Wood Nymph

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Story: An abused orphan camps beside a river and tries to survive in an old truck. She has no money, no job and no friends and family. A farmer finds and rescues her from sure death. Follow this couple as they learn to love each other and they grow and prosper.

Sarah lay in her small lumpy bed crying so hard the whole bed shook. Her dowdy looking mother was caressing her head as she, too cried silently. "Sarah, Honey, I'm so sorry but we just have to be really good to Daddy Stan. We need him to help us live. You know I didn't go to college and since your Daddy died I can't make enough waiting tables to take care of us. You know you have to do whatever Daddy Stan tells you to do when he tells you to do it. You know you can't just tell him in a minute. Now let me see where he hit you and maybe I can make it better. Here, take these pain pills now honey."

Sarah's Mother Julianne looked at the slowly darkening spots on her 16-year-old daughters face and chest. She seethed in anger. She thought it's bad enough he hits me but to hit my little girl ... Damn that man. If I could just get a little ahead I would take Sarah and leave. Oh why did Harry have to drive so carelessly coming home from his last job? She knew it was partly her fault. She had been so insistent he arrive in time to take her to that damn party. She still remembered her anger the night he died. She had dressed in her best dress and was stomping around the house screaming about how inconsiderate he was to just blow off the party for his damn job when the policeman knocked on the door.

"Mrs. Howell," he had asked. When she had said she was he continued, "Mrs. Howell I'm afraid your husband Harry has had an automobile accident. Ma'am, I'm afraid he is dead."

She screamed out her hurt and collapsed on the couch crying. Of course friends and family gathered around and somehow she managed to get through the funeral but then the real terror hit. She had been so insistent about them always having the best. They lived in a large 4-bedroom house in the best development. They drove new luxury vehicles and went to the best restaurants. She had no idea how expensive those things really were. After all, Harry was supposed to provide them and he did at her insistence.

She was already behind on the house payments when she finally received the insurance settlements. The settlement on the vehicle just barely paid it off, and then finally she received the life insurance settlement on Harry. Things were better for three years but by the end of the third year it became obvious, even to her, that she couldn't continue to live the life she had been. For some reason, none of the men she had dated had asked her to marry. It never entered her mind that it might be because she was so shallow. She always demanded the best on her dates and if they didn't provide it she let them know how dissatisfied she was with their efforts. Few of her relationships lasted more than a month or so. The last year she had not even had a date.

Or, sure, she finally bit the bullet and tried to find work but the jobs she would consider she was not hired for. They all told her she was not hired because she did not have the proper qualifications. That was a bunch of bunk in her opinion. She knew a lot of people that didn't have a college degree and they made good money.

Finally, the bank foreclosed and she lost her beautiful house. She and Sarah were forced to live in a squalid apartment in the hated low-income developments. Like many low-income people she and Sarah moved frequently. Finally Julianne lost her pride and took a job as a waitress in a small café. It was in a blue-collar neighborhood with a lot of factories, warehouses and squalid apartments. She rapidly learned that if she dressed like a slut the men would leave her some better tips. She did not receive the tips she could have earned had she been working in an upscale restaurant; you know, like the ones she had demanded Harry and her earlier dates take her to. She did do better than average for where she did work however.

She had been working there three weeks when Stan entered her life. He was a handsome devil and flirted with her unmercifully. There was something about him she did not like but he was interested so she led him on. He asked her out and she went. She put up with more from him than she would have from another man because she was desperate.

After they had been dating a month Stan brought her home one night and just followed her into her apartment. She turned to ask him what he was doing and he grabbed her and began kissing her while undoing her dress. She protested but then stopped when he told her to shut up and quit being such a damn tease. He was a little rough but she had already learned not to cross him when he was in that kind of a mood.

He led her to her bedroom and they fucked for the first time. They never made love, Stan didn't care if she got off or enjoyed the sex or not. It was all about him and he made sure she knew that. The next night when she arrived home Stan was there. He had his shirt off and was sitting on her couch drinking a beer while he watched football on ESPN. Sarah was sitting at the kitchen table trying to complete her homework.

