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Desc: Sex Story: When Gail learns about her 14-year-old daughter Jody's dark sexual obsession, she elects to help the girl explore her cravings in a safe environment... a decision that will change their relationship forever.

Dressed and ready for school, fourteen-year-old Jody entered the sunny kitchen one Tuesday morning to find her mother Gail seated at the table, a concerned expression on her face.

"Honey ... we need to talk," Gail said softly.

Jody froze as she glanced down at the table, confronted by the well-worn erotic piercing magazines she had filched from her mother's adult book and sex toy store, which Gail operated downstairs from their apartment.

Jody was frozen to the spot as she felt the blood drain from her face. "W-what--"

"I found these under your mattress when I turned it yesterday, Jody," Gail said. "Would you like to tell me why you took them from the shop?"

Jody's heart sank. Her mother now knew her darkest secret -- her obsession with piercing. She began to tremble with shame, tears filling her eyes. "I ... I d-don't know -- I mean..." she stammered, and suddenly she was crying for real.

"Oh, honey, don't cry," Gail said, rising to put an arm around the trembling girl and guide her into a chair. Jody felt numb all over as she wept into her hands, unable to meet her mother's gaze.

"Now," Gail said, sitting down beside her forlorn daughter, "why don't you tell me all about it? How you feel about... this, honey." She picked up a magazine as she slipped a comforting arm around the young teen's waist.

Gently sobbing, Jody began by telling her mother of her confused longings.

The tale came in fits and starts as Jody haltingly explained her obsession with piercing. The rush of excitement she had first felt at the sight of a woman with metal rings in her nipples, smiling from the cover of a glossy magazine. How the image had lingered in her mind, tantalizing her, compelling her to learn more.

That magazine was the first one she had taken from the shop, smuggling it upstairs under her jacket. That evening, she had pored hungrily through its contents after her mother had gone to bed, utterly enthralled. Jody described how her heart had raced when she saw the photo of a clitoral piercing, the arousal she'd experienced at the knowledge that yes, women even wore jewelry down there. She had masturbated herself to orgasm that night, the magazine spread out on the bed before her.

"Ever since then," Jody sniffled, "I ... I just couldn't stop -- thinking about it."

Gail rocked her daughter tenderly as she spoke, wondering how best to handle this. She would have loved to just tell Jody that she was too young to think about such things, but her own mother had tried that on Gail's teenage cravings with no success. No, if they were to work this out, then some sort of solution had to be found for dealing honestly with her daughter's desires.

Jody lifted her tearstained face to look meekly up at her mother. "I'm s-sorry, Mom," she whimpered.

"I do understand, precious," Gail sighed, gently rocking Jody in her arms. "You have these urges, buried deep inside. And you need to satisfy them so badly that you just can't wait. Then you end up doing all sorts of foolish things, just so you can get some relief," she murmured, her eyes thoughtful as she stroked Jody's hair.

"You're ... n-not mad at me then?" Jody asked through her sniffles.

"No, no. I'm sorry you felt as if you couldn't share this with me, but that's all," Gail murmured, smiling fondly at her daughter. The girl had been growing prettier with each passing day and the thought of Jody exploring her awakening sexuality had Gail feeling strangely light-headed.

"So ... what happens now?" Jody asked hesitantly.

"I guess I'll phone the school and tell them you're not coming in today. Then how about you coming down to the shop with me, and we'll have a look at piercing your nipples?" Gail smiled.

Jody's breath caught and she stared wide-eyed at her mother. "You mean it?" she gasped.

"Sure," Gail chuckled. "Just as long as you don't flaunt them at school or anything. At your age, you can only have it done if a parent signs an approval form anyway," she added, then reached for Jody's hand. "Come on, hon ... let's go downstairs."

The room was exactly as it ever was, and yet it now looked completely different to Jody's excited eyes. It was no longer just the shop her mother owned ... it was now the place where her breasts would feel the sweet fire of being pierced, where a needle would be driven through her virgin nipples.

"You're sure you want to do this, now." her mother asked.

"Certain," Jody nodded emphatically.

"All right," Gail murmured, "then take off your top and your bra, and sit here." She patted a spot on the couch, watching her daughter slide from her blouse and undo her bra. Jody's breasts were small, but flawless, capped with candy-pink nipples. God, she is lovely, Gail thought.

Jody's face and chest were flushed at the thought of what was to about to happen. She sat on the couch, feeling a slight twinge of embarrassment as she thrust her breasts out, the nipples already swollen with anticipation. "I'm ready," she whispered.

