So Close, Yet Too Far Away
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sidney & Racquel met online. They live worlds apart and spend a lot of endless nights on cam and headsets. This night would be like no other...the heat, desires and passion would build to an explosive level leaving both wanting more, desiring each other in the flesh. But Racquel thinks about Sidney daily and the results become overwhelming even while she's at work.

Sidney and I have never chatted during the day ... only at night when we are both comfortable, while on our computers, using our headsets and sometimes our cams. We always seem to start with casual conversation and chit-chat about everything ... life, work, our children, whatever life has brought our way for the day or week. We met on a "dating" site, which he says I eventually seduced him, "you just wanted a sexual play-toy" he reminded me; and invited him into a private room to take total advantage of him. I agreed, "I know it ... I wanted a piece of you". But he does have a sexy hot body so I'm sure I just didn't have self-control and I didn't want interruptions from the main chat room! He admits that he was consensual and took me up on my offer, and I agree that I probably was a bit aggressive giving that Sidney's body is one that I desire and enjoy so much. But after months of talking and sharing our lives online, we've both agreed that we have become fond of each other in more than our sexuality; we enjoy the entire package, our minds, and the conversations which make it hard to leave our chats at a decent hour. However, we live world's apart so our only contact is thru our computers, but we have spent many hours together in our own little virtual world talking, and teasing, and playing ... naughty play, I might add.

As we talk casually, discussing minor details of our lives, my headset sends my low teasing moans into Sidney's ears causing him to stop dead in his thoughts. His tight abdominal muscles start squirming in response while sitting in his executive desk chair and I let out a seductive giggle. "You're so fucking bad", Sidney tells me. "Oooh, but you love it", I tell him. And we return to the conversation beforehand. I love teasing Sidney ... it gets his motors running, eventually getting his sweet honey dripping for me too. Sidney brings the naughty out of me, causing me to give him my all. I drop hints of my lust and desire for him, but nothing is a secret to him. "I just want to straddle you while your in that big chair. Feel you enter my wetness, mmmmmmm" I whisper between our conversations. "MMMM you're making me squirm, Racquel." "mmmm I see that. I love seeing you squirm. You know that!" I tell Sidney. We leave it at that and go back to our chit-chat. The only view I have of Sidney is from his waist up, bare-chested, gorgeous smile and beautiful green eyes. Sidney can only see me while I'm lying on my bed, usually with a sexy nightie on, but only from my mid-section up. Sometimes we start our chat without cams and I am lying in bed nude, ready for bed and when Sidney invites me to a webcam chat he is somewhat shocked, "HOLY SHIT, RACQUEL!" "What Sidney?" "You're lying there nude!", he says to me. And I giggle again, seductively, "Well, I'm ready for bed. Care to join me?" "MMMM I wish baby" Sidney says to me. He sees my nipples react to his comment and moans his sweet moans in my ears and my entire body becomes involved in those wonderful goosebumps. Then a shiver straight up my spine and an uncontrollable shake of my entire body. He laughs at me. "I can't help it. You calling me baby drives me wild, Sidney! You normally call me that when you're totally hot with me", I tell him. We talk about how we wish we were closer and how we'd totally enjoy spending endless hours pleasing each other, describing the thoughts in our vivid minds, driving each other into a frenzy. "I'd so love to dance close with you, feeling you hold me tight ... your warmth covering me and our breath on each others neck", I tell Sidney. "MMMMM Baby", he responds, trying to refrain from getting excited. I just giggle at him. He tells me about how the weather is changing in his area and how cold it gets in their winter. My winter is so mild compared to his. Then I slip in "I'd love to go home with you and slowly take your soft cock into my mouth and feel you grow inside my lips. Wrap my hand around your shaft and slowly stroke you". I watch as Sidney wiggles in his chair again and he tells me again, "Racquel, you're so fucking BAD! MMMMM" and he lets out a laugh. This goes on for several hours, as we both love the teasing and the build-up and anticipation of what may become of it all. At some point I get the urge to touch myself and a moan slips out of my breath catching Sidney off-guard and he asks, "hahaaa, what was that?" and chuckles again! "What? I didn't do anything!" I say with the giggle he claims to love. "That moan! What are you doing over there baby?", he asks me with a sexy whisper. "MMMM Sidney, I want you so bad, baby. You should feel how silky wet I am", I whisper back in my bedroom voice. This really starts to get Sidney's motors running and I see his hand moving in the lower part of his screen. "What are YOU doing over there?" I ask in a teasing manner. "Oh, nothing!", he says. But I know better, I keep getting a glimpse of his hand moving up and down. Then he unexpectedly zooms his camera out and I see just the tip of his hard, swollen cock and my body totally reacts to the view. My back arches without thought and my pussy yearns to feel him so close. I watch intently as he continues to slowly and passionately stroke for me, that sweet honey that I love to see forming at the slit of his thickness. "MMMM I so want to taste you and slowly run my tongue across that", I tell him. And he shifts in his chair, unconsciously allowing me to see more of him. "MMMM baby that would feel so good", he says to me. "You should zoom out more for me, give me your entire body Sid", I say. And he does, slowly. I reach up and move the angle of my cam ... he can now see my body is covered in a solid black, lace edged nightie. It's raised above the creases of my thighs and my fingers are slowly parting my lips. "Mmmm that is so sexy" he tells me. "Ooooh if you could only feel my sexy baby", I tell him, wishing I could feel him on me, touching me and filling my desires with his hotness. There's no going back now; no returning to chit chat or normal conversation. The heat is on and the room is steaming. We whisper sweet moans of desire to each other, and Sidney urges me into my first orgasm just for him. My lips softly flood Sidney's ears with my thoughts, "oooh baby, you're so sexy. I wish you were touching me ... your body totally covering mine, letting me feel you so close to me." "Cum for me Racquel. Give me that sweet cum, baby. I want to see that sweet cream flow from your tight pussy" he urges me, and sends me into a mind-boggling orgasm; my body writing in pleasure as he watches me and whispers to me in his sweet sexy voice, bringing smiles to my face. I quiver all over and calm down a bit in time to see that he is so hard and so ready to give me every bit of his sweet juices. I hear that delicious sound of his wetness, as his hands move at a different pace with each stroke. "MMM I want to crawl through this screen and be on you right now" I tell him. "Touching you, tasting you. Moving my body over yours and straddling you. Feeling you so slowly inside me. My lips wrapped around your hardness like a gift ... such a sweet present. MMMMM cum for me baby. Give me all your sweet honey ... Our juices mixed into a delicious cocktail together ... Yes, Sidney, that's it, baby, cum for me", my voice becomes urgent in a sense as I watch him pleasuring himself and I'm now using a vibrator at the same pace that he strokes, causing the sensation that he's really with me. Sidney's moans and verbal approval gets me more excited causing my back to arch, my muscles to tense and my dripping pussy to tighten, spasm, around the vibrator. He moans loader "Oh yes, mmmm, YESSS" he says as he spurts his HOT sweetness all over his chest and I cum again with him. Our pleasure is voiced in each others ears ... making the experience even more intense. "mmmm You're so hot baby", I say, panting and breathing so shallow, joking that I need oxygen! "MMMM Look at what you've done to me. My body is covered in my juices", as he rubs his fingers over his belly and chest. "MMMMM I'd so lick you clean", I tell him. "MMMMM", we say at the same time.

