Mr. Lonely

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, First, Military, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: What happens to this soldier after he enlists in the service.

This story is loosely written about the song 'Mr. Lonely' by Bobby Vinton. Thank you to WanderingScot for his editing.

Chapter 1

Here I was in the barracks listening to a radio station that played old time music. They were playing a song I could relate to. Hell, this song was written before I was even born, it was 'Mr. Lonely' sung by Bobby Vinton. I knew it was my parents' kind of music. I remembered them playing records and tapes like this when I was growing up back in Ohio.

Iraq, my new home away from home. I enlisted in the service when I couldn't find work. I worked a number of jobs after graduation from high school but kept getting laid off. I wasn't really college material but did like working with my hands.

I often thought I'd like to be an electrician but I needed to go to a trade school for that and my parents just didn't have the money. I came from a fairly large family, one brother and three sisters. I was the youngest of the crew.

I figured I would work for a year or so and then save up my money. My parents didn't charge me anything to live at home, and I would go to a trade school. The problem was I kept getting laid off and was lucky to have enough to make my car payment and pay for my insurance.

I talked with my parents about going into the service. They were nervous about it with all the conflicts in the Middle East but they told me it was my decision to make and they wouldn't stop me. My parents always stood by me. I know they wish they could have helped us all out more but times were a little tough right now. They did the best the could for us.

My last job was working with dad in the furniture warehouse where he's been employed for thirty years. They had a cut back and I was one of the youngest employees and got laid off.

I guess this is where I talk about Julie. She has been my friend most of my life. She just lived down the block from us. Once we got into junior high school, she became my girlfriend. We went steady and broke up probably a dozen times throughout high school. After all we were still kids. We were still dating while I worked at the warehouse. She went away to college but we kept in touch.

She got pissed at me when she came home one weekend and I told her I enlisted in the Air Force. I would be leaving for San Antonio Texas for boot camp the following week.

We made up and went out for something to eat. Then, back to her basement for some wild sex. I told her it would have to last till I got through boot camp. Damn, we were good together. We've been having sex ever since our prom. We were going to wait till we got married but we had no idea when that would have been. We had sex every chance we got.

She was on the pill so I didn't wear condoms with her. I know for a fact, we were each others' first. We put a towel on the couch to catch any possible blood the first time. We really didn't know what to expect. She told me it hurt but only for a little bit. I should mention I did wear a condom till she got on the pill which was about a week after our first time.

I was gone for basic training and sure did miss her. My nights were me lying there wishing she was there. I had a picture of her that I always carried in my vest pocket. Kind of a good luck charm.

Through basic training I stayed faithful to her. It wasn't easy with all the girls running around but I did stay true. I figured she did too but I really had no way of knowing except for her word.

I came home for three weeks before going on for training. I saw Julie as much as I could but she was at college. I did see all my sisters and my brother and their families. I had one sister not married who was in college also. She was smart and had gotten a scholastic scholarship.

Cheri, my youngest sister told me all through high school that I shouldn't date just one girl. "James, some day you will get burnt. I hate to say it and I like Julie but you need to date other girls."

Of course I was a teenager and thought I knew better than anyone. No one could tell me shit. Cheri did date a lot but she dated a number of boys. She was as popular as I was. I guess looking back, I should have listened to her.

I spent most of my first year in the States. I was stationed outside of Las Vegas. I was being trained to be sent to the Middle East. I was also studying to be an electrician. My commanding officer said that we would be helping to rebuild cities and electricians were needed. That's part of the reason I joined the Air Force.

I made it home twice during the year. Julie and I spent a little time together but she seemed a little different. We still had sex as often as we could.

I was told that we were being sent to Kuwait when I returned to base. I had to admit I was scared and nervous. I guess it was expected but I had to wonder if I made the right choice.

In Kuwait we actually lived in some decent barracks. We spent our days helping to rebuild the cities. It was different than any place I have ever been. If it wasn't for my fellow soldiers it would have really been a lonely place. I got letters from my mom about once a month and even less from Julie.

In one letter from Julie she told me she would understand if I wasn't totally faithful to her. She said she talked with her friends and they told her it was hard on servicemen overseas.

I had to wonder if it was me she was worried about or was it that she was the one who was being unfaithful. After that letter I was a little pissed. A couple of buddies and I went into town and went to a bar. It wasn't long before we were quite drunk and with some women.

When this one gal began rubbing my leg it didn't take long before I was hard. There were rooms upstairs and we took the girls up there and had sex. When we were done I felt bad, I had cheated on my girl at home.

It was just sex. There wasn't any loving feeling like I felt with Julie. I mainly just wanted to get off. I tried to stay true to Julie but it was so damn hard, especially when she wasn't sending me any letters. I would write her and tell her I missed her and wondered how she was doing.

I still got letters from my mom and once in awhile from my sisters but nothing from Julie. I began to go to town on my days off with my buddies and was screwing different women. Most were older than me but I didn't care. I just wanted to get my rocks off. Sometimes a blowjob and other times I would fuck them.

It cost anywhere from five to twenty dollars depending on what you wanted. The women always acted like they were having a great time and even faked their orgasms. It really wasn't hard to tell.

I had a couple of months to go on my tour of duty when I got basically a 'Dear John' letter from Julie. She told me she hadn't written me because she was ashamed. She had met a guy at college and had fallen in love with him. She went on and on apologizing to me but the bottom line was the same. She had dumped me.

I really felt bad. That night I kept remembering over and over what my sister had told me. She was right, most childhood love affairs end up just being memories. I even wrote my sister and told her that she was right and now not only was I lonely but also felt very foolish.

I was to go home in two months but for some reason felt ashamed. I went in and signed up for another tour of duty. I would be in the Middle East for another year. Maybe by then things would change on how I felt.

I wrote home and told my parents about Julie and me and that I would be overseas for another year. They told me that they thought I made a mistake signing up for another tour but they would stand behind me.

I was already into my second tour. I made it through the holidays ok. My family sent me gifts and letters. I got a lot of cards from other relatives and people from our church. It was nice but now the holidays were over and I felt alone again.

I was sitting there listening to some of the words of the song. It kind of fit my situation. Sure I knew I was moody but I did feel somewhat alone.

"Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

I have nobody for my own

I am so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

Wish I had someone to call my own"

"Now I'm a soldier, a lonely soldier

Away from home through no wish of my own

That's why I'm lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

I wish that I could go back home."

That's how I felt much of the time. I figured I made a mistake by re-upping but now I had to live with it. Our troop was told that we would be going to Afghanistan to help out there. We knew it was somewhat of a hellhole. We would work there during the day and camp away from the area at night.

It was dangerous but we had a job to do and did our best. It was a relief to get away for a couple of days and go to other small towns even to just visit. The areas seemed so poor. Most everyone was happy to see us. They called us their protector. The sex was easy to get. When the women saw our uniforms I guess they knew we were probably lonely and gave us sex.

I should say they charged us but to fuck a woman for ten dollars was almost nothing. Every time we went to the small villages I had sex with a woman if she was willing. Am I proud of it? No, but everyone did it. Sex is part of life and I was only twenty-one and horny as hell. We always carried condoms to be as safe as we could. We also always traveled in at least pairs.

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