The Cute Little Angel


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Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Long, long ago, in a place far, far away, there lived a cute little angel who blushed in a very cute way and often sat at her computer dreaming of being enslaved to a wicked Mistress. Not an evil Mistress, just one who would make all the cute angel’s dreams cum true…

A story dedicated to a cute little angel with a good heart.

Long, long ago, in a place far, far away, there lived a cute little angel who blushed in a very cute way and often sat at her computer dreaming of being enslaved to a wicked Mistress. Not an evil Mistress, just one who would make all the cute angel's dreams cum true...

Then one day, just as the cute little angel was falling asleep in front of her computer the wicked Mistress reached out through the screen and pulled the cute little angel right through the screen and into her computer, all the way into the wicked Mistress's dungeon.

As the cute little angel looked around, she first realized that all her clothes had vanished. All she now wore was a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, all in strong but padded black leather with bright steel rings set deep into them. The lights were dim and the angel could not see all of the room but she could see the wicked Mistress who now approached, her high heeled boots click-clacking on the stone floor. As she came closer the cute little angel picked herself up from the floor and knelt before the wicked Mistress.

"You are my angel now." Said the wicked Mistress, "you will serve me just as you did in your dreams." Then the wicked Mistress snapped a leather leash to the cute little angel's collar and led her on hands and knees deeper into the dungeon, to face her first challenge.

Eyes cast down, the cute little angel followed at her wicked Mistress's heels, deeper still into the darkness of the dungeon, until they came to a young girl, chained upright and spread-eagled, her body glowing in the candle light. The wicked Mistress tightened her grip on the leash, forcing the cute little angel to stand before the girl, "this is girl," the wicked Mistress said, "You will soon know her very well indeed." Then the wicked Mistress guided the cute little angel forwards to stand face to face with the girl before snapping catches to her wrists and ankles, fastening the cute little angel in place. The cute little angel felt a wide belt being wrapped around her, as it pulled tight she found herself pulled tight against the girl, their waists now firmly held together, next wide straps secured their thighs, arms and lastly a strap was wrapped around them just below their arms, pulling their shoulders close, so close that the cute little angel could feel the girl's heartbeat, even though her own heart was beating so loudly she thought it would deafen her.

The cute little angel found herself pressed hard against the girl, their faces so close that their cheeks touched, then she heard a soft whisper, the girl's lips were so close to the little angels ear that she could feel her soft breath, "Relax," the girl whispered, "you are safe, relax and let your dream come true," the little angel did relax. Even though she could feel her heartbeat racing, still she relaxed, feeling the slow steady beat of the girl's heart as well as the warmth of the girl's body, pressed as it was so hard against her own.

It was then that the wicked Mistress struck ... The lightweight floggers, one in each hand, spinning so fast as they wind-milled through the air in a figure 8 pattern, closer and closer, until they finally touched...

Both girls flinched as the stinging tails flicked across their bodies, never in the same place twice, from neck to knees, those whirling tails covered every inch, each stinging caress turning their skin a soft red, each stroke causing them to writhe against each other as much as their bonds allowed.

The warmth of the room, the excitement, the stinging tails of the floggers, all worked to arouse the girls, soon they could feel their perspiration mixing as it trickled down their bodies, both shiny in the candle light, breathing deeper, bodies alive, minds awash with the sensual writhing of their bodies and the tingling of their skin. The cute little angel was so caught up in each new sensation that she forgot to be afraid, forgot this was no longer a dream, she delighted in the way her body came alive, in the way the girl's body moved against hers. The cute little angel had found heaven.

The cute little angel almost passed out. Her body pressed hard against the other girl, the tingling of the flogger sending delicious tremors throughout her body it took her a while to realize that the flogging had stopped, that she was still writhing against another naked girl, even though there were no more blows, no reason to wriggle, but it felt so good. The cute little angel could feel her own nipples, swollen and hard, rubbing against the girl's breasts, against the girls own nipples, their breath hot upon each others necks, then cute little angel felt it, the soft pressure of the girls lips upon her neck, her skin tingled, her blushes obvious. Timidly the cute little angel returned the soft kiss, tasting the girl's skin with just the tip of her tongue. The cute little angel relaxed her body, feeling it melt against the other girl, their kisses still soft as their heartbeats slowed and they caught their breath ... Both were very aware of how aroused the other was, how good it felt to be so close, so intimate and so sensual.

