I Love the Mountains

by StangStar06

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: a Cheating wife Story

I love the mountains. After a morning filled with meetings, and meetings about meetings, I left the office to do something I truly enjoyed. When I got onto the freeway heading out of town, my head stopped hurting as I breathed in the clean, clear mountain air. Before leaving I had changed from my stuffy uncomfortable though fashionable suit and tie, into a couple of layered T-shirts under a flannel shirt and jeans. I had on my favorite Asics trainers now, but soon I'd have my feet stuffed into a pair of tight and sticky climbing shoes. Most people don't consider my car, an 08 Mustang GT to be a great outdoor person's car, but I really didn't listen to most people. I had been obsessed with Mustangs since I was too young to drive, and I had owned one ever since I was able to save up enough cash for my first used one. Besides I had nearly 180 miles to drive, most of which was freeway so I could make the trip far faster in my little pony than in any Jeep, Hummer, or other off road vehicle. The V8's potent growl calmed my nerves as I shook off all of my stress from being stuck in the city for 3 days straight. Most of the time I tele-commuted from my home that was less than a mile from the mountains, but there were times when I couldn't avoid going in to the office.

My wife Belinda and I were avid climbers, so naturally we settled in Utah. American Fork Canyon is a climber's dream and only a little bit more than a half hour drive outside of the suburbs of Salt Lake City where we live. I'm Ted Sanderford, I'm a computer programmer. I write control algorithms, and do interface mapping for CNC and robotic control systems. It's a great job and I love it, but not as much as I love the mountains. I'm 5'10 with the usual brown hair and blue eyes that are the statistical norm in the US. I guess I'm the typical everyman type guy. Not too big, not too small. Belinda my wife is a little shorter at 5'6" and is built for climbing with her thin athletic form. She has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. She's the girl next door that we all want to grow up and marry, and I did that literally. Sandy grew up right next door to me. We were friends first and then best friends, then we dated and finally got married right after high school. She's 2 years younger than I am at 42, but is still the sexiest thing I've ever seen. She may not have a huge rack and her legs and arms are kind of muscled up from all of the climbing, but in my eyes she's perfect.

The plan today was supposed to be for me to drive home from Danton, which is just under 200 miles from Salt Lake City. I'd stop off at home, change clothes and vehicles and meet Belinda and our son Greg for a climb together. We wouldn't be able to spend much time together as a family soon, because Greg was getting married in a couple of months. Neither his fiancé, who'd we met a couple of times or her mom, climbed at all. Belinda and Greg would probably start out climbing one of the smaller trails as a warm-up before I joined them. We'd camp there for the night maybe hike a few trails in the morning and then head home for a barbecue that we were having Sunday, so our family and friends could meet Emily and her mother Veronica. My version of the plan was far better; I'd changed clothes at work, and intended to head straight to the rock face to join them for both climbs. It would be a nice surprise for them. We just didn't spend very much time together since Greg had gotten older.

Though Belinda and I were looking forward to a time when we'd be alone, we loved our son very much. He looked almost exactly like I did at his age. Everyone we knew always commented on it. "Well at least you know Belinda didn't cheat on you," they always said. Another one was "At least you'll never have to worry about spending money on a DNA test." He also talked like me, walked like me and liked most of the same things I did. Belinda was unable to have any more children after Greg was born, but it didn't matter because we'd gotten it perfect on our first try. We still kept practicing, but we knew that there were no more children in our future. Belinda had gotten to be pretty randy of late and I could hardly keep up with her, but I wasn't complaining. Lost in my thoughts about the family I love, the Mustang just chewed up the miles until I was in the park.

There were several climbing routes to choose from in the canyon. The one we'd chosen to do together today was called Division Wall. Knowing Belinda as I did, I was sure she'd choose Pimple Tower for their warm-up climb. It was barely above a beginner's level route but it would give her the chance to talk to Greg and find out about Emily, who we knew next to nothing about. There was a small plateau about halfway up the face that she liked to stop and have a snack on. With Belinda being a creature of habit I was pretty sure I might be able to climb up and catch them while they had their snack.

