by Sirdar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a short story on how a woman deals with an adulterous husband

Janet Porter stared at her gorgeous black figure in the dressing room mirror. Her sensuous brown eyes, studied the reflection of her naked black body with satisfaction. She had everything a man could possibly want, and all in the right places. Her large firm busts jutted out proudly: Two magnificent globes of smooth black flesh, capped by a pair of prominent nipples.

"Mmmmmmm," she sighed dreamily to herself as she caressed the smooth firmness of her nipples with the tips of her manicured fingers ... Enjoying the feel of the nipples swelling as she massaged them... "Ooooooo, Sam my darling husband," she purred, "Why aren't you ever home to fuck me, you two timing bastard?"

Her flashing dark eyes widened in passion as she ran her hands down over her luscious body.

"How long, Sam?" she said to herself, her eyes reflecting the loneliness and neglect of her husband. "Too long," she answered, as she rolled her hips lewdly. "Too fucking long. It's been almost a month and that's far too long for this baby to go without."

Janet took her mobile phone from her handbag to ring her husband Sam. "Hi, love," Sam said, his smooth voice answered thoughts. "Something wrong?"

"Nothing your lovely oversized cock couldn't solve for me," she moaned. "When are you coming home?"

Sam groaned. "Later, baby. I promised I would do ten holes with the lads, to practice for the inter club championship."

"Do you remember what my pussy is like? I've got lovely soft black hair all around my hole. There's a red gash where you stick your cock. Remember?"

"But honey I really have to look after public relations. If I don't, then you wouldn't have all those nice new clothes, and a big Mercedes car to run around in." He was quietly getting angry, and not for the first time he regretted marrying that horny black girl. As he finished the call he turned to the bar, and picked up his drink, but he managed a wan smile for the lovely blonde bit of jail bait at his side. Izzie was more to his taste, she was young blonde and hot, she was just happy to give him what he wanted when he wanted it.

Izzie smiled wickedly to herself, as she heard Sam's side of the conversation. She stifled a little giggle ... She was a very happy girl, she knew he was rich, and she knew that he loved playing around. But she vowed that if she got him, he would not want to play around any more. Sam looked up, and smiled wearily at his sexy young companion. He was tired at the end of a long day in the office, but he did not want to go home, to face more moans and recrimination. He wondered why oh why did he have to fall for that gorgeous black tart. But he knew if he was honest with himself,. that it was her money that employed him, and paid the bills, as well as her outstanding beauty that had so tempted him.

Izzie smiled fondly at him. Somehow she sensed just what he was feeling, and although he had fucked her many times before, she never cried stop, or complained that she was tired, she was virtually insatiable in bed. Sam knew she had been waiting specially for him tonight, and to be quite honest, his heart started to beat faster as he saw the slender blond beauty waiting outside the bar for him. She was lovely, she was slim, and dressed well, and looked lovely with her long blonde hair, her well fitted red dress and three inch heels that he had bought her. He looked down at her young smiling face, and he compared his wife unfavorably with Izzie.

She stood up on her toes and kissed him on the cheek and whispered, seductively in her ear. "I'm ready, whenever you are big boy. You know we will be alone, and we can fuck to our hearts content." Sam looked into her beautiful young face. Her smile told him what she wanted, and looking at her he knew what he wanted.

He realized that she was coming on to him, she never ever took him for granted, and he knew that he would willingly give way in the end to her young teenage charms. Yet his common sense told him that that he was playing a very chancy game. His nostrils picked up the scent of her erotic perfume, and he felt his cock come to attention in his pants.

Just looking at her made his cock ache with lust. He brought his gaze to her beautiful young face, it lingered briefly on the swell of her beautiful young bust, and once again he remembered the almost perpetual moaning and anger of his wife, and he thought, well why not? After all he could not have sex with his wife without her finishing the evening, and spoiling it with a with a long list of moans and complaints. She was a typical bored housewife, with too much money and too much free time. But with Izzie - that was a different situation

Sam ignored her question. "Do you have a boyfriend, Izzie?"

"Of course I do - you are my boyfriend silly boy."

"But you know I am married.:

"So what you can easily divorce her and marry me. I would give you lots of lovely babies."

