Grandma's Rituals

by HotIndianPen

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It is about a Grandma caxing her grandson to make love to his mother. It is totally incest

On the king size bed in the privacy of their bedroom Alka was thrashing her body wildly while her husband was pounding his cock deep into cunt. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her cunt and knew that any moment he may spurt. As she lifted her legs and allowed his cock to penetrate deeper, giving a final trust her husband spent his sperm into her and being exhausted lay upon her crushing her on the bed. She liked it as it was on rare occasion that he fucked her, more so when he had planned to go on a tour. It was his way of telling her that he will out for few days. Alka looked forward for his tours as it was during this time he used her body.

Today it was different as her husband had asked her to take their son and visit her mother. She was worried thinking about her mother who came from a nomad family. She was worried about the stories her mother would tell her teenaged son. She was worried it may upset him. Apart from the stories the rituals her mother believed in were shocking to some extent.

Was it necessary to take her son along was the question running through her mind. It would have been okay if they had to stay for a day or two, but her husband was keen in her having a long holiday. He had hinted a month. How was she going to control his son so long in the small hamlet was what that was harping her.

On one hand she was eager to flee. She wanted to show off to the women of her hamlet her status, her gadgets and her dresses as at the time she was married her husband was not rich but the present situation had changed drastically and he was stinking rich. What she had to show the women folk made her hurry to reach there.

Vinit her son too was eager to meet his Grand Ma whom he called Ma. She had a strong bond towards him as he was the only male in her clan. She always treated him like a king. All his wishes were granted and the best part was she treated him like a man and five years had lapsed since he had visited her.

So they took off the next morning. Alka's husband had provided them with his car and had instructed the driver to drop them and return. He wanted to be assured they had reached the hamlet and would return only when the car was sent again. He wanted them out of his pants as he was expecting a delegation to visit his company and there were many friends in it whom he wanted to entertain at his mansion. He had planned every thing meticulously.

They reached the hamlet in the far off woods and as there was no motor able road leading to her Grandma's house they had to thread the last half a kilometer. It was while they were trekking some kids saw them and sprinted away to inform Grandma of their arrival.

As they slowly threaded their way carrying bag and baggage's amidst the woods and reached home, grandma was waiting to receive carrying a few earthen pots in her hands. Vinit was surprised when he saw his Grandma and wondered whether she really was his Grandma. She looked just a few years older than his Mom.

Alka on reaching her mother's house took a deep breath as she knew she had to pass through lots of rituals to enter the house. Having removed her high heeled sandals she allowed a few maidens to anoint sandalwood paste on her feet. Then she had to dip her feet in the vermilion water and doing so lifted her sari up a little. As she stepped on the small bowls of liquid she saw her son looking at her. He was keenly watching the rituals.

After dipping her feet in the liquid as she stepped into the house all the women surrounded her and making her sit on a stool started anointing sandal wood paste on her face arms and legs. Her mother was the last person to do so and as she completed she looked upon Vinit and directed him to come forward.

Vinit hesitating a little moved forward and taking a little paste he applied it on his mothers face and hands and as he turned back, his grandma asked him to apply the same on her legs.

Vinit turned to see his mother smiling. She lifted her sari a little to allow him to apply the paste. Shying a little he moved forward and applying the paste on his mother's legs as fast as he could he turned which made all the women laugh at his predicament? Later he felt glad that he had touched her legs.

Thus the welcome ritual came to an end and as they settled down Grandma taking hold of Vinit said 'have you forgotten your Ma. Why did you take so long to come' and before he could answer taking hold of him and facing the people present said 'my king has come.' That was the regards and respect the clan showered on any male and Vinit being the only male in her family she showered all her love on him. She hugged her grandson.

There she goes thought Alka seeing her mother hug her son and wondered what's to follow. Next Alka was then taken to the bathroom where the maidens washed her face arms and legs. She felt thrilled to see them completing the rituals.

