Emancipation 01: Confrontations

by LiteroCat

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Incest, Sister, Swinging, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Transformation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Finally recognizing the chains of her repressed, germ-phobic, prudish attitude, Lois asks her brother-in-law for help before she loses her husband. She begins a surprising educational journey.

[The characters in this storyline are based on real people I've known and real problems and attitudes they had. Of course, names, locations and specifics have been changed to protect the guil ... ummm, innocent.

A big part of this story is teaching a prude to do things she should already know, but didn't know she didn't know. She was effectively a virgin, so I guide her thru many 'firsts'. Beyond the supervising, the action gets very hot and is full of surprises.

This story line was a chapter in the bigger story of Sue, but is totally stand alone. The initial story, Out of The Closet is here.

I'm curious what you, our reader, think about using the diary/memory schema, so please vote and comment. ]

Sitting in our open sunroom with my partner and two intimate, female, friends, Sue, Reggie and Lynn, I read from the CD backup of the old diary I stumbled across. We were all in it! We all knew our parts and bits of the others', but I'm the only one who had the whole story. Reading it brought back many vivid, touching and stimulating memories of some major intimate changes in our lives and the lives of some folks we helped. I'd already reread about Sue's breakout in the library, but this section was mostly about her sister's life change and genuine emancipation. It began:

Sue was still giddy about all the exposure she's had in the last two months. The Library Fund Raiser was huge and became her bridge to a more relaxed and honest marriage. Still, I don't know how many novelties I can provide or how often they should be or if I should get fixated on that, so we may need to talk.

Three weeks after our 'party of 5' gathering, Sue began asking for ideas for another daring exposition. I had already thought about a few to surprise her, but I need these planned events to be at least eight weeks apart so I can deal with them. In between, I expect to help with surprise flashing and impromptu 'accidents' to keep up the novelty. But unless we start arranging 'theme parties' with total strangers, she can't keep up the virtuous/bad girl pretense she enjoys. We can't let her addiction rule our marriage either. I don't remember 'organizing sex parties' among our vows. Maybe we should amend them.

//Sue, you aren't going to be upset by any of these transitional recollections, right? Never mind, I'll just read. //

"If we start looking for strangers, we'll have to figure how to stay healthy, so how about we delay going there? OK? We have a few more small groups of friends to play with, but have you ever considered partying with family? You don't want to strip for your mom and dad, do you? Is that too kinky?"

"We'll have to ask around for details about health precautions with unknowns. Um, no I never considered family unless you mean in-laws maybe. Mom and Dad? Are you kidding?"

"Yup, I was. And I hoped I found a place neither of us wanted to go. Can you imagine? I thought we could break the ice with Lois and Joe. He's always trying to peek and grope you, so I bet he'd be interested. But, Lois is a problem. If you're even interested."

"I don't see Lois letting loose like that. Having some fun with them can be very interesting, but Lois won't even TALK about sex or nudity. You've seen her blow up over TV ads that just implied nudity. Flashing Joe would be fun, but flashing Lois publicly would be VERY entertaining for us all. Can you imagine how bright red her face would be? Who else could we entertain?"

"I'll have to sleep on that. I wonder what Lois would say about what you've been up to? HA! She would be a huge challenge, but one that I'm not sure I want to tackle. You know how harsh she can get."

Yet, curiosity got the better of me so, the next day, I contacted Lois by email to feel her up, ... uh out, with usual social trivia. She was a little surprised to hear from me since we'd only had an 'acquaintance friendship' relationship. She's pleasant, but could suddenly become very cold and distant. We exchanged a few casual emails and I eventually let slip just a hint of what Sue was doing, and the surprisingly great effect it had on us. She and Joe had been having problems for most of their eight year marriage, so she was interested in why and how our relationship had recently changed for the better.

