Xenia Series
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, BDSM, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - First of a series

I sat at the key board, staring at the monitor for the 10th time today. "That slave ad. I just have to try it. It's online. I can quit anytime I want to." I clicked the ad and "Master" answered. "So, you want to be a slave, do you?"

"Sounds like a how to book I laughed to myself. "Yes, I'd like to be your slave. The thought is so exciting and sensual." Some unknown fully clothed man's slave. THAT is sexy.

We exchanged names and discussed sex slavery and masters. I told him I really wanted to find out if being a man's sex slave was going to work for me and him.

"So, as my slave you will follow my orders. You are only to sign in naked and with your cam on. You are to punish yourself as I say and follow all of my trainings. Any problems, we are done. If you are very good, then perhaps it can go farther." You are not to argue. You are not to ask favors. You must always tell me the truth and also confess any disobedience. Now prove yourself. Take off all of your clothes and sign in to the vid cam to me."

I slowly removed my clothes, touching my nipple and tits, as my pants fell to the floor, I touched my clit and squeezed my ass. I turned on the can and sat there naked.

"I see you followed my orders. When you sign in naked as you ALWAYS are to, be in standing so I may have a better view. Did you touch yourself anywhere?" I hadn't expected that. Uh, yes a little." He typed in caps "I DIDN'T ORDER YOU TO TOUCH YOURSELF! DON'T EVER TOUCH YOURSELF AGAIN BEFORE I ORDER YOU TO. UNDERSTAND?"

I was a little startled but said "Ok, yes". Master said "You will say ' Yes, Master. Thank you.' That is all. Understood?"

I typed back "Yes, Master. Thank you." "Now we understand each other. I have an order for you to obey immediately."

"Yes, Master. Thank you." "Slave, you are to no longer wear a bra, ever except work. When not at work you are to wear a sheer top that can be removed easily. You are to sleep naked, and from now on, when at home, you are to be naked. You are to spend at least 3 hours a day for the next 4 weeks when not working wearing a very short wrap, or long t-shirt and walk around downtown with no underwear. When you see a man who looks creepy, unattractive to you, you are to let the hem slip up to your waist, then act embarrassed. Or be embarrassed-either way. It is early so now go."

Yes, Master. Thank you.

"Oh my God, I can't do that! I'd better tell Master right now. Master?"

"Uh-I didn't say you could ask me a anything. Be silent now."

"But, Master, I..."

"Shut the fuck up! I can see I have much work to do to make you tolerable. I'm already getting pissed off. You are going to keep your bra off. Now-do you have a trash compacter?"

"No," I have a trash can and a fireplace for paper."

Throw ALL of your bras except one for work into the fireplace and light them now. Show me with the cam you are obeying me."

"Yes, Master. thank you."

My cunt watered and swelled with this idea. I wanted to touch my tits, my clit, but Master didn't say I could. I did my best to show him how horny this was making me by spreading my legs wider in front of the camera, bending forward so he could view my opening hole and see the lube coming out.

I was soooo tempted to touch, massage, rub. My clit was throbbing, and I couldn't touch it without an order. As of now, I am not allowed to ask.

I gathered up all of my bras and tossed them in and fired them up. The smoke went up the fireplace and they were gone, except one sports bra for work.

I longed to fondle my tits and nipples especially, or have them fondled. For now-I was a single.

Now for your underwear, "I think you need to go bottomless, so put all but 3 panties in there too. You may wear them to work only."

"Yes, Master. Thank you." as I placed all save 3 panties into the fire. "What's next, I'm afraid to ask."

"Slave, you had spoken out of turn. You are to be punished by humiliation. Wrap a towel around your waist and secure it with duct tape. Cut a t-shirt so it barely covers your tits, show me first so I can approve or have you cut more. Put the rest of your clothes into a locked room, put the key in an envelope and seal it. You may only open it for a job interview or because I ordered you to. When you have completed these tasks, come back to the cam."

Yes, Master. Thank you.

I went to the linen closet and found a towel-it barely wrapped around, a part of my hip still showed, my butt was almost visible. "I wish I'd bought those big bath towels. I'm too cheap!" I cut the t-shirt and locked up my clothes and sealed the key. I presented myself and the envelope and Master approved of the T-shirt.

"Put the envelope in the map compartment of your car add lock it. Then, drive to the nearest adult store- and buy a graduated butt plug, a dildo and a vibrator. Buy some clips-bag clips work well. If anyone asks, you are NOT to tell them you are a slave obeying, but act like you WANT to dress like thins. Also, stop by a grocery and buy some ginger."

I blurted "Go out like this????"

"SLAVE! You are to punish yourself. Masturbate now-no orgasm. I will watch."

I started to play and rub my already hard clit, it grew and my cunt grew swollen with anticipation, the cunt lube ran down my thighs as my clit started to throb and push out of my crotch. I knew my hole was waiting for something to stuff inside, I started to lose myself.


"God, he's good. "Stopped right before I came. My clit tingled and pulsed, waiting for me to begin again. I waited for the order. It wasn't what I wanted.

"Slave, go shave all of the hair off your cunt. you're not wearing much, it should be simple. When you are done, show me, then get to the store. Get on the cam when you're back"

Yes, Master. Thank you.

I was so horny, my clit was twitching and pulsing. I shaved my cunt which was no easy task. I went in the bathroom and finally got it all. I showed Master and he approved. To the store I went.

I looked all around the street from my porch and quickly got into the car. I drove to town and after a few cruises up and down the main streets saw an adult store. I had to park in front. I slid across the shift into the passenger seat to get out to minimize my time outside where someone I knew might see me.

