Hardon High 01: the Evaluation

by Marc Tremaine

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, mt/mt, Consensual, Gay, Incest, Brother, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two experienced juniors (twins Rick and Michael), plus a virgin (Terry), are picked to evaluate a prospective new teacher. Except the twins take Terry to a darkened room with a two way mirror that looks into the faculty john, right over the trough urinal. Where Terry watches the coach get a blowjob from the new teacher while the twins play with his nips and his dick and his hole, teaching him all the things about guy sex he never knew he wanted to know. And then things got interesting.

WARNING: This story is a product of imagination; it is not a depiction of real life. It involves sexual acts between two or more males of the human species. If you are offended by that idea or its explicit description, regardless of whether it's the act that offends you, or the age or relationship of the participants, don't read this story. If writing about any type of sex between males is illegal in your nation, or in your particular municipality, county, state, province, or other political subdivision, don't read this story. If your age makes it illegal to read this story, don't read this story.

"Mr. Johnson!"

The teacher looked up from his desk at the two-way television monitor where the principal's image appeared. "Yes, sir?"

"A prospective faculty member is being evaluated this after­noon. I'd appreciate it if you'd send three students to partici­pate."

David Johnson did not have to look at the list in his desk drawer. Two of the next three were experienced evaluators, and this would be the first time for the third one. "Michael and Rick Harris, and Terry Atwell." He looked at the three as they began clearing their desks. "You'd better leave now."

The teacher tried to keep his face blank as the twins rose from their seats near the back of the room. They were identical hunks ... slightly more than six feet tall, with curly dark brown hair, brown eyes framed with incredibly long lashes, thin, straight nose, high cheekbones, lips that were full yet very mas­culine, and lean, well-muscled bodies. Their long-sleeved shirts were rolled up over thick biceps, and the buttons were almost open to their belt buckles, re­vealing bulging pectorals and flat, ribbed stomachs. Their jeans were sprayed on over crotches that clearly showed Michael "dressed right" and Rick "dressed left". The seats of their jeans couldn't pos­sibly have more vividly shown the cracks of two matched sets of gor­geous buns as they walked past the desk to the door.

The third boy, also a junior, stopped at the desk. He was short and slen­der, with fine, light brown hair worn somewhat long, and smooth, young features. His jeans and T-shirt weren't skin tight by any means, but just tight enough to hint at something nice beneath them. David raised his eyes above zipper level as Terry stopped in front of the desk. "Uh, Mr. John­son..."


"I ... Uh, I've never evaluated anyone before. What do I do?"

Whatever you're told, he thought. Aloud, he said, "Why don't you talk with Michael and Rick on the way to the principal's office? They've done this a number of times, and I'm sure they can fill you in."

"Gee, thanks, Mr. Johnson." Terry turned away and hurried after the twins. David watched him leave the room, and as he turned back to his work he noticed Tom Merritt staring at him intently. The boy was kind of lounging in the desk-chair, with his legs spread wide and as they made eye contact, Tom sat up straight, one hand brushing over his lap as though to remove crumbs. David's eyes dropped to follow the motion and then wid­ened slightly: the kid's hardon was almost as obvi­ous as if he were naked and jacking off in front of the class. David quickly turned back to his work. Tommy smiled and squeezed his randy dick. A large drop of precum stained his tan pants.

Out in the hall, Michael and Rick had waited for the new kid on the evaluation team. Terry caught up with them and the trio started down the hall, Terry in the middle. "Well, Terry, looking forward to the evaluation?" Michael casu­ally draped his right arm across the smaller boy's shoulders. Terry blushed fiercely, feel­ing the skin con­tact like a jolt of electricity, nervous, but not wanting it to end.

"Yeah, a little," said Terry. "What am I evaluating him on?"

"Not to worry, Terry," said Rick, his left hand briefly squeez­ing both Terry's shoulder and Michael's hand. "The princi­pal won't leave any doubt in your mind what this is all about, and we've done it often enough that we can get you started."

"Thanks, guys. I really appreciate this."

The three walked down several halls, the twins basically leading the way, until Terry realized they weren't headed to the principal's office.


