Alex's Pool Party

by Anonymous Bosch

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is an immediate sequel to "Pam's First Time." It explains the "lust filled eyes" watching Pam and Jamie fuck in the prop room...... Read Pam's first time before this story for maximum effect.

At Cranston Hall.

Alex saw Jamie and the oh-so-hot Pam Shriver duck in the entrance to the props room.

"Hmmm. They're supposed to be in study hall." He thought to himself. "I wonder what they're up to?"

The entrance was laid out as a "Z" for silence during a performance and to trap light. Alex snuck in after them. He just caught a glimpse of them weaving through the props. He snuck along, following them. They stopped at the foot of a day bed.

Tabby caught a glimpse of Alex going into the props room. There was something furtive about how he did it. Tabatha lived a couple houses down from Alex and had known him since kindergarten. They both lived in Bellhaven, the section of Greenwich, CT that's on Long Island Sound. Alex and Tabby had played doctor and stolen a few kisses, but nothing serious. Their families were rich, but not in the league of the Shrivers. The Shriver estate was on the northern boundary of Greenwich and the grounds were huge and the manor was massive. Tabby knew that Alex should be in study hall. On a whim, she decided to follow. It took her a little while to sneak up on him.

They stopped next to a day bed and started kissing. "This could be awesome!" Alex thought. Pam Shriver was the hottest, richest girl in school. We all lusted after her. Alex could see them tongue each other. Then Pam went over to the day bed and lay down. Jamie laid down next to her and they kissed some more. When he started to squeeze her tit, Alex's cock rose to quivering hardness.

"Oh man, I'd like to be squeezing her tits," he thought and began to rub his cock through his uniform pants. "Is she going to let him fuck her?" he wondered. He had a great view, looking up the length of the bed from their feet. When Jamie started unbuttoning her blouse, Alex undid his belt buckle and oh-so-quietly unzipped his fly. He pushed his pants and underwear down to his thighs and started stroking his cock. He heard his shirt rustling so he lifted it up with his left hand.

Tabby slipped off her shoes and snuck through the maze of props. Then she caught sight of Alex. His pants were around his thighs and she could see his ass clearly. She also saw his right arm moving rhythmically.

"OMG" She thought. "He's jerking off!' She had an evil thought and started to reach for her iphone to take a picture of him. Then Tabby saw what he was looking at. She caught herself just before she was going to surprise Alex. A couple was lying together on a bed. The guy was unbuttoning her blouse. "OMG, that's Pam Shriver!" and so, that must be Jamie with her. She stood watching, transfixed by Pam and Jamie having sex and Alex jerking off, watching.

Tabby felt her nipples harden, watching Jamie caress her breasts.

"That must feel so nice." She thought to herself.

Tabby had just turned 15 and was filling out nicely. She was 5'6", slim, with nicely curved hips, good legs and B cups. She had honey-blonde hair, naturally streaked with brown, dark brown eyebrows and green eyes. It was a unique and exotic combination. She was lovely with a dusting of freckles and everyone called her Tabby, because she looked like a cat turned human.

Tabby looked at Alex's buns. It looked like he had them tightly clenched. They were sculpted in at the sides and looked rock hard.

"Ooooh, I like his buns," she thought. Tabby's hand dove up under her skirt and she slid a hand under her panties onto her clit. She shivered and avidly watched Jamie, Pam and Alex get it on.

Jamie opened her blouse wide. Pam had on a sexy, white, low cut bra. Jamie squeezed her left tit and his thumb stroked her nipple. I heard a slight noise from Jamie. Pam gave out a soft moan, and then whispered something to him. There was a pause, and then her bra flew open. I heard a soft hiss from Alex. Even lying on her back, her tits were magnificent. They were firm and round with large, hard nipples pointing straight up.

"Oh Pam, they're beautiful," both Tabby and Alex heard him. Tabby glanced at Alex, who was stroking away.

Alex thought, "Damn those tits are AWESOME!"

Tabby lamented, "I wish mine looked were that big ... Maybe they'll grow some more."

Jamie's hand raced all over Pam's left breast. Pam whispered something to Jamie and he started to pinch, roll and pluck her nipple. Then she pushed his head down towards her right breast. Jamie immediately slid down and started licking and sucking. Pam held the back of his head against her tit, sighing with delight. Jamie suckled one and stroked the other for a few minutes. Then Alex and Tabby saw his hand slide down her belly to her thigh and he pulled her skirt up her leg.

Tabby was getting really hot. She rubbed her wet slit and pinched her nipple. She was getting really turned on by the sex on the bed, Alex's tight buns and knowledge that he was jerking off.