I went in and the damn door dinged. The salesman looked up and started smirking. "Can I help you? He was so sleazy looking. Gold chain, ducktail hair cut, goatee. Master's voice whispered to me "Raise the hem." "NO! I can't do that here, with him." I started to make up reasons. "He is working. He's not gross. Master didn't mean it." I knew I was lying to myself and would have to confess to Master my disobedience if I didn't expose myself to him. I know the salesman WANTED me to, and so Master also ordered.

I saw a high rack with vibrators hanging from the hooks. I reached up far, too far allowing my towel to rise above my hips showing my snow white shaved cunt, my t-shirt raised up to just over the nipple tops, then I brought my arms down, holding a vibrator with attachments. Might be more useful in the long run if he wants other stuff done.

The clerks eyes were popping out of his head. He walked over and asked me if I needed another vibrator up higher. He brushed his hand "accidentally" against my clit area. It was a turn -on. I felt a delicious shiver and my heart rate went up and I took a deep breath. I wanted him to continue-but Master didn't say. The clerk didn't ask either. That missing orgasm was still getting to me.

A couple of other unshaven, cigarette smoking, alcohol drenched men came into the store. They were so dirty. "DAMN!" I was almost done and they had to show up, now I had to expose myself to them too!

I walked over to the dildos and grabbed a couple of them and a set of butt plugs, one graduated and a pack of bumpy ones and ribbed ones and a remote vibrating one. I pretended my back itched and raised my arm up over the top of my shoulder and let the hem rise to show my shaved cunt to them, my clit now peeking out from between my lips, uncovered with the hair gone. My tits slipped out from under the t shirt. The guys ogled me as long as they could. One walked over and put his rough dirty hand right on my cunt. I was so horny from the missed orgasm it actually felt kind of good. Kind of. I was grossed out at myself. I paid for my new items and left.

I drove to a grocery store I'd never been to and bought ginger. "What in the heck is this for?" I wondered.

I walked out to the car and a pizza man was walking through right by my car. We were between his truck and my car. He gave me a double look and I thought "Here I go again." I let the hems raise by stretching and again gave a fully dressed strange man an eye full. He put the pizza on the car trunk and grabbed my cunt and tit. He started to fondle my clit and knead my tit and roll and pinch my nipple. I guess he thought I wanted him.

"Would Master tell me to obey ANY man, or am I just trying to sneak an illicit orgasm?" I spread my legs "obediently" for him which excited him more. I put my hand down his pants and felt his hard, hot cock, pre cum at it's tip. I started to pump his cock and he felt my clit until I came hard, wave of sensuous pleasure running though my almost naked body. I thrashed a little, then I got on my knees and sucked his horny cock, teasing and pumping with my mouth, licking down the sides and and up, around the tip and down. He came in my mouth, and I licked his cock clean for him.

Now to go home and face Master.

I drove as close to the house as possible and got inside. I removed my towels and was naked before I messaged Master that I was home now. He came on and said he enjoyed looking at my shaven cunt.

"Master, I have a confession".

"Slave, what did you do?"

"I did as you said, but at the grocery store when I exposed myself, a man grabbed me and I sucked his cock and he made me cum. "I tried to make me sound a little victimized.

"SHIT! You fucked up! DID I tell you you could have an orgasm?? Did I? NO! I didn't."

"Yes, Master. Thank you."

Well, I didn't think I'd be doing this now, but get the ginger, peel it a little and cut two slices. Bring one of the bag clips too.

"Yes, Master. Thank you."

When I brought them back, I still didn't get it.

"Lay on your back spreading your legs for the cam. Place a piece of ginger on each side of your clit and clamp it there for 3 minutes. If you look at the clock EARLY, you must add one minute. Keep your legs open so I can watch the fireworks."

I lay back, getting horny at the thought of being made to spread my legs naked in front of someone I barely knew. As I lay back, he switched his cam on briefly and I saw several guys sitting at the cam behind him "Oh my God, he's got an audience." At first my clit lost it, but as I started placing the ginger it started to get hard, my cunt started to get wet again. My legs were spread and I saw my cunt hole open, you could see down the tunnel in fact a little. I clamped the ginger in place and waited.

Soon the heat began. My clit warmed up and started to get hot. Not a bad burn, in fact a nice burn. MY whole cunt started pulsing every once in a while. The clamp held the ginger tightly in place and it got even hotter, an almost uncomfortable burn, yet I was hornier than ever. One thing I found ginger does, is leaves an almost imperceptible stimulation and is like an aphrodisiac for about a day.

"You may remove it now." Master commanded. I did and the air made it start burning again. Now used the vibrator and have 10 orgasms. Between each orgasm you are to use a rubber band and snap your clit once." That sounded scary. "I don't care if it takes you all day, we have all day." We? Master does have a group watching this. I felt a little panicky, then came to my senses. "It's ok. More clothed men watching you naked. You seems to like that. Don't fight it. Obey Master. " Maybe someday...

I began the first orgasm. It happened fast. My cunt pumped and throbbed, you could see it in the reflection. The hole opened and closed in spasms. i was afraid the wetness would get on the computer. "This is going to be great! not a punishment at all." Then I took the rubber band and SNAP!. That was intriguing. Not so much painful as stimulating. By the time I got to orgasm number ten it was midnight and my clit was very, very sore. I knew I learned my lesson. No orgasms without permission.

Master said goodnight.

I said "Yes, Master. thank you." I went nakedly to bed.

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