Rescue in Rome

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Jane is in Rome for her dream trip; her friend had to back out at the last moment and, in the process, cancelled their reservations. Jane is alone, and stranded, when unlooked for help arrives.

Janie Ward sat on her suitcase and looked, almost dumbly at her phone, not even sure what to do next. It had been almost a life long fantasy, a hope, a dream, and here she was, sitting in the tatters of her great European Adventure, her longed for trip to Rome, and she was on the verge of tears. Thoughts raced across her mind, as she fought back the tears:

"How could Marge do this?"

She'd scrimped and saved and had been scheduled to go on this dream fulfilling trip to Rome with her friend Marge, who had made the arrangements. Then due to the death of her father, Marge had to back out at the very last minute. But Marge had said nothing to Jane about canceling the reservations that she'd made.

Of course, in a way, Jane understood it, because all the reservations had been made on Marge's credit card but this was so completely unforeseen that it had simply defeated Jane totally.

It was Easter, she'd been kindly reminded, and there were no places in Rome, no hotels or lodging to be had. So, Janie sat there, in the beautiful city of her dreams, on the trip for her of a life time and had no thoughts, no options and no hopes.

With these dark dreary thoughts coursing through her mind, the tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"Ms. Ward," a familiar voice said to her, "What's wrong?"

The use of her name, here in Rome, while she was deep in her funk, startled her. She raised her head and saw Roy and Ryan Reeges, standing in front of her. They were students from the university, where Jane was the university librarian. She'd seen them on the plane and had waved to them, being familiar with them from the library.

The sudden jolt of good luck, of a familiar voice, a familiar figure was almost as overwhelming for Jane as had been the disaster.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she wailed and giving in to the tears, simply launched herself at Ryan, the older of the two boys, a junior, and put her arms around his neck.

Jane cried for a little bit, and clung to Ryan, and they simply let her.

"Ms. Ward?" Ryan said after a bit, though he enjoyed the feel of Jane's body against his. He was quick to sternly speak to himself about what was appropriate.

"Here she's in distress and your mind is on how her thighs feel against yours!" he said to himself with severity.

She broke away from him and said a profound:

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Ryan, my trip has just fallen apart totally."

"Tell!" Roy said, in his characteristically prissy voice.

(Jane had always strongly suspected that at least one of the boys was gay. Roy, a sophomore at the University, certainly 'swished', though Jane always found him ultra charming.) She told them of the plans that she'd had with Marge to visit Rome, a life long dream of hers. Then there was Marge's father's death and Marge had to back out of the trip. But Marge had made the reservations and had simply cancelled them. Jane had never thought of the possibility and here she was in Rome with no reservations at Easter and no place had room. She began to cry again.

"Well, we're adopting you!" Roy said brooking no argument.

He simply grabbed Jane's suitcase and continued:

"We have two beds in our hotel room, and Ryan can sleep with me."

He gave Ryan a grin and said: "And I'll keep my hands to myself!"

He barked a laugh, when he said that. Jane, looking on, was still teary and a bit confused but she did realize that she was, indeed, being rescued.

"You'd better, bro," Ryan said, matching his grin.

He hugged the teary librarian one more time and they walked her off in the direction of their hotel.

Jane discovered that the hotel where Roy and Ryan were staying was a lovely one. They had a big room with two queen sized beds. With no other thoughts at all, she put aside any reservations that she had about her sharing the room with two male students, and said, once she'd looked around at how lovely it was:

"Guys, I really, really appreciate this; you must at least allow me to pay my part of this."

"I don't think so!" Roy said in a tone suggesting an end to that conversation.

"Don't make her feel bad, Sparky," Ryan said.

"Oh, okay, we'll make arrangements somehow but you're, for the most part, our guest."

"Oh, thank you," she said.

They stood about awkwardly for a minute or two and Roy asked, nicely:

"So, what's your plan, Ms Ward?"

"Please, guys," she almost pleaded, "You found me in a foreign country in tears and in distress; you rescued me in the nicest fashion and we're to be roomies, can it be 'Jane'?"

"Lovely," Roy said with a smile, "So, Janie, what's your plan?"

"Roy!" Ryan said severely.

"What?" Roy asked peevishly.

"She said Jane," Ryan said evenly.

