Sharon's Redemption

by Fast Eddy

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Mult, Coercion, Incest, Spanking, Rough, Torture, Snuff, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young woman's rise from slutdome.

I had heard about Sharon Kingston long before I met her. My sister had a party and the guys separated from the girls, talking about their inability to score with them tonight. My sister and her friends were not about to engage in the public make out session that the guys had expected. Don't get me wrong, these girls were not teases or prudes, but they weren't sluts either. I knew, because I bedded a couple of them, even got one of their cherries. Well, the conversation got around to all of the girls that someone knew that would put out when I first heard the name Sharon Kingston. Larry, one of the brothers of my sister's best friend, Michelle mentioned her. She sounded like an urban legend according to Larry.

She lived in the next town and was reportedly an easy lay. All of the guys scoffed at him for the fairytale as he described every guy's dream slut to a "T". I listened in as he spun his tail about bringing her into town and fucking her senseless. And that she never said no to anyone. I wasn't buying it any more than the other guys, when one of them challenged Larry to bring her to town and prove what he was talking about. Larry said that he would, but begged off for a couple of weeks. He said that she was on vacation. Everyone laughed and said whatever and the topic of conversation moved on to other subjects.

I never gave much thought to the conversation with Larry. We all thought that he was shooting off his mouth. On a summer day when there was nothing else to do. I continued my job at the body shop to make enough money to fix my car. It was down for a week and I was saving for the cash to replace the rear wheel bearings.

Suddenly, Larry stopped by the shop with a couple of guys that he played with in his garage band. I recognized them but I didn't know them personally. They also had a girl with them. She was wearing a dress with low heel dress shoes, and lace socks. She was pretty with brown hair and a nice build. She looked like she was dressed for church. As I was walking up to the group, I heard Larry mention that this was the girl that he was talking about at the party. Everyone kind of stood, looking at her without saying anything. JC, one of the older guys that worked at the shop took the girl by the hand and led her to the back of the shop and got into the backseat of one of the cars there with Sharon. JC was a cock hound; he fucked anything that had a cunt that he could find. He was in his thirties and was having an affair with one of the wives that hung around the bowling alley & lounge. About a half an hour they came back and someone else took the trip into the back of the shop with Sharon. I went back to work on prepping a car in the spray booth for paint. After all of the guys took the trip into the shop area they ditched Sharon in the office and left. When I came out of the booth, everyone was gone except Sharon and it was getting late.

Sharon needed a ride since it was too far for her to walk. I grabbed the keys to one of the loaners to take her home when she told me that it was too late for her to go into her house. Her drunken stepdad was home from work, by now and he would know that she was not there, and she said that he would abuse her for the rest of the night. She sounded terrified of him, but I didn't believe her and started off in the direction of her town, although I did not know where she lived. Sharon begged me not to take her home and started to cry. She went on to tell me that her stepdad would strip her and beat her naked body with a belt. She went on to say that he would beat her until she would not deny him anything and then fuck her. He forced her to walk around the house naked when her mom was at work. He would invite his friends over and they would fuck her anywhere in the house as well. She spent the evening on somebody's lap, coaxing the cum out of their pricks with her young pussy. Towards the end of the evening, the work was much harder because they spanked her as she humped their semi hard, drunken pricks. I relented, but didn't know where to take her. She suggested my house since it was getting later and my folks might not wait up for me. I agreed to try and drove over to my house. We made it inside and I went into the kitchen to get her something to eat. We didn't have much but we did have lunch meat and bread to make sandwiches with.

I led her to the bathroom to clean up, and filled the bathtub with hot water waiting for it to fill as we were waiting; I started to take off her clothes, examining her teen body as I removed them. She was a beauty, with smooth skin and larger tits than I expected. I helped her get into the tub and then left to take the loaner back to the body shop. When I stepped into the hallway and started to close the door, my mother came up to me asking what I was doing. I told her about Sharon and that I was helping her out, and why. She walked into the bathroom and up to Sharon, sitting in the tub. She took the wash cloth from her and began to help by washing her back.

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