Her Social Life

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Her friends don't think Devlin has a social life. She does: swingers parties, not high school dances, as she comes to realize. Another Devlin "short" story.

"You need a boyfriend," Sandy Jacobs said. "You need to get out and date. You know, have a social life." She and Devlin McCabe were walking slowly down the hall of their high school. The school buses were lining up out front, though Sandy lived across the road and walked home.

"I have a social life," Devlin said. "Okay," she added when she saw her friend's face, "I don't date much. But frankly, what are my prospects around here? Guys look at me, and their eyes don't get above my shoulders, or below my waist. My boobs have had plenty of conversations with boys. I'm not sure they even know the rest of me exists."

"I wish I had your problem," Sandy laughed, "but yeah, you've got a point."

"I suppose you've got someone you want to introduce me to."

Sandy, a thin, short-haired blonde who had occasionally worked as a model, shook her head. "Not really. Certainly my brother is out. I saw him in the hall yesterday. You walked past, and he got this mindless look on his face as he stared at your chest."

Devlin grimaced. "Typical. I'm hoping I'll meet someone in college who'll get past the packaging."


"Not really." She sighed. "A girl can hope, can't she?"

"Always. Sometimes that's all we have. Look at the divorce rate. How much of that is caused by spouses not living up to expectations?"

"And how much is caused by the constant drumbeat of articles in women's magazines about finding Mr. Right? And don't forget the romance novels; the heroines are always finding their true love. They marry the guy and live happily ever after. I've wondered how some of those marriages work out. What happens after the looks go away?" She gestured at her front. "That's always a worry for girls like me with big bosoms. Gravity isn't our friend."

"Yeah, I don't envy you that way." Sandy stopped as several cars turned up the road across from school. "I hope it isn't another party," she said.

"Oh? Noisy?"

"A couple of weeks ago the people who live behind us had a party. It lasted way late, and I was kept up by the noise of cars leaving. At least they weren't playing loud music. That's way better than some of the parties I've heard about."

Devlin had been at that party, so she didn't say anything about what had happened. "I went to one last month—yes, I do go out—and the music was almost too loud to bear."

"I bet you danced your legs off. A couple of people have said you really like to do that."

"I didn't do that much dancing,. I wish I had, but ... I did a lot of socializing, but not much dancing."

"What else is there to do? Well, except drink."

"No, there was very little drinking. The times I've gone out I think I've seen only a few drinks. My Mom took me to a Christmas party where she works, and someone had some 'near beer'. That was as close to alcohol as I've gotten at a party."

That wasn't quite true, but nobody went to the parties she attended to drink.

Sandy nodded at the poster next to the door. "Coming to the track meet tonight?"

"Next week," Devlin said. "In the meantime, I've got some things I've got to do."

"Huh. More babysitting. Girl, you'd better be making a fortune off of that."

"I'm getting paid," Devlin said. "Don't worry."

Sandy shrugged. "I'll see you on Monday. Have fun with your babysitting."

"Oh, I will." Devlin smiled wanly. "Well, kind of."

Three hours later, as Danny's car made the turn past Sandy's house, Devlin wondered if her friend was at the track meet, staying at home, or out on a date. Probably the latter, she thought. Sandy liked to go out, but her parents only let her go to school related activities. Devlin went to more parties than the other kids at school realized, but they were the kind of parties you didn't talk about.

"I'll be glad when Tim and Emma finish remodeling their house," she told Danny. "I'd rather party there than anywhere else."

"You had fun the last time we were here."

Devlin smiled. "So did you."

"Well, true." Danny parked the car. "No party next time," he said. "Think you'll miss it?"

"No more than you will." She smiled up at him. "You be good."

"You, too."

"It's easy for me. I don't have a license, so I can't drive yet. And since I don't put out for the boys at school, where else could I go?"

"And your period is coming up."

"It's convenient this time. You'll be on your business trip while I'm out of service."

He laughed. "That's one way to look at it."