Meanwhile 20 miles away Emily Munoz was talking to her mother as they headed to the mall to buy new outfits for the barbecue that was 2 days away. She really wanted to make a good impression on her future in-laws and have her mother do the same. She also hoped that her mother would meet someone at the barbecue, because with her getting married soon her mom would be left all alone.

"I don't need to get dressed up Emily," said Veronica Munoz to her daughter, "This party is for you. You're the one who needs to make an impression."

"Mom Greg already loves me, and I've met his parents once or twice, they're nice. But they really don't matter, he wants me to marry him, not them. I was hoping that maybe among all of the nice men that will be there, you might meet someone."

"Why would anyone want to meet a fat old girl like me?" asked Veronica.

"Mom, Abuela told me, that when you were younger you had to beat the guys off with a stick. You're still beautiful, and you'd have no problem finding a man if you wanted to. It's been more than 10 years since Dad passed. He'd want you to find someone that you can be happy with."

At that moment, a young man sat on a boulder on a small flat patch of grass. He chewed a piece of dried meat while he stared at the sky. "This place is perfect," he said to his companion as he rolled onto the grass to lie down next to her.

"Perfect for what?" she replied still staring at the sky. In response the man rolled on top of her and began kissing her in a very practiced manner. It was just the way she liked to be kissed, though not the person she wanted to be kissed by. But she got lost in the moment and opened her mouth and began sucking his tongue. She pulled away and he started trailing little kisses down her neck. "Ooh you'd better stop that," she said although she didn't mean it and they both knew it. Her small breasts started heaving as her nipples hardened until they were showing through her thin sports bra and her t-shirt. He pulled the top up and reached under her bra, first he gently rubbed the sensitive outward areas of her nearly non-existent mammary glands. When she started to make whimpering noises he pinched her nipples, nearly hard enough to hurt. In response to the pain in her nipples her legs spread on their own. He reached down and pulled her shorts and harness down. Her shorts stuck at the bottom of her shoes so he pulled off one of her climbing shoes as well. Then he looked down at her while he pulled his own pants down freeing his penis.

The woman reached up and took his engorged member into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on it while alternately covering it with gobs of her own saliva.

"Okay, baby I'm ready for the real thing now," he gasped out breathlessly. "If you don't stop that I'm gonna cum."

"So, you could just work on me for a little while and you'll be ready to go again in no time. That's the great thing about being young," she said. She spread her legs and lay back in the grass, looking at the sky again. Her companion pounced on her and plunged his dick into her vagina to the hilt in one move and started fucking her hard and fast. After a few minutes he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and kept pumping away. She slammed her hips into his abdomen meeting his every thrust. The sensations she felt were pleasant but not really fulfilling for either of them. She pulled her legs closer together to put more pressure on his penis and increase the friction. She looked into his eyes and saw the love for her there.

"Oh baby, this has to be the best pussy ever made," he spat out through clenched teeth.

"You don't wish it was tighter?," she asked.

"Unh uh," he grunted as he sawed away at her, feeling his orgasm nearing, he slowed down and pulled out. He flipped her and pulled her ass cheeks apart. He spat into his hand and rubbed it over his already wet penis, and pushed his member into her ass slowly but forcefully. Then he started slowly fucking her ass, increasing his tempo with each stroke. The woman started to finger her own clit in time to his rhythm. This gave her the stimulation that his penis hadn't and she started to get into it herself. Whereas the previous actions had been done only for her partner's satisfaction, the stimulation of her clit lit her own fires.

"Ooh yeah, fuck me," she said. Then she stripped off her t-shirt and flung it as she ground her ass into her partner harder. She spread her legs further and lowered herself until her belly was resting in the soft mountain grass, and frigged herself harder as the man behind her started to really pound her ass. All at once, nearly too soon he started spurting into her anal cavity and rolled over.

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