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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Gary works for a Port-a-potty company that gets him to spy on people while they use the company's product. It gives him ideas, and one thing leads to another. There's no sex in the port-a-potties, but they are part of his trap. He is ethically challenged, to say the least.

From the confession of Gary Jones:

It was my employer who started it. It wasn't like I just thought of it out of the blue.

I worked for Tidy Relief Enterprises, one of the companies that makes Port-a-potties, you know those little portable toilets made out of plastic. They put them up where people will need to relieve themselves but there are no ordinary toilets around. If organizers are expecting a crowd, they need bunches of them so they set them up in rows.

Like most companies, Tidy Relief wants to find out how their products are used so they can better meet their customers' needs. They knew the basics of what their customers were doing, of course, but the management wanted more detail.

You could get people to fill out questionnaires, and they did. But people don't always tell the truth on questionnaires, and when it's about something as personal as using a Port-a-potty, they're more likely to fudge things or leave things out.

So the obvious idea was to put a tiny camera in some Port-a-potties to record what the customers did in there. But that was so illegal that management wouldn't even think off it. But my associate Carl is an ambitious guy, and sometimes you have to bend the rules a little to succeed in business. He decided he'd break the rules, find out what went on in those Port-a-potties, and report it to his managers. He'd never tell them how he got his data, but with a few winks they'd know it was real.

But Carl needed help, and that's when I got my job. You see, Carl knew some things about me that I really didn't want anyone to know. Some of them were illegal, technically speaking. Others would seriously annoy some powerful people. So the idea was that if Carl got me to break the law big time, he knew I wouldn't rat on him, because if I did, he'd rat on me.

So Carl set up the tiny little cameras and collected the video. But he was a manager and he didn't have time for the grunt work. It was up to me to look over the videos and see exactly what was going on in there.

So I had all this video to go through, and mostly it was pretty dull. Person enters, pulls down or up clothing to expose privates, sits on the toilet and lets it go. Wipes. Reassembles clothing, opens door and leaves. That's the basics.

But there were plenty of details, and lots of things to measure: whether guys stood up or sat down, time on toilet, which items of clothing removed or adjusted before use, how much toilet paper used, ways people devised to do something resembling washing their hands, pads and tampons, "inappropriate items released into toilet", blah, blah, blah.

Most of it was boring. Sometimes it was kind if icky, what with the varieties of Number Two, and accidents people had before they made it into the privacy of the Port-a-potty.

But you wouldn't believe how many guys went in, whipped out their dick and jerked off. Thirty seconds at most. It's hardly romantic, but they wanted relief, and it worked!

Occasionally there was a woman who fingered herself pretty fast and furious too. It was fun to see the faces they made when they got off. I got a hard-on watching them. One in particular I watched over and over again. A few you could tell really wanted to get off, but they'd rub and rub, maybe look at their watch, rub some more, and eventually give up.

Watching some of those women I wished I could help them out. Now I've never had a girlfriend; I'd go on a few dates but it just wouldn't click. What I wanted most was sex. Jerking off is fun, but it's just not the same. I thought about those women trying to get off. They say women are really picky and most of them don't just want to have sex with a guy -- it has to be a particular guy. But these women in the Port-a-potties, they didn't care who the guy was -- he was imaginary -- they just wanted to get off. So, I thought that if I could get them in the right mood, maybe I could be the guy and give them what they wanted.

There's this thing in medicine called "IV Sedation". It's better than general anesthesia because the patient stays conscious and can answer simple commands, swallow, blink and so forth. But they don't feel much pain, and then don't remember anything about what happened. I thought maybe I could find something like that to get the girls in the right mood. I loved the idea of them obeying commands and not remembering what happened.

Well, I have some connections. It turns out that the doctors know just how to do what I wanted, though it doesn't have an approved medical use. The patients can be more alert if there isn't a lot of pain you need to mask. There's some potential for abuse, actually. Not in my case -- I was just helping these girls to get the relief they wanted so much.

