Chapter 1

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I've been getting to know to a young woman named Bridget. Things haven't been so good at home and I need an outlet. This sweet, petite girl who has dirty blonde hair and big boobs may be just perfect. We've been talking and going out here and there. Not only do I want to be a supportive friend, but I also may want more. (You want a lover, you want a friend...Baby I can be both of them.) By the way, I'm writing this pretty much as it happens, so I guess this is as much a journal as it is a story.

People say that men are always more visual than women. That may be true across the board. But I believe that I personally break the stereotype. I think I'm as visual as most guys. I'm very good at undressing the objects of my fantasies with my eyes.

There's one particular girl that has been in the top drawer of my fantasy file cabinet for about six months. She works at a big office supply store where I shop often. The girl I've been ogling is always there when I come in. After my first few visits I was calling her by name ... Bridget. She first called me Mrs. (insert my last name here), but now she calls me Lauren. I feel like we're getting flirty in our conversations.

"Hi Lauren!" she said excitedly when I saw her this past week. "Out of legal pads already?"

"I can never have enough, Bridget. I'm always writing something."

Little did she know I would soon be writing about her and her many charms.

Bridget's coloring makes me think she's Irish. Her complexion is very fair, she has freckles on her adorable face, her hair is kind of dirty blonde with a touch of strawberry. She's short (5' 1" maybe), ‚Äčand ... I don't know what word to use for her body type. When I hear words like curvaceous and buxom, I think of women taller than Bridget. She's petite. Maybe just nicely round and perfectly padded is the best way to describe her. Bridget has great, great boobs and a wonderful round ass. And she has a waist, but she's not an hour glass. As for her age, she told me that she just turned 21 years old.

We've been bantering about what she wants to do with her life, the fact that she wants to go to college and so on. I'm seriously considering asking her to have coffee with me at the shop on the edge of the mall near her store. I figure the worst case scenario would be that I'd get some pleasant conversation, and I'd get to look into her awesome face for a half hour, which would do a lot for my fantasies later on. I've imagined the conversation we'll have many times.

"I'm so glad you asked me to do this," Bridget says when we sit down with our coffee orders.

"Well, Sweetie, I've enjoyed getting to know you a lot, from the first time we actually met. I feel like you're a friend. I thought it would be fun if we could get to know each other better."

I get the distinct impression that she doesn't have a lot of people showing interest in her as a person, or in her future. That makes being with her a special treat for me, because I'm interested in paying her a lot of attention.

"So, what about guys?" I ask. "Anybody current? Anybody you're trying to reel in?"

She gives a small head shake.

"I don't know. There have been a few serious guys. But nothing that lasted very long. I'm kind of out-there and a lot of guys don't seem to get me."

"Really? Out there, like how?" I ask.

"I make my opinions known, a lot. I say what I think so much that it offends people sometimes. I don't care that much about what people think of what I do. I'm kind of crazy. Not everybody can handle that."

I smile at her.

"I know I don't know you well at all, Bridget. But I think I can handle out there and kind of crazy. Those sound like positive qualities to me."

She returns my smile with her mouth, her sweetly freckled cheeks and her beautiful Irish eyes. Wow.

"So, nobody you're serious about, then?" I ask.

"Not really," she replies.

"And what about college? What's your plan there?"

"Oh, I really want to go, really badly."

"What's stopping you, Bridget?"

"I don't know. Money, of course."

"So, start at the community college. We have a pretty good one here."

"I know. I just don't know what I want to study."

"Honey, just get started. If you don't, you might never start. But if you even take one class, you're giving it a shot. You never know what might pique your interest, or who you might meet."

"You're right, Lauren. I don't know." She seems to say that a lot. "I'm just not sure if I could handle school."

"What does that mean?"

"I'm not close with my parents. I don't have a boyfriend. My friends who are in college all went away, so I don't see them that often."

"Are you saying that, there would be no one around to encourage you?" I ask.

"It sounds stupid, doesn't it?" Bridget says.

"No way," I reply. "It makes total sense. You need support, especially when you're starting out with something as important as college. I completely understand."

Bridget looks at me, and for a second, I think I see a tear forming in her eye.

"Oh, Lauren ... you are so sweet. Nobody talks to me like this."

"Like what, Bridget?"

"Like, asking me about myself, about what I wanna do, about how I should go to college."

"Really? That's too bad, Sweetie. Well, I think you're awesome, Bridget. I don't know what I can do, but I'd love to be your friend, and to support you in any way I could."

I feel slightly weird saying this. While I mean every word ... I do think she was awesome and all ... I also can't stop thinking about getting into her pants. I know ... I'm terrible! I'm hoping that wanting to support Bridget as a friend and wanting to eat her pussy aren't mutually exclusive. I'm counting on the fact that the friend part would always come first no matter what to make the other part not too despicable. In other words, I would never act like her friend and promise support just to get her into my bed. That would never be me.


This time there's no mistaking it. Bridget is getting misty eyed.

"Oh, Bridget," I say soothingly, "what's the matter, Honey?"

"I don't know. I just can't believe you're for real."

"Oh, that's so nice of you to say. I just really like you, Bridget, and I think you're really worth some positive attention."