Gail gently swiped each of her daughter's nipples with an antiseptic wash. "Hold still, now," she murmured, hefting the gun in her left hand to lay a supporting palm on the right hand side of the firm young breast. The nipple was still standing proudly and the young girl was holding her breath. Gail pressed the trigger and there was a burst of released air as the gun drove the golden stud in.

Jody bit her lip and sobbed. The pain was wrenching in its intensity. She arched her back, savoring the burning sensation that came after the initial hot spike. It filled her chest and brought a soft whimper of pleasure to her lips.

"Okay?" Gail asked as she studied the expression on her daughter's face, amazed that the girl could look so calm and collected just after having her nipple impaled by a golden stud. Blissful, even.

"Yes. I -- I'm ready for the other one," Jody gasped. She thrust her chest forward, gripping the couch on either side as her mother reversed her hands to bring the gun up on the other side. She took a breath and held it, crying with astonished delight as she felt the sudden knife-like thrust of the second stud, piercing her other nipple.

"Oh, Mom!" she gasped, reaching up to cup both breasts while her nipples throbbed hotly. Her heavy breathing gradually slowed, steadied. Finally she lifted a flushed face to meet her mother's eyes. "So ... how soon can I have the rings put in?" Jody murmured, her fingers lightly brushing the inflamed nipples.

"Six days," Gail replied with a smile. "Now get dressed and get out of here. I need to open for business!"

Jody quietly rose and slipped her top on, then picked up the bra, letting it dangle from one hand. "Thank you, Mom," she breathed, reaching for her mother and hugging her close. "I love you." She held Gail for a long moment, then pulled back slightly to give her a soft kiss on the mouth. She smiled dreamily at her mother, then exited by the staircase.

Gail stood there a long time, her lips tingling from Jody's sweet kiss. It had been a long time since anyone had had such a powerful effect on her, but her own child had done it. Now, Gail desperately needed a few minutes on her own before she could do anything else. She quickly unfastened her pants and sat back on the couch, a hand snaking into her panties to fondle her cunt. She had been far too long without making love to a woman, and the sight of Jody's bare breasts was a real thrill, even if they belonged to her own child. The sight of her daughter's pert nipples pierced by gleaming studs, the look of ecstasy on the young girl's face -- these images would remain with Gail for a long, long time.

Gail's breath hissed through clenched teeth as she burst into a convulsive orgasm.

That afternoon after school found Jody at her dressing table, blouse and bra removed as she carefully inspected her pierced nipples. They were still exceedingly tender, yet they looked divine with the little gold studs pressed through their tips. She knew she should leave her nipples alone to let them heal, but she just couldn't keep herself from reaching up to touch them.

Even the lightest of strokes sent thrilling sensations through her breasts, making her breath catch and her eyes dart to the mirror to catch her reflection. She licked her lips, then touched both nipples again. Once again those delicious, dizzying feelings coursed through her chest, making her tremble.

Eyes closed, she spread her legs. Starting just above her knees, she let her fingernails slowly scratch a path along her inner thighs, moving steadily toward the front of her panties. In her mind's eye, she pictured the tips of her breasts ringed and chained, imagined the nipples being pulled by the rings.

Frantic with arousal, Jody slid a hand into her panties to explore her pussy, rubbing the heated flesh fiercely as her breath quickened. Within seconds she sobbed and doubled over her rubbing hand, gasping as she came.

Gail switched off the news with a flick of the remote, and both women rose from the couch. Jody kissed her mother, whispered a soft "Good night, Mom," then went to her room to prepare for bed.

She was just about to remove her top when there came a soft tapping on her door. "Come in," she called.

Her mother entered. "I just wanted to make sure you're all right," Gail said, almost apologetically. "How do the studs feel?"

"They feel fine," Jody murmured, blushing a bit as she pulled off her top to bare her breasts.

Gail stepped closer to place a warm hand on Jody's breast, strangely excited at how lovely the soft globe felt to the touch. Then she was stroking them, unable to resist. Hardly believing what she was doing, Gail took a golden stud between her fingertips and gently twisted it, a shock of arousal pulsing through her body as she heard Jody gasp.

"Does it hurt?" Gail asked.

Jody nodded, eyes intent on her mother's fingers. "But it feels good, too," she murmured, willing her mother to do it again.

Gail did just that, feeling a wicked thrill as she watched her daughter react, listened to the sharp intake of breath while the girl's soft white thighs tightened against each other.

"Yes, they feel fine," Gail mumbled, her heart pounding in her chest. She pulled her hands away and fastened her eyes elsewhere -- anywhere but her daughter's lovely breasts. When did she become so ... so perfect? she wondered.

