Kara Grows Up: Early Teens

by Trace Ekies

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: [1st of the 'Kara' series] She was too young to surrender her virginity, but teasing the neighbor boy with her budding charms might be exciting, at least for now. (This story depicts numerous sexual situations, some sexual contact, some female exhibition and considerable teasing. It does not contain any actual intercouse.)

Kara's mother had been killed in a car wreck less than two years earlier. Shortly after, Kara and her father, (she was an only child), had tried to escape the memories of the tragedy by moving across town. Their new house was not much larger than what they had before, but the lots in this part of town were spacious, generally an acre or more. The new house also had a swimming pool and gazebo.

Although Kara had left her old friends behind, she acquired a new one, Tommy, the boy who lived next-door to the new house. He was the same age as Kara and attended the same school. He became Kara's closest friend and an important part of rebuilding her life after the loss of her mother.

It was the summer preceding her freshman year in high-school. Psychologically, Kara had matured rapidly following the loss of her mother, and now, at fourteen, her body was trying to catch up. She was spending a lot of time with Tommy and he seemed to be paying an increasing amount of attention to her, 'accidentally' brushing up against her or sneaking a peak down her blouse.

Kara welcomed Tommy's attention. After the loss of her mother, Daddy had not felt it appropriate to continue the physical attention Kara had become used to receiving from him. Yearning for attention, particularly of the male variety, she welcomed Tommy's interest, even if she suspected that her developing curves were the root cause. Besides, Tommy was cute, some might even say a hunk.

The two teens were in Kara's back-yard one sunny afternoon, ensconced on a blanket under a tree, enjoying a picnic-type lunch. Kara was wearing a blue high-necked jersey and denim cutoff shorts.

The picnic lunch had been Kara's idea, but it hadn't taken a lot of arm-twisting to get Tommy to go along with it. Basically, he was up for anything Kara wanted to do, as long as it involved him. Kara was easily one of the best looking girls in his class and he considered himself lucky to be her friend.

As the two laughed and joked with one another, Tommy studiously watched Kara, especially her bare thighs, trying to catch a peek of her panties through the leg holes of her shorts.

Kara could tell that Tommy was looking her over pretty thoroughly. Today she noticed something else that she had not previously been aware of. There was a stirring in Tommy's pants and he was constantly having to readjust for it.

Kara had noticed that her mother, when she was still alive, had sometimes removed her slacks or shorts after dinner while the three of them played a game or watched television. Kara had observed on those occasions that her mother's display of panties was often accompanied by a stirring in Daddy's pants. When Kara had asked her mother about this, her mother had explained that the stirring in Daddy's pants was an indication of his interest.

Kara was anxious to keep Tommy's interest, and although she knew it wasn't very lady-like, she spread her legs a bit, offering him a better view of her inner thighs and possibly even a glimpse of her panties. She was thrilled to see that her slight movement caused the bulge in Tommy's pants to grow even more.

Tommy was considered the class 'brain' and although somewhat geekish, was quite good-looking. Kara would never have admitted it to her girl-friends, but she did have a school-girl type 'crush' on him. Kara could see that Tommy was interested in her, and was determined to nurture that interest.

Kara had heard enough talk from her girl-friends to know that exposing her panties to a boy would surely attract his attention, but most likely the wrong kind. Kara was however, willing to take the chance, especially with Tommy. She stood in front of him and unbuttoned her shorts. "These are so uncomfortable," she said, "I don't even know why I put them on." The shorts fell to her ankles. As she kicked them aside she looked at Tommy and asked, "You don't mind do you."

"Uh ... uh ... no," Tommy stammered as he zeroed in on Kara's panties. "Get as uh ... comfortable as you like."

As Kara sat down, she noticed the bulge in Tommy's pants and was thrilled to know she was the cause of it. No wonder her mother had worn just panties so often – this was exciting. As they ate sandwiches and fruit, Kara stared reassuringly at the tent in Tommy's pants. Pretending ignorance of the effect she was having on him, she moved her legs slowly from side to side, maintaining his attention and continuing to offer a tantalizing view.

