Betsy's Best Intentions

by God of Porn

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Fifteen year old Betsy needs her older brother's help with a homework assignment and Troy reluctantly agrees to assist his little sister, only to discover that the bonds of blood are no match for the passion their hearts alone can share.

Abstinence sows sand all over
The ruddy limbs and flaming hair,
But desire gratified
Plants fruits of life and beauty there.

William Blake

Once upon a time in a land far, far away from where you are probably; when I was really bored and in sort of a good mood, I decided to write down the following account of a girl I once knew, and how she and her brother fell hopelessly in love...

~Chapter Only~

"Do you have homework?" Mom asked us, just like she had a hundred million times before.

"Hi Mom!" I smiled, ignoring her question cause I had different priorities. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and peeked over her shoulder too. "Mmmm ... Cookies!"

"Hey Mom," Troy said and he was right behind me, like always. "What's that smell?"

"Guess," Mom said and she was a good mom. She liked to bake and I guess that sorta made up for her homework fetish.

"Cookies!" Troy grinned and he saw me stealing one, sort of juggling it with my fingertips cause it was hot!

"Bets, how many times have I told you to wash your hands first?" she sighed, but it was too late.

"Too late!" I said, taking a small bite and chewing with my mouth wide open cause that cookie was really hot!

"Now you got germs, Betsy!" Troy laughed and he was stealing a cookie too.

"Alright fine, sit down at the table like normal people," Mom said and she was already going for the refrigerator. Milk and cookies was a pretty good idea though and I wondered who'd thought of it.

Troy and I were both in high school, but we were never really serious about anything and around our parents we still acted like little kids sometimes, but I suppose everyone does that. I did it more than Troy, since he was just about seventeen and kind of on the 'I'm growing into a man' trip. He was gonna be a good looking man too, like our dad was, all kinds of tall and dark and handsome. I loved my brother, in a healthy, sisterly sort of way.

I was fifteen and looking forward to being pretty like my mom was. She was old already, like almost thirty-five, which seemed pretty ancient, but she didn't have any wrinkles or anything. No grey hairs. She was tall and busty and curvy, and all kinds of blonde and blue. You know. A lot of my brother's friends talked about how they wanted to have sex with her and that was so disgusting. I hated my brother's friends when they came over. All they did was stare at me and my mom, I swear. I put on extra clothes when they were around, just cause they made me feel naked.

"That's just the way boys are," Mom shrugged when I asked her about it. "Especially boys that age."

"When are they gonna grow out of it?" I wondered, cause some of those guys had been staring at me for years.

"When?" She giggled and sounded twenty years younger. Everybody loved my mom's giggle. "Never. So you're just going to have to get used to it, Bets."

Everybody called me Bets, cause that's a way better name than Betsy. My brother was the only one who didn't and that was just because he was my brother and determined to be different, so I didn't mind. I think a girl's brother should be different from everyone else and so I sorta liked it, except I mostly pretended I didn't.

The boys had a good reason to stare at me though, now that I'm thinking about it. While my mom was really round and curvy without being fat or anything, I was mostly tall, thin, and kind of angular. That's my word for it, nobody ever called me angular, but you know what I mean. I was waiting to fill out a little more, put it that way. My hips were narrow and my boobs were shaped like rockets, I swear. I kept waiting for them to get like big and round, but they just pointed out with sharp pink nipples that were like an inch long. I had the longest nipples in school, I bet, and I was mostly pretty self-conscious about it.

Being fifteen sucks. I mean, I grew up, but now out, see? My legs were too long for my body. My butt was round, but not very big at all. I bought these jeans, a pair I wasn't supposed to get cause first of all they were like sixty dollars, but also because they're not real denim, but like this stretchy stuff that sorta looks like denim, and they're totally supposed to fit my legs and hips and especially my butt, all skin tight and stuff. Have you seen those? But on me they were baggy in the back. My legs looked great, but my ass? God! I just wanted a real butt and some real tits too. That was gonna be so cool, if it ever happened.

"I look like a tomboy," I frowned one day, but my dad just rolled his hazel eyes.

"You look great, Bets," he said. "Don't worry, you're growing up too fast as it is."

"I wish," I pouted and I had a good face for that.

