Andrea Believes in Home Schooling

by SplendidSpunk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Wife and Mother starts counseling young men with sexual problems

This tale is a joint effort, kind of like a tennis match where Andrea and I would write a bit and pass it to the other, back and forth. Kind of like fucking in a way. So I would be real interested just as Andrea would to know if it works for you. Did we get you hard or wet; did we leave you with sticky fingers? If you want let me know, and I will be sure my partner hears your comments as well. SplendidSpunk.

It happened again last night and I hate myself for letting my own frustrations dictate my mood this morning. I am married to a wonderful man who has given me three wonderful children. He works hard so I can remain at home and he has always been great in my bed or wherever we choose to enjoy each other. Sometime ago he and I opened up our marriage and while I won't go into all the details of that part of our life, I will tell you that my loving husband has met so many of my fantasies, watching me with another women, sharing multiple women with me and my favorite allowing me to experience being gang banged. I've enjoyed having five cocks all at my command, two in my hands, one in each of the other holes god has given me. We enjoy these occasional forays into the less socially acceptable arenas, but it's not an everyday thing, more of a special occasion, like a present for a birthday or anniversary. My tubes are tied and we take whatever precautions we have to for health reasons, but so far almost anything goes. I am working on something for his birthday in ten months but other then that our life is day to day just like yours.

So why was I frustrated to the point where it ruined my mood today? In one word probably the fucking economy. My poor loving husband worries about his job and works harder then he should to assure that his family is secure. Consequently, he is a tired man and his capability to get me off has become spotty to say it as nicely as I can. Last night, he came and passed out leaving me still horny and needing relief. I hate myself for being frustrated with this man who does so much for us and that's why I am pissed at myself this morning and unfortunately both the kids and my dear sweet husband had to suffer my ego driven mania this morning.

The kids will forget their crazy mom as soon as the get on the bus, too busy with their friends and their days to give a damn about my actions but my husband will take my mood with him and by the time he comes home tonight he'll be apologizing to me and that's just wrong, damn it. Not tonight, no I will not let that man take my stupid egocentric craziness and believe it's his problem. No fucking way.

I called my mom and got her to pick up my kids, keep them for the night and deposit them back at school tomorrow and I was going to make sure that my husband was treated like a king tonight and if I had to get on my knees and beg I would get him to forgive me for being such a asshole. I did bathe and dress to appeal to him, but I did not do so to seduce him, no I wanted to apologize and be nice to him, not be a demanding cunt just looking for my own needs to be satisfied. I'll give him a blowjob if he wants but I will not make him more tired screwing his selfish wife, no I was not.

"Hey babe! How was your day?"

God he looked beat. I led him to his favorite chair and made him sit and relax then went to the fridge to grab him a beer and a glass of wine for me. Handing him the cold beer and then sitting on the couch I said

"John, I am sorry for this morning. I am such a self centered bitch some times I just want to rip my own head off. You look like you've been run over today and if I contributed to that I am so very sorry."

"Andi you had nothing to do with my day, I knew you were a bit off this morning and I know why."

"John, I am sorry."

"No, Andi we both should be sorry. I'm just so tired it's hard for me to enjoy you the way I want to. I know I went too quick last night and didn't do for you as I should or would."

"John, please its me. I know all you do for us and for me to be so easily irritated just because I didn't cum, is so childish I wish you'd take me across your knee and spank me like the child I am."

"Andi, we both know where that would lead and I got to admit I just don't have that energy tonight."

"Shit, John the last thing I wanted to do today was to ask you for sex, I was serious about being a child thought, but agree that you spanking my ass would lead to sex. I just want to know what I can do to help you. babe?"

He grinned and the shook his head.

"What John, what so funny?"

"Now don't get mad at me it was just a fleeting thought."

"John, I'm the one who you need to get mad at, I promise you I am not about to get mad at the man who does so much for us all."

"Ok, you know how we've been pretty open about our sex. You know we both enjoy watching and participating with other partners and such?"

