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by Olderneighbor

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My new friend Lisa provides her accomodations for a poker party. Then she provides even more.

"Okay, then, guys, here are the rules. As each of you loses the game, you get to be next to do what I want you to do with me. As you come into my bedroom, you must strip and show me your cock, hopefully already hard seeing my naked body there waiting to be fucked," Lisa giggled. "Hmm, I may ask you what you like or I may just tell you to continue what the previous guy started. That again depends on me."

She continued with the rules as we stared on, "Steve gets to be first obviously, because he already lost. Also he gets to be last because he's my guy. So don't the rest of you get any ideas. By the way, Steve, are you sure you want me to do this? I am up for it, but it's still up to you." I dumbly nodded.

"Okay, what else?" she pondered. "Oh, never will there be more than one of you in the room with me at the same time. I don't want there to be any distractions from my own pleasure. Of course I don't mind if you are having some too. I just don't want more than one of you to have it at the same time. But that would ruin me stretching out my own," she giggled again.

"Let me think some more here. Oh, as each of you leaves after your turn, you can't tell the others how you had me. If I even suspect that you have, it all stops, ruining it for the others and me, of course. Also about the game, tee he, I mean the poker game, just in case one of you decides to lose early to be next, I'll add some incentive to win. Each new 'loser' gets to have me longer, if you can last that is, or maybe do something better. I don't know that part yet. That I'll figure out during the Lisa Bedroom Game. Hmm, might have to work on a better name."

Some of the men came out of their stunned silence to offer suggestions: "Gangbang Lisa, Lisa's Guy Line, Lisa's Bedroom Game, Lisa's Excellent Adventure."

"Okay, okay, stop!" Lisa interjected. "Later for that. I can think of only one more thing. The winner obviously should get something special. That, however, will be my surprise. What do you all think?" Before we could all stammer at once, she turned to me, "Steve?"

All eyes turned to me. I wondered if I should tell them all that I wasn't up for it any more. I quickly rejected that idea, seeing as how Lisa seemed to be getting into it as well.

"Well, Lisa, I am not going to object if that's what you want. It excites me if you really want to know. In fact, I think I'm ready for you to check my cock right now." That brought laughter all around, if a little nervous from some,.

Lisa, not nervously at all, concluded, "Okay, just let me have five minutes to get things ready." Just as she was about to disappear into her bedroom, she turned and added one more stimulating thought, "I don't think I mentioned this, guys, but some of you I will let cum in me and some on me. If you do that, you must clean me up before you leave, however." Then she vanished.

I should give you some background information now. I was in Northern California visiting some friends I went to college with. After graduating, some of them had stayed in the area, while others, like me, had moved elsewhere to work. We tried to get together at least once a year, though this was my second time visiting this year. Now that I met Lisa, I would consider more.

I had met her after my last visit, on my way home actually. In fact, I wrote about that in another story, "Hitchhikers," so you might want to read that first. I don't think it matters that much, however, as it stands on its own, too. If you decided to skip it and read this one first, I will briefly summarize.

I had picked up Lisa and her girlfriend, Chelsea, as they were hitchhiking to San Francisco. It turned out they were bi-sexual, and we ended up having some fun on the way there as well as in the hotel room. We stayed one night.

As we parted, they asked for my email. That's when that story ended.

It turned out that Lisa, surprisingly to me, had already sent an email. And for the next few months, she and I both communicated by email, and she even started sending me 'intimate' photos of herself that Chelsea had taken. Actually, she sent some of Chelsea too.

Anyhow, I told her I was visiting again in the summer, and she made sure I knew that she was dying to see me. She also made it clear that she was dying for my cock again. I, of course, assumed it was more that than me, so I was at least a little taken aback when she, during her 'rulemaking, ' had implied that I was her guy.

I had planned on staying a week, but she had offered for me to stay with her in her house, so that became adjustable. She had a day job, so I would see my friends during the day, and we would fuck at night.