"But I am almost twenty years older than you."

"So what - age does not matter if we love each other."

Sam was tempted, Janet did not want children, she thought it was unfair for kids to be brought into the world in a mixed marriage.

He did not say anything, but he was tempted. The thought of coming home to young Izzie at the end of the day instead of 'moaning Janet' was a thought. But his head told him that it would be a very expensive decision, as Janet held all the purse strings.

A tremor shot through his groin, as he saw her smile up at him, and he could see the unrestrained lust in her young eyes. The aroma of her cheap perfume, were all having an effect on him. He tried to push his horny thoughts from his mind and think sensibly. He was married to a beautiful woman, but she was rapidly becoming a pain, and an embarrassment with all her moaning. He tried to gather his thoughts. The overpowering sexuality of young Izzie was driving him crazy. She was here and she was available and he was as horny as hell.

Sam put an arm round her and hugged her close. She sensed his indecision, and she knew that gradually she was winning. She leaned back, wriggling her ass into the hard bulge of his bulging crotch. Izzie's heart was racing with excitement ... The inside of her pussy was wet and seeping, wetting her panties, she knew that in a few minutes from past experience, that Sam was a much better fuck than any of the few others that she had experienced. She took his hand and whispered :Come on Sweetie, come and fuck your Izzie, she only has one hole that matters, but you can have ten putts at that at my place."

Izzie wasted no time as they got inside her small compact apartment., Her blouse came off. Then she dropped her skirt. It lay crumpled at her feet. Sam watched, captivated by her sexuality, and her boldness. It was a side of the girl which he adored "You know that I'm a married man, but I do have a few problems at home."

She gave him an impish grin. "So what, that does not mean that you can't fuck me occasionally. Does it?"

Sam pulled the warm yielding body of his hot-blooded young companion into his arms. Izzie relaxed her young body against him, as their mouths met in a long passionate and slightly frantic kiss A smile played at the corners of her mouth, as she rubbed her hot young body against his powerful athletic frame.

Her mouth was an open invitation. Her blue eyes smoldered, tempting him, begging him to use her any way he wished. She rolled her hips, felt his hardness press into the softness of her belly. "Ooooo, Sam darling." Sam once again clamped his lips to hers, invaded her mouth, his tongue exploring vigorously. His hands passing lightly over her flared hips, under her skirt, and over her panty covered buttocks.

Grabbing a fistful of blonde hair, he crushed his mouth against hers. His balls felt as if they had been dipped into fire. Izzie gobbled greedily on his exploring tongue, the strength of his body, his passionate eagerness all combined to drive her sex crazy.

Panting, she broke the kiss, she eased out of his arms. "Darling let me take off your clothes."

Sam stood silent, his eyes feasting on the blonde's lipstick-smeared mouth. He licked his lips, tasting the lipstick that had come off on to his mouth. Like her perfume, it was intoxicating. Her deft nimble fingers finished with the buttons of his shirt. She slipped off his jacket, his tie, then his shirt. She playfully scratched her nails down his chest, over his taut stomach, and the pulled his underpants down releasing his more than average sized cock.

Her lovely blue eyes sparkled with desire. She placed her hand on his cock-bulge and squeezed. "Welcome home." She whispered sexily. "I could feel it throb right through your pants. I think he knows me and he likes me, he knows when he is at home and where he belongs"

Sam groaned, as he brought his large hands to her nipples and squeezed gently He sucked in his breath as he gazed at her oversized nipples swollen with lust.

"Jesus Christ," he groaned. "You're gorgeous!"

Izzie shivered in bliss. "I'm all wet inside, Sam. I've been wet for your cock since the last time we fucked. He fixed his eyes on her pussy. Blonde silky hair covered her pussy mound. A lump clogged his throat. "So different from Janet his wife, as he remembered the tangle of black hair that covered her always demanding pussy.

Izzie dropped to her knees, her glassy blue eyes level with his bulging crotch. Her hot fingers found his cock, and wrapped around its throbbing length "Ooooo, Sam. It's big. So nice and big!"

"Suck it, Izzie" Sam groaned. "Suck my cock!"

"Your cock's so hard Uhhhhh, and so delicious looking."

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