I always had to be extra careful of what I said and how I said it, so since she didn't rush away or swoon, I had to assume something had happened that let her listen more than usual. [1] She had let on that they were on the rocks again and something had to change or she WAS giving up. After three days of rapid emails, curiosity got to her and she called me. It seems I was about to take the challenge anyway. She already knew Sue took some odd chances, so her past flashing was no surprise. I could only tell her what she was ready to hear about the library night. When her horror dropped to mere shock, I shared the barest details about the 'party of 5', Lynn and the duct tape experience.

While Lois digested her sister's exploits, [2] I contacted Joe and told him what I was doing and where this might lead. He too was shocked by Sue's daring, but also aroused. As I expected, he was very interested in watching Sue strip. From past observations, I knew he wanted much more than that and would be thrilled to share his 'frigid' wife with me to get Sue. He was about ready to give up on her. This weekend might also change Lois and save their marriage. "If there's any chance of this working, Lois has to participate or at least watch. You've already seen that she'll ignore or resist anything you suggest, so you'll have to leave all the directing to me and really hold back until I tell you to get involved. There will be times when that will be very hard, but Sue will help you. Her willingness must set the limits, or there's no trust. If this works OK, she'll come to convince you to come visit us. Play along." He agreed. "On a scale of 1 - 100, with 50 average, where do you see Lois on sex activity and openness to new ideas?"

"Since she's not open to anything, even quick missionary is a chore and she won't do oral- either way, so mayyybe 10. I know what's changed that's helping her to suddenly open her mind a little more. We don't talk much, but the word 'divorce' came up a few times."

When Lois called again, I suggested that she could lead Joe into changes by changing herself first. "If you're willing to try, I have some ideas that might help. But you have to be truly willing, very brave and daring. I'm sure you'll find many pleasant surprises and probably ease tensions between you and Joe. You'll have to be nakedly honest with me about many things, even very personal, very intimate, questions I'll have to ask you, and trust me for just a few weeks. If you don't answer honestly, I can't help you."

For the next two hours, I got information [3] about her marriage, sex history and attitudes, preferences etc. Most of it was old news, but I could tell she was struggling and being openly and bravely honest. She told me her first time sex at fourteen was forced, felt grimy and was very painful. Her limited experience since then had been merely to do what she had to do and she never enjoyed it. When she allowed her husband to mount her, she tolerated the simplest 'missionary' only and afterwards ran quickly to clean up. She didn't even like Joe seeing her nude.

Anal, touching or even looking at a butthole, was out of the question. She almost never did oral, and in the maybe four times in ten years that she did, she had to gargle immediately afterwards despite HAVING NEVER tasted semen. Touching a penis was too dirty, and she wouldn't allow Joe to eat her since it's 'so dirty down there.' When Joe kissed her, she'd wipe her mouth. Touching tongues was 'disgusting' and very rare. Her germ phobia drove her to throw out food Joe or anyone else touched; to open public doors with her elbows and to always used a tissue to turn knobs etc.

She said, since twelve, she masturbated 'often' - two or three times a month - and barely enjoyed it! When she did, she had to sterilize her fingers before and after. If she cooperates, she'll have a new appreciation for what 'often' is. She shamefully admitted that after constantly hearing how great vibrators were, via women's mags, she disguised herself and bought her first just a year ago. It too was sterilized before and after each use. The first two times she used it, she rubbed it over her jeans. The next two, directly ON her panties. It was a month before she pressed it against her bare mons and eventually against her clit and barely inside her. From her descriptions of her orgasms, it was obvious she had never truly had one. No wonder she hated sex. I felt so terrible for her; and, regardless if I got anything or not from it, hoped I could help free her.

Lois seemed to have just developed a new curiosity and titillation [4], so I tried pushing a little more. I told her about Sue's early exposures and some of my own bawdy experiences, good and bad. Since she didn't shut down and was still listening to tales of Sue's stripping at open windows etc., I asked, "Have you ever gone skinny dipping or been to a nude beach?" I knew the answers.

"Hell no. Why would I do that?"

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