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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Rough, Light Bond, Swinging, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Andrea's curiosity Fucked up our marriage

My name is Eric Samson, I'm thirty five years old and I'm looking in at my newborn daughter through the viewing window at the maternity ward. Her mom, is resting comfortably, and I'm waiting for a nurse to come out and suit me up, so I can hold my daughter again. For some reason, the nurses always want to put me and other visitors in scrubs, and clean us up before they allow us to touch the baby. I guess it makes sense because I wouldn't want anything to happen to my precious little angel before she starts her life out.

They suit me up and I lift her from the nurse's arms. I marvel again at the absolute beauty of the wrinkled little person in my arms. From the first second that I saw her, I loved her more than anything else on this planet, whether she knew it or not. I could already imagine the person she was going to turn out to be. I was so ready to watch her grow and help her along her life's journey. No matter what happens, her mom and I will be there, guiding her along the way.

After a half hour, that seemed like only a few seconds, I gave her back to the nurse. As I stepped out of the room. I noticed a very attractive blonde woman waiting for me. My happiness evaporated, and my smile transformed itself into a grimmace.

"Mr. Samson," said the security guard. "We don't normally let people into the maternity area unless they're family, but this woman said she was related to you."

"It's Okay," I told him. "Unfortunately she's my wife."

"How is being married to a woman who looks like that, unfortunate?" he asked.

"Trust me, that bitch is bat shit crazy," I said just loud enough for him alone to hear.

"You looked really good in there holding your baby," said Andrea, stepping up to me. "You're going to be a great father. But I think you should, reconsider your actions. This divorce isn't going to happen, no matter what you try. I'll block it any way I can. We need to sit down and talk. Us throwing rocks at each other through our lawyers is only making them rich. Can we just talk. Just for a few minutes."

Andrea, my wife, is beautiful, spoiled and curious. She's used to getting her own way no matter what happens and simply can't accept it when things don't go her way. Andrea is about 5' 7", weighs about 120 well shaped pounds. At 36, she has a bikini body. A nice trim waist with beautiful long tapering legs. Her breasts are barely more than a mouthful, but perky with upturned nipples that a slight breeze can cause to become erect and lengthened. She has the tiniest tightest ass, that you can bounce a quarter off of. Her features are a little sharp, but she has the bluest eyes you will ever see. She's also a woman that loves sex. She is definitely not a tease or an Ice Maiden. That's the unfortunate part.

"I have to be there when Melissa wakes up," I told her. "That gives us about an hour for your talk. Let's go to the visitor's lounge. We should have some privacy there, unless you try to turn this into another shouting match. But remember you're the one who wants to talk. So if you start yelling or giving me any of your shit, I'll have them throw you the fuck out of here."

We got to the lounge and sat down in chairs near the back. "It's your show Andie so say what you have to say and let's get it over with.

She licked her lips and started talking. "Well first off, I wanted to tell you that I forgive you for cheating on me. I forgive you for breaking the rules we established for our relationship. I forgive you for getting another woman pregnant and running off with her. I want us to put all of this behind us. And I want you to come home with me, so we can get our marriage back on track. I do realize that you'll have to pay some kind of child support to Melissa for the baby. But I'm thinking that you should limit the time that you spend with that child, so it's not hard for you to choose between it and our children. I love you Eric, I've never loved anyone else except you, so I'm willing to overlook everything you did and take you back. I also promise that no mention of this will ever be made. We'll just move forward. I won't try to hold this over your head or anything else. Let's just say this was all a big mistake and erase it from our memory. Melissa always wanted a baby more than anything else, and Mike couldn't give her one. So if we get back together, everyone wins."

"Oh Andie, could we really do that?" I asked with mock sincerity. "You're giving me a "Get out of Jail free card?"

"Just this once," she smiled nodding her head and reaching for me. "I'll never lose you for anything, and I won't share you. You're mine forever. I'd kill Melissa before I'd let her have you." I pulled back from her as if she was on fire.

