Sue Serves Several

by LiteroCat

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Food, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Year end party goes wild, steamy, photographic and very ADULT. Great culinary inspiration. Do you love chocolate mousse now?

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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

"I've been teasing my sweet wife for months that we HAD to start the new year off with a bang, several of them, but I had no idea it might come true. Especially like this. Thanks for hosting an unforgettable party."

Early that morning, 12/31/2009: "Well, Sue, I hope you're still up for our soiree. The invites went out and the RSVPs came back and they all agreed to the formal attire. No more collegiate type keggers, as you wanted. This is our first formal, grown-up, adult, did I say grown-up, party?"

"Yes you did. Twice. I got it and I know I'm nervous. The food is planned out, the table's already set and it's not even 10 A.M. So anything we eat today will be at the counter, You GOT IT? Seriously, I don't know why I'm so nervous. Four of the six coming are old friends and the other two are their spouses, so why am I so frazzled?"

"Well, I'm not sure, but this may be the right time to try our hypnosis skills to reduce your tension from whatever source. Those classes we took can help quite a bit so I think we should give it a try right away and reinforce it later today. OK?"

"You think this is the right time to experiment? How much time will it take from the day? I ... I ... I don't need the extra anxiety."

"Your choice. You can stay at your current hyper tense level or spend 15 minutes to help you relax. I've never seen anyone so prepared for a party, so that's all good. How do you think our guests will react to your tension? Will it help your party or hurt it?"

"OK. If it will take just 15 minutes now and later. It's important to me that they all feel this is a good party, so I want you on your best deportment too. No beer pong or suggestive games, right? Or do I have to hypnotize YOU to behave?"

"Right, AND you want our guests to actually ENJOY it, right? Let's get started. Come sit in your fav chair. Watch my finger, back and forth. You are already feeling more relaxed. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Focus only on your breathing, listen to the air flow in, out. Now hear my voice and accept suggestions only from me. You will remember everything that happens in this session. Feel the tension seep down your body, pooling lower and pouring out your toes. Look at the blank movie screen behind your forehead. You are already relaxed. The screen lights up dimly. You see yourself on the screen. You are slowly descending a stairway to a basement. With each step you are going deeper and deeper. When you get to the bottom and open the door there, you will be inside the space of complete relaxation. All anxiety will lose importance and no matter what happens, you will handle it deftly and confidently. Four steps left... 3... 2... 1. You are ready to open the door. Once you are inside you will realize there is nothing to fear and your guests will relax with you, appreciate all the preparations you made and enjoy your party. Feel the refreshing coolness of your calm room. You will remember everything up to this point. From now on, whenever you hear ME say SUE SLEEP, you will immediately return to your calm room and be totally open to my suggestions. If you understand and accept all I said, put your right hand on your left breast. Good. Open the door and walk up the steps. Gently come back to alertness. When you reach the top step you will be fully awake and totally relaxed. Four... 3... 2... 1 ... awake. All done honey. How do you feel?"

"OK. Wow, GOOD even. There's really nothing to be anxious about. It's all handled and even if it ALL goes wrong, so what! We'll live."

"Exactly. We even have time for a nooner so you can help ME relax. Then, we'll finish cooking and change into our party duds with plenty of time left." So far so good and the rest of the day went as planned ... and with great calm ... until 4 P.M.

"Al, I didn't make plans for after dinner! What are we going to do, watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' again?"

"NO, NO not that. Let's watch some porn or suggest strip poker instead. Rob and Lee are always trying to peek down or under your shirts and I know you've caught them too. Maybe YOU can be our dessert tonight. I bet you'd like that too."

"Says you! What did I tell you earlier? There are two strangers in the group and you know how I'm easily embarrassed if a stranger sees my privates. But our friends ... well I'm wearing a bra for a change so they'll have to look very hard to see anything. At least for tonight, formal wear means conservative. Though I'm willing to tease a little, if you would like to watch that." She can be very confusing!