"Should I, um, rub some ointment into them, do you think?" Jody asked timidly.

Gail turned back to look at the fourteen-year-old. The girl seemed to be waiting for her to say or do something, eyes pleading.

"It couldn't hurt," she agreed.

"Can you help me with it, Mom?" Jody asked timidly, but with a smile. She had a tube in her hand and was holding it out towards her mother.

Gail watched as her trembling hand took the tube, biting her lip nervously as Jody leaned back against the dressing table, the gold studs gleaming in the bedroom light. Gail couldn't swallow, and her pussy was quickly growing moist.

Shaking her head slightly to clear it, Gail gently dabbed a little ointment onto each breast, then put the tube down so she could use both hands in rubbing the smooth gel onto Jody's firm nipples. "You have to tell me if I'm doing it too hard," Gail said softly, her heart hammering in her chest, even as she tried to hide her growing excitement.

"It's f-fine," Jody breathed.

It's more than fine, the girl told herself -- it's tremendous. Her mother's fingers were pinching and twisting each nipple in turn, pulling on the tender buds and making a warm, exquisite ache fill her chest.

"You're sure," Gail asked, her eyes riveted to her daughter's flushed face.

Jody closed her eyes as a sudden orgasm swept through her, unable to stifle a gasp of ecstasy as sweet fire bloomed and flowed beneath her belly. It receded quickly, and she panted for breath, aware that Mom's fingers were no longer touching her breasts. Jody opened her eyes to meet those of her mother, understanding flowing between them before Gail licked her lips and nodded.

"Get a good night's sleep," she told her daughter, then placed a soft, lingering kiss on Jody's mouth before exiting the room.

Time passed slowly for Jody, and those six days seemed to take forever.

Now, at last, the wait was over -- and Gail invited Jody downstairs to the store, to choose from the different rings that were available to her.

"I can pick any of them?" Jody asked as she stared at the collection with wide-eyed excitement.

"Absolutely any," Gail told her with a maternal smile.

In the end, Jody choose a pair of small, slender rings that looked very cute and feminine hanging from her nipples.

"What do you think?" Jody asked her mother as she stood before Gail topless, the shiny rings winking in the light.

"Simply adorable," Gail murmured. She'd done countless nipple piercings in the past, but Jody was something special. Perhaps it was the smallness of her breasts, or the cuteness of her pert pink nipples -- maybe the taboo thrill of touching her daughter's bare body. Whatever the reason, she found herself staring at the shiny rings, wanting to fondle them once more. Helpless to resist, she stepped closer, thoughtfully studying Jody's chest.

"They're not too tight, then?" she asked, feigning concern in order to reach up and turn one ring through its hole in her tender flesh.

Jody shook her head, unwilling to trust her voice as she once more experienced the thrill of having her nipples touched by Mom. She looked down, head spinning as she watched the rings being turned through her piercings. She licked her lips, her cheeks burning as her mother's breath quickened.

"What do you like best?" Gail said softly, her daughter's rings held lightly between her fingers.

"P-pulling. Twisting," Jody whispered, all but trembling with excitement.

"Like ... this?" her mother breathed, fingers tugging gently at the golden hoops.

Jody bit her lip and nodded, a sob escaping her lips. Glorious sensations lanced through her body as she arched and groaned, her hands tightening on the couch as her pussy came suddenly alive.

"Harder," she urged her mother as the initial pain subsided to a warm glow. "Oh, please, harder..."

Scarcely able to breathe, Gail pulled still harder and, as her daughter cried out, turned the rings to twist Jody's swollen nipples.

"Mom!" Jody sobbed, gritting her teeth as white heat surged through her nipples, rippling down her body and between her thighs. She cried out once more, a high-pitched mew escaping her lips as she climaxed. She panted and gasped from pleasure, finally slumping back on the couch. Breathlessly, she whispered "Thank you, Mom."

"I love how it feels when I play with my own rings like that," Gail sighed dreamily. "It makes my nipples feel so warm."

Jody's startled eyes popped open. "Mom -- your nipples are pierced, too?"

"Of course, baby," Gail smiled. Outwardly calm, her heart pounded as she casually asked, "Would you like to see... ?"

Her face flushed slightly, Jody began to speak, then simply nodded her head.

Gail reached for the bottom of her shirt and tugged it over her head. She wore no bra, and her breasts stood proudly.

Jody's eyes grew wide as she studied her mother's nakedness. Gail wore a ruby stud in each nipple, and they seemed to wink at the teen as she drew closer. "Wow," she breathed.