"Yeah and you know I enjoy it a lot, because I see how it makes you harder and more demanding of me after, and I love it. So?"

"Well I just wondered about how valuable you are in bed and..."

"Shit you want me to hook? Troll the streets?"

"Don't be mad at me, I told you it was a fleeting thought."

"I'm not mad, John! I am stunned thought and if I wasn't scared about the disease and the violence I might consider it for you. It would be money, which might ease things a bit, but no. Imagine if anyone found out!"

"Yeah, I just thought it would get you some satisfaction and you'd not need for me to be the super stud all the time. I really didn't think about the money but that would be good too."

"Well that was fun, lets eat."

I'd made his favorite meal and he seemed to enjoy it and the quiet of no kids arguing and bustling about the house. Later that night as we cuddled, no sex, John said.

"Remember when I said you need to find some eighteen year old, someone who could just keep cuming for you?"

"Yeah and remember how I told you that while most eighteen year olds might have the energy they wouldn't have the talent and I'd most likely end up full of cum but no more satisfied."

"Yeah, life's a bitch. You got the stamina to get hard a lot but not the control to do anything good. By the time you've learned the control you've lost got the stamina. I wish I'd had someone like you when I was eighteen to teach me what I should do. I spent so much effort just finding a girl who's let me go there it was years before even knew she might want something too."

Sleep was good that night and in the morning after I'd happily fed and gotten my husband off to work, giving him a good blow-job at the door to make his day easier I slipped on my running shoes and started to stretch. I ran a lot to stay trim for my man and for extras we sometimes enjoyed. Being naked a girl wants to look her best as well as fuck well you know?

So I ran or jogged or whatever and as I neared my house I saw one of the neighbors boys, Anthony, I think he was sitting on the bumper of his car and looking like his world had exploded on him.

I stopped to see how he was.

"Anthony you look like shit what's up?"

"Same old same old Mrs. Jackson. Life, you know? Growing pains and all that!"

"So either your girl friend dumped you, she said no, your car needs work or your parents won't let you go to the college of your choice. Close?"

"The girl thing. She said yes and I was useless and now she says bye."

"Anthony girls are such fools sometimes. They always think they know everything, shit even John fails in the sack now and again, don't let it get you down."

"That's just it Mrs. Jackson this isn't my first failure with her. I just can't seem to figure it all our, likes its advanced algebra to me. This isn't something you can get a tutor for either. Plus I'm sure she'll put my failure on the grapevine. Life sucks.

"Anthony, come on in I want to ask you something, got time for a cold drink?"

"Sure Mrs. Jackson"

"By the way Anthony call me Andi.

He followed me into the house where I offered him a coke. We sat at the kitchen table, just talking, when finally, I said, "Anthony, I have a proposition for you. What if I said you could have a tutor to help with your girlfriend problem?"

Anthony choked on a mouthful of coke and said, "Mrs. Jack ... er ... Andi, what are you talking about?"

"Well, Anthony, I have a problem of my own, and I could use your help. So if you help me, then maybe I can help you."

"What kind of problem could you have that I could help with, Mrs. Jack ... Er ... Andi?"

"It's like this. John and I have a very open and honest relationship, you don't need all the details, but know that when he comes home today, he will know of our conversation, and if he gives his blessing, I would like to tutor you, teach you how to please me. If you can please me, then you can probably please any young girl your age. All you would have to do is be available for me, to use, to fuck, when I need it. John is great in bed, but there are times when he is too tired and can't make me cum. He gets his and I don't get mine. He jokingly told me that I needed an 18-year-old boyfriend to help him keep up with me. And while the thought of that is nice, you yourself said that you have failures. I think that's the case with any 18 or 19 year old. So, you need a tutor, and I need someone to get me off on a regular basis. Do you think we could work something out? Of course, without John's agreement, I can't do anything and this conversation never took place. However, I am sure he would agree."

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