The Diary of a NIP-girl: 2001

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: True Sex Story: Prologue - This is the story about my own life and how I became a mostly naked girl in a world full of clothes. This book will cover the things I did in the year 2001.

Before I go on with my rather ... um ... naughty stories, I think I need to explain something first. Well, mostly about the arrangement I made with Sofie and the rules we have set for my stay at her sister's home.

If you have read my first book about my NIP-life, you already know that at the end of 2000, my mother had decided to move to Brussels, and because I didn't fancy the idea of becoming a boarder at my school, I had asked Sofie if I could stay at her sister's home. I was very happy when they told me that they would be fine with it and even the special arrangements they had come up with, so I could stay there for free, I liked a lot. Well, it also helped me to convince my mother that it would be a good solution for me, and not having to pay for my boarding would also help her. With my sister going to the university, she had already enough expenses.

And, of course, the fact that I could at least end my school career with the classmates of the past few years was also great. It sure would beat going to school in Brussels with complete strangers around me and maybe even a curriculum that differed from that of my own school.

However, I must confess that the thought of becoming Sofie's sex slave during those six months I would stay with them also scared me somewhat. Although, the closer we came to the day of me moving in with her, the more excited I became.

If I think about it today, I think it was because I hadn't done anything special anymore in the past few months. Well, Patrick and I did have some fun together, but that was all. The weather was too bad for any naked fun outside and then there had also been the exams before our Christmas holiday. Luckily, I can say that I passed them with flying colors.

Because I didn't know anything about BDSM or anything like that, I tried to find more information about it on the Internet. Some of the things I saw, looked like it could be fun, but there were also a lot of things I was sure of that I wouldn't like it. Especially the movies where they used various clamps on certain body parts, looked like it would hurt like hell. No, I was sure about one thing, I wouldn't allow clamps on my nipples. Maybe, I would try it on my pussy, but surely not on my nipples. When I pinched them a little harder than normal, it was already too much for my sensitive nipples. So, thanks, but no thanks!

Well, there were a few other things I saw that I wouldn't do, but because I also didn't know what Sofie would like to do to me, I would just have to wait and see what she had in store for me. However, not knowing what to expect, was also why I was so excited about it. And I had made a promise to myself, that even when my mind would scream 'NO' to me, I still would try it and when I didn't like it, I could always stop it, of course.

Sure, I knew I was taking a risk, because I had no experience with being dominated by a mistress. Even when Illiana had been pushing me sometimes, she always had done it because she loved me and knew that I would love to do it. Sofie and I didn't have this kind of relationship, and she would do it, because she wanted to learn more about being a dominatrix and not because she loved me. And I did it, because I wanted to spare my mother those extra expenses for me staying at Sofie's home. At least, I would be able to do my naked thing at her home. That was sure something they would never allow me to do in the boarding home of the school.

Up until the Christmas holiday, my mother hadn't known anything about my special arrangement with Sofie. However, during my holiday, I did tell her all about it. To my surprise, my mother reacted very well on the deal I had made with Sofie. It even seemed that she was more than a little interested in it as well. She even made me promise that I would tell her all about the things we did and keep her informed about it through E-mail.

I also have to say, Sofie did try to figure out the things I would like or dislike in those weeks before our Christmas holiday. However, because I was only experienced about running around naked and not so much with bondage or any of the other things they did during a BDSM session, I couldn't give her too much insight. That was why Sofie had asked me that I at least had to try all the things she wanted to do with me, and I could always use my safe word to stop something or even stop everything when I couldn't deal with it anymore.

She also promised me that she would go slow with me. At first, starting with some light bondage and then exploring my pain threshold before she would go on into the more extreme BDSM play. When I asked her about what she would do with me, she told me that it would involve a lot of bondage, because that was the thing she liked the best. She loved to immobilize her slaves and then tease them to orgasm. Well, that didn't sound too bad in my ears. Although, pain play was also something she sometimes did and that's why she would start slow with me, so she could discover how much I could take.

Another thing she liked to do, was humiliating her slaves in public. She didn't tell me more about it, but I was sure I would be able to handle it. Well, I already did have had a few embarrassing moments in the past, and I always could deal with it. Sure, I would sometimes blush or feel bad about it, but at the same time, it also always had turned me on. So, some humiliation play sounded okay to me.

Sofie also asked me if I would be okay if her sister could judge about those things I wouldn't want to do. So, if I would use my safe word and Sofie thought I was just using it to try and get out from under our deal, her sister would rule about it. If her sister thought I was indeed misusing my safe word, Sofie would still be allowed to do the thing she wanted to do with me. However, if I then still refused to do it, she wouldn't do it to me, but instead, I would get punished by a good spanking. Sofie promised me that her sister would be fair about it and wouldn't favor Sofie when ruling about those things. To be honest, I let Patrick spank me once, just to see how I would feel about that, and to my surprise, it had turned me on. Although, I'm not sure if it was because of the spanking, or because Patrick also kept rubbing my pussy between slaps.

