Marie Accepts Her Needs

by SplendidSpunk

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Young woman searched for something more, and finds it

(As in most of my stories Marie is a real person and I've tried to represent her fantasy. She is a drop dead gorgeous blond with a body to die for. I chatted with her long enough to know she is a sweet and caring woman with a strong sex drive. Those of you lucky enough to be in the UK and meet her will want her, be you a woman or a man. I hope you enjoy her fantasy and like me wonder if she has really experienced it.)

For weeks, months, maybe even years, I've known that I was missing something in my life. Something was always there interrupting my dreams, touching at the edge of my awareness. Yet for the most part I've lived and loved and assumed I was as happy as anyone I knew. Yeah, I was still chasing the dreams we all have, security, the right person to share with, a nice place to live and a great tan all year round.

I am not an egocentric type so when I tell you I am a fairly attractive blond, I am merely relating what I've been told over and over. Personally I think I'm average and take little effort to style my hair, often it looks like I've been in a strong wind, and when I lazily chose to wear my glasses I often get the "librarian" comments. I think my body may be considered above average and perhaps that lies at the root of my issue. I have what many of my former lovers would say more then a fucking handful for tits and my nipples are sensitive and when toyed with make my pussy drip. My legs are well formed and I love it whenever a lover allows me to wrap them around their head and pull their faces tight to my smooth shaved pussy. Lest I get pigeon holed as some lesbian, let me say that a tongue is a tongue but a cock is singularly more pleasurable then the various and sundry imitations I've tried when a hot hard one wasn't available.

Having said all that I hope you will still see that I am a normal woman with a fair appetite for sex. Yet, no matter how good the tongue, nor how long and hard the cock I was always thinking after, can't there be more. I considered the threesome and discarded it immediately. One lover was tough enough to keep emotionally happy and two, well two would be too many egos in the room. After all I wanted something more from sex, not someone else to convince it was great. I mean if I was having trouble thinking it was great, who was I to convince others.

I'd been trolling the Internet looking at various adult sites, trying to imagine myself in all of them. When after a few weeks of intermittently surfing the adult options I found myself leaning towards those with 'sticks and stones' I thought maybe that was my missing link. A lot more thought and some further investigation (trust me spanking yourself won't tell you anything) I began to look for a way to try this. I was a bit embarrassed to consider a boyfriend to confide in, not that I had one at the moment. I didn't think another woman was the answer, as I generally preferred woman for their softness and sensuality. I also didn't want to be someone who 'paid' for her thrills either. After all wasn't that something men did? At least here in the UK it was, I can only assume men are men no matter where they are.

So I began looking at those sites that acted like a dating service, where people with all sorts of needs look for like-minded people to match up. I noticed an ad looking for someone new, someone who wanted to be disciplined but who had not yet dipped their toe in, so to speak. I made a note of the e-mail address but did nothing for a few weeks, other then to go back and see if the ad was still there. When I found myself using my own nimble fingers night after night getting sticky as my pussy oozed on them as my mind imagined myself answering the ad, my orgasms came hard and fast.

Finally I set up an e-mail account on one of the free sites as 'first timer' at something or other dot com and sent this message.

"I have given this a good deal of thought and I still can not say this is for me, I've never done this before but I keep coming back to this ad and to this idea. If you are willing I'd like to know more. – Marie."

I hit the send button then realized I'd used my own first name, dummy! I can't tell you how disappointed I was to check that e-mail account and see nothing for almost two weeks. When a response showed up one night it took me forever to open it, afraid of both rejection and acceptance. The message was brief.

"Marie if you still want to submit yourself to me then send me a one word reply of 'Yes', if not then good-bye. I will give you instructions in response to your yes, but will answer no further questions – James."

I hit reply and froze. My fingers would not move to the 'Y' much less the "e" and the "s" button. It took an hour before I was able to type that one word and another to hit the send button. If I'd known it would take James another week to reply I might have changed my mind. His reply was very detailed.

"You are to be at 222 Oak Street at exactly 8PM tomorrow night. Do not be early. Do not be late. If you fail to show, do not contact me again. You will wear stockings and a garter belt, no pantyhose. Your heels should be at least four inches in height, higher would be better. You will wear a simple dress with no underwear. Please make sure that your make up is not overdone and that your hair is neat and clean. Expect to stay the night, unless you are rejected as un-trainable."

The night moved very slowly for me as I debated how far I wanted to take this thing. While I debated I looked at my clothes and decided I'd at least need to go purchase the hose and garter. I was satisfied with a dress I had and the make up and hair were no problem. The shoes would need to be purchased. I'd spent so much time thinking and debating I didn't realize how late it was and I headed for bed. As I pondered what I'd need to buy tomorrow and how long it would take me to get to Oak Street my fingers were buried once again in my wet pussy. When I realized how wet I was and how needy I felt I knew I'd be at the right address in the right clothes tomorrow night. My only worry was if I would stay the night or be dismissed.

The next morning I was a calm and determined young woman. Well I was a lot calmer after masturbating again that morning. Now that I'd made the decision to go tonight, I was eager and excited. I needed to pick up the shoes, garter and hose and so after a quick breakfast I headed out. The note said at least a four-inch heel, but indicted the higher the better so I started my shopping with the shoes. If, you're a woman then you know what it takes to find the right shoe, if you're a guy holding your cock right now waiting for the good parts, then, well never mind you'd never understand it. Shoes for me have to match me, not just fit and look right, their soul and mine must be in alignment. It took a few hours but I found a pair of five and a half inch stiletto heels. They were black, which would work well with the red dress I knew I'd be wearing.

Pleased with myself in finding the right shoes, I headed to an upper crust woman's lingerie store and selected a lacy red garter belt that I knew would frame my pussy and make my ass look like desert. I selected a light black shade of hose and satisfied that I had everything I needed I had some lunch and used that time to broadcast a text message to my closest friends that I'd be unavailable that night and maybe through the weekend. I was hopeful that I'd not only impress James and stay the night I might be permitted to stay though Sunday. In my mind, having made the decision, I knew that this was something I could do, something I wanted to do.

It was a little after three when I made it back to my place. The time for going to Oak Street neared and I found my sexual needs rising. I elected to take a bath, a long hot bath in scented oils and allow my skin to absorb the fragrances and at the same time my I could relax and ponder what I was about to enter into. I knew the likelihood existed where I would leave of my own accord as soon as James spanked me harder then I was imagining. After all I had no idea what lever of pain I could endure or as the experienced submissive says on line, convert to pleasure. Nevertheless as I soaked in the bath and my hands talked to my swollen hard nipples and my achingly wet and ready pussy I pondered the possibilities.

Emerging from the bath I felt great, the orgasm my hand had given me combined with the fragrance of the bath oils left me feeling ready and I strolled naked to my kitchen for a small bite to eat, not knowing what I would or would not be offered later. Then I knew it was time to prepare and I was eager to don my outfit and become the sub looking for discipline. Getting dressed was never I mean never, this erotic for me. Sitting naked on the edge of my bed and facing the mirror on my closet door, I rolled first one then the other stocking over the smooth soft skin of my legs. As my hands brushed my upper thigh I could feel my hairless smooth pussy shudder in hopes of a return engagement from my hands. Strapping the red lacy garter about my waist and then slipping the stocking to it, I knew I needed to put on my shoes before I stood to see the effect of the stockings and garter. Slipping on the shoes I felt at one with the leather and closed my eyes to just enjoy the feel of them. As I stood a bit unsteadily at first from the height of the heels I waited to feel comfortable at that height then opened my eyes.

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