"We'll see. Let's do your second session then get dressed ... conservative ... as you insist. Sit here and SUE SLEEP." Wow! Immediate response. Sue collapsed into a totally flaccid, relaxed state. When I asked if she were in her calm room, she smiled languidly and nodded YES. Let's see what my devious little mind can come up with...

"Sue, you will NOT remember these post hypnotic suggestions and will NOT do anything against your nature. When I say SUE SLEEP, you will stand tall and still and wait for my command. You will respond to my voice ONLY and do as I command without question, hesitation or resistance. If it is something you don't feel you can do, say 'No thank you, SIR.' You will be totally aware of everything you and the others do. Unless I say otherwise, you will not remember what I ordered you to do. When I say SUE AWAKE, you will come back to a totally conscious and relaxed state. Sue AWAKE."

I was surprised Sue was so susceptible and that it seemed to work as planned. Tonight we find out what IS within Sue's acceptable limits despite her desperate habit of lying about them. And I'll ensure she entertains our guests.

We showered and prepared appetizers while air drying naked. Sue looked anxiously out the windows, I suppose she's concerned yet titillated by the prospect of being caught so, umm, unprepared. It was hard to suppress laughing when she tossed me some sly, quizzical looks. I dressed quickly in a formal suit with a bow tie,

Sue reconsidered her outfit several times. You need to know every detail of her struggle picking her clothes for this special night so you can understand her conflicts. She must have suspected something was up since she chose sexy, lacy panties over her usual nylon bikinis. I also suggested she wear her demi push up bra which was much less than half solid cup that's topped with 2/3 cup shear lace that let her perky nipples show thru. She chose a loose, classy, cafe-au-lait colored, button down, long sleeve blouse with triple tiered draping neckline. Leaving two buttons open made it look too solemn; opening the third button exposed just a bit of her lace bra and made it, and her, very tempting.

She picked stockings with wide lacy-elastic tops that didn't need a garter, yet she added a red one for effect. I told her the stockings had to be pulled up as high as possible, into the folds of her legs/crotch, or the tops would look gauche under the short, blue skirt she would wear. She smirked slyly as she slid the silky stocking on, she took the extra seconds to 'smooth' them over her shapely, toned legs. I wondered if she'd find a way to tease our guests the same way.

On her own, she chose to pull the skirt waist up a bit so a little more of her shapely legs showed. The creamy blouse color added to its translucent promise. Since it was loose and flowed, it actually clung only to the most prominent peaks of her small breasts. Where they pressed against the smooth blouse, the lacy bra was crisply, sheerly displayed. Thru the near gossamer combination, her nipples darkened and screamed for attention. THIS is what she meant by 'conservative'? When she noticed their 'shadow', to my disappointment, she chose to wear her matching royal blue blazer. Now you see the fundamental contrast of her conservative yet sexy formal outfit. A holiday broach helped soften the cold formality of her 'work suit.' She capped it all with her best mid length pearls that were hidden if only two buttons were open, so she was easily persuaded to open the third button.

We were all in our 30s with decent to extraordinary bodies, and average to attractive features, if I must say so myself. I'm sure my lovely wife knows I'd love to fuck every one of our female guests until we drop; though she hides it, I'm sure she knows their husbands would love to ream her all night too.

When the first guests arrived, they paused under the big mistletoe bow. Sue gave both of them a lingering kiss, I just hugged Rob, but frenched Reggie while palpating her soft ass. Sue slapped my hand saying that wasn't classy enough for tonight. Before Rob and Reggie got their coats off, Lee and Sage rang our bell.

Lee, being our old and friendly friend, got the same wet kiss from Sue, though Sage got a milder lip kiss. "Lee said we should treat his wife with the same open familiarity as we offered him, so..." I dipped Sage so Sue couldn't see my hand groping her firm ass under her long coat while my tongue danced in her willing mouth, though I'm not sure why I wanted to defy Sue. Licking my lips, "Ummm, that was nice. Happy New year."

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