New Year's Eve Birthday

by Harvey Marcus

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: In this episode, Mr. Marcus is stranded with his hosts’ daughter at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. I’ll make the obvious pun at the end.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Humor   First   Food   .

My wife is our family's social secretary and planner, except for my incidental sexual encounters with young women. New Year's Eve festivities were no exception. "Harvey, dear, we've been invited to the Bangers' for New Year's."

I looked up from the latest issue of my car magazine, where a bikini-clad woman was selling brake pads. "The Bangers? Who are they?"

"Their daughter Wanda used to go to school with Anna, but they moved downtown. This is a reunion for the girls, and a chance for the parents to meet, if they haven't already."

Oh, great! Just what I want to do - socialize with the parents of the young ladies I'd deflowered. And then there were the mothers: Bree's mother Juliet was one down and Sally's mom was one waiting to go. This was not going to be a comfortable evening. "Sounds terrific."

"By the way, it's black tie." Harriett grinned.

"You mean I have to rent a tux?" This was getting worse by the minute.

"Yes, and Anna and I are buying new dresses."

"So we'll be starting the new year in debt?"

"Just think of it as our contribution to the slumping economy."

Maybe I could hide in a closet.

I pulled the family sedan up to the newest high rise on the lakefront. There were patches of gravel, hand-painted signs and concrete barriers.

"Is this building even open?" I asked. "The garage looks like it's still under construction."

"The Bangers moved in early. Most of the other condos are empty," said Anna. "I helped on moving day."

The walls of the elevator covered with pads verified Anna's comment. It was a long ride up, and I thought I felt my ears pop. I took the opportunity to look at my two female companions. My wife had gone classic, with a black beaded dress. I'd promised myself to start the year with a clean slate and a renewed sexual relationship with my wife. To reward her for her unwitting patience and understanding, she was going to get lucky when we got home, if she was willing. I'd avoided liaisons with Anna's friends and given up masturbation for several weeks. Yes, I was horny as hell, anxious for the party to end so I could find relief with my spouse. I figured with a few drinks, Harriett would be more co-operative. The daughters were not constrained by the formal dress code. Annie had picked a long light blue high-necked sleeveless gown with a slit up the side. I tried not to crane my head to check out her legs and ass.

The elevator doors opened on forty-six. Spackle spots on unpainted walls verified that construction was unfinished. We followed the footprints on the dusty plywood corridors and the hand-printed signs to the Bangers' condo. The doorbell button hung away from the wall at the end of a pair of wires. I knocked to avoid possible electric shock. Once was enough.

The door opened. As Annie bolted into the apartment she almost knocked our hostess over, who wobbled on mid-level heels.

"Hi, Anna. Nice to see you again," she addressed the blur. "I'm Trudy Banger. You must be the Marcus's."

"Yes, I'm Harriet and this is Harvey."

"Come on in. I don't know where my husband is. That's my daughter Wanda over there." She pointed to a young lady with glasses in a strapless pink gown milling around with some familiar bodies. "Can I get you a drink?"

My wife had offered to be the designated driver, but driving at night isn't her favorite. I told her I'd stick to non-alcoholic beverages. Besides, she might enjoy herself more later if she was slightly inebriated. So long as she didn't overdo it and pass out. I had needs and my plans to care for them included her.

I wandered over to the large picture windows facing the east and south, providing views of the lake and the city. It was breathtaking, and disconcerting for anyone with a fear of heights. Trudy handed me a diet cola with a wedge of lemon.

"Terrific view!"

"Now you can see why we pushed to move in as soon as possible. At least for now, we don't have any neighbors to deal with either. By the way, I told your wife, you shouldn't wander around the other condos. They're still under construction and could be dangerous."

"Got it. Thanks for the warning."

My back got slapped hard and some of my diet soda came over the edge of my glass. My fists clenched. I had to open one of them to accept the hand extended to me in greeting.

"Hi, I'm Dick Banger."

"Harvey Marcus. Nice to meet you."

"Like the view? I optimized the unit selection based on dollars per degrees of scenic horizon. We got the best deal in the whole building."

"Nice computing. Did you invite the neighbors?"

"Neighbors? There aren't any - ha ha, that's a good one, Harvey. You're okay."

The pain from the first slap doubled with Dick's show of amusement on the same place on my back. He walked away to assault other guests.

The view inside the apartment was as nice as the skyline. It was difficult to be in the same room with all of the young women I'd been intimate with and not be affected, especially given my recent self-imposed celibacy. Bree, Marci, Ruthie, Amanda, and Annie were in a cluster. Wanda hung close to her friends, occasionally pushing her glasses up on her nose. The buzzing among them was obvious. I shifted my weight nervously, wondering if I was a subject of their conversations.