Carl couldn't say he was hiring me to look at illegal tapes, of course. I had to have a real job too. So I was in charge of maintenance of Port-a-potties in a district. I had my territory, and if there were no complaints, I was the only one who ever serviced those Port-a-potties.

There is this complex of ball fields with banks of Port-a-potties, because when there are big games they get big crowds. That's where I did my experiment. I told the ball field people I was going to build a little shed to keep maintenance things in. I told them it would be at Tidy Relief's expense, but I paid for it myself. The company never knew about it. I built this shed behind one of the banks of Port-a-potties, right up flush against them. I put a false back on one of the stalls that was right adjacent to the shed, and a corresponding hole in the shed too, of course. The shed's main furnishing was a single bed. Maybe you can see where this is going.

I knew that if I flooded an enclosed space like a Port-a-potty with gas I could get a good concentration pretty fast. And if the gas contains that drug related to the IV sedation drug, I could easily make myself a dopey, compliant female sitting on the potty with her panties around her ankles.

I first made sure that worked reliably. For a bunch of women, I asked questions through the false back that they'd never answer in their normal state. I could lead up to questions like, "When did you last have sex?" If they answered that, I knew I had them in the right mood. It always worked, so I could go on to the next phase.

I started opening the false back and asking the dopey, compliant female to put her clothing back together and step over the bench with the toilet seat into my shed. I'd ask her to expose her private parts and lie on the bed with her legs spread wide. She always would.

You'd be amazed how many women just never have sex because everything has to be just right with the perfect guy, and it never happens. It's a shame. My plan would help them get some sexual satisfaction and release, for their own good.

I knew that a vibrator was the fastest way to get a woman hot and ready for sex. I could apply it to the right spot between her legs. I'd never seen the private parts of a naked woman before, but the web has illustrations that worked well enough. She would already be relaxed, so there would be no inhibitions or anxiety getting in the way. She was compliant, and was especially happy to hold the vibrator herself and follow my instructions: Make yourself feel good.

Then, when she was good and ready, I'd take the vibrator back and fuck her. I could have just let her get off with the vibrator, but that's not really satisfaction, right? Real sexual satisfaction is getting a cock up her pussy -- that's what a female really wants, right? Some scientists even did a study where girls who get sperm up their pussy were happier than girls who didn't.

It's true, I enjoyed it too. I mean, I can still feel it. First I'd strip from the waist down, then hold myself up over the girl in just the right spot, stick my cock into her goopy pussy, and hump away until I got that good feeling and pumped a bunch of sperm up inside her cunt. The sperm that makes a woman happy.

When I was done I'd have her put herself back together and go back through the opening of the false back panel and sit on the potty. I'd close it up and flood the room with another chemical that wakes her up.

The girl never remembered a thing. She'd be a little groggy and think she must have fallen into a daydream there in the Port-a-potty, but she'd get up and go about her business.

It was really a win-win proposition. She got to feel tons of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. She wouldn't get any morning-after anxiety or anything. Her body would be satisfied even if her mind didn't remember how it had happened. I got to fuck her, which I enjoyed a lot, actually. I lost my virginity back there in the shed behind the Port-a-potties.

Now, that's the basics but there's a ton of details.

First, I could be very picky. I had cameras out front, so I could get a good look at the girl before she came into my lair. Obviously I didn't have to gas anybody but the few girls I wanted. No 300-pounders or old ladies for me! No homely young women either.

I had to lock most of the other Port-a-Potties in the row so the little indicators showed red and the female had to come to mine, the only one with green. You can limit the place to a single working Port-a-potty when there aren't many people around, like when teams are practicing. I also had a few of the other ones hooked up so I could switch the door handle back and forth electronically. So for instance when my "date" approached, I'd be sure mine was the only green door, but once she came in, I'd make a few others available so no big line formed in front of mine.

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