Honey Dippers

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: People made fun of my job, but I got the last laugh.

In this story a "Honey Dipper" is slang for a waste-water and sewerage removal vehicle. The men who work the trucks are called "honey dippers." These men used to clean the waste out of out-houses but now clean up the waste in septic tanks. They also empty the waste out of porta-potties at major events and for road construction crews.

The waste is then taken to treatment plants where it is flushed, filtered and treated. The remnants are then burned or made into fertilizer. This is the short version of what happens to your bodily waste.

Now on with my story. My name is Jason, and I'm now twenty-three years old. My great-grandfather started our business over sixty years ago. He passed it down to my grandfather and he in turn passed it down to my father, who now owns it.

It has always been a profitable business. Though not rich, our family has done well over the years although, many of the wealthier people in town look down on us. They don't say anything to our faces, but we know they talk behind our back.

My dad says he laughs all the way to the bank. We work hard and provide a valuable service, and we have nothing to be ashamed of. I know he's right, but growing up I felt embarrassed more than a few times. I got so tired of getting teased about it that when it started escalating, I started working out.

While in high school I took up sports and helped build up my body. I also did weight lifting for upper body strength. I got in trouble for fighting quite often beginning in grade school. I didn't like people making fun of my family. It got me the reputation of being a trouble maker or some just called me a bad boy.

On the weekends and during the summers I worked for the company. I'd hear wisecracks from my friends during the week, but I knew they were joking with me. They seemed to know when I had had enough, they knew to stop with the jokes. Besides, they knew I made more than they did at their jobs busing tables or working at the local grocery store.

We lived in a beautiful house a couple of miles outside of the suburbs. Dad had a number of garages to park his trucks in about a mile from our home. He had a fleet of five trucks now. There was also a building which was similar to a mechanics garage where we could repair the trucks. It also housed the office as well as a locker room and shower so the employees could clean up before going home.

Dad would often go out and work the trucks even though he didn't have to. My Aunt June ran the office, and Mom would go in and help her whenever she needed it. It was pretty much a family business except for the drivers. Dad found some good men who needed jobs and weren't afraid to shovel shit, as we put it.

Dad paid good wages and gave benefits to his employees. Most all were good, hard-working family men. Dad was a pretty good judge of character. Dad had built a reputation as an honest guy and was well-liked in the business community. I think he was hoping someday I would take over the business.

Throughout high school people teased me about my dad's business. It didn't bother me that much because it was usually my friends doing the teasing. My friends knew I could kick their ass at any given time; I was in good physical health, playing sports and doing weight lifting.

I didn't hang around with the wealthier kids. They just weren't my type of people; always bragging about the clothes, cars, electronics and all the other things they'd buy. I had most of the same things but didn't brag about it.

I dated quite a few girls during high school, some even in the higher grades. When I dated girls from the more elite families, they wanted to meet me instead of me picking them up at their homes. I knew it was because of our family business; they didn't want their parents to know they were going out dating me.

I found it amusing, since I went out with these girls for one reason: to get laid, which I did quite often. Most of them had boyfriends but wanted to see me on the side.

One example was Mary, the head cheerleader. I found her waiting at my car after football practice and she said she wanted to talk to me. She was going out with Larry, another member of the football team at the time, and he hated my guts. It had something to do with my dad seeing his mother when they were in high school. At the time Dad was single but Larry's mom and dad were engaged. I guess Larry held a grudge against my dad for it.

Her parents hadn't wanted her dating my dad and tarnishing their image. It all came out a number of years ago when Larry's parents got divorced. When I asked dad about it, he said it was true. He liked Ellen (Larry's mom) but wasn't in love with her. When Joe (Larry's dad) laughed at my dad and made fun of the business, dad got even with him by having sex with Ellen. He did tell me that it was before Ellen became engaged to Joe.

Back to Mary: she said she wanted to go somewhere private where she could talk to me. When I asked her about Larry she said he didn't need to know. We were just going talk as friends.

I think I mention that I was considered something of a bad boy. I got in more than a few fights. For some reason the girls liked to go out with me but didn't want their friends to know. I figured they felt letting people know they went out with me was beneath them.

I had sex with Mary more than a few times over the years. I stopped when I found out she was getting married to Larry. I wasn't invited to the wedding which wasn't a big surprise.

The first time with Mary was quite funny. After her saying she wanted to talk with me I just told her to hop in. She seemed surprised that I didn't ask her what she wanted to talk about. Hell, I knew what she wanted and drove to a secluded part of a nearby beach.

I took out a blanket from my truck and spread it on the sand.

Mary looked at me. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Getting ready to have sex with you," I replied.

"Well I never..."

"I know, that's why you're here. Either come over her and we'll get started or I apologize and take you back to the school. Your choice."

Mary came over and sat down on the blanket.

God, I loved having sex with the girlfriends of the rich and stuck up guys. I just believe the girls like a little danger and some of the forbidden sex. I always try my best with every girl. After all, I had a reputation I wanted to live up too.

After graduation, I worked full time for my dad. I made good money and knew that someday I would be at least part-owner of the business. Some of my best friends went on to college, and I was invited a couple of times a month to the college parties.

After working full-time for the next two years, my dad suggested I go to the community college and take a few business management courses. He said it would benefit me when I took over the company, and he wished he'd done it himself instead of learning as he went along.

I wasn't thrilled with the idea, but I did it, and I was surprised at how easily the subjects came to me. I met a girl at the community college named Molly. I found out that she was from Kentucky and had recently moved to our area, and it turned out that my dad had hired her dad to become a honey dipper.

Molly was different, at least to me. When I told her that I was also a honey dipper, she just smiled. She didn't make fun or run the other way. We became good friends at school. We even ate lunch together a couple of times a week.

I asked her out, but she said she just didn't have time. It was just her and her dad. Her mother died of cancer around six months ago so she and her dad wanted to get away from where they lived. After school she would go home and help her dad with dinner and keep their home clean. I learned that she had put off going to college because she had helped take care of her mom.

She seemed so different, maybe even innocent. There was something I felt about her, but couldn't put my finger on it. She wasn't like most of the girls I went out with. I mentioned to dad that Molly went to the same school as I did. He told me her dad was a hell of a nice guy and a good worker.

"Jason, I don't want to tell you how to live your life but Molly has been through a lot. Her dad was one of my best friends back in the day when we were growing up. I'm asking you to be good to Molly. Don't treat her like your other dates."

"Dad, I like her and promise to look after her."

Dad knew about my dating history, and his only comment had been to tell me to make sure I wore condoms. In this case, he wanted me to keep my hands off of Molly and to look after her.

One day mom invited Leonard, Molly's dad, and Molly over for dinner. I was surprised to see her at the house when I got home. I'd seen Leonard a number of times but never knew about his family until I'd met Molly at school.

Molly brought out a funny article she'd read. It was about honey dippers and the many slogans that they put on their trucks. Molly read some of them to us after dinner. We'd heard most of them, ; in fact we had a couple on our own trucks. I guess it's one way we can laugh at ourselves.

"Satisfaction Guaranteed or 110% of your product back."

"The Turd Burglar"

"You dump it, We pump it"

"You shit it, we get it"

"Thanks for flushing our business down the drain"

"Your #2 is our #1"

... and the two that I liked the best were:

"Yesterdays, meals on wheels"

"Another load of political promises"

See! Who ever said honey dippers didn't have a sense of humor?

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