Bought Intercourse Isn't Any Real Love

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife envies her divorced friends and plays with the fire. Husband doesn't like what she is doing but what can he do?

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Some of my old childhood friends and I were gathered at the local pub for planning what to do at our annual "Men's Club Party." Ronald Larsson was late, rushed in and shouted, "Can you guess what I heard at the Golf Club only a few minutes ago?"

Nobody could, so he continued, "That super-asshole, Oliver Janzon was there, obviously a little boozed, sitting with two cohorts and bragging with a loud voice, 'I've hired a new secretary today, a very sexy married chick who accepted the fact that an extra raise in her new salary, higher than at her present job, means a monthly fuck with me. That extra is peanuts for me and saves me a lot of wasted time seducing a new bitch. Such a little salary agreement makes them easy to train to all kind of kinky sex at my demand," Oliver had bragged."

When one of the cohorts had objected that a quickie once month could hardly be any bargain to brag about. Oliver had continued his bragging, "They always thinks it will only be that quickie once a month, at least a newly hired married bitch will think so. Then she gets a rough first introduction to my real rules and learns to obey about when and how I want use her pussy. Both of you will get a good taste of that new pretty pussy when I have her ready for that."

Ronald continued, "We must decide that it is high time to give that asshole Janzon a lesson; that he is not any emperor with unlimited right to fuck married women, at least not here in our small Scandinavian town."

After some arguing, we all agreed to do that. Not only because Oliver's intentions of using a silly greedy bitch who wanted play with her pussy for some economic favors but because we even disliked Oliver Janzon for several other reasons. For one, we are local guys and he is not. He came to our town, seduced, overtook and married a very rich divorcee who at that time was engaged with a good local guy. But we couldn't deny that he is a skilled businessman, who by ruling his wife's enterprises with very rough methods, had gotten their business to grow fast and become very prosperous.

Today, Oliver Janzon and his wife are very rich and obviously living in some kind of open marriage because Oliver's affairs with married women are not any of our town's best-protected secrets. Neither is his wife keeping the real reason of her monthly trip to an "advanced art studying circle" in Paris as any real secret.

The men in our town got a good laugh when Oliver's wife had came back home from a Paris trip with a STD as a 'French souvenir'. She shared it with Oliver, who shared it with his married secretary, who shared it with her husband. The husband owned a shotgun and took action against Oliver as soon as he knew for sure who gave that STD to his wife. But Oliver saw him coming with the shotgun and run away. He was a good runner and the fear increased his speed, that's why he was a long distance away when the husband fired both barrels but only a few lead shots hit the running Oliver.

When that story was out in town, most of us men got a good laugh but a number of the local women felt sorry for 'poor Oliver' and even he was surprised of how many of them wanted to comfort him after the shooting. Several of them even wanted to see him as soon as his STD was cured.

Oliver's very successful womanizing with married women got him hated and then another matter that turned us local guys against Oliver is that his prosperous companies have never given any sponsor money to our local football club; but plenty to the club in his old hometown.

My name is Glen Nylander and I'm a 42 years old engineer working at the public owned central heating plant outside the town. It's where we burn all local garbage in huge burners for warming up the houses in town center.

I'm married to Lisa, 39 year old tall slim, very beautiful real blond. We have two great children, 11 years old Lucas and 9 ears old Amanda. We ought to have been a happy family, at least in my opinion, though nowadays Lisa and I can easily get involved in arguing about some usually very unimportant matters. Even our, one time very great, sex life has fallen down to almost a poor level. I've really tried, but without any success, to get it better. I've suggested romantic weekends and holidays to exotic places both with our children and without them, but she isn't interested of anything of that.

I regret to say that the simple main reason for our marriage problem is that Lisa's best friend and many of her old friends nowadays are divorced. So are even most of her co-workers. Their daily bragging about romantic dates and great one night sex with new men has brought Lisa to envy her friend's free lifestyle and to dream about greener grass beyond the fence.

Of course, Lisa's divorced friends always forget to tell her about all their lonely holidays and other events when they are missing a family. The truth may be that most of Lisa's 'free friends' may envy her good marriage much more than Lisa envies them. But those problems remain as a well kept secret during their bragging about how happy they are in their new life style.

I can in some way understand Lisa's admiration and envy for her 'free friends' and will give her some time to return to be a loving wife, but it can't be for an unlimited time.

Nothing says that she is cheating me because she is never away for much time of her own when it possibly could happen. No strange overtime; no strange late evening visits to old newfound friends and no late girl nights at single dances or single bars.

Coming home, I met a very happy Lisa standing in the kitchen making my and the children's favorite cake, "Why" I asked her, "are we celebrating something?"

She replied with bright smile, "Yes, we are indeed. Just wait till we are all together and I'll tell you the good news."

I waited, and when the whole family was together a happy Lisa told us, "I've got a new job with a fair increase of the salary. At last I will be paid for my qualifications."

She was working at a small local office of big bank and there were rumors that all small offices would be closed due to increasing risk for bank robbers.

I greeted her with, "Congratulations and where is that lucky company that was clever enough to hire a great well qualified employee as you?"

"The main office of Janzon Enterprises", she said.

I got piece of the cake in my windpipe and began an intensive coughing.

Lisa got a feared look and asked, "Something wrong?"

What could I say? I knew that it didn't matter, whatever I said, she wouldn't change her mind until I could show her any real evidence and for the time being I couldn't. I had only heard rumors and that would never be any valid reason for her to skip that new, better-paying job.

"Cake in the windpipe" I said but continued, "Do you know that this Oliver Janzon is acting as a real asshole against his employees, especially his female employees? Nobody who knows him doubts that his bragging about fucking almost all the best looking of them is the truth. Do you have any written and signed contract about the salary and against all kind sexual harassment, if not, your new salary will only be a dream in the sky until your pussy is his toy for his joy."

I continued, "You ought to know that bragging about his seductions is a great pleasure for this Oliver and it is not any disadvantage for him if he will let me know what he has done with you. Please understand that when it happens this marriage will be history."

"Of course I will have a contract, do you really regard me as a whore or an idiot?" she asked.

I was close to say, "yes, both an idiot and a whore" but said only, "May I see your contract?"

"Yes, of course as soon as I get my copy by mail."

Even Lisa got the right feeling that her telling me about Oliver Janzon had turned her happy celebration to a very chilly event. Hopefully she began thinking about the possibly bad consequences about her potential monthly fuck with Oliver Janzon.

The next day I called my closest friends and told them about Lisa's stupidity and they promised to help me to save her from Oliver Janzon. My first step was sneaking away from the job and going home to check the mail. A big package arrived the next day; it was a Friday. I opened it and found a correct contract, some high quality printed information about Companies involved in Janzon Enterprises. But then there was a page from a Ladies Magazine showing two models in sexy underwear together with a Janzon Enterprises requisition form to local Ladies Fashion Shop. Attached was a handwritten message reading, 'Dear Lisa, use the form and get one of each! OJ".

I had my evidence and my friends told me that there was a plan for destroying Oliver but it would be best that I didn't know anything. Of course, I could confront Lisa at this moment but confessing that I had opened her mail would cause serious problem for me.

The first action against Oliver Janzon happened already at the Saturday evening. He is the proud owner of the only Ferrari in our town. It's why he parked it well visible on his driveway for teasing everybody who envied him. Of course, it was protected by cameras with alarm sensors and connected direct to the leading security company.

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