Gas, Grass or Ass

by LiteroCat

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Lactation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: No free rides, even on National Nude Day. Damaged beauty coerced to strip in public. Finally, others get involved in her education. One of them shares her milk.

"You can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to get all naked here on the street. Then you..."

Four weeks ago Gena was merely a barely attractive, zoftig, distant, class acquaintance I desperately wanted sitting on my face. At 5'10" in flats and 170 lbs., she wasn't my usual type. Her pleasant, not hot, face would never win a beauty contest, but I liked her innocent aura and girl-next-door accessibility. Despite her big frame, her 40x31x40 D+ cups figure always turned heads. She usually wore snug and plunging-neck tops that made tit men drool, but she always wore loose slacks and never showed her legs. Her demeanor also broadcast low self esteem and distrust.

Day 1 - On the last day of school, after ignoring me all year, even keeping a cold distance, my college infatuation actually sought me out. Once she learned we both lived in Brooklyn she asked if I were going to summer classes, then she asked for rides to and from school for several weeks. What nerve! She didn't even know enough to be suitably impressed with my cherry-red D-type Jaguar. She was desperate or she wouldn't even be talking to me. Apparently, after a crash, her car wouldn't be fixed for some time. Well, it was my turn to play it cool. I explained that while I would enjoy her company, I was hesitant only since I had to go 8 miles to get her and 10 more out of my usual way to school (36 miles extra per day). After some insincere pleading, I agreed to the rides for a fee and cheekily reminded her of the 70s expression "Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody rides free." Since she was saving for repairs, she couldn't offer cash/gas OR grass so only ASS was left.

Gena refused to trade sex for rides and I agreed I wouldn't demand sex, but she had to agree to all else. We both liked getting in an hour before classes for some last minute cramming and both had classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. We were even in the same afternoon class so we could leave together. That 1st day I demanded to see her bare ass in the campus lot BEFORE she got in my car. She refused and tried for another ride, but couldn't get one. So, leaving our last class, she pleaded with me to ride free. I stood firm, reminded her of our agreement and insisted she drop her pants at the car and stay bare-assed for 30 seconds. JUST 30 seconds. Fuming, she agreed.

In the lot, she stayed on her side of the car and waited for everyone to leave. I wouldn't let her drag it out so I gave her five minutes to comply or walk the 25 miles home. I'm not used to playing hard ball, but she needed the nudge. Finally, she slid her pants and panty down showing her surprisingly well toned thighs and a shapely ass. Even the light tan left sharp tan lines that told me she wore a full cover bikini bottom. I exaggerated a wolf whistle at her and asked her to spin for me. She refused, preferring instead to let the last three people leaving see her partially covered front. Even with the top down in the blistering heat, it was a quiet, chilly ride home. She had me leave her at Ocean Parkway and the Belt Parkway, a few blocks from her home. Was she being considerate? Or was she ashamed of something?

Day 2 - Actually two weeks later, when summer classes started, I drove the 8 mi to her drop off/pickup point. I insisted she show me her ass again, but this time she was to strip on her side and walk to my side of the car, ignoring all the morning traffic on Ocean Parkway. She grit her teeth and angrily threw her pants and panty at me. Just to spite me, I'm sure, she ran to my side of the car, the street side, around the back of the car. With her hands on hips, she wiggled her hirsute ass for me for 30 seconds. The auburn patches around her holes and at the tops of her thighs had to go. I reached out and lightly petted her dense, bare cheeks. She pulled away and glared at me still leaving her hairy box facing the heavy traffic. Keeping her bush turned away from me was an angry, defiant act. When she demanded her clothes back I told her she had to ride to classes as she was, bottomless and sitting on the towel I'd presciently brought with me. She shouted that was ridiculous, but I quickly stashed her clothes under my seat.

Usually, sitting bottomless in a car isn't too revealing due to the big doors, BUT on a D-type Jag or a TR-3, the doors scoop down low and offer a much better view to pedestrians and other cars. I told her to either get in or walk home bottomless - she got in. "Your bared, muscular legs are very shapely and sexy. If you don't want an impartial opinion, stop me now." She paused, but stayed silent. "They would really turn heads in shorts or a very short dress, but in the loose slacks they look like thick tree stumps. You already display those big breasts nicely." She seemed embarrassed by the attention and denied she could ever be sexy. "Then why would I want to see your sweet ass again after seeing it once?" No answer. She kept her hands folded in her lap, trying to hide her hirsute bush, for the entire trip.