"Oh, I like the Janie," Jane said, "It's a name from my childhood."

Roy smiled at his brother and they turned their attention to Jane.

"Well," she said, "I'm not totally unprepared but Marge was going to get the itinerary together for us.

"Good," Roy said, "You'll come with us."

Ryan laughed and said: "Roy is the guide, and he's a good one, I assure you. Will you join us on our wanderings in Rome?"

"Love to," Jane said. She thought for a few seconds and said:

"Can I, do you mind if I shower first to get some of the trip grime off of me. I'd like to feel human again."

"Be our guest," Ryan said.

She turned to her suitcase and took out the clothes that she was going to change into.

Roy was grinning and said: "Uho, naked woman alert!"

"Roy!" Ryan said, laughing, and Jane joined in the laugh with them.

"I guess!" Jane said, heading for the bathroom. "I won't be long, but does anyone need to use it, before I shower?"

"No," Ryan said, "We're okay."

"And we won't peak!" Roy said, and then quickly to Ryan: "I know: 'ROY'!"

They both laughed at that and Jane shook her head and laughed too.

The shower felt like a life changing event for her. The hot water was wonderful. She let it run down her entire body, from her short auburn hair to her feet. It made her feel alive and well again.

Jane Ward was, at 27 years, a retiring beauty. She was a fairly tall 5'8" with rust colored, auburn hair, cut short. It made her look perpetually 'perky'. She was large in the bust, sporting a pair of 37/38c breasts. She also was sensually rounded in the butt. At the university she worked out all the time to keep her weight under control. She was not, however, flashy in the way that she dressed. When she was done with the shower and had dried her hair, she put on a simple blouse and blue skirt with sensible shoes. She hoped that she was ready for Rome now.

She emerged from the bathroom with a big smile on her face.

"There she is, right from the library stacks!" Roy said pleasantly.

"You must, please let me take you to dinner to say thank you! I feel so much better, so human," Jane indicated.

They looked at one another and Roy got an impish look on his face. It made both Ryan and Jane smile and Ryan said a quick:


But Roy, unabashed, said: "Well, you've already been naked in our room; that should be payment enough for some of us!"

He laughed at his own cleverness and Ryan and Jane joined in the laugh with him.

Then she said: "I insist."

"Fine," Roy said, with Ryan nodding. "It'll be Bafetto's for pizza. The best in Rome!"

"That sounds so nice!" she said and then, "Well, guys, I'm in your hands."

"Wow!" Roy said, without a pause, "That sounds so sexy."

He held up his hands at that point and said to Ryan, "I know, I know! I'll behave."

Jane laughed, and he gave her a huge smile, while Ryan said, shaking his head:

"I simply doubt it!"

By the time they were ready to go out, it was already turning evening. They were just in time for an early table at Bafetto's for pizza. Jane was tickled with the dinner and the location as well as the company of Ryan and Roy. She told both of them as much. They also, for their part, seemed to enjoy her company. The three of them talked and laughed together as they made their way across Rome.

Roy proved to be an excellent guide. After an affable dinner they struck out on a walk. He took them first to the piazza with the Pantheon for a visit. Jane was overjoyed. All gone and forgotten was her previous fears about the vacation trip imploding and turning into a disaster.

From the region of the Pantheon they went on with their Italian type of 'passeggiata' into the evening. They went on to the Trevi fountain, braving the crowds there to see the famous fountain lighted for the night time.

"Oh, this is beautiful," Jane gushed, and her enthusiasm made both Ryan and Roy happy.

They spent a bit of time at Trevi and then wandered back toward Piazza Navonna. They stopped on the way to have a drink at a convenient cafe. As they were seated and talking, it was Roy who brought up the need for a schedule for use of the bathroom. They all agreed on the necessity and also decided to leave it to him to set it up.

He made it a simple one, with which they could all agree. While they were agreeing, she made a kind of squeak and covered her mouth with her hand.

"What is it?" Ryan asked.

"Oh dear!" she said. "I just realized something." But she stopped talk at that point.

"Aha," said Roy, "It's something that she doesn't want to tell us."

She began to blush.

"See!" Roy said triumphantly.

"Roy!" Ryan said with his customary calmness.

"Fine," Roy said, grinning, "Just tell us, Janie, we'll work it out."

"This is embarrassing," she began.

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