My Hero

by LiteroCat

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Beach sunbathing beauty needs rescue and snags a hunk for hot sex. She loves fishing.

"Oh baby, I'm not done with you yet. I expect you'll cum at least two more times before I fill you with my cum. Three more if you want it in your ass." I looked at him coyly, silently. Though I enjoy anal, I wasn't sure I wanted his baseball bat wedged in there.

======= How did I get there? Well it started with a winter trip down South...

There's a huge advantage to living in the Florida Keys, at least during Winter months. I know it's unusual for a girl to be passionate about fishing, but I am. Mostly, it's the chase I love, so my thing is to 'catch and release' my prize. Others still debate whether fish feel pain or not. Since they react to the slightest touch at their mouths or noses, we know they CAN feel. I know how I'd feel if a fish hook went thru my palate or even my nipple. Imagine how a young child would feel, even if the hook were not toooo painful. Imagine the shock and terror of being hooked out of the blue with no idea if she could get away. Imagine the panic! So I have to convince myself, really believe despite my doubts, that I'm not hurting them. At least I can revel in the joy they must feel when I set them free and scurry away to live out their lives. Such are the profound thoughts that swim thru my head while basking in the hot Winter sun.

Duck Key, not far off the Florida mainland, has become so popular with tourists for who knows what reason, an investor funded a small apartment building several years ago. It's nearly dead center in our little island and the tallest thing on it. Anyone on the 2nd floor or higher has an ocean view from any apartment. A strip mall on our street is the main draw for residents and even attracts tourists when they aren't on our pure beaches. There's only one main road and it's a block from our building. That means our little street has most of the foot traffic, and most of that is in tiny, sexy beach wear. I love the beaches, but only go in the early mornings and early evenings, and never on weekends, to avoid the noisy crowds and the most intense sunshine.

I'm told I turn heads, at 5'7" and 130 well-placed pounds, especially in my usual thong bikini with the tiny top that barely covers my large, dark aureole on my big C-cups. My small waist and wide hips command attention too. Fiery red hair and bright green eyes added to the other God given gifts my parents passed to me. When it comes to humility, I'm tops. Just kidding.

After leaving the early evening beach, or instead of it, I go to the same kind of beach I used to use in New York in Spring and Fall, Tar Beach, a.k.a. the roof. Luckily, there is a large, tin covered section that isn't oozing with tar. So, four stories above the not-so-busy street, I setup my binoculars, cooler and thick towels. When I checked the roof door, it was locked and the doorstop was nowhere to be seen. I leaned over the walled-in edge and watched the people so far below. It wasn't long before I saw a lean, muscular guy wearing just a small swimsuit who seemed my type. As he approached, I hollered down louder and louder. I took off my top and waved it frantically, like a distress flag and finally caught his eye. "HELP! HELP ME! Can you hear me? Yes, you. I'm locked out and stuck on the roof. Please, PLEASE come up here and unlock the door."

"Uhhh, sure, uhh which entry?"

"I'm on the West side so follow the signs. Ummm, the elevator's not working, sorry." I stuffed the tiny top into the cooler's ice pockets and waited patiently for my champion to rescue me. Several minutes later, I heard the metal-clad, red fire door creak open. The stranger craned his head around the door before stepping fully before it. "OH, my hero! Thank you so much..."

With one arm across my pendulous tits, carelessly allowing them to peek and swing around it, I charged him. Before he could react, I over exuberantly leapt on him and wrapped my legs around his waist, above his tiny red Speedo. Since my arms went around his neck to hold me up, my big, bare tits were pressed against his warm, chiseled naked chest. He slammed back against the red door from the force of my charge. I briefly kissed his cheeks several times in feigned relief and gave him a loud 'smmmmack' on the lips before it dawned on him that we'd just closed our exit door.

He dropped me and stared agape at my tits swinging freely on my uncovered chest, then at the door, then back at my tits. Feigning shock, I stared and pointed at the locked door for a long moment so he could fall in love with my breasts. Finally, we both broke into a gut laugh. I shrugged and said, "Now we both need to be rescued."

Drooling over my tits then finally noticing my tiny thong, he slowly scanned my whole body. His already hefty dick began obviously swelling in his tiny Speedo when he said, "Well, I'm in no rush to get rescued. What happened to your top?" As Speedos do, his grew shorter as his unrestrained dick swelled and pulled the unforgiving suit down and away from his body.