After a quiet start, Gena opened up about her past. Kids always made fun of her size and looks since she was always big for her grade. She was always picked last for school sports teams. Finally asked on a date when a High School senior, she let the kid talk her into sex and gave it up carelessly. It turned out the kid dated her only on a dare and even bet he could lay her on the first date. He also ridiculed her bushy overgrowths. There was no second date. She lost her ability to trust people the same day she lost her virginity to a clumsy juvenile. I knew I could help her self esteem and accomplish my own selfish goal at once. A win-win for us.

At school, I made her get out and walk around to me before I gave her back her clothes. Though still a little cautious, I think she was beginning to enjoy the exposure. Although hundreds of students were in the lot, only the dozen nearest us could see her bare bottom. She dressed slowly, with a new confidence growing, next to me.

At the end of the day, we stopped at my side of the car and without waiting to be asked, and with a sly smirk, she stripped off her slacks and panty.

This time, during her 30-second wiggle show, I put one hand firmly on her left cheek and left it there thru all her wiggling. She didn't comment or object. The ride home was not as chilly as the other and she didn't have her hands on her lap to cover up. I even caught her letting her legs drift open and stay open, occasionally sneaking a furtive stoke into her hairy box.

Day 3- The following Wednesday. She was early for my pick up. This time she was in snug, high-thigh, light colored, shorts that casually and clearly revealed her plumped camel toe as she stood at her side of the car and cockily aimed her groin at me. I was pleasantly shocked at her progress and daring. Sometimes a little sprig of hair peeking out from shorts can be very lusty. In this case a whole forest was sprawling from her groin and capped her thighs. Fortunately, I usually don't mind crawling thru a few bushes to get to a picnic! Since I was focused on her sexy legs, as she slowly peeled the shorts off it took me a few seconds to notice she'd chosen not to wear panties. When she handed her shorts to me, I inspected the crotch and noted it was damp. It seemed to me she was ready for more challenges. She slowly walked around the FRONT of the car and gave me an eye full. Her naked ass swayed provocatively while she held her blouse bunched high at her waist and kept her eyes fixed on me. She ignored the usual barrage of horns and howls from the traffic jams she created.

When she reached my door, I stopped her and told her it was time for more. When she turned to me, her wild bush was at mouth level. I caught her watching me lick my lips as I tried to look thru her dense tangle of hair. After a long silence, I told her to remove her top and bra. I hoped she hadn't yet noticed my tenting pants.

"You can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to get all naked here on the street. Then you..."

"OK. I will."

"What? Do you have any idea how long it's been since anyone kissed me or my ass? Why would you... ?"

"Gena, do you really have no idea how hot you are? With that beautiful body you should have every horny guy in ten miles sniffing after you." Just for simple emphasis, I deeply sniffed her aromatic pants' crotch. "The rest of us will GET horny at the thought of touching you or kissing your ass so I am happy to offer my services. Many women get off on a good ass licking. You may be ready to experience that now. So strip for us ... please?"

Flustered, she stared at me a moment before opening her shirt. "I don't know what to say. No one has ever said that to me or shown any physical interest. Us?" She handed me her shirt and hesitatingly unbuckled the four hooks of her massive bra. Her long pubs fluttered just inches from my face in the breezes from the braking cars.

"Yes, US - Me and all these crazy drivers braking hard to gawk at your beautiful ass. No one will bother you while you're with me, so you can be daring and safe. You still need to be quick for now." I looked up just as her big tits fell out of her bra. "God! Those are awesome. They fulfill all the promises they teasingly make every day. What beautiful, shapely and perky tits for being so big. One nipple is already hard and looks so tasty. My girlfriend is a 32A cup, yet they already sag."

"Your GIRLFRIEND!?! " she bellowed. "You have a girl and you're making me strip for you? Asshole! How could you do that to her and use ME to do it?"

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