The Game

by MaryS

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Snuff, White Female, Exhibitionism, Caution, Nudism, .

Desc: Fantasy Story: A "Hanging" game televised on TV in Cherish Valley.

The game was played at the conference center in downtown Clanton every third Saturday of the month. The game was called "Your Number is up". It was a voluntary hanging game that had six women contestants, two who would hang themselves and the other four remaining women and their families were paid a cash prize of $100,000. It was one of the highest rated shows in the Valley.

The object of the game was that the women would stand nude on small stools with a noose around their necks on the stage while a lottery machine randomly mixed six golf balls with numbers imprinted on it and when a ball popped up to the top of the glass bowl, the woman who had the corresponding number, would hang herself. The randomness of the game is what made it exciting to watch, each woman got to select what stool to stand on and the lottery ball machine randomly selected the ball. A lot of bets were placed all over the Valley and a lot of money exchanged hands when the game was on.

For today's game, the six women came from different parts of the Valley; all worked different jobs and had diverse backgrounds. The women had to report by 1pm to the conference center, their families after dropping them off, would be first in line outside the auditorium and could sit where they wanted once inside. There were always a long line of people waiting to get into the auditorium for the game.

The six women undressed backstage, were sent to the "make-up" department for their hair arrangements, nail polish, and face make up. After a trip to the "make-up" people each contestant then filled out forms and waited for the show's producer to motion them on stage. Each woman selected what stool she wanted to stand on, some women selected the stool based of a lucky number, others because of the vantage point it gave them in watching their fellow contestant hang.

On the far left one stool, number six, was still vacant. Mrs Marti Allen was the last of six women to step naked onto her stool. Marti wasn't cold being naked, but she was shivering in anticipation. On the drive over to the auditorium, her daughter asked her if she had given any thought as to what number stool she wanted to stand on. Marti replied that she would like to stand on number three; three was her lucky number from the last two times she had been in the game and won the cash prize.

When the curtain opened the stage would be brightly lit. On that stage six little stools, with numbers painted on them, were arranged in a shallow arc. A beam high up repeated the arc, supporting a rope and noose above each stool.

A twelve year old blonde attendant, wearing a see thru white blouse with no bra and a short plaid skirt with no panties, carrying a small step ladder, was just behind her. Mrs Allen waved the youngster off and pulled the noose down over her head with her own hands. It slid easily over her dark hair. She lifted her hair out from the noose, brushing it over to rest on one shoulder.

Marti held the long knot before her face for a moment, then moved it around to

her left ear. The first time she had played the game, Marti read the book that her young daughter had brought her, it stated that this placement of the knot behind her ear could provide her the longest conscious time, and allow her to look forward at the audience instead of down at her toes. If tonight were to be her night, she hoped this was right. If she were to lose the game (or was it win?) she

wanted to see the audience while they watched her willingly hang herself for their entertainment.

And she wanted them to see her face, not just her forehead. Most of all, she would want to stretch out the experience for the audience of kids and families before the noose finished its work.

The young girl took Marti's hands, placed then behind her back, and attached blue handcuffs to Marti's wrists. Her ankles were not bound. The rules of the game demanded that a woman's ankles should not be tied, the audience, to their delight, would want to see a hanging woman's feet kick and strain to find a solid surface which would be several inches beneath her out stretched toes as she tried to save herself.

The blue handcuffs around Marti's wrists signified that she had personally paid her own entry fee to the game, in other words, she had handed the entry over to the game officials herself and not a member of her family. Two of the other women had the same blue handcuffs binding their wrists behind them. Three women had red handcuffs, meaning their families had paid their fees and that a member of her family had personally handed the entry fee over to the game officials, not her. Everybody in the audience preferred to see a woman, sometimes quite reluctant when the moment came, hang because their family had risked her life for prize money. But for others in the audience, they were far more interested in women like Mrs Marti Allen. Women so fascinated by the noose that they actually paid the fee themselves to enter the game.