"Kick rocks, you stupid bitch," I snapped at her. Then got up and walked away. I realized then that Andie should never have been released, she was still crazy. I went down the hall to Melissa's room. I smiled at the nurse and pointed at the door.

"She's going to be asleep for a while," the nurse said to me quietly.

"I can't think of any place I'd rather be," I said. "I want to be the first person she sees when she wakes up." The nurse smiled again and waved as I went into the room. Melissa was lying on her side turned towards me. I pulled the covers closer around her and sat down in the chair beside the bed. she was beautiful even sleeping. That has to come from an inner beauty. God knows Andie was beautiful on the outside, but she looked like a fucking shrew when she was asleep. Somehow when she wasn't conscious her inner ugliness just shone through her mask of sexy facial expressions. As I looked at Melissa's beatific slumbering face the past 16 months just rolled away.

I'm a successful architect, and Andie and I were just moving into a house we'd built. Some of the neighbors were upset about our house at first, because we'd purchased two adjoining lots and torn down the existing ranch styled homes on them. Then we'd built our dream home on the site and re-landscaped it. I guess our house was kind of big compared to the other homes in the neighborhood, but it was the house of our dreams where we could grow old together and someday raise our family.

It took a while for a lot of the neighbors to come around, but Mike and Melissa came over to meet us the very first day we moved in. They lived right next door to us and you could look into their kitchen from our deck. Mike was kind of burly but with a slight paunch, and constantly had a two day beard growth. Melissa was very cheerful and while not in Andie's league was really pretty. Melissa was short at about 5' even and her body while not like Andie's bikini babe tall thin figure was very interesting. She had large breasts and a big round ass. Her waistline unfortunately was also kind of thick. If it hadn't been for that gut, her body would have been incredible.

They brought over pizza and beer, and we spent that first night getting to know them. It was the first of many nights we'd spend either on our deck, in our pool or in our living room. Over the next few months we became the best of friends. Mike and I often went bowling, or golfing on the weekends. We were always driving around in either his pickup truck or my hopped up Mustang GT. I love that car it has custom paint, a Flowmaster exhaust system and too many other modifications to talk about. If you saw the car you'd think it was just like any other Red Mustang with Stripes along the lower body panels. On closer inspection you'd notice that the stripes are the outlines of buildings that I'd designed. It is a beautiful car and I love it to this day. It's going to be weird putting a baby seat in the back, but you do what you have to.

A lot of nights we'd all just hang out either at Mike and Mel's place or at ours. Mike just like every other guy I'd ever known couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of Andie. Whether she was just hanging out in jeans, or in one of her bikinis my wife is an eyeful.

"Have you ever thought about swinging," Mike asked me one night when the women were off doing something.

"We don't have a swing back here, but maybe that's a good idea," I said.

"No ya dope, I'm talking about ... you know trying out someone else's stuff. It can really put the spice back in your relationship. After being married for a long time, even the best relationships can get kind of stale. Even when you're eating steak every night, you sometimes want to try a little chicken or some fish if you know what I mean."

"Nope, I don't know what you mean, I'll see you later Mike," I said getting up. When I got to bed that evening Andie asked me why I was so upset. "Nothing to worry about," I told her. "Mike just said something really stupid."

I rolled over and grabbed Andie and started tickling her. While she laughed uncontrollably, I pulled my fur covered handcuffs from under the pillow, where I'd hidden them. Before Andie realized what was happening I'd snapped one cuff over her left wrist and then wrapped the cuffs around the bedpost and snapped the other cuff around her right wrist.

"What are you doing Eric?" she said. Her eyes were as big as saucers. I reached down and grabbed a thick scarf that I'd laid on the bed. I tied one of her legs to the foot post on the bed and the other to the bed-frame. My beautiful wife was now tied up, spread eagle on our bed. I opened a drawer on the nightstand and pulled out a large feather, and a can of spray lube that was supposed to warm up when blown on or touched.

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