Aunt May

by RonBo

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Billy screws up and his Aunt decides to spank him leading to sex and a spanking of the aunt. Later Billy's girlfriend becomes involved.

I found this story hidden away and converted it to a PC file. I wrote this when I was in my late teens or early twenties. I am not a writer but this story did arouse me and you may enjoy it also.

spank incest anal oral and other stuff.

Don't read this if you are offended by sex or it is illegal where you live.

Part I

I once got spanked by my aunt. I remember it well. I was fifteen and spent the entire summer at the shore with my aunt, uncle and their three year old daughter. That's why I was there, to give them a break once in a while. I babysat little Alice whenever they went out. I spent the whole day at the beach screwing around and babysat three or four nights a week so they could go out. I met a lot of great looking chicks that summer.

I screwed up bad during July. I was more interested in the girl's I was meeting than my 'job'. While I was making out with a new friend one night the baby fell out of the crib and broke her leg. The whole night was a mess. Trying to get a hold of my Aunt May and Uncle Ray. The ride to the hospital. The screaming and crying.

Around midnight my aunt and I left with my friend Pat, leaving Uncle Ray to spend the night with little Alice.

After we dropped off my friend Pat, the door to the car no sooner closed than my Aunt May started lecturing about my responsibilities and my failure to achieve them.

Knowing that I had screwed up royally I kept my mouth shut the entire ride home. When we arrived and entered the cottage I thought she would leave me alone, but Aunt May kept on me hard. I apologized several times and finally walked away from her and went to my room and closed the door.

The door was closed for less than ten seconds when Aunt May threw it opened and said. "You're not getting off that easy. I'm going to beat you until you understand what you've done." She grabbed me by the shirt-sleeve and threw me across the room. I landed against the wall not knowing what to do. My Aunt was a slim lady much shorter that myself but I knew fighting her off would be more trouble in the end than playing a passive role.

She told me to drop my jeans because she was going to punish me. I did as she said trying to pacify her. I took my jeans off and stood in front of her in my tee shirt and jockey shorts. She leaned over, sweat covering her forehead, and slipped my belt from the loops of my jeans. She stood in from of me and said. "I'm going to teach you responsibility, young man."

She was perspiring badly by now. Her white silk blouse was glued to her upper torso. I could see the image of her bra showing through the saturated material. Looking straight at me she unbuttoned her blouse, removed it, wiped the beads of perspiration from her upper torso with it, then threw the crumpled blouse on the floor.

She was standing there, in her tight jeans, half naked above the waist, holding my belt and looking me in the eyes. Her bra covered, but didn't cover, her breasts and as I stared at them I could feel my cock twitching and growing in response. By the time she told me to remove my underwear for a good spanking I had a full hard on.

I was horny enough that I felt no shame dropping my shorts and exposing a raging erection. I could not tell if Aunt May even noticed that I had six inches hard teen age cock standing at attention between my legs. She told me to bend over and grab my ankles, which I did.

She began spanking my bare bottom with my own belt. It hurt and felt good at the same time. The harder she hit my ass with that belt the harder my cock became. When she stopped I stood up with my prick, standing at full attention, dripping clear juice heavily from the pee hole. She stared directly at my hard cock and quickly brought the belt down on it's head. The pain was intense but surprisingly did nothing to relieve the aching hard on I had. Without thinking of the consequences I grabbed Aunt May's hand and relieved her of the belt with my left hand, and with the right I grasped one of her bra covered tits and squeezed it gently. I put my hot lips against her soft and protesting mouth. She attempted to pull away but I held her tightly after a minute she returned the kiss and, at the same time, cupped one of my naked buns in her small right hand.

I pushed her down to her knees so that she was eye level with my blood engorged cock. Using one hand to rub my prick across Aunt May's face I grabbed her hair tightly with my other hand and said. "Your turn to be embarrassed Auntie May." Holding her head tightly with one hand I used my other hand, gripped tightly around my cock, to force myself into her mouth. She tried to pull away but without much force as if she wanted what I was offering.

I stood there with my aunt kneeling in front of me with all of my hard prick jammed into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of power. I fed her my cock, stroke after stroke, without a protest from her. The warmth and wetness of her mouth pushing me close to a climax. I didn't want to cum just yet so I stopped thrusting myself into her hot mouth and ordered her to her feet and to my surprise she obeyed immediately, without the slightest hesitation.

She was no longer in charge and she knew it. I reached behind her and undid her bra. She blushed crimson as her bra slid from her sweaty torso and fell to the floor, uncovering her small ripe breasts. I caressed her naked tits with both my hands, concentrating on the hard nipples and told her. "You're thirty years old but you are going to kneel in front of your fifteen year old nephew and suck his cock for as long as he wants."

"Yes." was all she said. I commanded her again and watched carefully as she took off her pants and pulled down her panties. When she was standing naked in front of me I fondled her softly all over with absolutely no resistance from her, finally slipping one finger through her thick pubic hair to her love nest finding her slit moist with her juices.

Then I told her. "Get on your knees and blow me." She kneeled in front of me immediately, saying for the second time a quiet "Yes." She grabbed my cock in one hand and brought it to her lips. "Fuck my mouth!" she said. I pushed my cock in her mouth until it would go no further, then pulled it out very slowly. I did this several times before Aunt May grabbed me tightly by my the ass and forced my cock in and out of her mouth rapidly.

As my cream spurted wildly from my prick into her hot mouth I yelled. "Oh yes, suck that fuckin' cream out. Eat my juice bitch. Swallow it all."

She remained kneeling with my softening cock still in her mouth. "From now on Auntie May, when my cock needs relief you will suck me off." As she looked up at me I could see her hot mouth still encompassing my softening prick.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock reluctantly and said "Yes, I know."

I found out later that in the eight years they were married my aunt had never sucked on my uncle's cock. He thought it was perverted and would not even discuss it. I had found out by accident that Aunt May had strong submissive tendencies that no one had ever explored. Throughout the rest of the summer I took advantage of the situation when ever I was alone with her. Can you imagine the power I felt at fifteen having a good looking woman, twice my age, under my control? She would do anything I asked except let me fuck her. She and my uncle were trying to have another baby at the time.

At my insistence we slept together that night. Aunt May woke me early the next morning so we could go and pick up Alice and Uncle Ray. She was already showered and dressed in a prim summery dress. I was still naked under the sheet and had my usual morning erection. Last night was like a dream that I didn't know how to get back to. She was acting like my aunt again and I wasn't sure how much control I had left. As she was asking me what I wanted for breakfast I threw back the sheets and sat up on the edge of the bed. My cock was at full attention and I was a little embarrassed sitting there naked with my fully dressed aunt in the room. When she stopped speaking in mid sentence and looked directly between my legs I knew I was still in control.

I stroked myself lightly and said. "Come here and have your breakfast." She stayed where she was and told me we didn't have time for that. Continuing to stroke my cock I told her. "Get over here and suck my pecker." With only a slight hesitation she walked over to me and kneeled between my outstretched legs. Somehow it excited me even more with her kneeling there still fully clothed. She pushed my hand off my cock and bent her head and kissed the head of my prick softly. She gripped my erection lightly in one hand and began licking me.

I began speaking to her softly as she stroked and licked my hard teenage cock. "That's nice. Put it in your mouth now so I can shoot a big load down your throat." She put just the head of my slippery cock in her wet mouth and stroked it faster with her hand. "That feels good." I said as I watched her sucking and stroking it. She was making low moaning noises obviously enjoying what she was doing. " My ass is still sore from last night. At the first opportunity I'm going to put you on the receiving end of my belt."

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