Sometimes I would meet with my friends for dinner, too. I asked her early on if she wanted to come with, but she made some excuse each time. I suspected she might feel uncomfortable being with a bunch of people she didn't know, and I thought I would have felt the same, more for her sake than my own.

My friends up here were all married, by the way, four couples. Three more single guys, like me if I did not mention that, were arriving on Friday for the weekend. We guys were trying to arrange a poker game night, Texas hold'em since there would be eight of us. We were having a rather difficult time of it, however, since all of the couples' houses really didn't have the space.

I had told Lisa ahead of time that I would not be with her on Saturday for that reason. Later I told her about our difficulty finding some room for poker, and mentioned we might just get together at a bar or something.

And that's how we ended up at Lisa's house. Chelsea and Lisa, along with some other girls, had rented this large house not far from campus. I had not seen its expanse before, having spent all of my time either in her bedroom or the kitchen.

"What do you think, Steve?" she asked as she showed me a large dining area with a large table.

"It's perfect, Lisa, but are you sure you want to have a bunch of old, drunk guys making a ruckus in your house. Not that we get all that wild anymore," I added, since we were all in our fifties.

"Well, I am offering my place, not me. So don't let them get all horny on me," she said, almost sounding a little mischievous. "And also don't plan on me cleaning up after you."

Just a little bit more about Lisa before I get back to the poker game. She was a short Asian girl, Japanese in fact, though you had to listen very carefully to catch any accent in her English. I guessed her height by my own, 5'8", to be about 5 foot even. Her hair was jet black and her boobs were humungous in comparison to the rest of her. In fact, with her muscular thighs and calves, she looked like she could have been a gymnast or figure skater. Except the boobs, of course.

Her boobs also had huge areolas, the kind that get my dick hard with the slightest glance. If the moment was right, she liked them to be treated rather roughly, but just enough to bring on another orgasm. It also invariably brought on my own.

I just realized I might be making it sound like I have had Lisa a lot more than I have. Counting my last trip plus this one, I guess I had cum in or on her maybe ten times? I don't know.

Anyhow, because Lisa made the rules as she did, I was obviously not present during her massive sexual undertaking. She would tell me about it later as I wrote it down. So I guess you could say this story is a collaboration.

I know I am now getting anxious to get to that part, and I hope you are as well, so I'll get on with it.

When I told the guys about Lisa's offer for us to use her house for our poker party, they were of course thrilled. They were also anxious to meet this hot, young chick I had lucked into, as some of them so aptly put it. We arranged the party for the following evening.

I'll just pass over the boring introductions and all. I will mention that as each of them met Lisa, they had amazed if not lascivious looks on their faces over her beauty. She couldn't help dressing sexy. That came no matter what she wore. At any rate, any time she would leave the room, all eyes followed, along with some comments to me about my luck.

During the game, she would hang out watching or not, though she seemed to become more interested as we began running out of beers. Each time one of us would start getting up to get another, she would make us sit and get it for us. After awhile, she noticed when one of us was ready.

I guess we were only on our third beer each, well maybe Gary was on his fourth, when I was the first to go 'all in' and lose. It took Lisa a few more hands before she realized that I was the only one not to be dealt cards.

"Why aren't you getting any cards, Steve?" she asked. As I explained the game to her and that once I lost all my chips, I was out until the next game, she sat on my lap in apparent remorse. Her "awww" plus her slight pout sent shivers through me straight to my cock.

"It's okay, Lisa, I'll get them the next game. That is, if there is another game."

"What do you mean 'if'," she asked. And again I explained that the game could last for quite awhile, perhaps too late for another. In fact, I already knew any revenge I may have would have to be another time.

"Now let me up, Lisa, I need another beer." She offered to get it, but I ignored that and started for the kitchen. She ran ahead of me and quickly to the kitchen. I arrived just in time to catch her place something inside the fridge before grabbing me a beer. Looking at her curiously, I stopped the door from closing.

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