The cute little angel was lost in the wonderful sensations and had almost forgotten about the wicked Mistress, until the blindfold was slipped over her eyes, sending her mind and senses into overdrive as fingers slowly drifted down from her neck, down her spine, slipping left and right, down again, down until they followed the curve of her ass, slipping across the sweet wetness of her sex, the briefest of touches, then a firm spank on her ass made her jump and cry out. Then nothing, just the feel of the girl squirming against her, followed by the sound of a firm spank and the girl's sharp cry of surprise. The cute little angel smiled, knowing what had happened, knowing what they had shared, without thinking, she kissed the girl's lips, a soft brief kiss of understanding.

The cute little angel jumped at the unexpected sensation, part tickle, and part scratchy caress. The cute little angel had never felt the caress of a fur mitten before; never had her skin tingled with such delicious sensations. Then just as she had relaxed once more, spank! The wicked Mistress's handprint forming on her ass, yet still the wonderful caresses continued. Again and again the wicked Mistress punctuated the erotic caress with sharp hard spanks, waiting after each spank for the little angel to relax, before striking again. The contrast of the fur caresses and the random spanking drove the cute little angel wild, the conflicting feelings of pleasure and pain seemed to mix deep inside her kindling a fire of lust that burned hotter and hotter, almost out of control as it spread, scorching a path through her body until it reached her sex.

Unable to stand it any more, the cute little angel cried out as for the very first time in her life, her body exploded in orgasm. An orgasm caused not by direct stimulation, but by her entire body being overloaded with delicious sensations.

The feel of the naked girl, the kisses they shared, the fur caress, even the spanking. The cute little angel wanted more, so much more, even though she had no idea if more would drive her wild with desire or so out of control she would feint dead away.

Right now the cute little angel was feeling so deliriously wanton that nothing mattered anymore, nothing existed but the burning sensuality and the echo's of that incredible orgasm, the aftershocks still tingling, causing her body to shiver, just as the girl shivered against her. Both of them sharing the same feelings, as their bodies recovered from the same treatment.

The wicked Mistress left the girl and the cute little angel hanging there, strapped together whilst she went to prepare some things. The cute little angel realized that although their wrists were tightly bound in the wide padded cuffs, their fingers were now entwined, soon their lips were joined and their tongues entwined as well. Both were still blindfolded, and now gagged by their own kiss, but both knew how the other felt, as both had shared each touch of pleasure, each burning spank, each touch and taste and the pressure of each others bodies transmitting their desire, their need to release the lust that burned within. Neither knew how long it would last, or what was to happen next.

When the wicked Mistress returned, neither girl was aware of her presence until the metal bar clicked into the floor socket between them. Still neither knew what it meant.

The metal bar was now held firmly in it's mounting, half way up, a screw allowed for height adjustment, at the top a short bar was connected at it's middle, rather like a see-saw, but in this case from each end of the hinged bar, a dildo was secured, which the wicked Mistress now lifted, until both girls were impaled upon the firm 'jelly' dildos. Then the wicked Mistress adjusted the height, careful to judge the perfect position, before tightening the screw, locking the bar in position.

The cute little angel was now on tip-toes, the dildo buried as deep as it could go inside her, whilst the girl was able to stand normally, still filled, but comfortable. Until that is, the cute little angel tired of standing on tiptoe, then as her feet relaxed, her body lowered, so that the bar tilted, forcing the girl up on her tip-toes. Thus the wicked Mistress's plan was revealed. Each girl forced to stand on extreme tiptoe whilst the other gained relief, then as the first tired, so the other was forced up on her toes.

All the time the slightest movement by either girl was transmitted via the bar to the other, both fully impaled and forced to torment each other, driving themselves and each other higher and higher, even as their bodies tired.

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