Morning Call

by fertile_kitty

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Clark's ravishes his irresistible companion at the human re-population colony.

Clark rolled over in bed as the sun burst through the window and shone through his eyelids.

"Ughhh" he mumbled as he voiced his frustration at being woken up prematurely.

As he rolled to his left, Clark bumped gently into his long term girlfriend of two years, Cindy. A beautiful smiling breedee he met several years ago and fell in love with the minute he brushed her hair back against her face. She had been able to connect and understand him on a level like no other woman and to him, she had become everything to him...

"Sweetie..." giggled Cindy as she tried to brush away the strong hands she felt snake up her chiffon nightie and secure themselves on her hips. "Sweetie, you know we can't" she reiterated as she felt Clark's full erection press and rub itself against the soft cheeks off her butt.

Living with a breeder was quite a bit different from your average relationship. Although the sex was unbelievable, it was like being with a ticking timebomb always on the brink of an explosion. Because of their constant workouts, special appetites, hormone injections, and overall conditioning the breeders were pumped up with an insatiable desire for sex that required constant relief and fullfillment. This desire worked out great for the goals of colony reproduction but wrecked havok with trying to grow and maintain a stable meaningful relationship. Especially with the birth of their daughter several months ago, their relationship had strained noticeably when her libido almost disappeared post-pregnancy and they were unable to continue their sexual relationship. Clark could still go to work and relieve himself through the girls that he bred, but she knew that he wished to be with her and sometimes she felt like she wasn't fullfilling her duty as a woman and girlfriend when she was unable to provide him with the constant sexual satisfaction that he demanded.

"Mmmmm sweetie" mumbled Clark as he brushed back her auburn hair and kissed her neck, securing his other hand over her hips and positioning himself to push inside her sweet folds from behind. The urge was powerful and irrational as he maneuvered himself to push his thick snake between her buttery soft thighs and spoon her from behind to relieve his morning urges. He always thought that she looked prettiest in the morning, fresh and innocent with the sun hitting her face and giving a warm glow to the amazing curves on her body.

"Sweetie you know that we can't!" exclaimed Cindy, jumping out of bed as she felt his bulbous head settling against her waxed lips and attempting to push itself inside. To take advantage of the fresh load of semen that a man would have been busy producing all night, all breeders were forbidden to have sex in the morning until it was time for their morning breeding session. This way, the colony girls would be inseminated with the freshest largest and loads of semen by the men which would increase their chances of pregnancy.

Like all spouses living at the colony, Cindy had been trained on how to deal with Clark's urges and sexual drive in general. Living with a breeder was not like living with a regular spouse and without proper training, could become dangerous if one did not know how to handle a breeder's inherent aggression. Living with Clark had been wonderful and for the most part, Cindy had managed to use what she had learned in her training quite well, managing until to avoid any spousal violence (which happened ocassionally to couples given the inhernetly unstable body chemistry that the breeders had).

Clark swore out loud and pounded his fist into the mattress, causing a ploom of dust to pop up into the sunlight. His logical mind knew that she was just looking out for his well being, but the animal part of his mind was screaming at him for not pinning his girlfriend to the mattress and simply relieving the unbelievably hard erection he had between his legs. He cast aside the blanket and put on a white bathrobe which did little to hide the erection.

"I'll be back in a little bit sweetie" Clark said frustratingly as he put on his slippers and shuffled down the hall to the breeding chambers.

Cindy nodded and waved a little goodbye. It was a little odd, seeing the father of your children head off every morning to impregnate some young teenager who was probably not ready for what was coming. After awhile though, it became routine and Cindy learned to seperate Clark's sexual desire for his genuine desire to be with her. It was a rationalization that all colony spouses had to make, and it was true for the most part. After all, Cindy had of course been one of those teenagers herself and knew how it felt to be bred by dozens of male breeders, most of which saw her as nothing more than an unfertilized vagina. She knew that it was just a job for most of them, but sometimes it was still tough not to feel a bit of jelousy.

Clark shuffled down the residence corridors to the main breeding chambers where he met hundreds of other breeders all their for their morning sessions. he met hundreds of other breeders all their for their morning sessions.

"Morning" Clark responded to another breeder as they made smalltalk and while lining up to recieve their assignments for that day.

"Hi Clark, you're in room #34 today with Burt and here is the file on your girl" said the receptionist as she smiled and handed Clark a manilla folder with some information about the girl that he was scheduled to inseminate that morning.

"Thanks Helen" said Clark as he picked up the folder and headed off to room #34.

"Jesus..." muttered clark as he expressed surprise at the on-file picture of the girl. While breeders were technically supposed to treat every girl the same, every man had his list of personal likes/dislikes which they found personally arousing. Cindy fit all of his: tall, blonde, athletic with green eyes and a rural background. This girl fit his checklist perfectly and it was just as well because Clark was feeling unusually frisky this morning.

Clark opened the door to see another breeder already talking too the young girl sitting on the mattress.

"Hi Clark" casually waved the man as he sat astride the bed, wearing only a bathtowel which he would soon disrobe from.

"Hey there Todd, good to see you again" Clark replied cordially.

"Fuck..." muttered Clark to himself. He had forgotten to check in the folder how many other breeders would be attending the session. A girl new to the colony would have her first few sessions with only one man, then gradually as she becamed more comfortable around the breeders and accustomed to the breeding routine, she would be paired with more and more men at each session, eventually working her way up to about half a dozen or so at a time. The more comfortable she was at orgasming with inseminations by multiple men, the more sperm competition she would encourage within her womb which would increase the chance of conception and produce a healthier baby. In addition, government fertility research done by the Eden Project had shown that the more men that were present in a sexual situation, the more sperm each man's body subconciously produced and delivered during ejaculation. The causes were determined to be related to the percieved competition that each man felt, seeing the other men and knowing that their chance of fathering the child would be reduced.

"Do you know if anyone else is coming?" Clarke asked?

"No, I think it is just us" replied Todd as he smiled towards the girl, trying to reassure her that the breeding session would go smoothly.

"Ok" said Clark as he turned towards the girl, "Hi there, I'm Clark, its nice to meet you"

"Hi, I'm Samantha" replied the girl cordially as she crossed her legs, nervous at what was about to come. "I'm still kind of new to this and ... and it would just be great if we could ... we could go kind of slow you know?"

"Of course sweetie, don't feel any pressure" Clark lied as he stared at her ample breasts, held together by the little string bikinis which all colony girls were provided with for their breeding sessions.

It was easy to tell how new a girl was to the colony, even though the turnover rate was so high. Even if you had little experience to tell by her mannerisms, a girl with only one breeder assigned to her would be fresh off the boat, still nervous at even having sex with a stranger. A girl with two breeders would be a little farther into the program, not really yet comfortable with the prospect of daily anonymous sex but abiding by the program. By the time you got to five or six breeders in a session, she would likely be at an evaluation phase to determine whether or not the colony should cut its losses or continue utilizing its resources to get her pregnant.

Clark smiled as he tried to size up the young woman before him, she was laughing and giggling constantly, but it was obvious to him that she was masking her nervousness and probably need a bit of coaching to get her started.

"Have you had anything to drink?" asked Clark as he came closer.

"Mhmmm, I just finished a cocktail a few minutes ago" replied Samantha dutifully

"Good sweetie, why don't you come over here and hop into the shower, I will give you a nice massage and try and loosen those tense shoulders" chuckled Clark

Samantha laughed as she nodded and took Clark's hand, following him into the shower, Todd behind her holding her other wrist.

"Careful now," Clark said as he helped Samantha into the hot jet of water coming from shower head.

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