"We're just taking you to the evaluation room, Terry. We can get started on things before the principal and the prospective teacher get there." Michael stopped speaking and walking at the same time, standing before a heavy door with a sign that said "Utility Room." Rick unlocked it with a key on his key-ring, opened it and stepped in­side, pulling a very surprised Terry with him into the darkness. Michael followed and shut the door, lock­ing it again with the key, and handing it back to Rick.

"What the hell..." Terry started to speak, but Michael's right hand came from behind him and clamped gently over his mouth.

"Shhh," Michael whispered in his ear, his breath warm and some­how sensual. "Just relax, and keep very quiet. No one's going to get hurt, but if you say anything it has to be in whis­pers. Okay?"

Terry was too stunned for a moment to think, much less reply. Michael's hand was only lightly holding his mouth shut, but what kept him still and unmov­ing was the sensation of Michael's body behind him, touching him. He could feel the heat off Michael's bare chest, and the hard-muscled thighs pressing against the backs of his own thighs, and the firm bulge of Michael's crotch against his ass. Con­fused, with his cock beginning to lengthen inside the loose-fitting pants he was wearing, Terry could only nod when Michael asked him again.

Terry found his eyes adjusting to the room. It wasn't pitch dark after all. There was light coming through a panel along the far wall—a large rectan­gular panel that actually seemed more like a win­dow. Although Michael had taken his hand away from Terry's mouth, neither of them had moved, and both of Michael's hands were grasping Terry's shoulders, gently massaging them. "Take a look," Michael breathed in his ear, and guided him toward the "window."

Terry found himself looking at a row of toilet stalls without doors, each one empty. He started to speak again, but suddenly heard the sound of a door opening. He almost turned around before he real­ized that the noise was coming from the john into which the three boys were looking. "Two-way mirror." Rick's voice was like a disem­bodied ghost in the dimness. "They can't see us, but they might hear us if we got too loud."

Two men had come into the restroom. One of them was the head coach, dressed in his usual sweat pants and sweatshirt, and the other was an unknown man, smaller, closer to Terry's size but with a stocky, mus­cular build evidenced by the slightly strained look of the dress shirt and suit coat he was wearing. There was a nice mound under his slacks, too.

The coach rested one brawny hand on the other's shoulders. "Well, Tom, how do you like the school so far?"

"Uh ... fine." Tom licked his lips quickly, almost as if he were more nervous than being interviewed called for. The coach's hand stayed where it was.

"You know, we've got a long evaluation session coming up, and after all the soda we've been drinking in this heat, I don't know about you, but I have to piss somethin' fierce. Take my advice, if you need to go, better do it now."

"No, I ... I don't think so."

"Okay. But you may regret later not taking this chance now." The coach squeezed Tom's shoulder and then sauntered toward the mir­ror. It was large enough that the three boys could see him from the top of his head to almost his knees. Clearly, he was standing in front of the trough type of urinal that was still in some of the school restrooms. First, he tucked up his sweat-shirt, re­vealing a tanned, hairy midriff, then he loosened the drawstrings at the waist and dropped his sweat pants out of sight.

Terry's gasp of surprise was nearly as loud as Tom's as the coach stood there with nothing on below the waist but a very full jockstrap. The coach's dick and balls had to be enormous, Terry thought to himself, to make that big a bulge. The coach hefted his balls and glanced in the mirror. Terry cringed as though he could be seen spying, then realized that the coach was using the mir­ror to make eye con­tact with the prospective teacher. When he was sure Tom was watching him, the coach bent forward, making his muscular buns taut, stretched upright, and then pulled the jock down onto his thighs. A fat, uncircumcised dick and enormous balls flopped out. Terry and Tom licked their lips.

Terry had all but forgotten there was anyone else with him, un­til the hands on his shoulders moved down and began to play with his nipples. No one had ever done that before, and he started to pull away when he realized they were getting hard. A guy's nip­ples get­ting hard? And then Michael's hands tweaked them harder so that a little pain shot through them. Again he started to pro­test and again his body responded with a lengthening of his dick, and breathing that started to get heavier. And now a second set of hands came out of the darkness, rubbing his waist, pulling his T-shirt out of his jeans and up until it was bunched up under his armpits and the hands had free access to his bare chest.

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