A pretty face, that's what I had, much like my mom's. Big blue eyes and a lot of blonde hair. Mom liked to keep hers kind of short, in a neat French curl down to her shoulders. I was going for sort of an alt-post-goth-punkodrama look, cause it was way cool. So my hair was long and shaggy and I liked to put like ten ponytails in it, pointing every which way, and then my best friend Shannon's sister would dye the tips blue and red and pink, cause she was going to beautician school and liked to practice, and ... You get the idea.

Tie dyed hair, that's what my daddy called it and he was pretty okay with it. Mom wasn't, but once it was dyed, you know, it sorta stayed that way for awhile. After the third time though, Mom had told me she was going to shave my head the next time I did it and that sounded seriously cool! I couldn't wait ... But she changed her mind at the last minute when she figured out I'd kinda like having a cue cut for awhile. I wanted to get one of those cosmetic tattoos on my skull. Not a real one, but one of the temporary kind that only last like a few weeks. I was gonna get a whole bunch of flowers, like a garden growing on my scalp, and right in the middle and in between and curling around, I wanted a serpent, like a snake, you know? So it was like the Garden of Eden and temptation and all that stuff right there on my noggin.

Maybe it was a good thing I didn't get to shave my head, since I go to a catholic school and all.

"Now," Mom said on the day in question. "Do you guys have any homework?"

"I got some math to do," Troy admitted.

"I sorta have some," I shrugged around a cookie.

"What does sorta mean?" she asked.

"We had this rape prevention thing at school today," I said, "and, oh! Look, I got a rape whistle and..." I was reaching for my purse but Mom stopped me.

"I believe you, Bets," she said. "What's your homework?"

"Rape prevention," Troy smirked, but I don't know why.

"What?" I looked at him. "Anyway, yeah, um, I'm supposed to practice the rape prevention stuff. Like if a guy grabs me and he wants to, you know, rape me or whatever? I'm supposed to like stomp on his foot and, uh, what else? Oh, sorta jab my elbow in his ribs and scratch his eyes out and all that. I'm supposed to blow my whistle too, except I can't remember if I'm supposed to blow it before I beat him up or afterwards, and..."

"Okay, okay," Mom said. "So what's your homework?"

"She's gotta get raped," Troy grinned at me.

"Shut-up! God! You're so ugly!" I rolled my eyes.

"Bets?" Mom was waiting.

"I'm not ugly," Troy frowned. "Who'd want to rape you anyway? Have you seen your hair?"

"What's wrong with my hair?" I asked him. "It's cool!"

"Bets?" Mom was still there.

"It looks like you went through a car wash," Troy said.

"That's the style!" I said and stuck my tongue out at him cause I knew my hair was cool. Shannon's sister said so.

"Betsy! What is your homework?" Mom finally demanded and that was pretty much what I was waiting for.

"Oh, um, I just gotta like practice fighting off a rapist," I shrugged.

"Practice fighting off a rapist?" She blinked at me.

"A girl like you shouldn't fight him off," Troy said. "You should send him a thank you note afterwards."

"Shut-up!" I stared at my brother and he just smirked some more.

"What? I just don't wanna see you die a virgin, that's all," he said and my mom gave him a real dirty look.

"Maybe you should help your sister with her homework," Mom told him and Troy looked at my mom like she was crazy.

"Him?" I giggled. "I think rapists are supposed to be like sorta tough, Mom."

"What's that mean?" he asked, feeling his manhood threatened, I was sure. He was so predictable.

"I mean you couldn't rape your way out of a paper bag," I said, still laughing at him and then I let my eyes go obviously down to his lap. "Besides, it's not like you got anything down there that a girl would be afraid of."

"Bets," Mom warned me. "Be nice."

"Oh yeah?" Troy had turned a little red, but we teased each other all the time anyway. "How would you know? You been sneaking peeks at me in the shower?"

"Get real!" I rolled my eyes sarcastically. "Janey told me all about your little thingy."

"She did?" That made Troy sit back.

"Of course!" I nodded. "She told everybody about it."

"She told everybody what?" Mom asked suspiciously and she didn't know about Troy and Janey.

"Just that when they were doing it she couldn't hardly feel a thing," I said lightly, as if it was the most casual sort of news in the world.

"She felt it!" Troy protested. "She told me she loved it!"

"What?" Mom stared at the boy like he was from Mars. "You've been having ... Sex?"

"She told you she came too, didn't she?" I smirked cause it was my turn. "She just didn't want to hurt your feelings cause you got such a little dick."

"Betsy!" Mom stared at me.

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