenly face, and treated her like the precious jewel she was to me. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked it, not too hard. She moaned very softly. I repeated the process with her other nipple.

Her blouse and bra came completely off and I dropped them into the front seat. We began kissing and I felt her breasts and back and tummy and gloried in her surrender. Then I felt her hands begin to undo the buttons on my shirt. Soon her clothes in the front were joined by mine. She kissed me and her hand went to the buckle on my belt; I made it easy for her to undo it.

"I love you," I said.

"I know," she said.

She opened my pants and pulled down the zipper. She peeled them off of me. My briefs and my socks were all that remained between myself and nakedness. She peeled them down too and a six-inch cock as stiff as steel poked out at her. She touched it, then held it, then stroked it. I took one of her tits in my hand and with the other hand I pulled her head to me and kissed her while she fondled me.

I reached for the button on the side of her skirt and undid it. Her skirt fell open and she raised up so I could pull it from her. Her panties, like her bra were white and cotton and very ordinary. She pulled her panties off herself and now we were both naked and committed. I stared at her bush. She reached for my cock and found it. She held up a condom, smiled, and slid it on to me.

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