Running Into Trouble

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Jennie Salton is assaulted while doing her morning run; she is aided in capturing the thief by a nearby policeman, Sammy Conte. What she didn't realize was that this was the beginning of a life time romance.

Jennie settled into a moderate stride for her morning run. She was moving briskly along the lake front with trees all around. There were a few people out but not too many. She was enjoying the exercise, enjoying pushing herself and the feeling of the exertion.

Running was one of her pleasures; it had been all the way back into her high school years. She began her day with it as often as not. These days she'd taken to running in the park by the lake, where the scenery was so gorgeous. She had an iPod that was providing the kind of music that she liked to run to. It ran mostly to Clapton and such. It was good music to get your stride moving to.

Jennie Salton led a fairly simple life. She reveled in the fact that she was doing what she wanted to do. As long as she could remember she'd wanted to be a lawyer. Her parents at first thought it was just a fantasy that she'd dreamed up and would never be serious about but Jennie did have one trait that was one of her foremost: an ability to stick to decisions that she'd made.

She was always grateful for the fact that her Mom and Dad had seen her through law school and successfully a member of the bar before their accident took them both from her, leaving her fairly well off but very lonely.

There had been, in her search for the fulfillment of her goal to become a lawyer precious little time for 'romance' but Jennie kept her goal in front of her and didn't allow the lack of an outstanding social life bother her.

At the age of 32 she had already practiced law for almost seven years, and found that she was good at it. She'd landed a decent job in a very good local firm right out of law school and had become a valued member of the group ever since.

One of the benefits of her love to run was that it kept her weight down to where she wanted it. She was fairly small breasted, 34 c, and, fitting a kind of mould that is present in a number of women, was larger in the butt. (At least she thought that she had a big butt.) Her running helped to keep all of that in check. (If the truth were told by the outside observer, Jennie's butt was both wonderful and one of her very best assets but she didn't always view it that way.) For her run that day, she was sporting a new pair of black, spandex running pants. She had been initially torn about buying them and wearing them but they were the style and she was trying to overcome her shyness and thoughts about her butt, so she wore them to run today. It was also part of Jennie's way to face a problem, image problem or otherwise, totally head on.

"If people think my butt is too big," she'd said to herself, "Then let them not look!"

She paused her run for a few moments. She needed to select more music from her iPod, which was tucked in a small packet with her wallet. She took the packet out to redo the music, when it happened.

The kid had apparently been watching because as soon as Jennie's iPod and wallet were out and, for that moment, vulnerable, he flashed in and grabbed it and ran.

Two things happened then at the same time. Over his shoulder, with a snicker, the kid shouted to Jennie:

"Lady, you've got a big ass."

At the same time a cop car had stopped on the road and the cop, getting out to simply survey the scene at the lake front before walking it a bit, saw what happened.

Patrolman Sammy Conte, about to be a sergeant, was cruising and was about to take his morning turn at the lake front, when he saw the grab and run occur. He took off in a direction that would allow him to head the thief off.

The comment from the punk was all that Jennie needed. She'd been a sprinter for the college women's track team and had held honors for her ability in that field. She took off after him.

He looked over his shoulder grinning at her and the grin faded immediately, when he saw that the lady was not only running after him but gaining on him steadily.

She was almost up to him, when she said to him:

"Big ass, huh?" and reached out for him.

Just then the punk, the cop and Jennie collided and tumbled together in one huge rolling pile. The punk, out of sheer desperation, recovered first, and began to spring to his feet, as Sammy Conte and Jennie both stirred into action. Sammy made a grab for the kid but Jennie growled:

"I have a big ass, huh?" and grabbed the kid securely by the nuts.

The punk's cry was almost cosmic, as Jennie not only had him by the balls but both tugged and squeezed.

Sammy was laughing so hard that it was almost impossible to get the cuffs on the kid but Jennie was in a rage:

"Do I have a big ass, punk?" she demanded, and accompanied that by one more squeeze.

"No, no, no, lady, nice ass, nice ass! You're gonna rip them off, please."

"Uh, ma'am," Sammy said, "I've got control of him now. You can let him go."