Now the twelve year old girl touched a button on a hand held control. The rope above Marti rose until it was taut. The youngster stepped onto her stool and adjusted the noose to make it tight around Mrs Allen's neck. She checked the knot, asked if Marti was happy with its position, and pushed another button to lock the rope in place.

The youngster kissed Marti sweetly on the cheek, and lowered a hand to Marti's trimmed pussy. She inserted a finger through the little nest of hair, into the wet slit, and drew it out slowly. The youngster ran her shining finger over Marti's lips.

Mrs Allen murmured "Oh," and licked the taste of herself from the youngsters lips.

The twelve year old leaned to Marti and whispered in her ear, "You're so beautiful Mrs Allen. Of all the women here today, it's you I want to see hang from the rope. I hope you don't mind."

"No," Marti replied nervously, "I understand. And thank you."

The youngster touched Marti's shoulder, then the knot, and stepped away. The girl then worked her way around the stage adjusting the noose for the other five women.

The noose was tight, but Marti could turn her head and look at the other five women on their stools. She knew from the first game she entered that the arc of the stools' positions was a courtesy of the game to the women. When one of them was hanged, the others would have a very clear view of the process.

For four of them and herself included, Marti thought, watching the first woman hang would be an extraordinary event. Each of the four would know that very shortly she might have the same experience. So much more intensely than the audience, they would imagine the same pressure of the rope on their own necks, the choking gasps for tiny sips of air, and the incredible sexual high. Marti Allen had played this game before, it was a lot different when you paid to hang yourself rather than having your family insist on entering you in the game.

Then as the first woman's struggles became desperate, they might rethink the price of this sexual high or the prize money. The woman might be screaming silently in her mind, pleading not to dangle, not today. And then, as her movements slowed, she would hope to hang quietly for her family, friends, the studio audience and the TV audience. A woman who hung quietly, without much of a struggle was admired.

Looking across at the other women, Marti thought the game shouldn't be wasted on the paid-for women with the red cords, at least not both rounds. She was of the opinion that women should only pay a fee to hang themselves, like the requirement to buy a hanging license that the board of elders required or be randomly selected to hang when a woman turned forty. But in a game of chance like this one, each woman should pay her own way.

Two stools down, an older woman with beautiful brown eyes and blue handcuffs around her wrists smiled at Marti. Her name was Mrs Amy Young. They had talked briefly backstage, and Marti felt drawn to her. Amy's hair, even darker than Marti's, was gathered in a pony tail with a pink velvet ribbon at the back of her head, Mrs Young mentioned that her daughter had put the ribbon on her. The woman had wonderful tits, the nipples like little thumb tips, already erect. Below Amy's waist, a small thatch of hair sat above her shaved lips. Her knot was like Marti's, tucked behind her left ear.

Amy nodded to Marti, and Marti nodded back. She wants us to be the ones to hang, Marti realized. She knows we share the bond.

"I'd love to watch her hang," Marti thought. "But do I really, really want to hang myself, or is it the thrill of being here a third time that I crave? One chance out of six to feel the rope bite, with no going back now."

As the stage curtain opened to start the game, the studio audience starting clapping and cheering. A well dressed man at a table below the stage stood up. His name was Robert, the host for today's game.

"Hello, Cherish Valley..." he said over the PA. The audience cheered and clapped. " ... and hello to our TV audience where ever you are..." the audience clapped some more. " ... Welcome to this month's hanging game, 'Your number is up', more clapping from the audience. " ... we have six lovely women today, three who have paid their own entry fee..." the audience clapped and cheered some more. " ... and three who have had their entry paid for by their families..." there was a polite round of applause. " ... before I get to the rules, let's meet our contestants..." more clapping from the audience.

Robert walked up on stage holding the microphone and walked to the first woman on the right, the camera man right behind him.

"Contestant number one, your name is?" Robert asked.

"Mrs Gayla Hill from Shady Grove" she replied.

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