I stepped closer to him, conspicuously looked into the tenting gap his dick created and admired the thick, bottom two inches of his shaft. He adjusted his stiff dick, but that pulled the Speedo lower, against the shaft of ever more enticing cock. He tried pulling the lightweight suit up firmly, but that let his balls form a clear and enjoyable man-toe with their thick convolutions painted onto the thin material. I couldn't take my eyes off his stiff dick and he didn't turn away until he felt the air caress the tip of his straining cock. When his manhood poked above the waistline, I moved with him to keep it obviously in my sight as he turned away. "When I flagged you with my top, the wind caught it and it blew away." I lied. "I'm in no hurry now to be rescued either. I wonder how we can pass the time until someone finds us." Snagging and pulling his suit away from his body, I coyly suggested, "We can talk about whatever pops up, I guess." and brazenly pressed my palm against his stiff rod.

His groan was most satisfying and I hugged him with just one hand. He wrapped his hands around my hips and pulled me firmly into his groin. Finally, his hands slid over my ass and he felt my bare cheeks. His fingers found the slim string that disappeared into my ass crack and he followed it, lifted it, spread my cheeks and rubbed firmly, but slowly around my back hole. The fireworks that released under my eyelids made me gasp and rest my head on his chest.

Since I didn't resist, he slipped his fingers farther South until they were curled around to touch the damp bottom edges of my labia. I squeezed his cock and slipped my hand inside the Speedo, wrapped my trembling hand around his shaft and made him groan loudly. We kissed deeply. While our tongues hotly licked and wrestled, he untied both sides of my thong and pulled it away. I fished his throbbing tool out of his suit and helped his Speedo fall easily to the ground.

Both naked and still kissing, I slowly stroked his hot, pulsing cock while he found my steamy, wet and wanton cunt. His fingers plunged deep inside me and it was my turn to groan. When I broke the kiss, I started pulling him toward the edge wall by his huge cock. As we moved there, he pet, pulled and pinched my hard, swollen, rosy nipples. We stopped at the thigh-high wall and, in easy view of anyone on the street below, he bent and licked my nipple. I scanned the street and noticed two men and a woman on a bench across the street who were staring at us. They energized me even beyond my usual randiness, as being watched always does. "Mmmm, your nipples feel and taste so delicious ... I don't know your name. I'm..."

"No! I don't want to know your name and I'm not telling you mine. Let's just enjoy the moment." I hoped our peepers could see the dark fiery red strip pointing to my wet crotch. Speedo shrugged and smiled then sucked my tit while his fingers followed my landing strip over my clit and into my moist folds. I slowly stroked his rigid tool and kept it above the wall for the watchers to enjoy. For his benefit, and our audience below, I lifted my left foot onto the wall. With that knee bent, my moist pussy opened wide and I imagined how sluttish it looked, and I smiled. Speedo bent and stared into my wet cunt. He slowly inhaled my fragrance and closed his dazed eyes before stretching his hungry tongue into the depths of my body. He used his nose to prod my clit and rub its hood. The heat of that wonderful lingua released a flood of my juices which he fastidiously and eagerly devoured. This man knew how to lick!

After directly slathering my wetness all over his face and nose, he licked his way up my body and lingered over my nipples before finally reaching my expectant mouth. I love the salacious taste of my own creme whether from our fingers or, especially, from my lover's face and tongue. As he twisted two fingers deep into my pussy, I savored my tasty tanginess on his tongue. He angled his fingers to stoke my clit as they pummeled my pussy. That took my breath away and I saw stars. Just as I approached my climax, he bit my nipple and firmly pressed my clit. The nerve connecting the two burst into a flame of exquisite pleasure and I distantly heard me scream just before quaking into a soft boneless pile.

When I could open my eyes again, I saw the three on the bench were aglow. The woman gave me a shaking 'thumbs up' with her free hand, while the other rubbed her friend's cock thru his pants. He had his hand under her shear cover-up and was mauling her tit. Even from here, I could see her bikini top was pushed over her tits, but still under her covers. The other friend had an arm wrapped over her shoulder with his hand down her top and tugging her other tit. His other hand was rubbing between her spread legs. I smiled broadly at them.

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