Something New
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Swinging, Group Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A true story about the night I discovered things I never thought possible.

As I lay on the bed with the back of my head resting at the very edge of the mattress, I could hardly believe it was really happening. The anticipation was almost more than I could bear as she slowly climbed over me on the bed, kissing her way down my chest towards my raging hard cock. How did I get here? Who was this incredible woman? This stunning creature; this beautiful blonde angel who had noticed me at the bar and invited me back to her place. An angel, whose amazing, perfect body was now hovering naked above me, ready to take my throbbing cock into her hungry mouth. Settling in above me, I heard a sigh escape her lips as her knees slowly parted on the silky sheets of her king size bed and beautiful trimmed pussy descended to my waiting lips.

The powerful aroma of her snatch was intoxicating, and the taste, even better as my lips made contact with her soft pouting labia. Extending my tongue I began to slowly lick the moist folds of her magnificent pussy. She had been telling me all night about how hot she was getting just thinking about it, and she certainly wasn't kidding. Softly moaning, she forced her pelvis further down onto my face, impaling her moist cunt onto my franticly flailing tongue as her juices began to flow. Lost in this fantastic dream come true, I desperately wanted more.

I began moving my head back and forth allowing her large distended labia to cover my entire face drenching it with her glorious sweet pussy nectar. She gently took hold of my cock at the base and slowly circled the shaft with her tongue before slipping her warm mouth over the head and sliding down the entire length until it was pressing against the back of her throat. A long muffled groan surged from my throat and into the saturated depths of her glorious cunt as she began sliding her soft wet lips up and down my shaft with long deliberate strokes, squeezing and pulling at the base.

I was in heaven and became so caught up in what was happening that I had almost forgotten the fact that we weren't alone. He had been quietly watching us from the corner of the room. Fully naked, he approached the side of the bed and stood just behind her with his hard cock sticking straight out. I slid my tongue from her and lowered my head back down to the mattress and watched as he pressed the head of his long cock against the entrance to his wife's dripping snatch.

It was absolutely huge. A solid ten inches and nearly as thick as my wrist. It was a marvelous specimen of manhood; thick and meaty. A deep muffled groan came up from between my legs as he leaned forward and slowly drove his massive pole into her until his heavy balls were pressing up against her soggy swollen pussy. The thought of another man's cock so close to my face seemed beyond belief, but before I had time to ponder it any further, the incredible sensation coming from her mouth on my cock caused all inhibition to fade away in a hazy cloud of forbidden lust.

With my head spinning and my cock throbbing, I did what I could never have imagined myself ever doing. Without a second's hesitation I stretched out my tongue and slid it along the entire length of his thick pulsing shaft as it moved in and out of his wife's saturated hole. It was like being in a trance; like stepping outside of myself and watching from across the room. I was mesmerized by the sight of this long thick fleshy rod plowing into the most beautiful pussy I'd ever laid eyes, or lips, on. It was like his body and cock were a drilling rig, boring deep within her depths to release a gusher of burning oil. Her sweet pussy juice began to flow even faster; bubbling out around the sides of his shaft as it rammed into her like a well oiled piston with every thrust of his hips. The sensation was more than I could take and as the feeling in the pit of my groin began to grow, I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

She soon began to rock back and forth, meeting her husband's powerful thrusts and I could tell she was rapidly nearing orgasm. Her muscles suddenly tensed up and I felt her lovely slender body go rigid as she burst into a very loud and vocal orgasm. "Oh FUCK!" she cried out as her rammed into her with increasing force. "Oh my God! ... Oh Fuck I'm gonna Cum!" Her lustful wails filled the room. Soon her husband's moans grew louder as well and I watched as his monstrous throbbing shaft filled her womb with strong jets of thick hot semen. As it mingled with the flood of juices from her contracting cunt and ran down the underside of his long shaft, he continued thrusting deeply into his beautiful wife's gaping hole. As it surged out I extended my tongue once more and had my first taste of another man's salty sweet seed.

That was all it took. The trigger had been pulled and the fuse was lit. I began thrusting my hips upward and off the bed as waves of pure ecstasy rocketed through my body and I felt my throbbing member prepare to release its burning load. Sensing the impending eruption, my wild and beautiful angel once again seized my rod by the root and slammed her head down fully onto the pulsating shaft as the thick white fluid raced upward and exploded in the back of her throat. My pelvis convulsed wildly and my balls contracted as powerful streams of creamy spunk filled her mouth and slid down her throat. She paused only briefly to draw a needed breath through her nostrils. As she did so, her lips loosened their grip around my shaft and the remaining few spurts of hot semen ran down over her hand and onto my scrotum, continuing down into the crevice between my ass cheeks. With a loud moan, her body went rigid once more and she came wildly; her body shuddering uncontrollably as she exploded into a second, more powerful orgasm. Our strong spasms lasted for what seemed like several minutes as our bodies writhed and pulsed in synchronous rhythm; each of us emptying ourselves into the other. Finally collapsing onto the bed in an exhausted pile, we laid there for some time, softly stroking and caressing each others body as we slowly recovered. Eventually getting up from the bed, her husband opened another bottle of wine.

Raising the glass to my lips, I drew a long slow mouthful of the fermented liquid and savored the mellow flavors as my brain tried to sort out the barrage of sensations I had just experienced. Somewhere in the resulting avalanche of scattered thought and swirling emotions, one thing became crystal clear. I knew that I could hardly wait for what the rest of the evening would soon bring.

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