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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Finding herself in a financial jam, a young single mother and college student takes a job she never thought she would.

Janice stood, towel in hand, gazing at her reflection in the mirror. Moving the towel to one side, she looked closely at her naked body. She needed the money, she thought, but ... could she really do this? Her outfit for the evening was hanging on the chair next to John's desk. With a quick worried look, she checked the office door to make sure it was locked, not that it mattered, she sighed; after all she had agreed to do the job. Part of her had been having misgivings ever since she had accepted the job. Another part of her was secretly looking forward to the evening. I mean, what the hell, She knew before she had agreed to take the job that it wasn't the kind of job a girl would want to tell her mother about. She needed the money and that is all that this was all about ... wasn't it.

She was a 24 years old, single mother, with a three year old, a junior in college, a week behind on her rent, and with in days of having her car repossessed, what a mess. It seemed like she was always short of money. She had been working as a bartender or waitress for a company that catered weddings and parties for the last several years. The money wasn't bad; but it just wasn't enough to pay the bills.

She had a friend, named Anna, who like Janice was young, single and also had money problems, they had discussed their difficulties on many occasions. Anna had recently started working some stag parties and Janice had watched her friend's financial picture improve dramatically. Anna wasn't getting rich but at least she could pay her bills and there was a little left over. Anna had suggested several times that she should work stag parties, and even introduced her to her boss, John Le Nore.

John was better known for his topless bar, but also owned the business that Anna sometimes worked for catering private parties, mainly stag parties. She felt like he was a bit of a shady character and had always said no when either Anna or John had asked her to work for him. As her money situation became more desperate, she had finally called John. She asked if he had a party she could work and told him her situation. He sounded pleased that she had called and made an appointment to meet with her...

The Sons of Iowa Social Hall was a 9,000 square foot private club used mainly by John for booking his private parties. The club was on 130 acres of land a few miles east of El Cajon on highway 94. It was set way back, out of site from the road and there were no other buildings in sight. Janice parked next to the only 2 cars in the front lot and walked to the entrance. It wasn't fancy, but it was clean. The parking lot was black topped with parking lights and painted parking stripes, much like a supermarket. A gated one-lane road circled the building to another smaller parking lot without lights or striping in the back. From there the road continued on around the building to the other side and back to the front lot and another gate. She tried the front door, it was open and stepped in, pausing by the door she looked around. There was no one in sight. The entry hall was 12 x 24 with a large hostess table that looked more or less fixed in place, at the far end of the room. Large, open farmland, pictures hung on the wall to the left and a series of windows lined the wall to the right. A double doorway to the left of the hostess table led to a large open room with a stage, dance floor, and dinning area. On the other side of the room, a doorway led to a separate bar. Along the back wall, of the room, there was a small kitchen area, two restrooms, and John's office.

John came out of his office to greet her, "Janice, back here!" he called. She walked quickly crossing the room to his office. "Come on in, sit down" he said pointing at a chair. "Would you like some coffee or anything?"

"No" she replied trying to hide the nervous quiver in her voice.

"Well I'm glad you called, you're an attractive girl, and I think you will do well." "You do know that this will be a stag party, and that there will be, most likely, some nudity." John said looking her questioningly.


"You've thought about this and you're Ok with it, then?" he asked looking at her, to gage her reaction.

"Yes" she said not wanting to betray her doubts.

"You don't have a husband or boyfriend who would object to you working here, do you?"

"No, no husband and no boy friend"

"You every done anything like this before?" he asked "No, not really, but I'll be alright."

He looked thoughtfully "What does, not really mean?"

"Nothing ... I mean I've stripped for a boy friend a couple of times ... but nothing professional"

"Oh, well," he said dismissively "let me tell you what we have to offer then. I know you said you needed 3 to 4 thousand, by Monday, but I'm not sure that is possible, but here is what I have." He said watching her intently. "We Have a Party for 75 people Friday night, with a bar and appetizers set up here in the dining area and we will need 2 people here to serve the drinks and keep the food replenished. They will get $100 each plus tips. We also will need 4 Stage Strippers, they get $250 each plus tips, if they stay on the stage, and an extra $300 each, for anyone that works the floor"

Janice could feel her hopes diminish as he spoke. She felt sick to her stomach, she had counted on this, but he wasn't talking the money she needed.

"As you can see these jobs pay well but they don't come close to paying what you said you needed."

"I guess you're right, I was hoping I could do better." Janice said, her head drooping "I'll have to think of something else, but thank you." She was surprised to feel a level of disappointment that had nothing to do with money.

"What will you do?"

"I don't know," she shook her head "but something, I need the money"

"Well..." he seemed to hesitate "I don't know if you would be interested or even if you could do it but..."

"What?" she inquired a feeling a ray of hope return.

"Well there is one other thing. There will be a second private party, in the bar for a few select people. The door to the bar will be locked. The room will be rented to them, but we will not be involved. The girls we put in the bar will be working for them; and the money for the girls will be on the bar in an envelope when she arrives. The girls will have the key to the exit door. What happens in that room will be up to them, if the party members leaves happy, there will be more work, of a similar nature. If they don't leave happy, then we will re-negotiate the fee for the night. Only the man paying for the party and a few friends that he will personally invite will be allowed in. We have agreed that this number will not exceed a total of 15 people, that's what they have paid for. They will come and go, though the exit door to the back parking lot, which the girls will open. They want a private place to talk some business without being seen or interrupted and they want a special level of service. I was going to put 2 girls, one bartender and one cocktail server, in there at $1500 each plus tips."

"For 15 people?" Janice's eyes picked up "Special Level of Service?"

"Well, it's not really spelled out," John said watching her closely " but basically what they want is that there servers be dressed in skimpy outfits, they what to verbally spar with the girls and they want the freedom to get a little touchy feely. That means that ever time you walk to a table you are probably going to have guys, making comments, ogling your tits and grabbing your ass and you are going to have to deal with this, with out pissing them off."

Janice thought about that for a minute, she needed the money but could she deal the comments, the looks, and the hands. $1500 was better, but it still wasn't half of what she needed. She had never dealt with the locker room side of the male world before, could she do it? She felt some fear and trepidation, but there also was a certain excitement, at the prospect of dealing with a group of men on such a sexual basis, maybe. 'Do you think one girl could do it for $3000"

"I don't know," John said looking at her for a moment, not really surprised, knowing the level of her desperation. "Stand up" She stood and felt a twinge go thru her, anticipating what he would be asking next. He looked at her hard, undressing her with his eyes. "Turn around slowly" She turned slowly feeling his eyes as they roamed over her scrutinizing her body from head to toe. "Drop your blouse and skirt, you can keep the bra and panties."

She lowered her eyes, slowly ever so slowly her hands timidly moved to the buttons on her blouse, the age-old good self, bad self-argument was raging in the back of her mind, but her body didn't seem to be listening. Lifting her eyes and focusing them on a spot behind John, she took a breath and began to repeat, I can do this, I can do this, to herself as she undid the buttons of her blouse, hesitating for a second and then lightly shrugged her shoulders, dropping the blouse to the floor, before she could chickened out. The skirt followed, slipping down past her hips and floating to the floor with her blouse. Janice step forward away from the pile of clothes, her mind racing, she was wearing as much she would wear on the beach, a beige bra with matching thong panties, but she felt naked.

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