Veerle on Holiday

by VeerleNIP

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, BiSexual, BDSM, Humiliation, Torture, .

Desc: Sex Story: I went on holiday to South-Africa and once there, my trip didn't go as I had planned. I ended up in the hands of a guy who wanted to break me. Did he succeed? Well, that for you to find out.


The next story is fictional, obviously!

A guy I know wanted to do a little role playing with me and because I was in a playful mood at the time, I went for it.

Keep in mind, the text is unedited and it is like how we wrote it to each other. I know there are mistakes in it but I decided to keep it like this for authenticity. R.P.A.M. told me that he will do a rewrite of this little story one day, but for now, he is too busy with his 'ADP in Europe' story and probably also with turning my little stories, about my life, into my Diary stories.

That's why I decided to publish it like it is and I hope you still can enjoy it.

The story itself will explore some of the darker things that really happen in the world. I know a few of the things we wrote about are real and I have seen pictures of it on the net. Documented while it happened by the aggressors.

Nathalie and I, we even did some of the things so I could experience it before I send my reply to him. And I can tell you, I was lucky I could stop it at anytime, because some of the things really hurt!

I'm probably a little bit too focused on realism, because I'm sure that not many writers would try a few of the things in this story.

And yes, if you read it, I'm sure you will be thinking that in real life, I would probably acted differently. But even when I knew the theme of the story, I tried to keep it somewhat light. I'm sure that in the real world, I would have been scared to death by it.

The parts in blue are written by me, the parts in red are written by Judson Hook.

Not the holiday I was expecting

I had been planning this for two years and finally the day had come. I would go on a holiday and see the wonders of Africa!

I had planned a trip to South Africa and also to visit some neighboring Countries. And I wished to do it in a period of two months. I wanted to have the time to enjoy the place. Everything was taken care off through the Internet, so I was set to go.

The plan was that I would land on Port Elizabeth Airport and then go to the place where I had ordered a car to rent for my trip. I would first go to a hotel and start my drive on the next day.

The plane trip went uneventful, but I was glad when we were back on the ground. I hate flying and it had taken all my courage to do it. But then we finally arrived in South Africa and my exploration could begin.

When I had my backpack and had the customs and all the usual questions behind me, I could walk out of the airport. I took me a cab to the place where I had ordered my car and walked in.

"Hello." A woman behind the counter said.

"Hi." I responded. "I have rented a car through the Internet, here are the papers."

I gave her the papers, she looked at them, checked something in the PC and then said, "Ah yes, Miss Verjans. The car is waiting for you, but a little moment, I need you to sign some papers first."

The woman walked away and after about 3 or 4 minutes, she came back with some papers. I looked them over and it seemed OK. So I signed them.

We went outside and walked up to the back parking lot. She personally wanted to show me the car. However, I was barely outside when two guys in black suits stopped us in our tracks. One of them showed me a badge, and he was from the secret police it seemed. Well, I had never seen a real badge of them before, so it seemed OK to me.

"Miss Verjans?" He asked with a stern voice.

"Eh ... Yes." I said a little disturbed with this all.

"Please follow us, we have some questions for you!"

"For me?" I said surprised.

"Don't talk! Just follow us please."

The other guy grabbed me by the arm, and they led me to a black car. They put me in the back, and one of the guys came sitting next to me, after he had put my backpack away in the trunk of the car. Before they started to drive, the guy next to me wanted to blindfold me.

"Hey, what are you doing!" I said somewhat angry.

"Standard procedure Miss!" The guy said.

I could see he wouldn't take no for an answer, so I let him blindfold me. I don't know for how long we drove or in which direction. However, I felt a little scared by now. This sure didn't feel as normal procedure to me, but what could I do as a stranger in this Country.

I think that in the end, we drove into an underground parking lot. Because I can remember that when we got out, I could hear an echo of my footsteps. And it was the typical sound that you heard when you were in an underground parking lot.

Then I was led around some corridors until we reached a room. I had to sit on a stool, and then I could feel how he placed my hands on an iron table, and before I knew it, my wrists were locked by some handcuffs that were connected to the table.

Then the man behind me started to undo my blindfold. However, the room was so bright that I couldn't keep my eyes open. I needed some time to get accustomed to the bright lights.

At the exact moment when I opened my eyes again, the lights in the room went out, and the door was closed. It was now pitch dark in the room, and I couldn't see anything around me.

When I was sitting there, I noticed how cold it was in the room and even with all my clothes on, I could feel that my body was starting to cool down. I did my best to see, just a little light somewhere would have been a blessing by now, but I couldn't see anything.

I was sure that I was already sitting there for about 15 minutes when I started to feel how my body temperature had dropped, and that it had made my nipples react in the usual way, they had popped out. Was I glad that I had decided to wear a bra this time, because else I would show it to whoever would end up with me inside this room. But I hoped it would be soon, because I sure was getting annoyed about this all.

Suddenly, all the lights went on again, and it hurt my eyes. I had to close them, and before I could open them again, I heard somebody walking into the room. By the sound of the shoes and the steps, I knew that it had to be a man.

I had totally no clue about what was going on here and what would happen next. However, I was hoping that it would be a misunderstanding, and that I could leave very soon, so I could start enjoying my vacation that I had planned!

When I opened my eyes, I saw another man, in a black suit, sitting in front of me. He had some papers in his hands and the look he gave me didn't promise anything good.

I continue shuffling the papers as I watch you. You seem intrigued by the papers more than me. Your eyes never meet mine. I see you tug tentatively at the manacles that hold your hands on top of the steel table. The low wooden stool is meant to be uncomfortable. You have purposely not been fed nor allowed to use bathroom facilities.

"I am surprised to find a pretty young woman like you in this very difficult situation Veerle. I assume I can be familiar and address you by your given name, since we will be spending a great deal of time together. Not just that we will spend time but share very personal matters. Of course you must be searched and have a medical examination, first off. That is official policy. It will be embarrassing but there is no way around it."

I am seventy years old and have more the appearance of a grandfatherly type. It is not kindly, grandfatherly techniques that amuse me in interrogating a young woman like you.

"It is unfortunate that you hands have to be cuffed to the table top. It is because we deal with some violent people here. Are you violent Veerle? Would you cooperate in undressing yourself for your examination?"

When I was looking at the man, while he had been talking to me, I could see that he seemed to be a man of distinction, and that he would probably have a long history of interrogating people.

I had gotten me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when I had heard him say something about a strip search and also that they wanted to give me a medical examination. Even when he seemed to know why I was here, he hadn't mentioned anything about it. So I asked him, "Sir, I don't want to sound disrespectful! But why am I here?"

I hoped that I could get into a conversation with him, and point out that I hadn't done anything wrong. However, before I could do this, I needed to know why they had picked me up of course. I couldn't believe that they had picked me up, and I'm only just in the Country. What could I have done wrong? Did I do something wrong at the airport? I just needed to find out why they were holding me, and looking at this man, I was sure I could get some information from him, so I could defend me to whatever they think I had done wrong.

"CLOSE YOUR MOUTH YOUNG LADY! The first lesson you must learn is that you speak only to respond to my questions. Secondly, you know very well why you are here as well as I. All I want from you is to confess why you are here and provide me details about the group you work for!" I shouted at you for the shock effect and continued very sternly.

"NOW VEERLE, do you understand?"

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