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Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A young mother has to confront the awkward reality of her sexual history when her daughter discovers a tape of her breeding session...

Gabrielle patted her daughter Emma on the head as she opened the door to let her outside to walk to school with her friends.

"Bye sweetie," she said as she looked outside to see with dismay rain that was already beginning to form big droplets.

"Bye mommy!" said Emma as she raced outside to her friends, not giving a second thought to the weather.

Gabrielle smiled and closed the door as she picked up her coffee cup and sat down, trying to warm up inside her red woolen sweater.

"Lily," she said as she summoned her house computer to life.

"Yes?" answered the soft neutral reply.

"What are today's notifications?"

Lily's electronic voice spoke again, "You have five new messages."

"Three new messages from the New Singapore District Office. Subject: Bills delivered at 12:00am with amounts of-"

"Reply 'Colony ID 0098768' to all."

"Processing ... Messages delivered. No charges standing."

"Thank you, Lily," Gabrielle said. It was such a helpful number to have. "Other messages?"

Lily promptly replied, "One new message from Sam Orange. Subject: Great Time Last Week - Again? - Would you like to open the message?"

"Later," Gabrielle replied. Sam was a friend ... a friend who was always ready and willing for a good time. Gabrielle hadn't committed herself to a boyfriend and Sam was eagerly able to fill the temporary physical role that she needed for her own relief.

"Next message?"

"Final Message," Lily paused for a moment as she loaded it onto the large flat screen in the living room. Gabrielle was curious - only large files ever appeared on the screen. Lily continued after a short time, "One new message from the Federal Agency for Reproduction and Maternity. Subject: Colony ID 0098768 and Alpha ID 042. Video attachment. Would you like to open the file?"

"The Eden Institute sent me a message?" Gabrielle wondered aloud. That was the agency in charge of the health and reproduction efforts of New Singapore. She hadn't been at the Colony since Emma was born close to seven years ago ... She got up from her chair and walked over into the living room slowly, trepidation in her steps.

Gabrielle spoke up to the computer, "Open the file - full screen."

The screen flicked to black for a moment, then the video began to play. She was surprised at what she saw. There was a dim room with a bed in the middle, covered in white sheets. Atop it laid a naked women - breasts heaving and her legs splayed out as she lay supine, looking slightly off-camera. Gabrielle took a step forward to get a better look and then gasped - there was no doubt who the woman on screen, visibly excited and breathing hard from her arousal, was Gabrielle.

Before Gabrielle could recover from the shock of seeing herself on screen, a new figure appeared: his shoulders were broad and masculine, his arms and legs thick with powerful muscles, and his back obscured the much younger Gabrielle who was softly cooing and moaning just a few feet away as he stepped into the camera's line of sight. The Gabrielle of the present was transfixed as she watched the Alpha Breeder approach her, making both the bed and her body look small in comparison. The breeder moved over Gabrielle expertly as she spread he legs even further for her stud.

Back when she was at the colony, these videos were used for internal evaluation purposes only, analyzing the effectiveness of each breeder and documenting any strengths or weaknesses in his bedroom techniques. Some of these videos leaked out onto the Internet and generated enormous interest, so much so that the government conducted a study of how much revenue could possibly be generated if they had released them for public consumption. When the results came back overwhelmingly positive, the Eden Institute underwent a remarkable turnaround, beginning the production and distribution of these breeding video documentations. Administrators from the colony even went so far as to hire consultants from The Republic of California's adult and Hollywood film industries to advise them on how to most effectively run the operation. However, growing criticism from a variety of personal freedom advocacy groups criticized the decreased privacy for the male breeders and accusations of selection bias by the Institute in favor of more physically beautiful women rather than genetically healthy breedees began to surge.

Nonetheless, production continued on, becoming more and more elaborate and professional as time went on. The productions of today, with lighting, wardrobe, set design and even makeup, were a far cry from the raw unedited footage in the dimly lit room that Gabrielle was staring at on her screen. When the video began, she was instantly taken back in time, her coos turning to moans as the breeder entered her. Gabrielle shifted her body-weight from one knee to the other, watching her feet bouncing subtly on the screen as the breeder thrust into her again and again.

