Jane's Story

by dawn1958

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Fiction, Interracial, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jane was a grade three teacher who was reponsible for tutoring two young college students. She had been married for ten years but lately her marriage was not the best. Read her adventures with the two young men who loved being in the sexy teacher's classroom

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Jane Brooke Smithers was, for all intensive purposes, a happily married woman. She was born and raised in Seattle and now taught school there, as a grade 3 teacher. At 5'7" with a very athletic body, she was considered gorgeous and the sexiest teacher in the school. Jane had brown eyes and light brown hair that got lighter during the summer. She had a small nose, perky ears that stood out a little and slightly pouty lips, which drove men crazy because they made her appear wanton and very sensual.

Even the young students realized Jane was well built, with luscious boobs and nipples that seemed to get hard for no reason at all. In fact, some of the boys used the protruding buds as their topic of adolescent kidding on many occasions.

Jane had been married for 10 years. There were three good ones, five so-so ones and two lousy ones. She never considered having an affair, but that didn't stop her from participating in the normal workplace, sexual banter. Being a very attractive woman with a sexy body that made men stare was something she endured all of her life. Whenever she caught a man ogling her, she would blush or try to evade any intimate personal contact.

Women were jealous of Jane's sexy body and that was probably the reason that none of them befriended her at work. The men on the other hand all wanted to be her friend, even on an intimate basis if possible. Jane was fairly close to a couple of the male teachers and one in particular who was going through a nasty marriage breakup. On numerous occasions she found herself listening and trying to be supportive for him, as it seemed the man was suffering a lot of mental stress.

Life in the small school was anything but eventful, as everything seemed routine at first glance. There were four university students spending a semester at the school on an apprentice basis. They were studying to become teachers and the training at a real grade school was extremely beneficial to their education. Two of the students were girls and two were boys. The usual practice had them spending one full semester of their final year on a practicum, actually assisting or teaching classes. All four spent time in Jane's classes from time to time, but it was the two boys who seemed to affect her in a manner that was a little extraordinary.

Brad and Josh were best friends and lucky to spend their apprenticeship at the same school. They lived together so things were a lot easier, as they could travel to and from work using one vehicle. Jane liked both young men because they had very positive attitudes and seemed to love the idea of becoming teachers. Both were friendly and often teased and joked around with her, which was a refreshing change from the school's daily routine.

Jane had no suspicion that she was the prize for a serious bet. Brad and Josh were both smitten by Jane's allure and shear innocence and they made a wager quite by chance. Josh jokingly suggested that the first one to date the sexy teacher would win an all-expense paid night out on the town. Brad's response was immediate and he raised the stakes considerably. He countered his buddy's bet with an even bigger wager. The first one to get into Jane's pants would not only win the sexy woman, but also the loser had to be a manservant around the apartment for an entire week.

Josh clarified the wager by insisting that the winner had to actually have sex with Jane. Like most young men, they shook hands on it and each vowed to use every means possible to seduce the sexy teacher, which included deceit, trickery or any devious measures. The contest was made early in the school semester so it was before either young man got to know Jane very well. As the school term progressed, both Josh and Brad tried to put the moves on the adorable teacher whenever possible. The three spent almost every lunch period together and Jane soon got to know both young men on a fairly intimate basis.

Brad and Josh were both very friendly with Jane, but it was Brad who first seized an opportunity. He approached the ravishing woman during an afternoon class and begged her for a ride home after work. Brad told her that he and Josh normally went home together, as they lived together, but he stated Josh had an important appointment downtown that afternoon and needed their car.

It was a little uncomfortable at first with a strange man in the car, as she always drove home alone. Brad used his youthful enthusiasm and friendly demeanor to put Jane at ease. Soon they chatted back and forth about the school and in particular some of the kids. Once Jane started talking about her students, she was totally at ease and more than willing to chat with Brad. A friendship evolved with her young trainee and Jane welcomed Brad's readily offered praise about her teaching abilities.

The young man kidded his buddy about the way he managed to catch some valuable alone time with the sexy teacher. Josh even called him a dirty scoundrel, yet it didn't deter Brad, as he focused on learning more about Jane. Later in the week, Brad pulled the same stunt again. About half way home, he asked Jane to stop at a mini-mall, as he had dry-cleaning to pickup. When Brad offered to buy her a treat for being so helpful, she accepted.

Having a young man who seemed to dote over her was something Jane wasn't used to. Then Josh's smiling face came to mind and Jane realized that there were two men being overly friendly and showing her much needed admiration. With her marriage sort of on rocky ground, it was nice to have Brad and Josh around her, as they built her self-confidence with constant compliments.

Jane sat down with Brad in a coffee shop and they had a nice quiet chitchat. She wasn't big on drinking caffeine in the late afternoon, but relented just to make the young man happy. First the talk about school and classes removed her barriers and then Brad cleverly switched topics. He told her that his longtime girlfriend who he dated since the first year of college had just broken up with him. When a tear ran out the corner of his eye, Brad's deception totally captivated his teacher.

Jane actually grabbed his hand, which was conveniently left in the middle of the table, and she comforted the heartbroken young man. "It's okay. You'll get over it. You're a handsome young man and there will be another woman ... many other women," she whispered. "I'm sure it's for the best."

Brad played the sympathy card with an academy performance. He stared across the table with puppy-dog eyes and squeezed Jane's warm, comforting hand, pretending her compassion put a faint smile on his sad face. "I appreciate someone who is so loving and affectionate ... like you. You're always so happy and positive," he whispered. "I know that if I ever had a woman like you, it would be the happiest day of my life."

Her heart fluttered and if they had been alone, Jane was sure that she would have embraced the young man. Not because of any sexual attraction, but because she felt sorry for him. "I know how it is when someone hurts you. I ... well my marriage isn't that great these days," she said. Then she sort of paused for a few moments because she wasn't sure why she blurted out such a personal detail.

Jane knew it was unwise to tell Brad that her relationship was in the doldrums the past two years. She never saw his ears perk-up and his racing heart was totally unnoticeable because Brad was closing in on the seductive prey. "It really means a lot to me that you are so open ... so honest with me. I've had this hurt for days and thought I was the only one in the world going through a breakup."

Jane quickly corrected him, but the damage had already been done. "Oh no, I'm not breaking up with my husband. We're just ... well, going through a difficult time," she stuttered. "I'm still in love with my husband." As soon as she said it, Jane wondered if it was true.

Brad seized the opportunity, realizing it might be his last. He consoled Jane and hoped his sudden eagerness didn't scare her. They chatted for a while longer about her husband and parents and Brad acted like he was a devoted family man. When Jane told the young man about her husband going to a big Solar Convention in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, she never realize the revelation might come back to haunt her.

Then Jane told the young man that the real problem in her marriage was the result of her wanting to have a baby. She desperately wanted to start a family, as they weren't getting any younger, and her husband's priorities were still on his career. Her disclosures were a godsend and Brad realized the beautiful teacher was ripe for the picking.

Brad watched her face light up every time he gave her a flattering remark and he was positive Jane never suspected he was trying to seduce her. "I know you have to get home," Brad said. "But I have something that I want you to have. Something that means a lot to me, but I want you to have," he whispered. "It's in my apartment ... so just give me a second when you drive me home. I'll run up and get it."

Jane was late and didn't really want to delay getting home. She felt sorry for the young man, as he appeared devastated by the loss of his girlfriend. "Yes, I am very late. I guess if I'm a little later, it won't hurt."

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