Alex saw Jamie's hand slide up her thigh, pushing her skirt up too. He paused and then Alex saw his thumb tracing her lips through her panties. He could even see a wet spot. Alex moaned in his head, getting close to spraying the room with semen.

Tabby was right behind him and catching up fast. When she heard Pam moaning for Jamie to kiss her and watched him cup her entire pussy, Tabby shivered and came. She clamped her mouth inside her elbow to muffle any noise.

It didn't work.

Alex must have heard or sensed her. He spun around, his cock in one hand and trying to pull his shirttails down to cover his erection. Tabby was busted too. She had one hand stuffed in her panties, which pulled her skirt way up to her waist. The other was clamped onto a breast. She was shaking all over from her huge orgasm. Alex stood there, his erections sticking out between his shirttails and gaped at her with bulging eyes. His face turned bright red.

Tabby recovered quickly and put her finger to her lips and mimed, "Shhhh." She snuck over to him and stood next to him to watch the show. When he turned back, she started squeezing the tit closest to him. She saw him glance at her, and then his hand got back to work. Tabby kept glancing at his long hard cock.

Meanwhile, Jamie had opened Pam's skirt and was rubbing her pussy under her panties. Tabby wondered what THAT felt like. It was sure apparent that Pam loved it. Pam started rubbing him through his pants and she whispered that he had made her wet. Pam unbuckled him, unzipped him and reached into Jamie's pants with her hand busy stroking his cock.

Alex and Tabby heard, "Yes Pam, Oh yes. Touch me..."

Tabby could tell that Jamie was finger-fucking Pam. She shivered all over and felt a warm flush all over her skin. Lust. Pure lust. Alex was panting softly, his hand pumping slowly.

Pam softy moaned, "Oooooooh Jamie, faster ... deeper..."

Then, "Oooooh, Yes Jamie. Make me come ... OH YES!" Jamie caressed her until she recovered.

Then she said, "Let me do something for you, Jamie." and started to kiss her way down his chest.

"Ooohh God! She's going to suck his cock!" Tabby thought. "That is soooo HOT!" Tabby unbuckled her skirt and then her hand slipped under her panties to run her fingers up and down inside the wet folds of her pussy lips. She sighed with delight, acutely aware that Alex was watching her.

"Pull your pants down, Jamie," Pam whispered to him. He pushed his pants and underwear down to his thighs. Pam kissed his lower belly and stroked his cock up and down. Alex looked at Tabby in mute appeal, hopeful it was giving her ideas. Tabby saw him do it and shook her head. She wanted to watch Pam and Jamie.

Jamie was panting for air. Pam lifted his cock up, sank her lips down over the head and then she sucked him hard. Alex arched his back and a jet of his hot come arced into the air. Tabby thought it must have flown 6 feet. It was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen. Much better than internet porn; he was right here next to her and she known so long.

Tabby stopped playing with herself and watched Alex come. "OMG, That makes me so HOT!" Another jet arched out of him as he went up on his toes. Maybe 4 feet. Another weaker one and then just dribbles came out. He sighed very softly, turned and saw Tabby watching him. He blushed bright red again. Tabby patted his buns.

Meanwhile, Pam was giving Jamie his first blowjob.

He caressed her head and moaned, "Oooooh babe, yes. That feels so good. Your mouth is so hot."

Her head bobbed and down and then she must have sensed something. She pulled off and whispered, "Oh yes, Jamie, let it go. Come in my mouth..."

He thrust wildly, moaning and blasting semen into Pam's mouth. She swallowed and gulped eagerly as he spasmed.

Tabby shivered and wondered what it tasted like. Pam sure seemed to like it. Jamie lay back and panted, looking amazed. Tabby thought, "Wow, she's in charge! I bet this is his first time. OMG! That is sooooooooo hot!"

Alex looked on in envy as a guy he knew got a blowjob from the hottest, richest babe in school.

Pam got up from the bed and took off Jamie's shoes and socks. Then she took off his pants and underwear. "OH MAN, I'd love to have a hot chick strip me!" he thought.

Pam stepped back from him and slid off her skirt. Tabby watched with envy and a little lust, "OMG, she is hot, SO FUCKING HOT!"

Pam undulated her hips as she rolled her panties down off her hips.

"Pam, I've wanted to see you naked for so long ... so long..." Jamie moaned.

"I know, Jamie, I know. I just wasn't ready."

"And now you are?"

"Yes Jamie, I want you to eat me and then fuck me." And Pam grasped her tits and presented the nipples to him. Tabby shivered all over, flushed hot with lust and her fingers sped up.

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