Like most women, Gabrielle continued to take lovers after her time at the colony and the birth of her child. There was something about the colony however that she would never experience quite the same again. It was such an odd place, like a real life fantasy land, the experiences of being there would be just long enough for you to get used to the idea of living on an island built solely for sex, but never long enough for you to get comfortable. The experience was what she had read traveling to Las Vegas in the United States was like. It was all surreal.

The Alpha on screen lifted Gabrielle's legs onto his shoulders - her calves looking so small and dainty as they rested there. The long broad back of a breeder was on top of her as his powerful body thrust and rutted inside tight pussy. Gabrielle slowly smiled to herself and crossed her legs instinctively as she watched, her past self gasping and clutching onto his back while he drove his impressive shaft deep inside of her. His large hands stroked up and down her pale white sides, petting her as he thrust his member into her again and again with a rhythmic technique perfected after thousands of sessions with countless numbers of women before her.

She could hear her own grunts and moans, and little coaxings of, "Mmm, yes!" and "So good!!", but soon they were reduced to just unintelligible grunts and cries of pleasure. The Alpha needed no further encouragement or direction. Watching her very own breeding was something Gabrielle had never imagined would happen to her - but now that she was, all the memories came flooding back, from the Colony, in striking detail and sensation ... She could feel her pussy getting moist already, and she rubbed her thighs together slowly, feeling the roughness of her jeans grinding against her legs and the silkiness of her panties against her juicing pussy ... She began to slip her hand down her breasts, down her stomach, and down even further...

"Mommy, what's that?" asked a curious Emma, now standing beside Gabrielle and looking at the screen.

Shocked, Gabrielle blushed profusely as she scrambled to find the remote. After a few seconds of embarrassing fumbling as her recorded cries of pleasure filled the room, Gabrielle looked behind her with relief to see the remote. She grabbed it off the couch and hit the power button, instantly sending the screen black.

"Sweetie, what are you doing back here?" shakily asked Gabrielle, wondering what her daughter was doing back inside the house to begin with.

"You forgot to give me lunch, mommy," Emma responded.

Gabrielle stood up uncomfortably as she walked into the kitchen area and started the robotic process of making a sandwich, hoping that Emma hadn't really seen enough on the screen to give it a second thought. Several seconds followed as Gabrielle made the sandwich in silence, feeling like time was slowing down just for her to wallow in her embarrassment.

"Mommy, what were you watching?" Emma asked again, finally revealing the elephant in the room.

"Sweetie you weren't supposed to see that" Gabrielle said quietly, unsure of what she should have said otherwise.

Emma walked over to the couch and pressed the power button on the remote, curious to see the image appear back on screen before her mother could stop her. Now paused, Gabrielle could see her face was clearly visible from underneath the broad back of the male breeder. Her eyes were closed and her mouth gaping in a silent moan, her face of ecstasy peeking out from underneath his thick shoulder.

Emma looked closer and realized the face belonged to her own mother, even if it was from many years ago.

"Mommy? Is that you?" she asked as she pointed to Gabrielle's face on the screen.

Gabrielle looked down at the floor. The awkward situation of her daughter pointing with innocent curiosity at Gabrielle's frozen face on a video from a breeding session taken many years ago was palpable.

"Yes sweetie, that's me..." she said shyly, now coming to the conclusion that now was as good a time as any to explain some of the details of sex to her young daughter.

Emma peered at the television again, looking puzzled as she analyzed the still-frame of the breeder buried between her mother's legs, gripping her knees and pulling them forward towards his motion-blurred hips.

Gabrielle saw the quizzical look on Emma's face and knew that this wasn't something that was necessarily okay to talk about. Pre-empting any feelings of awkwardness or guilt Emma may have been feeling, Gabrielle finished her sandwich and turned to her daughter.

"Please sweetie, just sit down and take off your raincoat. I will be gone for a minute upstairs to get something, but will be right back down."

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