I circulated, trying not to show embarrassment or interest in Bree's mother, Juliet McCarthy who came stag, or Sally's mom, Vicky on the arm of her husband Vernon.

As if in a choreographed dance, the young women peeled from the cluster one at a time and came over to greet me. Each one teased me purposefully, touching my arm or shoulder, even leaning against me. Wanda was the only one who didn't participate. There was a collective giggle when the group reassembled back where they had started.

"You sure are popular with Anna's friends," Trudy commented.

"Not any more than anyone else's father," I protested. The frequency of opportunities they took to interact with me and not other dads belied my claim.

People got more casual as the night moved closer to the magic hour. My tux jacket hung over the back of a dining room chair, my tux tie was removed and the top button of my shirt open. After a couple of hours pouring diet soda down my throat after handfuls of salty snacks and dozens of hors d'oeuvres, I needed a bathroom. I wandered the hallways of the apartment. Both the bedroom master bath and the second bath were occupied with lines waiting. I'd procrastinated too long and couldn't wait any longer.

There must be another bathroom completed somewhere on the floor, I figured. As long as I was careful where I stepped, I should be okay.

I snuck out the front door and wandered down the hall, where the dusty wood floor became carpet. This was a favorable sign. At the end of the hall was a partially open door with a wooden doorstop. I pushed the door all the way open and walked in as it closed behind me. Past the entrance was a large finished room.

It looked like a common room for parties. There must be a bathroom here, I thought. Sure enough, just past the entrance was a short corridor leading to men's and women's facilities. These doors were also held open by wooden doorstops. For privacy, I kicked the doorstop out and entered a lavish bathroom that looked ready for business. Not only were there three toilets, three urinals, and three washbasins but a large flat area for diaper changing and a glass-enclosed shower. I did my business despite my semi-permanent erection, thankful for relief. I washed my hands and threw the paper towels into the trashcan.

It was only when I reached for the door handle that I saw the problem. There was none. The door was flush with the jam. And, it opened in. I was stuck! Damn, I should have listened to the Bangers. Despite the lack of sense, I made a running charge at the door. Pain was added to feelings of stupidity. I sat down in one of the toilet stalls and waited.

About a half hour later, I heard noises above my head. They were shuffling and banging sounds. Oh great, the place has rats. But these sounds were too big to be made by small rodents. With a clang, a metal grate covering an overhead air duct hit the tile floor just feet from me.

"Hello?" came a voice from above.

"Yes, hello. I'm here."

"I'm going to come down feet first. Catch me."

I stood beneath the opening and looked up. It was a young lady's legs. My view went all the way up to her panties under pantyhose.

"I'm ready," I shouted.

"Okay, I'm letting myself down."

By reaching up, I could grab her shoeless foot. As she descended, I let my hands slide up the backs of her legs. I was clutching her calves.

"I'm letting go. Do you have me?"

"Yes, I've got you. Go ahead."

She dropped fast, my hands sliding up her dress, until her buttocks were safely in my palms and her chest was in my face. Her glasses flew from her face and shattered on the hard tile floor.

"Shit, those were new. Now everything is blurred."

My hands were still full of her ass as I enjoyed a close up look at her miniature cleavage. This was as close to Wanda as I had been all evening.

"You can put me down now." Was there hostility in her voice? I lowered her and noticed that there was a rope around her waist. She pulled her dress down and smoothed it. Her dress was all dusty. I stifled a sneeze.

"Are you Ms. Pinocchio or a real girl?"

She scrunched up her eyebrows.

"The rope?"

"Oh, that was so I wouldn't get lost up there." She unknotted the cord, pulled twice sharply and let it dangle from the opening.

"Speaking of lost, how did you find me?"

"Your wife went looking. The dusty footprints on the rug gave you away. The door to the party room is on a passcard system, but it isn't working yet. My folks can't get in. They've called the building management, but they won't get here for a while."

"Yeah, especially on New Year's Eve."

She nodded.

"You're Wanda?"

"Oh, yeah, hi, pleased to meet you."

We shook hands, quite a comedown from holding her ass in my hands and her chest against my face. I noticed Wanda was scratching herself, her arms and neck.

"What's the matter?"

"I was up there, you know, crawling around, trying to find my way here, to let you know we were trying to get you out. There's a lot of exposed insulation up there. I must have gotten fiberglass all over me."

"Well, the best thing you can do is wash it off." Now I was scratching at my neck and my hands. "Seems like some of it rubbed off on me."