It was only the voice, fairly calm for all of the rough stuff that had just gone on, of the policeman that brought Jennie around.

"Oh, yes," she said, letting go of the kid's balls.

Sammy was still grinning as he gave Jennie a hand to help her up from the pavement. She ignored the hand and sprang up herself.

"Let me just secure him in the cruiser and then I'll talk to you," Sammy said.

"Fine," Jennie replied and took up her iPod and wallet and re attached them to the belt where they normally were secured. She also got out her phone and called her office, she was relieved that it was a light morning and she could afford to be late a bit.

She told the secretary and receptionist that she'd be late, and then briefly explained why!

Then the big cop was back; he was still grinning.

'You're smiling officer!" Jennie said, almost in an accusing voice.

"Well, yes, uh, ma'am; it's just such a treat to see a punk like that get an ass kicking from a 'victim'," he said, smiling.

"It's Jennie," she said, holding her hand out. "Jennie Salton."

The cop got a strange look on his face for a moment but Jennie was a person who noticed such personal traits.

"Officer?" she asked.

"Sorry, ma'am," he began to say.

"It's Jennie," she interrupted.

"I know," was his answer. "My wife's name! Lovely name."

"Thank you," she said.

He asked her then to go through what had happened. She gave a description of the incident, not omitting the kid's comment about her 'big ass'.

The policeman grinned.

"Smiling again, Officer Conte?" Jennie said warily.

"Sorry, ma'am, uh, Jennie," he said. "Allow me to say that you're butt is nothing short of perfect!"

He was obviously embarrassed as soon as he said it. Jennie smiled and said:

"No, I'm not going to report you for commenting on my ass, especially, when the comment was such a nice one. I'm not even going to report you to your own Jennie!" she conclude, with a smile.

Almost automatically he said, with pain in his voice, not thinking before he said it:

"My Jennie died of cancer a year ago."

Now it was Jennie's turn to be embarrassed: "I'm truly sorry for what I said; I meant no disrespect, Officer Conte," she said.

"It's Sammy!" he said and then: "I know that, Jennie. Maybe I'd better just get this information."

When the information was finally all gathered, Sammy said that he'd take the kid to the station, and that someone would be in touch with her about testifying.

"I hope you will," he said, "It's the only way to put a stop to these kind of ugly incidents."

"Oh, I will," Jennie said, "I'm a trial lawyer and won't let this slide."

"I thought that I recognized the name, Salton," Sammy said.

Jennie gave him a serious look and said: "Officer Conte,"

He interjected: "Sammy!"

"Sammy," she said then, "I apologize for making the comment about your Jennie."

"It's not a problem!" he said, "It's still so much a shock at times. But I need to get going here."

"I'm going to finish my run," she said.

"Shall I stay to make sure you're okay?" he asked.

"Are you going to stay so that you can watch me run away?" she came back with a grin on her face.

"Well," Sammy quipped at her, "I just want to make sure that his information, you know about your ... Uh ... Was wrong."

She gave him a sly smile and began her run again, saying over her shoulder:

"Bye, Officer Conte!"

Sammy Conte said, so that she could hear him: "Definitely wrong!"

Jennie grinned at him, as she left.

"He's a cutie!" she said to herself, as she ran along the lake front.

She got a hero's welcome at the office, where someone had heard the report on the scanner, and they'd discovered the details.

They were clapping and cheering, when she walked in, all of them, even the chief partner, gathered in the lobby of their suite.

Jennie blushed and made a curtsey to them all.

One of the younger lawyers asked:

"Did you really grab him by the balls, Jen?"

"I did!" she asserted, "He said that I had a big butt! That was unnecessary!"

They roared at the news that she'd given and she was taken into the coffee room where they all had coffee with her before settling down to work.

When everyone was back at work, Mr. Meers, the chief partner, was still there and said to her:

"That must have been a bit of a fright, Jennie!"

"It was but the adrenaline got me through it," she said.

"Fortunate that Officer Conte was there," was his next comment. She agreed with that totally.

"Good cop, apparently," he continued, "He's to be made a sergeant next week, I hear."

"Really?" Jennie asked, then thought and said: "Maybe I should go to the ceremony to show some support."

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