"It just means we'll both have a lot of pent up urgency when you get back."

There really wasn't an answer to that. They knocked, and went in. Devlin glanced over her shoulder at the school. There was a dance after the track meet. There were rumors that a couple of her friends were going to have sex with their boyfriends tonight, though the boys in question didn't know that yet. The girls had been thinking about it all day, and were probably going to be all wound up about it.

She'd been thinking of sex all day, too, though she didn't feel the urgency of her friends. Having sex with Danny every weekday evening probably had a lot to do with that. Someone had said you should never know when you were going to have sex next. She did, which made her different. Every other Friday night she would have sex at a party, like what was going to happen tonight, and every weekday night she and Danny would get together.

Fifteen minutes later she squeezed both breasts around a guy's cock. He sawed back and forth, his cock looking strange against the soft white flesh of her breasts. She liked rubbing a guy's hardness against her soft female flesh, almost as much as she liked taking those same hard cocks into her depths. There was nothing that felt as good as that.

There were guys who wanted their first climax to come quickly. They claimed that meant they lasted longer later in the evening. As usual, nobody had asked the women who helped them get off. Devlin, for example, thought a guy only had so many climaxes in him, and no amount of teasing or sucking could get a guy up after that. Two years of coming to these parties had given her plenty of opportunities to test her theory.

Taking a guy like this did feel good. Unlike teenage boys, guys at these parties didn't pay enough attention to her boobs. Of course that was because they would have regular sex with her. When you could get some you didn't pay attention to secondary matters.

She looked down at his cock. Its pink head had turned dark, and the hole in the tip was larger. She could feel his balls; they' drawn up so they were rubbing the skin right between her breasts. He wasn't far from his peak. Did she want him to come this way? Sure, why not? Some guys got excited by seeing someone else's come on a girl's boobs.

He began to moan softly. Devlin smiled as she felt him tense. She opened her mouth to catch any if he really shot. Some guys did, others just sort of welled-up and the come dripped out. She was never sure what a guy she'd never met would be like.

He gripped her shoulders. He was really moving, and the head of his cock had turned nearly purple with blood as he fought it. But finally it was too much. He groaned, and come shot up to her face. She caught some of it in her mouth. The rest spattered across her face. His next few spurts landed on her chest and boobs. She could feel him losing the tension. He kept it going as long as he could, but after one last half-hearted dribble, he collapsed away from her. His cock still momentarily hard, bobbed up and down.

"Question for you, Devlin," a woman said from behind her. She looked distracted, her face was flushed, and her fingers wet. Devlin could smell the woman's juices from her arousal.

"Oh?" Devlin scooped up some of the come decorating her breasts and licked her fingers clean.

"Why are most of the most important fluids in a woman's life white? Shampoo, toothpaste, hand lotion, soap, and come. They're all white."

"I hadn't noticed," Devlin said. The woman's name was Gloria, and she openly admitted she came a dozen times a night, usually with the help of her fingers while watching someone else do it. It looked like she'd been doing so just now.

"I was just wondering." She sighed. "Well, that was good. I think I'm ready for a man."

"Me too," Devlin said. She looked around. Parties at Tim and Emma's were inside. Here they were in a backyard surrounded by a hedge. The sun was still up, casting all of the naked bodies in a golden light. There were plenty of naked men, some of them unoccupied. A girl certainly didn't lack for opportunity at parties like this.

She said the same thing to herself a few minutes later when a guy she'd seen at the party the last time they'd been here, and even at Tim and Emma's, spread her legs and bent over her. His cock was parallel to her body, and she grasped its hardness. It was nice and solid, and it was going to feel so good going up her channel.


"Put it in!"

He smiled and pushed the head of his cock down through the folds of her sex. She caught her breath when she felt him at her entrance. She took her hand away as he thrust.

There was absolutely no feeling like a man sliding into her. She arched, murmuring wordlessly as he slid over every secret nerve inside her.

"So good," she said as he thrust a second time.

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