"It's all right," Gail murmured, trying to hide the excitement in her voice. "You can touch them if you want."

Jody slowly extended her hand to her mother's right breast, taking the shiny stud between her fingers, studying it. Unable to restrain her curiosity, she tugged at it gently.

"Mmmm," sighed Gail. "I like that."

"Do you?" Jody whispered, her mouth dry. She tugged again, harder this time.

"Ooohhhh..." her mother moaned. She placed a trembling hand on her daughter's arm. "Do the other one too, baby. It feels lovely..."

Hardly believing that she was touching own her mother's nipples, Jody took hold of the other stud and began to pull and twist at them both.

Gail's eyes closed and her mouth fell open as sweet sensations pulsed through her breasts. Unable to restrain her sudden need, she slid a hand between her thighs, pressing the palm against her now throbbing vulva.

Jody's head spun. God, this was incredible -- she was helping her own mother get off! She knew that this wasn't the kind of game parents and children should play together, but somehow it felt so sweet, so right. Mom had just made her feel good, so why couldn't she return the favor? Granted, it did feel strange to watch Mom rub her pussy ... but it was cool, too, like they were both bonding in a special way. She twisted Gail's nipples once again, this time harder than before.

A moan burst from Gail's throat as a sudden orgasm tore through her body. She bit her lip, swaying in place, overcome with pleasure.

After a moment her eyes opened and she breathed, "That was ... wonderful, honey. Thank you so much." She drew Jody into her arms and hugged her child lovingly. Their bare breasts pressed together, and Gail sighed happily at how nice that felt. God, she was getting turned on all over again...

She pulled away, reaching for her top. "Come on, now -- let's get dinner ready."

They dressed in silence, then in a small voice, Jody said "Mom? Do you think I'm weird?"

As if suddenly waking to what they had just done, Gail paused for a moment, then smiled, reaching for her daughter's hand. "No, hon," she murmured, giving it an affectionate squeeze. "Or if you are, then it's just part of what makes you special." Then she gave Jody a concerned look. "You will be careful, though, won't you? I don't want you harming that lovely body of yours for a moment's pleasure."

"I won't," Jody blushed. It should have felt strange, talking about sexual needs with her mother -- and yet it felt completely natural, just like the pleasures they had shared moments ago. She made a sudden decision.

"Mom," she asked timidly, "Can I have my, um, pussy pierced too?"

"Your pussy?" Gail gasped. Oh, God. Her fourteen-year-old daughter's adolescent sex. Gail's head reeled as she thought of having the young girl seated on the couch, thighs spread wide to display her cunt. She imagined how soft it would be, its rich scent, the delicate contours and folds...

"Mom?" Jody's voice broke into her reverie.

"I don't know, darling. It's not something that can be undone later in life, you know," Gail said hesitantly.

"I know that," Jody blushed. "Only, it would make it easier to..." she murmured, "you know -- to get m-myself off."

"And not everyone is built to be pierced down there, honey." Gail said slowly. That wasn't strictly true, but it would give her a reason to examine her daughter first.

"Do you want to have a look?" Jody asked. "I don't mind." The idea of displaying her pussy to her mother so openly felt kind of weird, but she wanted so badly to wear a ring in her sex, one she could pull and twist.

"Are you sure you want this, Jody?" Gail asked, taking hold of her daughter's shoulders and peering firmly into her brown eyes.

"Yes!" Jody nodded, her heart galloping, legs quivering with excitement.

Gail had run her sex shop long enough to know that what she was feeling right then wasn't normal. She took a deep breath, but it didn't ease the tightness in her throat and belly. Her face burnt as she realised she was aroused, a deep-banked warmth glowing between her thighs at the thought of piercing her daughter's sex.

But she didn't want to stop there, she now understood. The craving she had went far beyond that. She wanted to touch her daughter in ways a mother shouldn't. To kiss her like a lover. To lie with her naked.

She took a long, trembling breath to clear away these unwanted thoughts ... but this time, they refused to budge. "Let's see if we're able to, then," she heard herself say. "Go ahead, honey. Get undressed."

Jody tried not to let her hands shake as she quickly undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor, then reached for the waistband of her panties. Not daring to look at her mother, she peeled them down her slender hips to her feet, then slowly sat on the couch and parted her legs. Only then did she look toward Gail, the breath aching in her lungs as she felt her pussy tingle and pulse.

Gail sat and wheeled her chair forward, brown slightly furrowed in concentration. Her daughter's sex was a breathtaking sight -- the labia darkened with arousal, golden blond hairs framing the slight gap of her vulva, the nubbin of her clitoris protruding just enough to be seen. Gail reached out to part the girl's legs just a little further, and Jody's cunt opened slightly, revealing glistening pink flesh.