Another thing we did, in the weeks leading up to me moving in with Sofie, was coming up with some ground rules for my stay. Some of them had gone too far for me, but we managed to change them, so I could live with them. In the end, we came up with not too many rules, and I think one of them had been more my idea than hers. I'm sure you can guess which one I came up with.

These were the rules we came up with for me:

1. Inside the house, I couldn't wear any clothes, ever. Outside the house, I would wear the clothes Sofie would give me.

2. Inside the house, I was only allowed to sit on the floor. If I wanted to sit on the furniture, I needed to ask Sofie for permission. If she wasn't around, I had to ask her sister.

3. Inside the house, if I needed to go to the toilet, I needed to ask Sofie for permission. Sofie could grant me the use of the restroom or give me other options to relieve myself. (She never told me what other options this could be and strangely enough, it excited me a lot when I tried to come up with some of the things she could make me do!)

4. Inside the house, I would be Sofie's slave twenty-four seven. (However, when I got home from school. I would be free until mine and Sofie's homework would be done.)

5. Inside the house, and when Sofie wasn't home, I needed to obey the wishes of Sofie's sister. Well, she was the head mistress of the house, even Sofie would sometimes have to obey her. This last part made me wonder what she could make her own sister do, and if she would maybe involve me in it as well.

6. Outside the house, I would be free from all rules and didn't need to obey Sofie. However, there was one exception to this rule. If I was wearing a slave collar outside their home, I needed to obey Sofie everywhere. But she promised me that she wouldn't put me in any situation that could get me into trouble.

I'm sure you have guessed that the first rule had mostly been mine idea. I just wanted to try this. At home, I always had the option to get back into my clothes. This time, I just didn't want this option to be available to me. And needless to say maybe, but the exhibitionist inside of me was more than excited about it.

Sofie had added the part that she would be the only person to decide what I could wear when we went out. She would keep my clothes in a separate closet in the house, and she would be the only one who would have a key to this closet. Every day, she would pick out the clothes I had to wear to school or anywhere else. Only in the weekends, when I would go to my mother, I would be allowed to choose my own outfit to wear and the clothes I could take with me.

Of course, because I couldn't wear any clothes inside the house, I would only be allowed to get dressed once I was outside. My clothes would be given to me in a plastic container that I could only open outside. So, I would dress and undress in the back garden or when the weather was too bad, in the veranda at the back of their home.

While they hadn't said it, I was sure that they would never make me undress at the front of their home. I was sure that they wouldn't take the risk. Just imagine, me undressing in front of their home, when a cop would drive by. I was sure we would get into a lot of trouble if that would happen. So, they surely would never risk that!

And if you think that I was crazy to agree to all of this. Well, maybe I was, and I still am up until today. However, it sure has made my life more interesting.

Even today, while thinking about those things I did, I wouldn't change anything. I have had a great time doing those things, and I'm still loving it today. If you ever get the chance, just try it once and run a whole day naked at your home. Although, you have to decide for yourself if you will stay naked, or not, when visitors arrive at your door. I do it, because with all the plants in front of our home, our front door is hard to see from the street. Furthermore, up until now, nobody has ever scolded me for opening the door for them while I was in the nude. So, I'm sure that even those people like my attitude towards nudity.

By the way, from now on, I'm going to name Sofie's sister by her name, and if you have forgotten it, her name is Bridget and Bridget's husband is Gunter.

You know, when Bridget heard about the rules we had made for my stay at her home, she was a bit surprised with the rule that I would be running around her house in the nude at all times. Especially when we told her that I would be doing it, even when she had some friends over. She had suggested that on those occasions, I would be allowed to cover up, but Sofie had said that this wasn't an option. When Bridget asked me about it, and I told her it was okay for me, she just couldn't believe I would do something like that.

However, Bridget also decided that I would have a safe place in her house. Inside my bedroom, I would be free and nobody would be able to demand anything from me. Of course, Sofie could still ask me if I was prepared to do something, but I could refuse it without consequences. Although, I couldn't abuse this too much of course. I couldn't stay in my room all day every day. However, on those days that I didn't feel well enough to do our thing. I would be allowed to stay in my room. I was grateful for this, because I was sure that even I couldn't be doing this every day for six months straight. Just like everyone else, even I have sometimes a day that I just don't feel like doing anything and would like to be left alone. I think, this showed the experience Bridget had already about the things Sofie, and I wanted to do.

There was also one other thing they surprised me with, because they asked me to go to my doctor and ask her for the pill. Sofie knew that I was into girls, but she also knew that I had been having a little fling with Patrick, and that I seemed to enjoy myself with him as well. So, she had asked me if on a rare occasion, I would allow a stranger to fuck me as well. She promised me they would always use a condom, but for my own safety, it would be also smart to use the pill. Well, I sure didn't want to be accidentally impregnated, so I thought it was a good idea. Even then, I was already thinking about never having any children.

