by Septe

Tags: Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Cheating,

Desc: Drama Story: A young woman learns the truth about herself and her unrequited love for another woman.

Tabitha quivered with excitement. Carly called her to come over to her house. She had been in love with Carly for a long time, an unrequited love. That's okay as long as she can be near her love. Tabitha pulled up to the curb for the first time. She'd never been to Carly's house. She turned the engine off and got out. A musty smell hit her nostrils as a slight breeze tangled through her golden locks. Gray clouds slowly move across the sky. Looking at the house, red bricks cover the front and sides along with green creepers of ivy, covering halfway up the house, threatening to pull the house down. The lawn is mostly green with large brown spots mottling it. Curtains fluttered in the large window. A figure in the window waves a hand at her.

Tabitha locked her door and slammed it shut. Feeling giddy, she glided slowly onto the walkway, which was filled with cracks like many spider webs. She reached the brown front door, paint peeling in places. One of the numbers was upside down. There was no sound coming from pushing the doorbell. But almost immediately, the door opened.

"Tabby! Come in. It's so nice to see you," said Carly with a faint smile.

Smiling widely, Tabitha stepped into the house. Carly stepped back, giving way. "Your house is so nice. I wish I could afford to live here," gushed Tabitha.

"It's easy, honey. Just marry a rich man." Tabitha was taken aback by the answer. Feelings of repugnance to the thought of marrying a man started to rise, only to be interrupted by laughter. "Oh you're so easy to tease," Carly said. "Come on! Let me show you the house."

"Over here is my living room. It's got the latest furniture. In the corner is my cockatoo. I made my husband buy one when I found out that Rachael Stewart, the Fashion Diva on TV, has one," simpered Carly. Tabitha looked at the disconsolate bird, practically denuded of feathers. Standing on it's perch, shivering, the cockatoo stared back at Tabitha with it's sad eyes. "I don't know why it keeps pulling it's feathers out. I told Dan that it's defective and he needed to take it back and get it replaced," Carly prattled on. They continued on the tour of the rest of the house.

"So, Tabby, how's your love life? Are you still with that woman? Gwen?"

"It's Gwynneth. No, she had to move back to California to nurse her brother. He was brutally beaten, with two broken legs and a broken arm," Tabitha said uneasily. She remembered that night Gwynneth left, breaking off the relationship. Gwynneth told her that she needed to stop pining for someone she can't really have. Her brother needed her help and this was good time as any to break the relationship off. Tabitha felt hurt, but brightened up, realizing she still with Carly. Now if only she could get Carly to notice her.

"Tabby!" Her name interrupted her thoughts and she rushed back to reality. "Really, you looked like you were a million miles away. What were you thinking about?" Tabitha blushed and started to stammer. Carly turned and walked towards the bedroom. Tabitha followed.

They entered the master bedroom. Light from candles flickered on every surface. Dressers and vanity were covered. In the center, a poster bed, queen sized, sat in the center, draped with white, shimmering cloth, swaying in the slight breeze. A smell of flowers wafted through the room. Tabitha's heart melted at the romantic sight. "It's beautiful, Carly," sighed Tabitha. She looked at the carpet, a dark brown shag, ignoring the few yellow stains here and there. A stronger breeze picked up causing the candles to sputter. Some blew out. Carly walked over to the window and shut it. She picked up a long burnt out wooden match and lit it in a burning candle. She relighted the snuffed out candles.

"So, what do you think?" Carly looked at her coyly.

"Uh. The room is beautiful but what's with the candles," asked Tabitha, confused.

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