Grandma's house contained a few spacious rooms but had only one bath room. As there were no phones or power lines in the small hamlet grandma used kerosene lamps for lighting.

When the rituals were over it started to get dark. A few of the women present started lighting kerosene lamps. The hue of the lights was pleasing and Vinit was excited. After having the meals Alka excused to go to her room. Seeing her depart 'why don't you take your son to your room' asked her mother.

'Ma, he can manage by himself' replied Alka shaking her head.

'Shall I fix him up in the other room' asked her Ma.

'Yes that would be fine' as Alka said it she thought why can't she understand that he is not a child any more.

Why cant she understand that he has grown up now thought her mother.

The first thing Vinit saw on entering his room was that there were no cots. In fact for a few stools there was no other furniture visible in the entire house. Left alone in the vast room and lying on the mattresses on the floor he felt excited. As he was dog dammed tired he slept under the illumination of the kerosene lamp.

Next morning after waking up as he went to the bathroom he was in for a shock as there was no shower, no taps and no sink. Expect for a toilet basin at one corner and a bucket the room was totally naked. Hanging his clothes on a make shift hangar made out of nails he sat down to take a bath. As he was having the bath he saw streaks of light penetrating the room. On closer scrutiny he found it to be coming from the holes made on the door by termites. This again thrilled him.

Having finished his bath as he stepped into the kitchen his grandma screamed at him for having entered wearing his sandals. Removing he joined his mother and sitting down on the mat he had cup of steaming coffee whose aroma lingered even after he finished it.

As he sat in the small cubicle of the kitchen he saw his grandma cooking on a stove using firewood. The smoke billowing out of the firewood had a pleasant aroma. As his eyes wandered he saw his grandma sweating from the heat of the fire. As he stared at her his mother said 'this is the life of the village.'

'But how does she manage' he said looking at his grandma.

'You should have seen how we lived earlier' replied his grandma.

'Why what was there at that time' he asked.

'At that time there was no proper roof on our heads, no walls and no stoves. We used to live in forests whether it rained or shined in small tents.

'It is difficult for me to visualize' he said.

'Yes it is difficult for you as you have not seen it, but it was good as we never stayed at one place. We used to shift our camps every now and then depending upon the season' said she.

'I wish I get an opportunity to camp in the open' he said.

'If you are interested I can arrange it provided you are ready to use the fields instead of a bathroom' she said smiling to herself.

'There is not much difference in your present bathroom' he said thinking of the holes in the door.

'At least this house has one while others' she shook her head.

After finishing breakfast his mother got up and changing into a new sari came out looking dazzling. Vinit at that moment did not know that she was going out to impress her cousins.

After his mother left Vinit was alone with his grandma 'how do you manage to live in this house' he said.

'As I told you it is a luxury considering what I have been through. Come let's go to the fields' saying this she dragged him out of the house without bothering to lock it up.

After trekking for a few minutes they reached a vast field and pointing it out 'this is what I have toiled for my whole life and it is all yours' she said as she sat down under a tree.

Vinit was numb hearing this and did not know how to reply back. 'Ma, tell me about those days' he said.

'It is a long story but to cut it short it was good till it lasted' she replied wiping the sweat with the top of her sari. Our clan was a small one and had its own culture which was weird.

'Why do you call it weird' asked Vinit.

'There were no religions, no rules and no marriages' she said.

'No marriages what do you mean' he said.

'Yes no marriages. At first the men earn their women and later sell them or use them to gamble' she said.

'But how' asked Vinit.

'Sometimes by gambling and sometimes by force' she said.

'You women didn't have any say' he asked.

'No we were just silent spectator's' she replied.

'How did Grandpa earn you?'

'He was a very shrewd gambler' she replied.

'By gambling?'

'Yes by gambling and those rituals were weird if you consider them now. As I came of age there were four persons who wanted to possess me and he outwitted each one of them.

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