"What sort of piercing do you want?" Gail breathed, desperate to conceal the all-enveloping desire she felt.

Jody licked her lips as she reached between her legs to carefully part her dewy folds, breath quickening as she completely exposed herself to her mother. "I thought maybe a little ring, through here," she replied, timidly touching the hood of her clit.

Gail tore her eyes away from Jody's sex to look into the teen's rosy-cheeked face. "Now you know, honey, that if I do that, you'll feel the ring constantly when you move?" she asked. She felt another surge of unwanted lust as the young girl nodded. "All right, then ... we'll do it tomorrow night, after I close up the shop. Go ahead and get dressed."
As Gail watched Jody slide her panties up those slender legs, she imagined how a butterfly would look, tattooed on the soft skin of her daughter's inner thigh. Or perhaps a little hummingbird with its beak open, as if quenching its thirst from the moist flower above it.

Jody reclined on the couch with her knees hanging apart, her legs held underneath by stirrups. Her heart pounded with anticipation, raw arousal making her pussy moist and very sensitive.

Gail was looking at her daughter's vulva beneath a powerful light. She had to, in order to pierce the girl correctly. And the gun wouldn't do -- for this job, hand tools were needed to penetrate the tender flesh.

Jody nibbled at her lower lip, quivering inside as she sensed her slit growing moist. What would her mother be thinking, seeing her sexually excited by the thought of the pain that would soon be lancing through her? Closing her eyes, she tried to think of something, anything else.

"Just relax, Jody," she heard her mother murmur while gentle fingers opened her cunt. One finger traced the hood of her clitoris, then a sudden blast of cold spray against her vulva made the teen squeal and jerk where she sat.

"Easy," her mother's voice admonished. It was firm and cool, in total command yet somehow soothing. But Jody was still tense, palms moist where they gripped the couch.

It came without warning, a sudden and fierce heat lancing deep into her belly. Jody cried out, back arching as it seared its way into her. Wide-eyed, she felt an orgasm smash its way through every inch of her rigid body -- and she gasped breathlessly in surprise. Then another climax followed on the heels of the first as a second stabbing pain impaled her. She shook helplessly, holding onto the couch for dear life.

Then her mother was rising, looking down with a lovely big smile, handing her a mirror so she could look down and see the result. Jody's eyes widened as she saw the delicate little gold ring that had already been inserted, just millimeters from her clit. The flesh was a darker pink and visibly inflamed near the point of entry, but otherwise she seemed just the same.

"Thank you, Mom," she whispered, intoxicated by the look of it.

Gail placed a warm hand on Jody's naked thigh. "Perhaps I should do what I used to do when you were little, and you cut yourself," she murmured, heart hammering.

"What -- what was that?" Jody breathed, continuing to stare at herself, spellbound by the way the ring lay just above where her clitoris would extend, hidden within her labia unless she lightly pulled on it.

"Why, a kiss, of course," Gail grinned as if joking.

Lifting her head, Jody gaped at her mother, her mouth hanging open in shock and surprise. She can't possibly mean...

And Gail knelt before Jody as a fluid excitement rushed and roared through her body. She'd never known greater anticipation as, her eyes locked on those of her daughter, she slowly bent towards her Jody's nubile sex, lips parting.

"Oh, my darling," she whispered, her breath caressing the soft, pliant flesh she was nearing.

Jody sobbed and bucked her hips, coming the instant her mother's warm lips touched her sex, the wet mouth kissing away the pain to leave her glowing happily, a dull but satisfying ache between her legs.

Jody stayed in bed the following day. It hurt a bit when she tried to walk, and it stung when she urinated. Otherwise it was something she could forget about by reading, or doing her homework.

Her mother came in regularly to see how she was -- and there had been an embarrassing moment when Jody had waited with her legs spread apart, hoping her mother would offer to kiss her down there again. But Mom had just patted her shoulder and left. Jody had felt her ears burn as she quickly tugged the covers back up.

Every couple of hours she delicately rubbed some of the ointment she'd been given into the piercing, the lightest of touches making her excited and wet.

She was looking at one of her piercing magazines, studying the photograph of a young woman just a few years older than she was, proudly wearing a full set of rings in her labia. The sight made Jody tingle from head to toe, especially between her thighs.

Jody reached down to fondle her vulva, taking special care not to touch the still tender clitoris. She allowed her fingertip to slip inside the opening of her vagina, cautiously at first, then began to move that finger around in tight little circles.

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