Finding Happiness After Love Dies

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Ronnies first marriage dies with a death of disinterest. He divorces and rebuilds his life with the help of a divorced woman living near him. Follow him as he finds new love, remarries and raises a second family in love.

I pushed myself away from my desk in frustrated boredom. I am sick of this job and the people I have to work with. Almost all of them are lazy and work harder to get out of their assigned work than they would if they actually did it. The first fifteen years I had worked here I did my work then went around and took work off other's desks to help, to be a team player. It got to where they would just drop folders off on my desk even if it were assigned to them. It has gotten to where if I even touch someone else's work file they try to make like it was my assigned work and want me to take care of it. It doesn't even seem to matter to the lazy bastards that I am management now. They try to foist their work off on their peers or even on me-anyone just so they don't have to do it. I have tried to straighten the slackers up but higher-level management won't let me. I was working on firing one of the employees and the union got involved. The office manager called me into his office and tore up her poor performance documentation in front of me then said, "Ron you are documenting substandard performance of a beautiful female union Steward that rumor has it is screwing our area director. We don't want or need the headaches this would cause. Just let it drop."

I felt my anger rise then forced myself to let it go. I said, "Fine but we'll be sorry it came to this. I have noticed things are getting worse out there and she is the worst of them all. If we don't stop the decline in work production and accuracy we will be in big trouble with higher headquarters. Even if they are the ones who say let this continue they will blame us for the problems with quality and production." We sat and visited a few more moments about work and non-work things then I returned to my office.

After I got myself settled once more in my desk chair I allowed myself to reminisce about the problem facing us. About five years ago, even before I was promoted to supervisor, I almost quit helping others cold turkey. I had my work section reassigned several times because the employees I worked with convinced a gullible manager I must have had an easier section because I was always current. I tried to no avail to convince them it was because I came to work and started at starting time instead of spending nearly the first hour visiting. I always worked "smart" and steadily, as rapidly as I could accurately work. Doing this I even managed to get more than my pro rata share of work done.

Four years ago the current manager was assigned to this office. As soon as he arrived the Union Rep convinced him I once again had the easier section of work and asked him to realign workload. He did so as one of his first actions upon assuming his current job. About a year after that my peers tried once more to get work sections changed. By then not only was I doing more than my pro rata share of the work on the floor but I was also doing a significant percentage of his work. This time the manager did his research. It turned out that of three specialists that worked the same type cases I did I was turning out 43% of the work. My assigned workload came to almost 38%. The manager refused to change the assignments and the employees blamed me for being a kiss ass.

I had no friends at work and few otherwise because in addition to my civilian job I was in the Army Reserve. I was a Major and had a Staff assignment. It was not just one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer like the commercials would have you believe. Oh, I suppose it was for the lower ranking personnel but I had risen too high for that statement to be accurate in my case. I was usually away from home at least two and sometimes three weekends a month. Last year I had been away from home 100 days for the reserves. Of course you can see by that I missed a lot of work in my civilian job for military purposes. That, of course, did not endear me to my employer but by now I just didn't care. Since I enjoyed the military work I took the time if it was offered. I volunteered for assignments and if I got orders I went.

My home life suffered because of my unhappiness with my civilian job and because of the time I spent gone for military duty. It didn't help that my wife Beulah was also in a job she disliked. Both of us were well up in the salary scale however and life, when we could find the time to enjoy it, was good. I made over $60000 per year and my wife made in the mid $50's. I made almost $1500 per month from the military on average also. We could afford all the expensive things we wanted but we didn't purchase many. Why bother, we never had the time to play with or use nice toys anyway. We rarely got to take a long trip or even a short one for that matter unless it was business related. Everything we owned was paid for and we were socking money away faster than scat.

As the years progressed we had very little time together. At first when we were in college and just after we were very much in love and spent every waking moment we could together, many of them in bed. It wasn't unusual to have sex 7 days a week and many times twice a day. Beulah and I were both highly sexed and weren't afraid to enjoy ourselves.

Beulah was absolutely beautiful. She was 5'9" tall with perfect C cup tits and a set of legs and ass to die for. When we weren't at work she usually followed my request to wear short skirts, thin button front blouses and no underwear. It didn't matter whether we were at home or at play that is the way I wanted her to dress and she did so. It kept us both horny and her available to fuck whenever we could find a secluded enough spot. Over the years Beulah and I fucked in bars, parks, theaters, boats, cars etc. If we could do it and be safe from arrest we fucked if the mood struck us no matter the location. One time we were visiting at a friend's home and I pulled her onto my lap facing me and we fucked in the dim light while we visited. Beulah was having her orgasm before our friends realized we were making love. They were so excited they went into their bedroom for a quickie. Doing that enhanced our sex life for weeks afterward. We never had sex or even played with others however. There was no need for others in our bed. We were adventurous enough, in love enough that we were all the other needed or wanted.

Unfortunately, as we aged, especially after the birth of our son Charles time for sex began to become harder to find. The fact that we were both rising to positions of greater responsibility in our jobs (and the reserves for me) also reduced the time we had together.

We worked in different occupations, different companies and even on opposite sides of town. We had a nice large home with swimming pool but rarely got to use it or our beautiful patio.

After work I always rushed home and begin working on something for the reserves, doing the yard work or making needed repairs. Many nights I would beat Beulah home and prepare the meal for the family. Many evenings Beulah would work late or go out with her friends or both. It was rare as the years passed that we were both home in the evenings before bedtime. I became the primary parent for childcare for our son Charles. Naturally with this schedule we had little time to talk and reconnect. Sex was reduced once again as were most of our other intimacies.

Many times I would wake up, shower, dress and go to work before Beulah even woke up. We had separate alarms and made use of them routinely. I normally started at 7 a.m. and Beulah at 9 a.m. I got off work at 4 p.m. and Beulah at 6.

It was Monday August 21st the year Charles was 20, the year Beulah was 40 and I was 42 when it all broke down. Everyone was up early that morning; Charlie was leaving for his third year of college that morning and he wanted breakfast as a family before he left. He said, "Thanks for getting up with me. I know you are both busy and I wanted to be with you as a family at least once this summer before I left. I probably won't be home until Christmas this year and I wanted this time with you." He opened his mouth to say something else then with a sad look he closed it and began eating. He looked from his mother to me and seemed so sad. I felt worry eating at my heart and stomach. I knew our son felt our love, our marriage, even our family crumbling around us.

I finally asked, "What is it Son? You look worried."

"Nothing. I just feel like ... well sorta empty I guess. I suppose I'm just worrying about nothing but things just don't feel right any more."

Beulah didn't say anything as we talked. She just sat and drank her coffee, eating the bagel she had prepared for her breakfast and reading the damn book she always had with her. It was almost as if her mind was 1000 miles away. When Charles pushed his plate back and rose to leave she barely looked up. She said, "Goodbye Charlie. Be careful." She then turned her head back down to her romance novel.

I felt my anger rise and looked at Beulah. She was totally ignoring us and I started to say something to her about that. I didn't when I felt a touch on my arm. I looked up and saw Charles shaking his head 'no'. He refrained from starting anything with her this morning too. I rose from my seat and followed Charlie out of the house. We stood by Charlie's truck for a moment visiting. I told him how proud of him I was. We talked a little longer then Charlie said, "Well, guess I'd better get on the road. I love you Dad." He stepped to me and gave me a tight hug.

Charlie turned and started to get into his truck then he said, "Dad, I understand. You need to do something. You need to get a life and get happy again." He never looked back at me. He just finished getting into his truck, started it and left.

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