Sidney and I have "pillow talk" before saying good night and wishing that we were next to each other to cuddle and enjoy the rest of the night together. Wishing each other a good night's sleep and sweet, sexy dreams, we find it's hard to say good-bye, but with only a few hours of sleep before we go to work, we both hang up and disconnect cams.

Our lives are busy and our plates are full; we don't talk for a week sometimes. But, day after day the desire grows, becoming deeper and more intense. I know they won't go away, but I try to forget about them, hoping they will subside, or I pleasure myself in hopes the need goes away for till I see him again. With the assistance of my immensely vivid mind I have excruciatingly intense orgasms ... my entire body twitching in pleasure. And on some occasions I'm lucky enough to have my really sexy, sensual, passionate Sidney join me in my virtual world to intensify the experience. However, it's been several months since I've felt the actual touch of a man. My sexual appetite has become so agonizing today that it's actually interfered with my concentration at work. My mind shifts to Sidney and how he effects me, how I so desire him, the way we spend our time together. I've noticed that my breathing is deeper now as I sit at my desk typing this. That nagging throbbing sensation deep inside ... my entire body fermenting with thirst and hunger. Every move I make to reach for the computer mouse or the phone, as I rock back and forth in my chair heightens the sensations, driving me closer to deeper cravings. I feel crazy and wonder if my bosses can tell that I'm so sexually excited and aroused. But I know that they don't.

I can't wait for the next time Sidney and I can spend time together. But, till then I've already made plans. I have to go home and have a full-body orgasm. I think I'll just start with clitoral stimulation which makes me really sensitive then I'll add my Pearl Rabbit Vib and visual memories of Sidney that are branded in my mind along with his voice that echoes in my ears. MMMMMM Is it 5 O'clock yet?

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