"You better watch out, Lauren."

"Why's that, Honey?"

"Because I just might be crushing on you," she tells me with a huge smile.

I also imagine my thoughts in the aftermath of that conversation...

Holy shit. Did she really say that to me? She did, she did! I was so delighted. Here I was with this super adorable creature, who really wanted my attention, and who might even want more than that! Holy shit was right.

When we parted Bridget gave me a huge hug, which I gladly accepted, and returned. I couldn't wait to use up more legal pads, and maybe even some pens! Who would ever think that anything related to office supplies could make me horny? But sweet Bridget did the trick.

Normally I do my masturbating in the morning, lying in bed while the Hub is asleep next to me. Long ago I gave up hoping he would wake up and want to be involved. But this time, with Bridget hot on my mind, I couldn't wait. I almost got my hands into my panties in the car, but it was still light outside, and that seemed a bit too risky.

It didn't dawn on me until later, but what I should have done was duck into the bathroom at the store before I left. I could have gotten off knowing that the object of my passion was under the same roof. Maybe next time.

I climbed into bed that night knowing my hand would soon be between my legs, and that nothing but Bridget would be on my mind. The Hub was already in bed when I got there. I was pretty certain he was asleep, although I didn't hear the usual snoring. I decided I didn't care if he was awake or not. He wouldn't care even if he knew I was playing with myself. But I felt confident that I would be alone with Bridget in my mind.

"She said she might be crushing on me," I thought to myself. "Wow. I'm sure as hell crushing on her."

Normally I never wore panties to bed, but on this night I purposely left them on because I wanted to imagine my hand slipping into Bridget's underwear. I imagined the two of us alone in my house, just talking as the sun went down. Our talk gets more and more personal and intimate.

Bridget admits that she really does have a serious crush on me, and that she feels embarrassed and silly about it. I tell her that she doesn't need to, because I feel the same. I can tell that she feels flattered and special.

Soon she's lying on her back on my couch and I'm kneeling next to her. My hand is on her stomach and I'm talking softly into her ear.

"I think you're the most adorable thing I've ever seen, Bridget."

"Really? Lauren, you're kidding!"

Then I kiss that fabulous mouth ... those plump lips. Ohhhh, fuck! I imagine slipping my hand under Bridget's shirt and feeling her soft skin. I caress my own stomach as I imagine touching hers. I'm kissing her more deeply now. And she's totally kissing me back!

I see myself opening the button on her jeans, then pulling down the zipper all the way. She lets out a little gasp as she feels my hand trace the waistband of her panties. I slide my hand inside hers while I'm actually doing it with mine. Bridget and I moan together as I touch my moist pussy.

"Ohhh, Lauren..." I can almost hear her whispering the words to me. "Ohhhh, please touch me there, Lauren."

I slide my finger in between our lips and Bridget and I moan softly together. Only my moan is real, of course. But hers is real enough in my mind. I want to do everything to her. I want to take off all her clothes, and mine. I want to play with those big tits and that beautiful round butt. I want to kiss every inch of her. I want to lick her holes until she screams for me to stop, then screams and begs me not to stop.

But this is our first time together. I don't want to scare her off just when we're getting started. So I'll have to settle for fingering Bridget to an orgasm. Her cunt feels so wonderful to me. I love my pussy, and I can easily imagine how much I would love hers.

"Do you like that, Bridget?" I whisper to her as I part her lips and slide my middle finger to her hole. Her pussy is so very wet. My finger slides into her without effort. She lets out another little gasp.

"Lauren ... ohhh, please don't stop touching me ... oohh ... oohhhh ... ooohhhhh..."

"I won't stop my dear," I picture myself whispering back to her as I put a second finger in my own pussy. "I wanna make you cum for me, my little darling Bridget."

I kiss all over Bridget's face and neck. I can tell she's not used to a lover who knows how to kiss the way I've learned to in all my years of kissing. She responds to every movement of my lips, my tongue, my teeth gently nibbling her. I rub my pussy harder as I think of running the tip of my tongue around her adorable little ear.

"Lauren, oohhh, nobody's ever kissed me or touched me like this."

Music to my fucking ears!

"You're so sweet, Bridget. I love kissing you. I love touching you."

"MMmmmmmore, Lauren ... mmmore fingers ... more ... harder..."

I put a third finger into my cunt, and then a forth. I imagine I'm concentrating my kisses on her mouth now. Our tongues are flicking hard against each others and we're biting each other's lips. My hand is gripping her cunt so that I'm stimulating her inside while at the same time my palm is pressed hard on her clit.

Oh, fuck! My pussy feels soooo good. I know I have to keep myself in check somewhat when I cum, so as not to disturb the sleeper in my bed. Like I said, he wouldn't care, but I just don't need to deal with his questions. I imagine Bridget cumming as she holds me tightly to her and presses her mouth against mine. I hold tightly to my cunt as the orgasm I shared with Bridget in my mind shoots through me.

I lay there picturing Bridget and me kissing, still passionately, then a little softer and a little slower as we come down. I put my arms around her and she does me, and we hold each other until I fall asleep, hoping to dream about my little Irish doll and how far our crushes on each other might go. I think this week I'll ask her to met for coffee for real.

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