After Tommy reluctantly left for home, Kara went inside and curled up on the couch. She had found a new kind of 'play' with her friend, one that promised to be much more exciting than the games they had been playing. When Daddy came home he took one look at her exposed panties and told her to 'get decent'. She decided not to mention the picnic with Tommy. She wanted to keep on being 'Daddy's little girl'.

Throughout the summer, Kara, with ever increasing frequency, provided Tommy with peeks of her underwear; a blouse with an extra button or two carelessly left undone, affording a glimpse of her bra; or a short skirt, offering a view of her panties. Her 'accidental' exposures were welcomed by Tommy, generally triggering a stirring in his pants, which Kara never failed to notice.

Swimming was an almost daily activity for the two of them and Kara took advantage of the situation by wearing increasingly skimpy swim attire which she adjusted in such a way as to have a maximum amount of skin tastefully exposed. Although Tommy was often surprised at how little she wore, he avoided comment.

One afternoon, when they were horse-playing in the pool, trying to duck each other, the hook that was holding Kara's top in place, came loose. She grabbed at the straps and struggled to fasten it back in place, but as she did so, she saw that Tommy's attention was riveted to her nearly exposed chest.

Proud of her developing chest and having a ready-made excuse to show it off, she hastily changed her tack. "It's bent. I'm going to have to leave it off. Are you going to be okay with that?"

It was fortunate for Tommy that the water was more than waist deep as it concealed the instant arousal caused by Kara's suggestion. "Uh, yeah ... its okay with me." Kara and Tommy both knew it was a lie when he added, "I'll try not to look."

Acting as if her impending nudity was 'no big deal', Kara casually removed her top and threw it on the deck. She turned and faced Tommy, her breasts fully exposed. Tommy's head was politely turned to the side but Kara was excited to see that he was looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

Kara suddenly lunged toward Tommy, grabbing him by the waist and trying to pull him under. Tommy pushed her down, making her unsuccessful, but as she herself went under, her face brushed against his swollen member.

Tommy watched as Kara surfaced inches from him. She was trying to catch her breath but he didn't think it was solely from being underwater. Tommy had felt Kara brush the front of his trunks and realized that there had been no rush to end the contact. "Nice try," he smirked.

Kara squealed as Tommy wrapped his arms around her, his chest against her exposed nipples, and dragged her underwater. She squirmed and tried to get away, but when they surfaced, her backside was pressed against Tommy's midsection and his hands were on her breasts. Kara felt Tommy's hot breath on her neck.

Tommy had mixed emotions about what was taking place. He was smitten by Kara's seeming nonchalant attitude about her body and hoped beyond all else that she would someday be his wife. Even though he thought it better to wait, his gentlemanly resolve had evaporated the second Kara's top came off.

Kara also was conflicted. She had wanted to have her top off, and having Tommy's hands on her bare breasts made it even more exciting. Still, she reluctantly admitted to herself that if she didn't stop now, she most likely would not be able to stop a few minutes later. Kara was only fourteen, and she wasn't ready for things to go any further, at least not yet.

Kara reached behind herself and took hold of the bulge in Tommy's trunks. Although she intended this to be a sufficient diversion for her to extricate herself from his clutches, the excitement she felt at her first feel of a man's pulsing member nearly changed her mind.

Nearly, but not quite. While holding Tommy's appendage loosely in her hand, Kara pushed him back a bit, causing his hands to slip from her breasts. Freed of Tommy's grasp, she turned and kissed him lightly on the lips. As she released her grasp on the front of Tommy's trunks, she said, "Daddy will be home soon. I need to get dressed."

Tommy felt cheated to say the least, but he was pretty sure Kara wanted to continue as badly as he did, and whether that business about 'Daddy' was true or not, she had kissed him and he had held her bare breasts in his hands. Tommy was now doubly sure that he was 'in love'.

School started a few days later. They were both Freshmen but it was a very big class and after comparing their schedules, they found that none of their classes were together and for the most part they even had different teachers, so there would be little reason to even study together. About the only contact they were going to have would be the bus-ride to school in the morning and back again at night.

A few times during the year Kara went home with Tommy after school when she knew Daddy would be working late. But with Mrs. Taylor always around they didn't have the kind of fun they had during the summer.

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