"What are you doing here Stan," Julianne asked.

Stan had looked up at her and said, "What the hell do you think I'm doing here? I live here now. I'm hungry. How long until dinner?" Unfortunately for her and Sarah, Julianne didn't make a scene or kick Stan out. She accepted his presence and began making dinner for them. Now, almost three years later she was thoroughly cowed and Stan was ruler of the roost. She was sure he had another woman somewhere but at least he did help with the bills.

With a sigh, Julianne bent down and gave Sarah a kiss. "Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry I failed you. I" Both women jumped when Stan slammed Sarah's bedroom door open and it cracked against the wall. He stomped into the room and yelled, "Dammit Julie what the hell are you doing in here with that mouthy little slut. I'm hungry and you haven't even started supper. Now get your ass into the kitchen and get me something to eat." Stan grabbed Julianne's arm and roughly pulled her off the bed, pushing her out the door toward the kitchen.

Stan turned to look down at the still weeping Sarah and snarled, "You little slut. It's about time you learned who is boss around here. From now on I expect you to make supper so it'll be ready for me when I get home from work. I'm tired of you just coming home from school and sticking your nose in a damn book. If you were worth anything you could get a job and help out around here. Since you're not working you can just take care of things here. Now get off your damn bed and get into the kitchen to help your momma."

From that day on if Stan was the least bit upset with Sarah or Julianne he let them know it with blows of varying severity. Finally, he went too far and seriously injured Julianne. When she was discharged from the hospital she and the lady assigned to help her picked up Sarah at home. As far as they knew Stan was still in jail but they didn't care enough to find out. They gathered their meager belongings from the apartment and moved them into a shelter for battered women.

Julianne never fully recovered from her injuries and she died just before Sarah's 17th birthday. Sarah was placed with a foster family when her mother died. The only family that could be found to take her lived in the country on a small farm. She was assigned chores to do after school and forced to work very hard. She worked alongside the families sons and they expected her to do the same type and amount of work as the boys did.

At least she had a comfortable bed to sleep in and got enough to eat. Unfortunately for Sarah and the couple's children the husband believed in strict discipline. His idea of discipline was more like Stan's than it should have been. Almost any infraction of the rules resulted in blows being delivered to the culprit. Before she learned how to do the work Sarah received more than her share of attention. She was constantly bruised and hurting. She was learning that men were animals and were allowed to hurt women who displeased them.

The oldest son, Jared, was lazy so he, too, received much attention from his father. Many times he and Sarah would commiserate with each other over the beatings they would receive from his father. They would hug each other and try to make the pain less. On one of those times after Sarah had been spanked severely they went down to the barn to get away from her foster father. They held each other and Jared kissed away the pain.

Sarah began to feel something she had not felt before. Her little nipples hardened and she felt a tingling down there. She was strangely wet. When Jared placed his hand in her crotch and pressed against it she felt nicer tingles. He gently laid her back on the bales of hay and unfastened the buttons on her blouse. He lifted her bra over her little tits and began sucking and licking her nipples.

Sarah was moaning and writhing from the wondrous feelings he was eliciting. She raised her hips and helped him when he loosened and began removing her jeans. Jared removed her pants and threw them onto the floor. He knelt between her splayed legs and looked down at her. He licked his lips and quickly undid his jeans, pushing them down to his knees.

Jared's manhood jutted out from his crotch. Sarah stared at it with a little amount of fear. She knew what Jared was going to do and she wanted it. She was also afraid of having that thing stuck into her. Jared rose over her, placing his arms on each side of her, nudging his cock toward her little cunt. He jabbed once, twice and it skidded up over her mound.

Jared looked down at Sarah and said, "Dammit Sarah grab it and stick it in. We don't have all day. Daddy's going to wonder where we've ran off to."

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