So, I did like she asked and went to the doctor to get my subscription for my contraceptive. At the same time, I also let her test me for STDs. Not that I was scared that I had picked up something in the last year, but in the community that Sofie and the others were part of, it was just common courtesy towards the others to get tested. I had learned from Sofie that by the things they did, even they got tested every six months. Much later, I learned that because I had done this, I had given them a few options they wouldn't have had if I hadn't gotten tested.

By the way, if you want to know, on the eighteenth of December, I started with taking the pill for the first time. I had one of those twenty-eight pills in a box thingy, so I would never forget to take my daily pill. I knew myself well enough, that when I wouldn't take that placebo pill on those seven days I didn't need to take it, I would probably forget to take my pill on the day when I needed to start taking it again. Like they say, "Better safe than sorry."

Oh yeah, before I start with my first story, I will also tell you quickly about how a normal day at Sofie's home would look like.

At 7am, every day, my alarm clock would go off. I would then take my shower and shave those parts on my body that needed shaving. By now, I already shaved my pussy every day, to make sure it was always neat and clean.

After that, I would go downstairs and have breakfast. And yes, I was almost always allowed to sit with them at the table. Only a few times they didn't let me, and I'm sure that one or two of them will show up in my stories.

When it was time to go to school, I would gather my things and then go outside to see what Sofie thought I needed to wear that day. Most of the time, I would find my clothes in a box in the veranda, and now and then, somewhere in the garden. I always had to get dressed at the spot the box with my clothes stood, and I'm sure that on those rare occasions, some of the neighbors must have enjoyed themselves while seeing me get dressed in the middle of the garden. Well, if they were around that is.

Because the school was only a few blocks away, we always walked to school, even on those rainy days. Although, with a nice coat on and an umbrella with us, it wasn't that bad.

During school, well, we behaved and did what was expected from us. Sure, we did have a few special things happen in school as well, but I will cover that when we reach those days. If you remember, my classmates had seen me naked already last year. Well, us girls saw each other naked in the locker room once every week. And the boys had seen everything of me on that day when Sofie had given them my clothes after we had gone swimming, and I had to get my clothes back from them in their changing room, while wearing nothing else but my birthday suit. And yes, those boys still tried to look under my skirts afterwards, because they knew I wasn't wearing underwear. And because they knew that I sometimes, on purpose or not, showed them the goods they wanted to see. Luckily, no teacher ever caught a glimpse of that, or I surely would have ended up in the principal's office. Although, after something that would happen this year, I'm not even sure if I would have been in trouble, even if they had known about it before that day.

After school, I would get undressed again before entering the house. Again, I needed to undress at the spot where the box for my clothes stood. If no box stood outside, I had to undress and wait there until they brought me my box. I could only get inside, after I had locked my clothes away. Thanks to this, they sometimes kept me outside much longer than I wanted, but at the same time, I enjoyed the thrill of being outside, not knowing if some neighbors would be looking at me or not.

Sofie and I always did our homework together and when we were done with it, we were free to do whatever we wanted. Of course, Sofie wouldn't do things with me every day. You can only tie up a girl or spank her so often before it gets boring. So, Sofie would only do it once or twice a week to me.

And no, I'm not going to write down every of those days. I'm planning one, maybe two, stories about it that will combine several of those days. I'm sure that you guys want to read about the more special days, instead of all the repeat performances. And to tell you the truth, even when I liked every single of those days, I would probably also get bored if I had to write every single day down.

On those days that we didn't do anything special, we would just watch television, or surf the internet, or even play some card or board games at times. I, of course, still needed to follow the rules, but most of the time, Sofie didn't have a problem with me sitting on the sofa or on a chair at the table. Only a few times, she demanded me to sit on the floor or lay in front of her while watching television. This last thing she asked, when she wanted to play with my body. And I can tell you, when I'm watching 'Home and Away' on television these days, I still have the urge to play with my pussy. Sofie had a habit of making me cum when we were watching this program on television. Not that this soap was that sexy that people would want to masturbate with it, but I think Sofie just wanted to make sure I was wet and bothered by the end of the episode, so I would be ready for more fun, if she had planned something for us.

Yes, she was addicted to this soap, and we never missed an episode. And after 'Home and Away', we often did an hour or two of nice other things together. Well, something also things I didn't like too much, but still did them because I could take it and made my mistress happy when she could do those things with me. A happy mistress is always good for a slave, I found out quickly.

So, now you know the most important things about me and the rules I had to follow in those months. However, before I start with the real first special day at Sofie's home, I will tell you about the day I arrived at her home. If everybody would welcome their guests like Sofie did with me that day, I think a lot of girls, and even grownup women, would never visit their friends again.

So, here we go...

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