Wanda took some paper towels, got them wet, and wiped down her arms and neck. "This isn't working. And I got some on my legs too." She lifted her skirt as she ran her hands up and down the nylon. Her scratching was more animated, and seeing her scratch made me want to scratch all the more.

"Why don't you take a shower?"

"Oh, you'd like me to get undressed, wouldn't you?"


"Like you don't know what the other girls told me about you."

Loose lips. I wondered how they described our trysts? "I don't know what they told you, Wanda, but in most cases they chased me. I didn't go looking to make love to them."

"Love? They don't describe it as love. More like pure, unadulterated sex."

"But I waited until they were adults."

Wanda didn't even smile at my joke. "Why, you might have done this on purpose, just to get me alone with you so you could do the same thing to me." Now her hands were folded across her chest, pushing her breasts higher behind the neckline of her dress.

"How did I know that they'd send you? They could have sent Ruthie. She's small." And really tight.

Wanda gave my reply some thought. "Okay, so maybe you didn't get locked in on purpose. But just because tomorrow is my birthday is no reason -"

Oh shit! "Did the others volunteer you to come find me?" I asked.

"Yes, they suggested it and -"

We came to the realization at the same time. "We've been set up!"

"I don't like being manipulated," I said.

"Neither do I. So now what?"

"I think you need to take that shower before you injure yourself."

Wanda looked at the red scratches on her arms. "I guess you're right. But I'm going to leave my undies on. No free show for you."

"No problem. I'll even turn my back." I still had a clear view of the glass shower stall in the large mirror over the sinks.

Wanda unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. "I'll put it on the side so I don't get reinfected." She peeled her pantyhose down her legs and threw them in the same pile. She also unpinned her hair and let it fall in cascades to her shoulders. She wore only pink panties and a strapless underwire push up bra.

The shower door opened and shut with a metallic click.

"At least the water works." A sample size bar of soap was in the tray. Wanda lathered up her hands and rubbed the lucky soap all over her body. She rinsed and turned the water off. Her bra and panties were soaked, effectively becoming transparent. Two Hershey's Kiss-sized bumps appeared at the top edge of Wanda's bra. Pussy hair padded out the front of her wet panties. "That's much better. The itching is almost completely gone. Could you please hand me a towel?"

I glanced around the room. No linens. I pulled a dozen sheets of paper from the dispenser on the wall and presented them to her. "I'm afraid that's all we've got."

"Great!" Wanda used all of them plus a few more to get herself mostly dry. Then she walked into a toilet stall and shut the door. "There, now you have privacy. More than you gave me! Go ahead and shower."

I stripped naked and took my turn. There were few paper towels left. Rather than get my underwear wet, I sat down on the changing counter and placed one paper towel over my crotch. "I'm done."

"I know. I heard the water shut off."

"Are you going to sit in that stall until we're rescued?"

"Yes I am. I'm not going to become another one of your conquests."

"Is that what you think happened? That I seduced your friends? Let me get one thing straight between us." It was already straight, hard and throbbing. "In every case, I was either set up or it was an accident."

"Oh sure. How does somebody accidentally stick their penis into a young woman's vagina?"

It was an excellent question for which I had no answer. "I guess you had to be there."

"Well, I'm not going there. I mean here. Oh, you know what I mean."

"No problem. I'm not interested." My erection bounced.

We sat in silence. A curiosity question came to mind. "When someone opens that door, how will you explain the fact that we're both undressed?"

Wanda unlatched the door and came out. Her undies were still clinging to her nubile body. My paper towel bounced. Wanda was still considering my question when the rope that had been tied to her waist began to move.

"Someone is pulling your string."

She squinted, walked over and took hold of it.

"There's something attached to the other end of the rope. It's heavy."

"Then don't pull it too far or it'll fall on you."

"I know. I'm not stupid."

The folks at the other end of the rope were pretty smart. They'd attached a cloth bag somewhere in the middle. That way, they could lower the contents of the bag down to us without damage. "Did they send an ax?"

"No. There's a bottle of champagne, two plastic cups, a couple of plastic containers with some food and a note." She held the piece of paper up to her nose. "The note says 'Have a good time together. The locksmith won't be here for several hours. Anna.'"

"See, I told you I didn't set you up."

"There's a P. S."


"'Ask my dad to tell you the Betty Boop weekend story.' What's that?"

Great, Annie wanted me to tell almost-naked Wanda a sexy story. "There's room over here for both of us to sit. I'd prefer not to holler the details. They can probably hear us through the ducts."

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